Night Before Wedding(In the home girl point of view)

This is part 2 to the story/poem Night Before My Wedding. Please read part 1, before reading part 2. Originally I didn’t plan on writing a series to this poem but one of my followers gave me the encouragement and motivation to write a part 2. I won’t mentioned her name, but if you are reading this, I just want to thank you for your comment on “Night Before My Wedding” blog because it gave me motivation to write a part 2.

Most likely I will write a part 3 and a part 4 but that will take some time because writing a story in poem format is time consuming and it’s a lot of thinking involved. If any of you are interested in reading drama stories, a while ago when I first started blogging,  I wrote 2 stories “Don’t Tell A Soul” and” Hit List”. If you want to read those stories as well, here are the links below

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I want to thank all my followers that been following me, it’s a blessing and I wish all of you the best and I hope each of you will accomplish your goals and I hope your blogging to will open doors for you. I hope everyone reading this will enjoy reading this poem.


I’m confused and lost in this world.
Always had dreams of being his girl.
But unfortunately he’s taken by another girl.
On the inside I am dying and I started crying.
Every night I been crying myself to sleep
for a year straight.
From the moment he told me he was engaged,
my heart was cut in half, like a knife to a steak.
I wanted to kill his girlfriend and take her place,
but I blame myself for feeling this way.
I remember when I first laid eyes on him, I was only 11.
I was in church and as usual dozing off during the service.
The evangelist asked “Are there any visitors?”
Then I saw him stand up with his mother
and he had a serious face expression just like his mother.
He looked just like mother.
I was curious wondering, where was his father?
So as service continued, I kept staring back at him.
I thought he had gorgeous eyes and cute dimples on his chin.
As I kept staring at him, my mother kept tapping me by the shoulder telling me to  pay attention.
Soon or later, the service finally ended.
So as usual my mother chats up a storm with all the members.
I watched some of the members welcomed him and his mother.
For some reason I just couldn’t stop staring at him.
I’m usually shy but I wanted to get to know him.
So I keep staring at him, then suddenly he looks up and stares back.
Then all of a sudden, I wake up realizing I am dreaming again,
thinking about the past again remembering
when I first laid eyes on him.
I was  born and raised as a Christian
and if I was his wife, I would be submissive
and let him be the head of the household.
I fear I will grow old and alone.
Lack of sex have me feel lonely and moody.
Upset that I don’t have a man pleasing me.
What makes it worst is my sister just texted me this nonsense


It’s the middle of the night and my period just came.
All of a sudden it begins to rain.
I’m so moody and horny and I wish he was on me, sexing me.
I can’t go back to sleep so I’m going to
watch this porno movie,
to imagine that it’s him and me fucking.
When I imaging sexing him,
I like to start from the beginning
like the porno movie.
I picture myself as a housewife
and he is the plumber.
He knocks at my door
and I’m wearing shorts
and light blue blouse.
He says “How you doing?”
I say “Come on in”
We are just staring at each other in silence.
I said fuck it and just paused the porno movie
because it’s too much talking going on.
So I just play music from phone “112 ft Lil
Zane – Anywhere” and imagine him doing me anywhere.
Doing me in car, shower, top of the stairs.
I’m fingering myself to death
when I imagine jerking him off with my left.
I’m fingering myself to death
when I imagine sucking him off until he nuts
and I swallow until there’s no ounce of sperm left.
I’m fingering myself to death
when I imagine myself riding him until he gives me a creampie and he’s has no ounce of sperm left.
I’m fingering myself to death
when I imagine myself telling him I’m Pregnant
and he beats up this pregnancy pussy until we both don’t have any energy left.
I really began to sweat and I feel like I am getting to climax.
I scream really loud like I found my wallet from the lost and found.
But I think to myself what once was lost, can still be found.
So I decided to text him now.
I texted him,
“Follow where your heart takes you and you will forever be happy.”
I just know for a fact he has feelings for me.
Just the way he looks at me and speaks to me,
especially lately.
For the past 2 weeks he been texting me, constantly telling me how he appreciates me.
Earlier at the wedding rehearsal, I said to him
“I never seen you so happy”
He looked at me with a serious blank face expression on his face.
He said” Thanks” with no enthusiasm.
Then surprisingly gave me a kiss on the cheek
and hugged me tightly.
He placed his hands on my lower back and he started to go lower close to my ass but he just stopped.
Can’t lie he go me wet, I wanted to take him to the parking lot.
I started to repeat to myself “What once was lost can be found”.
Should I follow my heart and see what I can find ?
Scratch that should I follow my heart and see what I will find? I think its time for me to get my man.



We Eloped 

Lack of hunger
made me move
less closer
Your beauitful eyes
are amber
but I refuse to stare
instead I gaze at
the floor.
I wasn’t movatived.
Face looks  as
if I’m sedated.
Laziness is contagious
like pink eye
so I refuse
to stay by your side.
Scent of your perfume
reminds me when flowers bloom .
Gorgeous and love to inhale
but face is yet pale
for the heart I break
you didn’t take it well
I mentioned perfume
to tell you
I will forever miss you.
From the food I use
to eat
When my hands
massaged your feet
First met
Bashful when you use
to speak.
Your like the redcoats
in 1783 going
through defeat.
Like temptations
Night of September
The night you
will remember 
The day I broke your heart.
My heart for you
went from
transparent to translucent
to now non-existent.
While I leave you at
the altar
as you read this
you will think
I have no honor.
We can’t no longer be together,
But ironically I will still be in your life
because I will still have a wife.
Now look around the aisle
do you see you sister?
This last part important
so I will increase
the font
Words from your older  sister
“Sorry I missed your wedding big sis
but good news is I just made you aunt because I’m pregnant. “

Night Before My Wedding

Confused stuck between both worlds so I  got to get it together.

Jumping the broom I’m not 100 percent sure, I feel like the other one is better .
I have these thoughts as I knock on the door, my emotions become stronger.
Remembering the times we was younger,
when laid eyes on her for the 1st time at 11 and unitl this day I remember her face expression.
On her face I saw the excitement when she looked at me and I  become more anxious
Since then my mixed feelings are at war with each other and mind feels destructive like the battle of Armageddon.
Now here I am in front of her door at a quarter past 11.
I was prepared to make the biggest confession.
I had it down to perfection since earlier I rehearsed the words I was going to say to her.
I knocked 5 times and rang the doorbell before she finally opened the door.
She had a towel wrapped around her body.
Mind started drifting  off thinking about her naked body wet in the hot shower bathroom all steamy.
She said” What you doing here? You should be at your bachelor’s party”
“Snap out of it”I said to myself.
Although my future wife to be had all the wealth, there was something in my heart that I felt around my home girl and no one else.
Around this girl, I felt like I was under a spell.
My future wife to be is just something to brag about  on a school day like   show n tell.
This girl I do whatever it takes to see her face,
So right now it really hurts like hell.
Hurts the fact the  that I am getting married.
I tell her” I’m  not sure if I’m ready it just don’t feel right”
She says”Why?”
Moving closer to her I said” Well all my life waking up every morning has been a fight. We as humans spent our lives looking for our type. Searching for right girl,searching for the right guy. But then I realize the grass  is not always greener on the other side. We pray for a miracle then we receive that  miracle like being  rescued from a superhero. Then when its too late you realize the miracle you once prayed for is not what you need though. A person’s love life is a riddle, though it seems complex the answer is right in front of you. But some of us are scared to face the truth. It’s a gamble sometimes you gain, sometimes you lose. But my father said it’s better to love and lost then to not love at all.”
Next by the hips I grabbed her.
Sounding nervously she said” What are you talking about?”
I said ” It’s time for the truth to come out”
I kissed her on the cheek and I said”  you know I love you like a sister and you love me like a brother but  since 11 I fell in love with you and there’s no other.  I know you are in love with me so  let’s not play games with each other. any longer.”
She says” I don’t no what to say, how do you say some shit like this the day before your ______________”
Before she could even say the word”wedding”, I grabbed her face move in closer and we started kissing.
Suddenly I  wake up and realize this  was all dream.
I look at my iPhone  and it’s 5 AM in the morning.
In 12 hours I’m actually  get married but wishing the dream I  just had was my reality.
It’s like God was showing me something.
Did I  just witness a prophecy?
Do I  have the courage to follow my drems.
Then suddenly my home girl text me ” Follow where your heart takes you and you will forever be happy 😚”
Should I follow where my heart takes me?