This Is A Cold World 

This is real and time kills The stress is what I feel. Living in a nightmare since birth I ask myself “Am I cursed?” Things just got worst Overthink shit becuase life is a bitch. Walk and walk around all over town. Contemplating and imagining wishing things was different My mind and personality is insipid. […]

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What About Men?

      Two days ago, I wrote a blog about my views on women (click link below if you haven’t read my previous blog) (“What makes A Woman A Slut”).  I know a few of you that follow me have read my previous blog and requested a follow up blog on men. This was […]

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Truth VS Lies

Lying makes a situation more complicated. Lying is pretend facts that are not realistic but speaking actual facts isn’t either so simplistic. Truth and lies, is all we hear. They say to tell the truth to someone if you really care. But believe it or not people believe what they wanna hear But should you […]

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The World Doesn’t Care

  I wish somebody would of told me it will be like this. In a world where it’s only the  survival of the fittest. Told to pay homage to our elders but yet they sin before I  did. Looking out for others when your help is needed but when you need help, you left stranded. […]

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