What About Men?

      Two days ago, I wrote a blog about my views on women (click link below if you haven’t read my previous blog) (“What makes A Woman A Slut”).  I know a few of you that follow me have read my previous blog and requested a follow up blog on men. This was […]

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What Makes A Woman A Slut?

Please read before you criticize this blog and assume I am judging women. This was a topic t I was a little hesitant to post up. But I decided to go with my instincts and post this blog up anyway. I feel like some people can relate to this blog. Now I am not slut […]

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Money, Power, and Popularity 

World is corrputed 24/7 Criminals or reverends everybody’s loyalty in question. Money, Power, and popularity seems to be over loyalty. Jeasouly always more common than loyalty since bible days That’s  why Abel was murdered by cain. Money addictive like Cocaine. Money combined  with fame turn Christian wives promiscuous The morals they use to have made […]

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Truth VS Lies

Lying makes a situation more complicated. Lying is pretend facts that are not realistic but speaking actual facts isn’t either so simplistic. Truth and lies, is all we hear. They say to tell the truth to someone if you really care. But believe it or not people believe what they wanna hear But should you […]

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