The Best Advice To Love Your Lady

A conversation is the foundation

of seeking a woman’s attention.

Articulating sweet words

while she is listening.

Fresh scent of cologne

puts her in another zone.

Using your God given talent

to perform

a written poem or love song

about her physical shape and form,

plus promising you’ll never do her wrong.

The sound of the deep voice

is why she love to talk to you

on the phone.

Slow dance with her with the lights dim

while she rest her head on your chest and listen.

Listen to the heartbeat in between and she begins to fall in love

and feel grateful that your are living.

Giving her romance at random moments and she will love this.

She don’t want to be your best kept secret,

she want to be known she is with you in public,

so never be afraid to hold her hand in public

and always tell her that you love her in both

public and private

but she would rather perfer that you keep the relationship private

from social media since she perfer to not let social media control the commuincation exchanges.

Social media is a form of corruption if used for the wrong reason

so the best advice I can give is to pray to Jesus

for the communication to have strength like a gorilla.

Be unpredictable to catch her of guard to make the relationship exciting like a thriller.

This also works while you make love to her.

Take your time to hug her, kiss her, slightly caress her, perform oral sex on her, then finally make love to her.

Be dominant, but yet being gentle with her is the true definition of being a gentleman.

Don’t worry about making mistakes, no such thing as perfection.

So when disagreements happen, don’t solve it with you erection.

Let that be the bonus, because the solution is communication.

This Is For The White Women 

Before you began to read this poem, I just want to say that I wrote a blog two days ago Solve The Riddle And Fill In The Blanks. If you interested in solving my puzzle to complete my poem then go to my “Solve My Riddle And Fill In The Blanks” post and see if you can fill in the seven blanks to complete my poem. On Monday I will reblog the poem with the answers to the blanks. So come and help me solve my puzzle. If you get at least one answer right, I will personally reblog a post on your blog and I will write a mini poem giving you a shout out. Do you think you can solve it?

Enjoy reading this poem

I’m a black man
that love women

of all races.

Just like black women 

I am too obsessed.                                       

with white women.

My world mixed with
Let’s share.
Let me sex you
I wanna play
In the snow tonight.

Give you
a blizzard because
you will receive alot
of inches tonight.
Give it to
you rough.
You can handle
the sex I’m providing
as your all over
my back scratching.
Pull your
and slap your ass.
I will
sex you anywhere
Let’s make it fast.
A quickie anywhere.
You appreciate real men
like myself.
I appreciate you too.
I don’t care what others
have to say
This between me and you.
Travel the world.
Live free girl.
Racism in America
don’t have to
stop us from
being together.

We can handle
any storm
no matter the weather.
I’m your Derrick
and your are my Sarah.
I will save the last dance
for you
and we can dance forever

Slow dance and slowly move
to the beat.
I’m obessed with you skin color
and it’s white like a person
who takes good care of their teeth

Let’s not keep our relationship discrete.
Ignore the jealousy
from others
because you are my everything.
We are both different colors
but we are  created by equal
by God Alimghty.
We are look alike in God’s image.
You are my strength
I’m your Popeye
after he eats  the spinach

Or I can be your fried chicken
with dark meat
similar to fried chicken
with white meat
even though they look different.
But it don’t matter
All chicken are a good source of protein

I supply our relationship  with the protein
to keep it healthy.
Let’s go to a black church  on Sunday
and sit right next to me
to show the members
that black and white are united together.
Let’s go to the alter
and worship together
and get anointed with oil
by the pastor.
Demonstrate courage and equality
in the society
and pass it on to the members
that black and white are united together.
Let’s go to a white church the following Sunday
and sit right next to me
to show the members
that black and white are united together.
Let’s go to the alter
and worship together
and get anointed with oil
by the pastor.
Demonstrate courage and equality
in the society
and pass it on the members
that black and white are united together.
White is beautiful like Cinderella
and you skin is smooth like
the coat that’s on Cruella

I’m Pongo and your Perdita
white skin and black spots
We are Dalmatians
and we will produce
lovely mixed children

To all the white women reading this
I wrote this for you.
You are beautiful and it’s unbelievable
and this is coming from a black dude.
I love black women too I really do
but I love white women too.
I want to learn more about you
and I want white women to learn about
black men too
There are black men that will
go above and beyond to protect you
and pray for you.
Don’t fear us, alot of us are peaceful.
Black men are the seven dwarfs and we will
rescue you
from evil.
There are demons and witches that follow the devil
and he wants to keep us separated and sergerted.
But  accepting God is the way to enter the kingdom of heaven
It’s written in the bible it’s  not secret.
There are people that are secretly racist
from bith races.
I’m talking about both black and white faces.
When God determines your final destination
do you think he make that decision based
on your face?
He looks in your soul and heart.
Together let’s unite tonight
Read this quote and this was
said by a man that was very smart
and if wasn’t for him where
would we be in life
Read this
“I have a dream that one day my
four little children will one day
live in a nation where they will be
by the color of our skin, but by the
content of their character.”

Night Before Wedding(In the home girl point of view)

This is part 2 to the story/poem Night Before My Wedding. Please read part 1, before reading part 2. Originally I didn’t plan on writing a series to this poem but one of my followers gave me the encouragement and motivation to write a part 2. I won’t mentioned her name, but if you are reading this, I just want to thank you for your comment on “Night Before My Wedding” blog because it gave me motivation to write a part 2.

Most likely I will write a part 3 and a part 4 but that will take some time because writing a story in poem format is time consuming and it’s a lot of thinking involved. If any of you are interested in reading drama stories, a while ago when I first started blogging,  I wrote 2 stories “Don’t Tell A Soul” and” Hit List”. If you want to read those stories as well, here are the links below

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Hit List (part 2)

I want to thank all my followers that been following me, it’s a blessing and I wish all of you the best and I hope each of you will accomplish your goals and I hope your blogging to will open doors for you. I hope everyone reading this will enjoy reading this poem.


I’m confused and lost in this world.
Always had dreams of being his girl.
But unfortunately he’s taken by another girl.
On the inside I am dying and I started crying.
Every night I been crying myself to sleep
for a year straight.
From the moment he told me he was engaged,
my heart was cut in half, like a knife to a steak.
I wanted to kill his girlfriend and take her place,
but I blame myself for feeling this way.
I remember when I first laid eyes on him, I was only 11.
I was in church and as usual dozing off during the service.
The evangelist asked “Are there any visitors?”
Then I saw him stand up with his mother
and he had a serious face expression just like his mother.
He looked just like mother.
I was curious wondering, where was his father?
So as service continued, I kept staring back at him.
I thought he had gorgeous eyes and cute dimples on his chin.
As I kept staring at him, my mother kept tapping me by the shoulder telling me to  pay attention.
Soon or later, the service finally ended.
So as usual my mother chats up a storm with all the members.
I watched some of the members welcomed him and his mother.
For some reason I just couldn’t stop staring at him.
I’m usually shy but I wanted to get to know him.
So I keep staring at him, then suddenly he looks up and stares back.
Then all of a sudden, I wake up realizing I am dreaming again,
thinking about the past again remembering
when I first laid eyes on him.
I was  born and raised as a Christian
and if I was his wife, I would be submissive
and let him be the head of the household.
I fear I will grow old and alone.
Lack of sex have me feel lonely and moody.
Upset that I don’t have a man pleasing me.
What makes it worst is my sister just texted me this nonsense


It’s the middle of the night and my period just came.
All of a sudden it begins to rain.
I’m so moody and horny and I wish he was on me, sexing me.
I can’t go back to sleep so I’m going to
watch this porno movie,
to imagine that it’s him and me fucking.
When I imaging sexing him,
I like to start from the beginning
like the porno movie.
I picture myself as a housewife
and he is the plumber.
He knocks at my door
and I’m wearing shorts
and light blue blouse.
He says “How you doing?”
I say “Come on in”
We are just staring at each other in silence.
I said fuck it and just paused the porno movie
because it’s too much talking going on.
So I just play music from phone “112 ft Lil
Zane – Anywhere” and imagine him doing me anywhere.
Doing me in car, shower, top of the stairs.
I’m fingering myself to death
when I imagine jerking him off with my left.
I’m fingering myself to death
when I imagine sucking him off until he nuts
and I swallow until there’s no ounce of sperm left.
I’m fingering myself to death
when I imagine myself riding him until he gives me a creampie and he’s has no ounce of sperm left.
I’m fingering myself to death
when I imagine myself telling him I’m Pregnant
and he beats up this pregnancy pussy until we both don’t have any energy left.
I really began to sweat and I feel like I am getting to climax.
I scream really loud like I found my wallet from the lost and found.
But I think to myself what once was lost, can still be found.
So I decided to text him now.
I texted him,
“Follow where your heart takes you and you will forever be happy.”
I just know for a fact he has feelings for me.
Just the way he looks at me and speaks to me,
especially lately.
For the past 2 weeks he been texting me, constantly telling me how he appreciates me.
Earlier at the wedding rehearsal, I said to him
“I never seen you so happy”
He looked at me with a serious blank face expression on his face.
He said” Thanks” with no enthusiasm.
Then surprisingly gave me a kiss on the cheek
and hugged me tightly.
He placed his hands on my lower back and he started to go lower close to my ass but he just stopped.
Can’t lie he go me wet, I wanted to take him to the parking lot.
I started to repeat to myself “What once was lost can be found”.
Should I follow my heart and see what I can find ?
Scratch that should I follow my heart and see what I will find? I think its time for me to get my man.



Why So Loud?

Saw her across the street
and instantly grabbed my meat.
The words I began to speak
She smiles as she looks at me.
I approached her smoothly
with confidence.
She needed
to be complimented.
Told her she was gorgeous
She smiled acknowledging
my compliment.
I responded saying
I’m just being honest.
When reading this,
at the end of this
you’ll see
I wasn’t completely honest.
I felt confident
since the wave grease
in my hair
was prominent
and silently
thanking God
for being light skin.
I said to her
“Let’s be freinds!”
“Are you sure
that’s all
you looking for?”
She said that
sexually for sure

                                     20 Minutes later

Back at the apartment
from slow lovemaking
to transforming into a possessed demon
plunged into her
like a high diver
hitting a pool.
and I’m hoping
I don’t  cum soon.
Popping this broad
like a balloon.
Pounding relentlessly
and she screams servely
“I love this big  dick daddy”
Getting rougher gradually
I’m twisting her guts in a knot
and she is begging me not to stop.
Then I heard a knock on the door
and someone opened the bedroom door.
This woman was pissed off for sure
for sexing this hore on her bed.
She slapped the shit out of me
and my face was red.
She told the hore” Get dress get your shit
and get out”
Then looked at me and said “We need to talk!”
Now I know how a mouse feel next to a hawk
becuase I was going to be eaten alive.
But at least I got some sex before I died.
Wished I would of busted  a nut though.
The hore asked me ” Is that your wife?”
I said “No that’s my mom and this is her bed?”
She said “I thought this was your own apartment
you dishonest piece of shit”
She got dressed real quick
and just before she dipped
She looked back and said
” By the way, step your game up
you gotta little ass dick”
I said” Why you gotta be so loud you
stupid bitch?”

To my female followers reading, I don’t mean any disrespect saying the word b*tch

This is only a poem and I have never called a woman a b*th. This is only a poem. If anybody got offended I apologize. 

Hit List (part 2)

Please read part 1 before reading  part 2 of this story.

Here is the link Hit List

Damn there she goes

slowly walking towards

my direction.

I pretend to search for for

something in my car to look

busy to not make

my approach to obvious.

As I’m pretending to be

searching, I hear her

footsteps and I’m waiting

for the perfect timing.

Now she is two feet away

from me, I shut the car


and my heart starts pounding.

I guess I’m nervous

because she is so sexy.

I say unto her “Hey Ms.

how are you doing?”

She says” I just missed

the 8:45 bus and I’m

trying not to go crazy”

I say “Where are you

going, would you like a ride?”

She says “‘No thanks, I’ll

be fine.”

After about 10 seconds of


I snap out of it and

realize I must say


to keep the conversation


I ask her” Do you live around

here?” Now obviously I know

she does.

She says” Not too far from here” I could tell she

was being concise but I

know she lives near.

She asked me a question

but I’m staring at her skin

complexion and it’s the color of

a deer.

I didn’t even hear a word she said.

I’m looking high like Craig(Friday).

She look at me with a

bewildered look on her face.

“I’m hello I’m talking to

you and your staring into space” she says.

I said “I apologize I’m just staring at your gold

necklace it looks nice on you.”

When I said that I was bullshitting

and she knew.

So sarcastically she says

“Hmm okay whatever you say”

The bus arrives and she

says “Well I have to go to work

I don’t want to be late enjoy your


Then she runs to the bus stop

in a hurry.

I almost started to yell to

ask for her name,

but I didn’t want her to

perceive me as being lame.

So I just stared at her ass

and hips,

as I lick my lips realizing I

need chap stick.

I hope she didn’t noticed

my ashy lips.

But it’s cool because I

see her everyday around

6:30 pm when she come

home from work.

Her skin look so sweet, I wanna lick it

until I get a cavity.

She can be my rotten candy.

Then become my nurse and treat

me with the laughing gas filling.

Okay I snap out of it and stop daydreaming.













That Ain’t Me

Keeping sercets from you cost me dearly.
I never meant to hurt you, I offer you my apologies.
All this time lying to you and stabbing you
in the back
What’s done is done and I wish I can take back, as I reminisce the sexy sound of your laugh.
From laughing with me to crying about me
You was crying when you found out and I was too.
All the scarfices you made for me when I told you I loved you.
Now you in denial and leaving me is what you had to do.
I don’t blame you  because I am responsible  for putting you in foul mood.
Many times I lied to you but loving you was always the truth.
I was raised with the qualities of a gentleman.
I scarficed our relationship, I was being a selfish man.
Be trust me that ain’t me, I’m not a selfish man
and I regret the one night stand with the other woman.
She was the previous   woman and believe me I kept resisting 
but to her it didn’t make a difference.
One day she caught me off guard in the bar while I was drinking 
and I was only drinking to the subdue the stressing of all the child support money I was paying.
I kept praying and praying but from God I didn’t receive nothing.
so she knew my struggles and offer me to help with my troubles.
Before you, I was with her and she’s my child’s mother.
I really was in love with you but I had still had hidden feelings for her.
She tricked me into telling me she wanted us to be together 
and didn’t want our child to grow up with out a father.
That hit home becuase I know what it’s like to grow up with out a father.
We kept talking then one thing led to another.
She have a sexy laugh like yours and she starting laughing.
Next thing you know I was deep in my feelings
So at each other, we were just staring
Then from staring  we started kissing.
So then went to the car and I drove to a motel that wasn’t so far.
Now I swear to you from the bottom of my heart 
I crushed our symbol of love, I did this for my son.
Today I told my mom everything she said like father like son.
My dad cheated on my mom and left the family,
and yesterday you said your 3 months pregnant and we having twin babies
but you still don’t want nothing to do with me.
I am begging you please let’s be a family.
I don’t want be like my father and I don’t want my kids to grow up with a single mother and a distant father.
A dead beat was never part of my dreams.
My father is like that but that ain’t me.

I’m Down For Her Regardless 

No matter what I’m down for you.

A fatherless  past you been through, but I  am who you can look you too.
Moment I  laid eyes on you, I  sense the tension between us.
You looking at me, me looking at you.
Saw you moving  up and down and swinging around  the pole and your moves were so cold.
A fan favorite watching as you demonstrate Hustle and flow.
Falling in love with a stripper was not one of my goals but my heart doesn’t lie to me.
I still remembered the 1st time you approached  me spitting game to me.
But at the time I  thought you was only into my money.
So I  didn’t  believe any off  the compliments you were giving me,
like how I looked cute   with beauitful eyes and smelled nice.
Soon or later you ask if I  wanna dance, I  accept but spending more than twenty 1’s  was not part of the plan
even tho I  was your biggest fan.
I was against the wall and for a female you were pretty tall.
That fat ass and those calves muscles had my dick standing tall at attention.
You rubbing your ass on me all agreesive  for about a minute
while my hands are caressing your body and I  started to fall in love your caramel complexion.
We generated a audience some started to watch when you slowly guided my finger in your box.
You slowly eased my finger inside inch by inch until I found the gspot.
I’m doing a come here motion with my finger and you begging me not to stop
until you suddenly exploded on my hand.
You and I were both exhausted we could barely stand.
Plus it was so hot in the club, so you asked if I could buy you a drink.
I normally would say no, but luckily I was thirsty so I too needed a drink.
But first I had to find the nearest sink
to wash my hands.
Hands felt sticky and greasy like oil in a frying pan.
After all I wash my hands took her to the bar brought two shots of Jack
and I told the bartender to put it on my tab.
You was having a blast hearing me talk about how stuck up women are, the ones with class.
I ‘m going on and going how I only mess with strippers with titties and ass.
All night I had you laughing as the time pass.
Then the conversation shift gears when we started to talk about each other’s past.
We learned alot about each other.
We talked about how you grew up with out no father ,  and I how I couldn’t stand my father.
How you going through a bitter divorce, because you didn’t have any support
due to his embrassment of you not being part of the workforce.
You told me you strip because you became dead broke
after you lost your Grandmother you got stuck with the funeral cost with no help at all.
So I began to think then all of a sudden I had an ephiony.
I offered her another drink and I asked bartender for two glasses of straight Hennessey.
She and I  started to feel tipsy.
I told her that I liked  her better than any other stripper and I  wanted to help her so I  made her an offer.
I told her I  I’ll help her go half on her rent and buy the groceries,
but in return you have to stop stripping and only strip for me.
She said “That’s  all” I said “Well not exactly, I gotta  smash every other day and want some head at least once a week

Before I Grow Old

As a child  brought up with parents who demonstrate the meaning of love. 

Spoiled with kisses and hugs  mom and dad provided more than enough
comfort and support.
I got older and became grown, but for a while I felt alone.
The lonely nights  watching soap opera while sipping on patrone.
I have the gift of being romantic,  I can set the tone.
I can set the mood with  candles on the table.
Express myself, I  want to but I’m not able.
I was almost starting to think true love was a fable
like how I  think TV is overrated now so I  don’t  need cable.
I went to the supermarket and she came out of nowhere.
All I  could do is  stare but I am so afraid to come near.
The gold earrings on her ear, she like the finer things.
The box braids  in her hair, the design was too unique.
The outfit that she wears, and the high  heels on her feet.
It was like heaven was near, she looked like an angel with wings.
She passed by me and  smiled,
but like a coward I got nervous  and put my head down.
I was making up excuses saying there was people around,
just to keep myself from making a frown.
I’m trying to make the situation not as bad as it seems,
but if my friends were around, they would of mocked me.
Few hours later I’m home watching TV as usual until I get sleepy.
Now  that same girl from the supermarket is now on top me.
My hands explores the beauitful  curves while she’s riding me.
Kissing  my neck while grabbing on to me
with the strength of a nine month pregnant lady.
Ironically, I’m screaming loud like a pregnant lady with labor pains.
This workout is  so intense, our bodies covered with sweat and veins.
Then to show her who’s boss I  picked  her up and   lean her against the wall.
Grab her ass for support, the vagina getting pounded by my balls.
Like shoulder pads to a dummy, my penis is driving the pussy.
She’s repeatedly saying “I love you daddy”
I say “I love you too honey”.
Just as I was about to erupt like a volcano,
I woke up my head spinning like a tornado
Disappointed  that I  woke up alone as I
look at the stains on the pillows  and now I  have to replace those.
Will I ever find love before I grow old

We Need Sin To Exist

From ancient times to modern times,
life been filled with violence  and crime.
Answers through prayer we hope to find
but sometimes we don’t understand why.
We accept Lord is almighty and divine.
The creator of all things God exist and we choose to  believe.
We believe what the naked eye can’t see.
The power to giveth and taketh away
balances the families of mines, yours, and others around the way.
The war between Good vs Evil.
God vs  The Devil
Demons vs the angels
Lucifer was once an archangel,
and he was cast out of heaven for trying to take over God’s throne.
Lake of fire was created  and that’s  where he belongs.
Misery loves company so he’ll bring some souls along.
Earth was covered with darkness and formless until light was created.
But the essential  creation was on the day of the 6th.
Man and woman was created in God’s image
and they both were naked.
They were meant to enjoy life in the Garden of Eden.
Everything upon this time was all part of God’s creation including the serpent.
Serpent lead the woman to temptation to eat from the tree of knowledge that was forbidden.
Woman choose to listen to the Serpent and eat the apple and gave to the Man and he ate it.
Sooner or later God saw the Man and Woman and they were no longer naked.
The Man and Woman would of never knew they were naked if they were obedient.
For being disobedient ,the Man,Woman,  and  the serpent were punished.
So ever since then sin and evil became existent and we die because of it.
Do you ever imagine what would it be like if sin never existed?
Life would be completely different.
We were made to be fruitful and multiply.
Everyday somebody is born, everyday somebody dies.
This is a cycle to balance human population worldwide.
Without sin, the world is not balanced.
Earth would of been overpopulated.
God knew this and that’s  why God is perfect.
God makes no mistake he had a reason for why the tree of knowledge  was created.
He wanted humans have to right to free will which is a choice between obedience  and disobedience