Why Don’t People Know How To Mind Their Business?

I did not plan on posting a blog today but something happened today that got me irritated. Now before you continue reading, please know that I don’t judge any woman based on her sex skills, all I did was answer someone’s question by giving my opinion regarding sex.

Overall I am a shy person minding my business and never try to fit in but I do try to interact with people on Twitter and WordPress even though I am not the most popular on neither of these social media apps. When I interact with people, I usually interact with people I can relate to. If I see something on Twitter or on WordPress that I disagree with, I normally mind my business 9/10 times. The one time I do disagree, I am very respectful and polite when I come in people’s mentions on Twitter and the comment section on wordpress.

I was on Twitter today and I saw someone tweeted an interesting question. The question was

” Fellas what makes a woman’s box/sex trash??” (In this statement box means vagina)

This was interesting question and I replied to this tweet. My response was

If she is complaining and set too many rules example
1) Don’t slap my ass
2) Don’t pull my hair
3)Don’t look at me
4)Your going to rough(this is 50/50 because I understand this one a little lol)
Overall when it’s like when the box come with a code book or instructional manual and if it’s really loose like if u can fit three fingers or four inside.”

Now some girl that I don’t even know or seen before comes in the mentions and says
So you know nothing about the female body lmao….got it

Now first of all based on my response, how does my response imply that I know nothing about the female body lol and even if this girl feels I know nothing about the female body, why can’t she mind her business and not worry about how I respond?

Another story

Now on this example I am about explain, I will admit I should of mind my business and I was partially but the response that I received was disrespectful.

Now a little over a year ago on Twitter, this guy tweeted
I love black women, black women are beautiful“.
Now I didn’t know this guy so I shouldn’t of went into his mentions but I did anyway and I tweeted in his mentions
” Black women are goregous but I think all women of all races are beautiful
Now looking back on it now, I should of mind my business and all. So I can why the average person would get annoyed but this guy responded back to me and got disrespectful.
He tweeted in my mentions
“I said what I said, hop off my dick”
That comment pissed me off because even though I should of minded my business, I was respectful

Overall I do like Twitter. Twitter can be ignorant and reckless which is fine to me because some of my tweets are reckless as well. What I don’t understand is

1) Why don’t people mind their own business when they don’t agree with somebody’s opinion?

This is the reason why I stay to myself. What I learned in life is, when you are not popular, don’t have money, have no power, overweight or maybe not the most attractive towards the average person, people will judge you like your worthless or pay you no mind. Like a unpopular person can have an opinion on something that’s not logical, and people are quick to belittle that person. Let another person that’s more popular and attractive have the same unlogical opinion on the same exact situation as the unpopular person, than those same people that belittled the unpopular person will praise the popular person. Quiet people or people that are not popular are always told to speak up more and to open up, but when quite/unpopular people actually do speak what’s on their mind, doesn’t it feel like they get shut down or criticized? Also don’t you feel like people on social media and in real life judge you based on how popular you are? Have you ever had any arguments with people on social media? Why do people like arguing on social media?

If you have anything to add, feel free to comment

I Need An Opinion From My Follwers 

I don’t normally ask my followers to comment on my blogs when I post something but on this particular post I really want some opinions on this post because there is something I don’t understand. But then again maybe I’m just over-thinking 
Before you read I’m not talking about women by any means just trying to understand them

I was on Twitter and I saw this tweet

“If you agree to go to a guy’s house that barely know,  you have already said 95% yes to sex ”

The females called him trash, called him a rapist and destroyed him insulting him. Now to an extent I can see how some females might be offended but he was not disrespecting females. I think he worded his statement wrong but it was not inappropriate. He basically saying if you have no intention having sex  with a man you don’t barely know then don’t go to his house if he invited and I completely agree.

Now next day I read this tweet

“If I treat a bitch like shit then Imma treat her like shit but a nigga can’t treat my daughter like shit.  What’s so hard for ya to understand”

Now I swear he barley got any criticism. In fact alot of female replies were “lmao why”
“Lol you too much”. This guy say the word bitch on every other tweet. No criticism
Only one female critized this guy.
But the other guy I mentioned above he got a shitload of complaints and insults from women.
I don’t understand women becuase you attack the men that mean well but allow the men that don’t give a fuck  about you treat you like shit and ya accept it.
This is my opinion when your average guy, geek, nerd, or some nobody say something negative and the women on Twitter don’t agree with,  they  are so quick to critize and attack but just have a question for these women,
how come ya don’t critize the hood niggas  that refer to women as bitches or disrespect women in any kind of way?
Most women won’t admit but hood niggas are glorified. People tend to pick and choose who to argue with. Just my opinion.

Another thing I don’t understand with most of the females on Twitter is, they retweet what they wanna hear for example. Women would only favorite or tweet the tweets regarding men being trash, or men need to step, or there isn’t good men around.
But just like there isn’t alot of good men, there isn’t alot of good women neither.
Women do just as much dirt as men.

If the average guy on Twitter for example tweeted
” Good women are underappreciated”
Or  “no women attitude is too much to handle ya niggas  is bitches” most women gonna retweet that.
Now let if the average guy tweeted” Women do as much dirt as men” rarely get any retweets or favorites and a few women will disagree with him.
Now if the average men say
“Most women or all women are trash or females play too many games that’s why they stay getting hurt”
No female is going to retweet that.  At least 3 females on Twitter are going to critize him.

Popularity overrules talent, morals and self respect.
When a popular guy Or a hood nigga  calls a woman a bitch or disrespect no lie the average women would say “Don’t talk to me like I’m one of your hoes”

Now if the average guy or a nobody call a woman bitch that same woman would slap shit out of him, tell all her friend’s, and probably get her brother or one of her male friends to fuck him up.

I feel like alot of women on Twitter are immature to be honest. Just my opionion. It sounds like I’m judging people but I’m just being honest like I don’t understand alot of the females on Twitter.

I normally don’t ask this of my followers but if reading this(especially women), please comment on below and tell me do you understand where I’m coming from?
With the tweet
” If you agree to go to a guy’s house that barely know,  you have already said 95% yes to sex”  are you offended by that tweet?
and if this tweet
“If I treat a bitch like shit then Imma treat her like shit but a nigga can’t treat my daughter like shit.  What’s so hard for ya to understand”
offended you?

Appreciate if you comment on this even if you disagree with me because I don’t understand this.

Btw I know I mentioned “hood niggas” just to through it out there I have nothing against a guy that glorifies the hood life in fact some guys that are into that lifestyle do have alot of potential to be great. Just want to know why do people treat don’t everybody the same?

If you have an opinion comment below?