Praying For A Better Future

Generation lacks discipline and common sense.
We live in a world where we fake and pretend,
that we are loyal to our friends.
Friends become enemies since jealousy more common than loyalty.
People say “Trust me” than stab you in back then ask “Why you bleeding?”
God , we say we believe in him, but yet put money and sex over everything.
Money and sex is the motto because it’s the root of all evil.
Foundation of the most horrific sins from the people.
People switch up and change like the color of leaves.
Women won’t give you a time of day until money coming your away but that been the way since ancient days.
Will scarfice the reputation of their name by using sex to get their way.
Men with power attracts those women like magnets to the point they steal bfs from there own kind because there way they got to have it.
Life is graphic and surrounded by violence.
Survial of the fittest between the weak and the dominant.
When you look around you, what do see, what’s most prominent?
Just see yourself in an environment your trying to survie in.
Another words look out for yourself because others brings disappointment, especially during the hardships they turn into ghosts when you need them most.
But this is what happens to us when we forget to put God 1st.
Instead of Jesus, a soulmate is what we tend to search to subdue our struggles or loneliness.
Many of us thinks a relationship is the key to happiness,
but sometimes it’s a knock on the door of the Devil’s .
Invitations sent we just invited trouble.
Eliminating a problem sometimes adds on another one.
Just when we think we found true love, true colors come out.
From a hero in disguise to a monster out the closet.
Your soulmate wasn’t being honest, but the truth soon will be acknowledged when you looking at two red lines parallel while on the toilet.
Well at least now you know the reason of the sudden fatigue and headaches.
Scared but yet feel safe since you think you been blessed with a man that has ambition and with you in his future plans,
until you get a unknown call from another woman cursing you out saying stop harassing my man.
Come to find out, your man has a baby momma and he’s already a deadbeat father.
From looking up to him as a hero, you now see he’s a coward.
A coward that ran game on you and you was only a side chick.
All them late nights, he’s tell you have complete ownership of him and his dick.
Now you have take off work to make a trip at the clinic.
Another baby aborted since you can’t afford to take care of an infant.
So bad you wanted to keep it but your man left you stranded.
So heartbroken because things didn’t go the way planed it.
Told you that having you was like scoring the winning touchdown,but you was really a 2nd string player in a scrimmage.

8 thoughts on “Praying For A Better Future

      • I think we, as human, are doing better and better (look at human rights, children rights… amount of wars…). And I see that people are waking up, more towards the needs of heart and soul than the material ones. The emotional dis-eases of our times (depression, anxiety, burnout…) are a symptom of the lack of contact with inner self, living according to the expectations of society (career, money…), lost in rational thinking and in the sense are like a wake up call.
        Besides, reality is not a fixed thing and the same for everyone. we see what we believe in, we attract what we concetrate our thoughts on… you want to experience other reality you need to look inside yourself first (question your beliefs)

  1. I agree with just about everything you said. Everbody had a different reality.
    In order to make a difference in the world we have to make a difference within ourselves. Change come from within I agree with you.
    The only thing that I don’t completely agree with is “And I see that people are waking up, more towards the needs of heart and soul than material ones.” Now I apologize if I interpret this statement the wrong way, but I am assume your stating that people are more focus with what’s in a persons heart, soul, and mind. If that is what you are implying than I don’t agree. Actually as time go on I think people only focus on the material things from others, such as the acquisition of wealth or physical comfort and alot of factors plays into that.
    But overall I do understand where you are coming from. I appreciate your comment 🙂

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