Devil’s Politics

Devils politics

Technology and musical instruments

Artist perform and articulate lyrics

that help build their image

but destroy human population.

Women became thots and bitches

Symbolized as sex images

Sexual conduct is promoted

and girls are idolizing

the artists and videos

on television

and becoming sex objects

A bad bitch, a gangsta bitch

a baby momma and a diva.

We glorify these sexual personas

Gain friends and popularity

through the use of weed smoking.

That loud, that reefer, that purple haze,

orange kush

Different slang name, but it all does the same

damage in the brain.

Cells leaking out the head like semen

which leading women to abortion clinics,

children being neglected and a growth of single parents.

Husband and Wife is conservative.

Baby momma and Baby daddy is the alternative

and over the years it became repetitive.

Shit sometimes a life is created out of a situationship

since marriage is damn near facing extinction.

Marriage is the bald eagle.

Situationship is the pigeon that shit on relationships like car windows.

Peak inside the window at a isolated area

and you’ll see weed smoke and foggy windows.

Foggy windows could be viewed on porn sites.

The site that turns making love into a foreign concept.

Regular intercourse we overrate for focusing only on the body

instead of the intimacy.

The bonding hormone released at orgasm is released during masturbation ,when no one is present

so the bonding hormone we was all blessed with, stop having it’s effect.

Now privacy and safety is at risk and exposed to children

for falling victims to sexual offenders

and a quarter of teenagers been bullied through the internet or texting

and a select few have participated in sexting.

Devils strategy is to create a false sense of reality.

Schemed demonology mislead population strategically.

Evil rarely detectable, its defined as a malicious tactic in stealth mode like a fighter plane.

Devils is the president that’s winning

every election

and fallen angles are the corrupted politicians in the house of Congress

utilizing musical instruments and technology.

Comment below if you can think of ways how music and technology affect society?

Letter To My Favorite Person

Dear SweetOne,

Wow I don’t know what to say!
Leaving me speechless.
You thinking about me everyday just gave me confidence.
I’m ready to be exposed to your world
since you are my girl.
Unlike a ven diagram,
know one can compare
to what we share.
Together we will takes chances like we are playing double dare,
but I will keep you safe
like a pistol in a safe.
I can express my love to you in so many ways.
In my heart
you take up 3 quarters.
Your spirit is
fresh like water
without the piranhas.
Our spirits flow together
like a river
and our future destination
gets much clearer.
Clear like a glass
of water.
When your heart
cries heavy precipation,
I’m the pot that
receives your precipitation.
When your heart was
a roof that was leaking,
I save the water tears
and mix it with fire
so the water can start boiling.
I am making you herbal tea
and I want you to start drinking
to show you my love
is sweet like the scent
of peppermint
which deflects all men
that act like snakes and
the rodents
that are addicted to cheese
leaving you in toliet
Stuck in pain
and it’s ashame
but I am here
to get rid of the shit
that’s been bothering you
and providing water to you
so you can eliminate constipation
and avoid dehydration.
It’s still raining so let me migrate
your heart
to somewhere warm and safe.
Surround your heart with an air mass
that’s marine tropical
and I am a trade wind
that will blow your mind
all year and all the time.
I want to make you mine.
Heart split in half with a line
that’s big as the equator.
I am here to bring both pieces
back to together
because I will lead you
to our heavenly father.
Combine the northern hemisphere
of your heart
and the southern hemisphere
of your heart
Do you see what I’m trying to
do with your heart?
I’m trying to combined
the broken pieces and fix it
to restore your world.

1)How much control over your life do you have? What makes you say that?

For those of you that don’t know me please read Who Am I. This post introduces me and explains why I started blogging

“How much control over your life do you have? What makes you say that?”

Has anyone ever thought about this question? This question is very interesting to me. I had to really sit back and sit for a minute. I wake every morning, I brush my teeth, take a shower, eat breakfast , and drive to work on my own free will without being forced. But have you ever heard of the phrase “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans!” so I ask myself again, do we really have much control over our lives? These are questions that I thought to myself

“Why do we have laws to follow?”

“Why do we die?”

“Why are babies aborted?”

“Why do we get eaten by most carnivores and omnivores ”?

“Why can’t we choose our parents at birth?”

“Why does racism exist?”

Let break something down!

When your visitor at somebody’s house, how much control do you have in the house your visiting?

Well once you answered that question,answer this one!

Who does the Earth belong to?(another words,is this a man’s world or a woman’s world?)

Now tell me

How much control over your life do you have? What makes you say that?

Please comment below, I look forward to reading your answers

I will post my next blog on May 15

Btw I have some questions for you bloggers to answer because I was bored and I am curious to see your opinions lol

1) For those if you that are currently in a relationship, let’s say your significant other tells you that he/she wants to have sex everyday once ya get married, how would you respond?

2) For the women that have boyfriends, if  your boyfriend told that he believes that women should be head of the house hold, how would you respond?

3) For the men, if your wife told you that she rather you stay home and take care of the house and the kids, another words be a house husband, how would you feel?

4) For the women that are married, if your husband told you that he loves you but his mother comes first, how would you respond?

This Is A Cold World 

This is real
and time kills
The stress is
what I feel.
Living in a nightmare
since birth
I ask myself
“Am I cursed?”
Things just got worst
Overthink shit
becuase life is a bitch.
Walk and walk around
all over town.
Contemplating and imagining
wishing things was different
My mind and personality is insipid.
Failed to take leadership
of my priorities.
Tired of responsibilities
Time to take the easy way out.
I need a cheat code
to defeat the boss of each level.
In the mirror I see devils
whispering in my ear
telling me
“God don’t exist here”
I’m tired of working for
a boss
I want to be my own boss.
I’m lost.
Who am I kidding
I been lost,
mentally and spiritually.
Should I turn to Jack Daniels?
Devour liquor like sharks
devour people.
“All men are created equal”
This is hysterical
becuase the man that wrote this
is on Mount Rushmore.
I will never go to visit Mount Rushmore
becuase I don’t look up to slave owners.
Freedom in America is overated.
It’s hard being a man,
especially a black man,
darkskin or tan
most lack funds
to carry out the plan
to live the American dream.
I blame America
for bombing Nagasaki
and Hiroshima
Later on our sercets
we’re stolen from russia.
One day in the future
there will be another
world war.
More blood and gore
then a mortal combat
Violence and pain
is more common
than peace and happiness.
Slavery existed since ancient days.
From Egyptians
to Babylonians
to Persians
to Greece
to Romans.
Picking cotton in the 1700’s
and 1800’s
Jim crow laws existed
between late 1800’s to mid 1900’s
If you think about it,
humans were easily
living past 100
back in ancient days
Humans were twice
the size back then
compared to the humans
Where did black people come from?
Where did Spanish people come from?
Where did Asains come from?
If Tupac and Biggie Smalls were white
do you think their murders would still be a mystery?
Why do we have black history?
Why can’t white and black combine together
and just be history?
White and black is always a label.
I missed days when I watch Disney movies
and fairytales.
I thought happily ever afters was guaranteed.
That’s all a big dream.
The older generation think we’re lazy
That might be true maybe.
Technology makes life more complex.
Owners of businesses will work you to death.
They don’t give a fuck about you
or your kids.
They still expect you to come to work
while your sick.
In high school, kids and even teachers
prejudging you every minute
Now days beef gets personal becuase niggas will bring your kids into it.
This what happens when you mix family
and busniess.
Kids robbing and killing their parents over Jordans.
As a kid, Michael Jordan was my hero, but now to me he is a asshole.
He don’t give a fuck about the poor.
His sneakers the poor can’t afford.
Why can’t he lower the prices?
We have a president that clueless
and he don’t respect women.
A man will kill another man over a women.
A woman will be a side chick to man
and wear the title proudly
becuase of jealousy.
Humans are the crack
Humans are the cocaine
Humans are the acholic beverages
Humans are the HIV/AIDS
Humans are wicked
Guns aren’t evil,
but the person that pulls the trigger
is the real devil
A man can take your life without
pulling the trigger
by stealing your wife.
But is it really called “stealing”
If your wife is voultnerairly cheating?
Being deceiving, sending nudes
behind your back
while you break your back
providing her a lifestyle
and yet she fucking another man
with out using a Trojan or a lifestyle.
Men are just as bad and it’s sad.
A man will live a double life,
get his girl pregnant
while all along he had a wife.
Lie about his name and age
just to get pussy.
Taking advantage of a girl
that’s naive.
She gets heartbroken
when she find out the truth.
The truth hurts becuase the
facts are rude.
Imagine if you was this girl,
would you trust another
man in this world?
Life is cold,
when you gotta get an abortion
and kill a baby that you wanted
becuase you love a man
that promise you
that you are in his future plans.
Ya takes pics and you post them
On Instagram.
Brag to all your Follwers
and friends
until you get pregnant.
He telling you to get
the abortion
and he don’t
take you to clinic.
Now you tell your parents.
Mother is ashamed and disgusted
Well maybe it’s her fault
for being too strict and not understanding.
Saying No to everything is not
protecting you daughter.
It’s pushes her futher and further
away from her mother
and closer into men that are abusive
mentally or physically or both.
Video games are addictive
I remember when I was a kid
They said it poisonous to a kids mind
They say video games is a waste of time.
Parents act mature around their children
but around other adults they don’t like,
they act immature ,some act worst then
the children.
Sometimes parents can be the biggest hypocrites.
Sometimes as an adult, you can learn from children.
Sometimes we fail to protect our children
from the rapist and it makes me sick to my fucking stomach when muthafuckas say victims are the scapegoat.
Listen I don’t care how tight her dress or how short her shorts are,
nobody deserves that.
People have issues and through their anger and issues animals get abused.
Torture and slaughter of animals is evil.
Dog fighting is common and this was not God’s intention.
Wealth imbalances, Famine, Diseases, War and terrorism, Addictions, racism and unemployment
having me fearing the future
worrying I’m going to die young
or be a bum searching for crumbs
for not taking school serious.
I do take education serious
but I’m delirious
without my therapist
becuase I keep over thinking
for a hundred different reasons
and I’m addicted to over thinking.
I hate giving advice when people
ask for it because I feel like a hypocrite.
Everything in this poem I mentioned
is what I think about over and over.
One day I fear it will be my last
and a voice says to me
“Game over”
Beginning of November I posted
a “Meaning of Fear” post
but that wasn’t a third of what
I really fear
I don’t know what’s in my future

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“we can’t change the world unless we change ourselves”

I had no intention on uploading a post today but after reading It’s just another choice …. comment  on my post Do I Perfer Strippers?Women Got Me Fed Up  it motivated me to write this post. Her comment was so sincere and so honest so I give her my appreciation for writing this blog . I am going to be straight forward and truthful in this blog and check out her blog when you get a chance. Now the quote “We can’t the world unless we change ourselves” came from biggie smalls in the Notorious B.I.G. movie that came out in 2009. I applied to this quote to women. In this blog I am going to talk about the women’s mindset in this blog and I am not placing all women in category.

Now before I talk about women, I just want to say I already wrote a blog What About Men? in which explains my definition of men that are trash so I’m not being biased in this blog. I came across a few blogs and some tweets on Twitter for the past couple months. Now I notice this trend about men being in “Men are trash”, “Men ain’t shit”, “Niggas ain’t shit” category. I have read blogs ,tweets, and other stories on social media explaining the reasons why men are placed  in the “Men are trash” category. Now in my honest opinion, I honestly think  this is very useless when women do this  because complaining about men on social media does not solve anything. I don’t  get offended but it’s just why go on social media and complain and start a trend “Men ain’t shit” because someone broke your heart? Social media don’t give a fuck about your problems but I get it, you upset and you want to express yourself and that’s fine. But when women say “Men are trash” some men will get offended because that trend make it seems like men as a whole are all trash that’s why some  men actually respond and say “not all men are trash maybe you messing with the wrong guys”. Now what get’s me annoyed though is when women say “Men who say not all men are considered trash because real men understand we are not talking about them”. This logic make no type of sense whatsoever. I will break everything down.

The reason why I think it’s useless when women complain on social media because majority of them are doing that for attention so other people can comment on their post, tweet, etc. Now when a female gets her heart broken, I understand how she feels and yes its going to be natural to say that “Men are trash” I get it, but still no reason to go on social media and promote this throughout social media. Complaining about your problems does  not do anything but make the problem worst, its how you go about solving them. To solve a problem is to learn from your mistakes. Now this is where the “We can’t change the world unless we change ourselves” quote come into play. A lot of women  will complain and expect to receive some type of sympathy when a man breaks her heart but just like how men hurt women, women hurt men too. I’m a man and I got my heart broken before, I’ve gotten ignored before, but how would you  women feel if I was to go on social media and say “Women are bitches”, wouldn’t you get offended? Wouldn’t you think I was talking about women as a whole?  I’m gonna be honest, some women are bitches but not every woman in this world is a bitch and nor will I ever call a woman a bitch. When I got my heart broken I was angry and yes I did say “These hoes ain’t loyal to my friends”, I did say “Women are fucked up”, I did say “Never trust a bitch” but I did not go on social media to complain about my women problems because, 1) social media don’t give a fuck and 2) not every women is a bitch, not every women is a hoe. I spoke to close friends about my problems, I went to a therapists, and most importantly I thought about all the mistakes I’ve made and realize that I didn’t use good judgement. So another words, I was trying to learn from my mistakes. Women should do they same instead of starting this “Men are trash” trend. Now I know some of you are thinking “Well its different with women because women don’t get the type of respect as men do” and that’s true I understand that. But if you women want they same type of respect, if you want men to respect you, ya have to learn to respect each other. Men do call women bitches and it has to stop, but women as well call each other bitches. Hell women refer to themselves as bitches. You know how many times I heard women say “I’m a bad bitch” when referring to themselves? A shit load of times. Another thing that women do is slut sham. Men as well slut sham, but women do it more. To be honest, it be the sluttiest women that be quick to judge other women. Women have  to raise their standards a little higher and use better judgment. Majority of women seek men with men with money,popularity, and fame.  Now there are a select few of women that do want a honest, working man that will treat a woman like a queen but majority of them will ignore the good guys. Most women won’t admit this but most of them think good men are lame, boring, cornballs, etc so that’s why they seek the popular guys. Women will string the good men along, use him,  and ask him for advice regarding men(this is a big one). I swear women do this, they have that one guy friend that they not really into but will call him or text him as soon as she needs advice regarding the man she is chasing.  The man she is chasing as usual is playing games ignoring her and she calls and ask for advice  to the good guy. The good guy obviously knows the type of guy she is chasing doesn’t have good intentions. So good guy gives advice to this girl and she listens. She even goes as far and say that she appreciates the advice that was provided, thanks the guy  saying she appreciates him, and says that she is done with the guy she is chasing. But guess what, like 2 weeks later, her and that guy that she supposedly said she was done with are talking and  hanging out again. For those of the guys that’s reading this and wondering why this always happens? Well I won’t go to deep into the reason I am going to provide but a lot of times  good dick will interfere with a woman’s judgment in a negative way.  Another thing I don’t understand is women will give up the pussy to the worst type of guys in a heart beat. Women will give up the pussy to a guy she never been on a date with, but yet expect him to commit. Now why would a guy take you out on date and spend money on you if you already gave him some pussy? It’s one thing if you just want some dick which is not a problem, but if a guy calls you out your name, doesn’t spend time with you, haven’t claimed you as his girlfriend, never took you out on a date, why would you give him pussy? More than likely he will eventually end things with you, telling you that he seeing someone else or he will just completely ignore you for good. Let me tell you a little secret,  8/10 times when he said he started seeing someone else, the person he seeing was his girlfriend before he met you. You was just a side chick all along. But a lot times side chicks don’t know that they are side chicks until it’s too late. So yes women get hurt bad because of this. But if women use better judgement, a lot of them wouldn’t be in this situation. But anyway the women that do end up in this situation, only a small portion will move on and learn from their mistakes. Majority of them, make more bad decisions. Some women will get jealous  and try to destroy the relationship between the fuck guy and his girlfriend by blowing his spot up. Usually they not blowing up the fuck guy spot up because they are looking out for is girlfriend, they blowing his spot up because they are jealous of his girlfriend.  Some girls won’t even mind being a side chick anyway and will purposely try and get pregnant by the fuck guy to trap him or hoping her getting pregnant will make the fuck guy wanna leave his girlfriend.  Some girls will try to find a new guy to talk to ,to make the fuck guy jealous and this is stupid because the fuck guy don’t care. Besides even when the side chick gets a new man or string somebody else along, more than likely she will still let the fuck guy smash.  Another thing is(and this is a problem for both men and women) a lot of ya are having unprotected sex. Now yes I know unprotected sex is better than using protection so yes I get it, an unexpected pregnancy happens or you catch an STD, shit happens nobody perfect, but a lot of women don’t learn their lesson and will still fuck guys unprotected. These type of actions is why some women have a hard time finding Mr Right. Usually(not always) these are the type of women that go on social media and say “Niggas ain’t shit”. Another thing I have to add, when women finally do get a good man, they give him hell sometimes. Like he can do everything right, be a gentleman, spend money, take her out on dates, all her friends like him, he’s intelligent and it still won’t be enough.  These type of guys have a harder time and go through more bullshit. These be the type of guy that gotta wait like 3 months or more to get the pussy. Now everything is not about pussy, it’s not  I swear. One  more thing is, if a guy treats you like a queen, make sure you having a good day, knows when to give you space when your having a bad day, knows when to communicate with you, compliments you, somewhat attractive, and shows that he wants to be in your life, why do you got to think about it? Why does he got to be in the friend zone ? Why does he got to wait forever just to have sex with you? You see ya too busy complaining about the trash men, but ignoring all the good men. Now do you understand why good men say “Not all men are trash” because good men go through so much bullshit.  Here’s another thing, a lot of men that are trash were once good men. What happened was your typical good guy got his heart broken really bad which turned him into a savage. When a man gets his heart broken it’s because he didn’t see it coming because the girl he was dealing with seemed like a sweetheart that changed and switched on him. With women, a lot of times the guys ya deal with that break your heart, he gives obvious signals that he is playing games or cheating but sometimes ya do ignore the signals hoping that he will change or that you can change him. Let me tell you something, you can’t change a guy that’s not willing to change himself. Another thing ya complain about is fuck guys just wanting to fuck and fuck guys  being disrespectful and I understand where ya coming from. So why is it when you find a guy that has a good job, respectful, eloquent speaker, not afraid to make decisions, plans ahead, affectionate, and not afraid to brag about you to his friends and family, why would you leave him or cheat on him if the sex is not good? Now as a far as leaving him this one is tough one because I know nobody don’t want to settle with somebody with wack sex and sex is important so I kind of understand why a woman would leave but at least give him time to improve and see if he is willing to get better first. But a lot women will break up with a guy in a heart beat if the sex is wack. Women do judge men harshly if he is a one minute man or have a small dick. But truth is  some of these women ain’t  all that that in the bedroom neither. A lot of ya can’t even handle a guy with a big dick, some of ya aren’t the best when it comes to giving head, some of you aren’t all that developed. Now imagine if your boyfriend broke up with because you can’t give good head? Imagine if a guy broke up with you because your ass and breast are small? Doesn’t that sound very shallow? At the end of the day it’s like this, Good sex will make a unhealthy relationship stretch, and bad sex will healthy relationship crumble. As fucked up as it sounds, this tells you how powerful sex is. Sex should not be more powerful than loyalty and commitment. Another thing that I heard is they say the best dick come from a broke man or a man that ain’t shit and a nice guy always got wack dick. I don’t know how many of you heard of this, I heard of this  quite a few times. This logic is a little ass backwards. The only way you can tell if a man is good in the bedroom is to actually have to sex with him and get to know him and understand him in that department. Another way you might be able to tell(and even this is not guarantee) is if he knows how to dance or if he exercise. Sex is about rhythm and dancing is about rhythm so more than likely he probably knows how to move and have control of his rhythm providing spectacular  strokes. That’s why Jamaican are very good in the sex department lol.  A man that exercises makes his heart healthy which will increase blood flow to his penis which gives him firm erections that can help him to last longer in the bed room.

I’m provide an example of a TV show. For those of you that watch Power, you know James St Patrick AKA Ghost and Tasha St Patrick. Ghost cheated on his wife and he was wrong no doubt. A lot fans criticized him for cheating and called him a dumb ass for cheating. Now a lot of people think Tasha is a ride or die. Tasha is not a ride or die I don’t care what nobody says. Tasha cheated too. In fact she technically cheated first. Look at season 1 episode 1 and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Ghost is a drug dealer that’s trying to go legit but Tasha doesn’t want him to leave the drug game. She isn’t loyal to Ghost, she is loyal to his money but yet she is a ride or die which makes no sense. I won’t go too much into but if you watch season 1 of power you’ll see what I’m talking about.

We do have trash men such as Donald Trump and Bill Cosby. But what about Black Chyna? What about Scottie Pippens  wife? In fact I gonna say something reckless. For those of you that watch porn(don’t judge me lol) it’s a lot videos you’ll see women blowing another guy while on the phone with her boyfriend. Quite a few videos.  On the Maury show , some women come on the show swear they know who the father of her baby is but get sad when she finds out the dude she thought was the father is not. Now I’m not trying to judge but why would you have unprotected sex with more than one man at the same time? At least wear a condom.  Just another thing, I gotta question for the men, have this ever happened you know where you was speaking to a female for a little while and  ya was getting close then all of a sudden she stop responding to your text, then all of a sudden like 4 months later  she text you “Hey stranger”? You see what they do is they string you along until her ex start acting right again so she’ll forget about you, then once they stop talking, they hit you up and think they can just come back to you like nothing ever happened.

My point of this blog was to show you that just like men, there are trash women as well. Women play games as well. The problem is society portrays men as trash but never bring up the dirt that women do. This is for the women that say “Men ain’t shit” when men say “not all men” it’s not because we are guilty(not all of us) it’s because we know the bullshit that good men go through. When ya say “men ain’t shit” it does sound like you are speaking about men as a whole. How would you feel if men started a trend and said “Women are bitches”? You know goddamn well you would not like it.  Just to say this, yes I know women aren’t treated equally like men and it’s unfair. But there are times when things do work in your favor and men are at a disadvantage.  Court for example, the judge normally favors the women over the men as far as child support.  Single mothers get  a lot of credit and they deserve all the credit because being a single parent is hard but what about single fathers? Single fathers don’t get as much credit as single mothers do. Females are coldhearted  just like men. In fact I know females that told me they rather be around guys because it’s too much drama with females. Women are spreading this “Men ain’t shit trend” but females don’t even respect each other. Females don’t get along with each other. Now men should uplift women, but how do you expect men to do that if women don’t uplift each other? One way is on March which is women’s history month, both women and men should uplift each other. Women want men to uplift them but it women have to uplift each other as well. Women need to hold fuck boys accountable and stop making it easy for them to get pussy. Women need to acknowledge and admit that women hurt men too and that both men and women are trash. Stop blaming men for everything.  I highly wouldn’t recommend women spreading the “Men ain’t shit” trend over social media because the trash men aren’t the ones that say “not all men” , they are usually (not all) liking your status agreeing with everything your saying or just laughing at you because he know he gonna get pussy from somewhere else so he don’t care if you think he is trash. As I stated previously, you are not wrong for feeling like men are trash when your heartbroken, but seek therapy,  allow yourself to heal, mentor to teenagers to not make the same mistakes that you did, realize that a relationship will not give you happiness if you not happy with yourself, when on these dating sites try to focus for one guy at time, maybe even two but not highly recommended to talk to more than 3 different guys at once, stopping depending on the online dating is the only solution to meeting people, learn to be more friendly in person, and put God first in everything you do. Think of all the choices you made, now ask, if my daughter made the same choices I did, would I be proud of her? Remember “We can’t change the world unless we change ourselves.”

What About Men?



  Two days ago, I wrote a blog about my views on women

(click link below if you haven’t read my previous blog)

(“What makes A Woman A Slut”). 

I know a few of you that follow me have read my previous blog and requested a follow up blog on men. This was my most challenging blog. In this blog, I will talk about my opinions regarding men and how they are judged compared to women. Not only will this blog talk about men with high body counts, it will talk about how men are judged, and what’s places men in the “Niggas ain’t shit category”.

We can agree that women are judged in many ways and one way she is judged is by her body count. For those of you that don’t know, a body count is the amount of people you had sex with. People will classify a woman with a high boy count as a slut, thot ,hoe , hoe ass bitch, skank and many other names. But like many of you that are curious to know, what about men? What are men labeled when their body counts are higher than football numbers?

Unfortunately, in this society men with high body counts aren’t  judged harshly like women that have high body counts. The reason why women are judged more harshly is because women with high body counts are judged harshly by both genders. Men on the other hand, are only judged harshly by women when having a high body count.  Men usually glorify other men when they have such an enormous amount of bodies. Most men actually want a high body count because  most men believe a high body count could make him more popular and give him more confidence.  I don’t judge a man or woman off their body count. It’s more than just a high body count to determine rather a man or woman lacks morals. Now I am going to talk about how men are judged compared to women.

Now as I said, men with high body counts are usually praised upon by other men. But a lot of men in this world are considered “Fuck boys” or are placed in “Niggas ain’t shit” category.  According to the average person, this is why men labeled as  fuck boys or placed in the “Niggas ain’t shit” category?

  1. A man that’s just want’s pussy and have no intentions in being in a relationship
  2. A man the cheats on his wife/girlfriend

Now let’s break this down and I will explain why men that just want pussy are judged. A fuck boy is a guy who doesn’t respect women, yet relies on her heavily for one thing. He is a guy who is distant, doesn’t care about a women’s time, self-absorbed and is never looking for anything serious relationship wise. Women want sex just as much as men do, but women(not all) want men to respect them. Respect comes first and a fuck boy doesn’t respect women because his only interest is to gain access to her private territory by any means necessary.  But if a man is only interested in looking for sex, but still respects women is that a bad thing? If a man just wants sex from a women he is attracted to, does that automatically means he is disrespectful to her?  Men aren’t judged by the number of bodies, but they are judged for just only wanting sex. When a man just wants sex and nothing else, the average woman will define him a fuck boy and place him in the “niggas aint shit” category. To be honest I don’t see nothing wrong with a man just only wanting sex from a girl he finds attractive if he’s honest to her. I believe you can be a gentleman if you are only interested in having sex and not commitment. The problem is people in society automatically assume a guy is a fuck boy if he rejects commitment but only wants sex. As I said in my last blog, you don’t need to be relationship to have sex.  Also just because a man cheats on his wife/girlfriend does not automatically define him as a fuckboy. You can’t judge a man if you don’t know him. Until you know the reason why he cheated, or why he is only interested in sex and not commitment, don’t place him in the “Niggas ain’t shit category”  Shortly I will discuss  some factors that defines a man as fuck boy and the factors that places him in the “Niggas ain’t shit” category but before I do, I will briefly discuss another thing that women judge men harshly on.



                                       Wack Sex 

A lot of men will relate to this. Now I understand women don’t want a boring sex life but women judge men who are inexperienced very harshly when it comes to the sex department and I think that’s unfair. What confuses me is women will complain about fuck boys just wanting sex from them, but will dump the good guy in a heartbeat if he can’t satisfy her. Let me explain something, women hate “WACK DICK” with a passion. Women hate “SMALL DICK” with a passion. But why? Why judge a man on what he doesn’t have no control over? Sex can be taught it just takes a little practice. Bad sex should not be the only reason why you should leave or cheat on your partner. Inexperienced men get judged more harshly than inexperienced women when it comes to sex.



   I will now discuss what are the seven factors that places men in the “Niggas ain’t  shit”category”                    


                                                           Take a look at this list below

  1. Being a deadbeat father
  2. Lying to a woman in order to get some pussy
  3. Believing a hoe can’t turn into a housewife
  4. Acting tough with a woman, but don’t do nothing when another man is in his face
  5. Having an affair with your homie’s girl or wife
  6. Disrespecting his mother
  7.  7.A rapists

                                               Being a deadbeat Father

Being a deadbeat father to me is the 2nd worst on the list. Why the fuck would you bring children in this world if you have no intention of taking care of them?  To all the women that are having sex, be careful who you are having unprotected sex with.  Hell half of these men don’t even that they have kids that exist in this world. Some of these men will have sex with multiple women unprotected but don’t check themselves for STD’s. As a man you need to take care of your children. Every child has the right to know who is father is. Now there are deadbeat mothers in this world and they are just as bad. I believe deadbeat fathers are judged more harshly then deadbeat mothers (everybody may not agree with this) . Have you notice that Mother’s day is more popular than Father’s day and have you ever wonder why?

                                         Lying to a woman in order to get pussy

Why do men have to lie in order to get some pussy from a girl he want to fuck? Why can’t men just be honest and tell women what they really want instead of lying to them? Men will lie and make all these false promises to the girl he is talking to telling her he wants commitment , meanwhile he is bragging his homeboys, spreading his sexual business about how good he hitting it. Women aren’t sex objects.


                                      Believing a hoe can’t turn into a house wife

I use to believe that a hoe can’t turn into a housewife as well. But I realized, it was ignorant for me to accept this logic. You can’t judge a person if you weren’t in their past. Not saying that it’s acceptable to be a hoe, but a lot of promiscuous women are depressed and use sex as in addiction to escape the misery in their life(I will talk more about this in my future blog)


                          Acting tough with woman, but don’t nothing when another man is in his  face

Some men are so quick to act tough with women, calling them out their name, even physically fighting with them but won’t do a fucking thing when a man gets in his face. This type of guy is a pussy. Women do the same thing. They will act tough with men, calling him out his name, getting in his face but won’t do a fucking thing when another woman get in her face.


                                       Having an affair with your homie’s girl or wife

You ain’t shit if you fucking your best friend’s wife or girlfriend. You lack morals, provide no loyalty, and a fucking snake. Women that are fucking their husband’s best friends are just as bad.


                                                       Disrespecting his mother

No man should never disrespect his mother. Nothing is more powerful that a mother’s love. Your mother made so many sacrifices for you. Let me explain something to the men that disrespect their mothers. When you get your heartbroken, your mother heart is broken. When your baby momma kick you out the house and fucking other niggas, your mother will let you stay with her until you land on your feet. When you drowning in bills, and child pay is killing your pockets, the only person that’s gonna give you money to help you survive is your mother. Most of these girls you messing with don’t give a fuck about you. Never ever put another woman before your mother. Your mother is number 1.


                                                                       A rapist

This is the worst on the list. I hate a rapist. Rape is worse than murder. If you ever raped a female, forget being place in the “niggas ain’t shit” category you deserve a life sentence in prision.  I won’t go into detail because I will write a blog about this in the future.




In the future, I will write two more blogs about sluts and fuck boys. I will discuss how women become sluts and men become fuck boys. This blog and as well as my previous blog, talks about what defines a woman as a slut and what defines a man as a fuck boy. But it’s important to know how and why men and women become this way. Thank you for reading and if you have an opinion, comment below













Truth VS Lies

Lying makes a situation more complicated.
Lying is pretend facts that are not realistic
but speaking actual facts isn’t either so simplistic.
Truth and lies, is all we hear.
They say to tell the truth to someone if you really care.
But believe it or not people believe what they wanna hear
But should you tell the truth, if the person can’t handle it?
The truth can be a real bitch
But yet honesty is the best policy
Do you think so really?

Sometimes we lie, to protect a person’s feelings.
People say what the other wanna hear, just to see someone smiling.
But believe it or not people say it’s better to tell the truth then to lie(“Truth will set u free”)
Telling the truth you make you live freely 
On the inside lying makes you feel guilty

But should you lie, if you trying to protect a person’s feelings?
The truth hurts
But yet honesty is the best policy
Lies do catch up with you
but telling the truth can be more difficult then solving a Rubik’s cube.

Do you think people would be more happy or miserable  in this world if everbody told the truth?

The World Doesn’t Care


I wish somebody would of told me it will be like this.
In a world where it’s only the  survival of the fittest.
Told to pay homage to our elders but yet they sin before I  did.
Looking out for others when your help is needed but when you need help, you left stranded.
You know life is cold when babies are left abandoned by parents thrown in trash cans.
Whether you know better or your innocent,  people don’t show no mercy.
Lack of respect is more common than common courtesy.
Most volunteer to help you when it benefits  their own needs, but when you really need a favor in case of  an emergency those same people are nowhere to be seen.
Drugs and alcohol destroy lives, but even the sober people commit homicides.
The ones that get you distracted  with their kindness by laughing with you making jokes, won’t think twice about not sharing  a dime or worst dropping the dime  on you at any given time.
Committing a crime don’t  always make you a bad guy and being a valedictorian don’t always define you as a good guy.
We tend to believe what we see , but for everything you see behind it, it’s usually a deeper meaning.
Another words a person should be judged  by the content of their character,  but the content of character is neglected when that  person is the people’s favorite.
This is the true meaning of dick ridding.
Speaking of dick ridding, females so fast be fucking the wrong type of guys.
Type of guys that lie, just a fuck boy in disguise pretending to be a nice guy.
Quick to let a fuck boy hit on the 1st night after a late night party.
They dropping those panties a little after midnight in his car or at the hotel and  paid half on the bottle  of Bacardi.
Yet these hoes swear they wifey, because they gave up the pussy.
Most of them have a lot to offer, but men won’t see that  if pussy is the first thing they offer.
Women want to be treated like queens but your actions make you less affordable then poland spring water.
They chase the ones that don’t give a fuck about them, but ignore the ones that will make scarfices for them.
Most men just as bad chasing every females that’s  bad.
Fuck the girl on the block every guy had.
Going in raw then go to they homies and brag.
A week later pee is burning now they mad
talking about these hoes ain’t loyal.
Truth is you knew  she wasn’t  loyal  when she was fucking you.
You knew she fucked twenty guys before you.
You knew she had a  boyfriend but that didn’t stop you .
You knew she was loose, but you choose not to wear a glove.
Now you have a STD that’s  gonna take a while to get rid off.
Now all of a sudden you became a motivational speaker overnight
lecturing the youth  about   treating the  women in this generation  right.
But deep inside you want God to feel sorry for yourself instead accepting that it’s your fault and no one else.
We as humans commit wrong then pass the blame to someone else.