No Title Yet

I didn’t plan on posting anything until May but I have been thinking. I have been doing a lot of writing for the past 6 weeks. I haven’t uploaded anything on here since December 31st and I can’t lie I do miss uploading blogs but I still do be around from time to time to […]

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Chase The Money Not The SEX 

I am not talking about all women in this poem       Money and sex is our satisfaction. Making money is our passion  but having sex is a infatuation. Money attracts girls but the broke men  don’t  understand this, So instead  they seek what’s between the legs and chase it. This is time wasting. […]

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I Just Have To Ask Why

I didn’t plan on blogging right now, but look at this blog as bonus blog. From time to to I may just surprise you with a bonus blog. I want my blog to be like a video game and just picture as the secret level or cheat code. A bonus blog is just extra content […]

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How To Please the Ladies

I just want to let you know that on Tuesday I will be uploading my next blog “A challenge in your marriage ” which will talk about a clever way to strengthen your marriage but it will not be easy. Make sure you check that out. I will be posting Tuesday at midnight. I want […]

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