Deep Life Questions For You To Answer

This post is not a poem. My next poem uploaded will be on June 2.

This post is a post of variety of deep questions I want bloggers to answer in the comment section. Choose one question from this post that you thought was most challenging to answer

1) Would you lie to your best friend if you knew the truth would end the friendship?

2) Of all your blogs you posted on WordPress, which one was your most successful and why do you think it was successful?

3) Would the world be a better place if celebrities didn’t exist and if they were ordinary people?

4) Are some people more special then others or are we all special in our own way?

5) What would the world be like today if social media existed in the 90’s?

6) If you had the power to end racism or poverty, which one would you pick?

7) Is this a man’s world or a woman’s world?

8) What’s the most memorable lesson you learned from your enemy?

9) If you had the option to know the date and circumstance of your death, would you want to know?

10) The last nightmare you had, if that nightmare came true, would that be the worst day of your life?

11) Is it possible being to creative to the point of insanity?

12) Do you need love in order to survive in this world?

13) Is a life that focuses on avoiding pain and seeking out pleasure a good worthwhile life? Why or Why not?

14) What makes you the most angry about yourself?

15) Is there any emotions that you are afraid to show?

16) If karma was coming back to you, will it help or hurt you?

17) Think really hard, what was your first memory?

Imagine If ?(Sex related questions)

1) Imagine if you was in love with your best friend’s wife/husband for years and one day you got into an argument with your own wife/husband and you left the house and went to a local bar. All of a sudden, you saw your best friend’s spouse at the bar and your best friend as well had an argument with his/her spouse. So long story short, you and your best friend’s spouse are conversing and drinking and eventually ya kiss and end up in a hotel room and ya had sex that night and ya spend the night. Next morning, you wake up and you look next to you over at your best friend’s spouse and you realized that your best friend’s spouse had died in their sleep. Now imagine all if this happened right now, what would be your next move?

2) Imagine that you just got married 2 days ago and you are on the honeymoon. You been together with your partner for 5 years. Now your partner wanted to wait until marrige to have sex. So you waited the 5 years. So now you are in the hotel room and you are horny. You make a move on your partner, trying to kiss and caress your partner but you partner goes cold. So you try to be a little more aggressive but your partner stops you and tells you that they want to wait another year before having sex. Now imagine this had happened, what would you do?

3) For the men now imagine if you come from work and you found out that your wife is pregnant and this is the 3rd child. 2 months later ya had a gender reveal party and invited all your family and friends and later that day, you popped a balloon and you now realized you was having a son. This was going to be the first boy since you already have 2 daughters. Now the next day, you come home from work and your wife wants to talk. She tells you to have a seat and she had something important to tell you. She then tells you that, earlier in the day, she got an abortion. Now imagine that you are the husband, how would you respond?

4) For the women now imagine that you been married to your husband for 3 years. Your husband is a gentleman, intelligent, well built, handsome, and most of all, this brother knows how to lay it down in the bedroom. Ya be having that loud nasty sex. He be all up in your walls pounding you to death at least 3 times a week, whispering in your ear talking about how much he loves your pussy. He is a freak and you love every minute of the sex. In fact, it seems like the sex improves every year. But one little minor problem, he wants to film ya having sex but you say no because you don’t feel comfortable. Now let’s say he goes away on a busniess trip and it’s a been a week since you seen him. You start to get horny. So you go on pornhub and watch some amateur porn. But then you notice a video where the scenery of the bedroom looks familiar. You click and zoom in on the video and you see yourself on the bed giving your husband oral pleasure. Now your pissed as shit ready to kill his ass but you just received a text message from your husband and it says “BABY WE ARE RICH. I just made a multi million dollar profit by selling the Hockaday Towing busniess. We are rich honey. I love you so much!” Now how would you respond?

Pick a number a comment below your response. I am eager to read your input. I also challenge you to comment below and give me challenging scenario for me to imagine.

Also just another question to think about and maybe to write a blog about for those of you that are out of topics

1) If you was HIV positive, would you never have sex again or would still have sex but always use protection?
2) You are with your current signficant other and your signficant other is almost perfect. Attractive, goal oriented, makes alot of money, was raised from a good family, but one problem, the sex is awful. Now you compare you current to your ex. Your ex had his/her good days and bad days. Wasn’t a complete asshole but known to argue over stupid shit. Your family didn’t like your ex much, but two things, your ex’s confidence is so appealing that it gives you butterflies and the sex was outstanding. 5 times better then the sex with your current.

In fact, your ex use to give you the best sex ever to the point sometimes you use to think about calling off work just to get some. Now your Ex, hit you up saying ” I miss you, I still have feelings for you and I made some mistakes. I wanted to know if you avavible, is it okay if we can meet up and talk for a little while about some things.” Now how would you respond?

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Passion Vs Dedication(Which one is more important)

What’s more important in a relationship, Passion or Dedication?
What carries the relationship further, Passion or Dedication?
What’s more important as a college student as far as achieving good grades, the Passion or Dedication ?
What’s more important to have when it comes to a job, the dedication or passion?
Is passion nothing without dedication?
Is life boring if you have the dedication without the passion?
If you had to choose between the two as far as all areas in your life such as working, being married, participating in hobbies, extracurricular activities, raising your kids, which would you pick, Passion or Dedication?
What would life be like if you was the only person in the world with passion without dedication as far as living your life but everybody else had dedication without passion to do things in life?
What would the world be like if you was the only person in the world who had the dedication in all areas but no passion in life but everybody else was filled with passion but had no type of dedication whatsoever?
Based on the last 2 questions, if life was how I described based on those last 2 questions, how hard do you think it would be to exist with the rest of the world?

Passion is a feeling intense enthusiasm towards or compelling desire for someone or something

Dedication is a feeling of a very strong support for or loyalty to someone or something

Passion is important. Passion is associated with physical attraction and intense emotional arousal. Passion comes from the heart. Passion comes with romance, and romance makes the relationship or anything you participate in more energetic and activated.

Dedication as well is important. Dedication is associated with honesty, loyalty and scarfice. Dedication comes from your integrity and morals. Dedication comes with good karma(maybe not right away). Dedication will make you trustworthy in the eyes of other people. Dedication builds you character in a positive way


In this world, most of us would agree that you need passion and dedication and one can’t exist without the other. Passion and Dedication go hand in hand, but imagine you had to pick one just one, would you rather live in this world without no passion in your heart or no dedication in your character?

Passion Vs Dedication


Think about it


A Game Of 31 Questions

This is a game I made up like two days ago. If you view my previous post on questions like I Have Questions and I Have More Questions! you notice that I ask questions on a deep level where you have to think and I allow you to choose one question out of the list of questions. This post will be slightly different. You wanna know why I purposely made 31 questions? Well because there are 31 days in a month. Well technically 28-31 but 31 is the highest number in a month. We all have a birth date and the date number is in between 1 – 31. So if you interested in participating in this game you have to answer the question that is regarding your date number. For example, I was born June 22 so that means my date number is the 22nd so  I would answer  question 22. To really make this game interesting, you would need to play with a group of people at least 10 people. You can play this at a party or a barbecue. If you interested in playing this game, you can copy and paste the questions below and gather your friends and cousins on Christmas and play this game.  If you are interested in answering a question off the list below in my comment section, answer the question regarding your birth date. Example if your birth date is February 7th,  then you will answer the 7th question. When you answer that question, there is no in between, not sure, maybe, you have to give a straight forward, direct answer.


1)If a person took your child’s life, and you crossed paths with the person that  took your child’s life and you had a gun in your hand, would you pull the trigger?

2)Where do you see yourself in 40 years?

3)What is harder between the two, to forgive when someone hurt you or to not lust?

4)Would you rather die tomorrow or spend the rest of your life in the most violent prison?

5)If you was in prison, would you kill a person just to survive even though committing a murder is a sin?

6)Be honest, for the men that are single , if an attractive woman who is a co-worker was to grab you in a inappropriate area, would you file a complaint? For the women, if you had a male boss at work told you that you are attractive and you find him attractive as well, and your boss offered you a promotion but only because of your looks, would you take the promotion?

7) For those of you that watched or read “Act like a lady, think like a man” what was the best advice and worst advice that Steve Harvey provided in the book or movie?

8)If you was in love with somebody since you was a child and that person you love since childhood , loves you right back but the person you love is currently married and you met the spouse on numerous occasions and you and the spouse don’t like each other and the person you love is having problems in his/her marriage and one of the problems is lack of communication and lack of sex, and you and this person that your in love happen to just randomly met up at the bar, and this person is talking to you complaining the marriage and this person says to you I don’t want to go home, is it okay if I spend the night at your place, what would you say? Also be honest, is this a easy question that with an easy straightforward answer or is this a question where you would contemplating on what to do?

9)What has more power,  love or fear?

10)What’s the difference knowledge and common sense?

11)What do you think will get you killed faster, being unloyal to your closes friend or being loyal to your enemy?

12)If you had to pick one sex  position to do for the rest of your life what sex position would you pick?

13)What do you think is more dangerous, being a porn star or construction worker?

14)Would you rather listen to your  favorite song for a year straight an and only that song or would you rather watch your favorite TV show for a year straight and only that TV show?

15)If you was to die tomorrow, is there any secrets that you taking with you to the grave(if you answer this you don’t have to go in detail just simple yes or no)?

16)Would you rather be younger or wiser?

17)What’s is more  interesting  being an author or computer programmer?

18)For the women, what’s worst someone ruining your prom dress or your wedding dress? For men what’s worst having your tuxedo ruined on prom night or on your wedding day?

19)Would you rather have your significant other break up with you the day before your wedding or during the honeymoon?

20)For those of you that are married, would you rather have a spouse with an extremely low sex drive and I’m talking only wants to have sex like  once a year and barely communicates, no romance but always faithful to you or a spouse you matches you sex drive, romantic, sweet, willing to open up, but cheats at least once every 3 months? (If you answer this, pick one don’t say “neither”)

21) On earth what is the most precious thing?(not regarding people but answer I’m looking for an answer such as money, love,time, memories ect)

22) For those of you that are interested in playing this game with me, ask me a hard question in the comment section?

23) Does the weekends go by faster when you sleep all weekend or when you actually have to do chores and run errands that you hate doing?

24) If you  your teenage child felt like they was ready to have sex, what would you tell them?

25)Out of all the books have you read, which book that you read that you can relate to the most?

26) Is good sex needed to make a marriage last (be honest) ?

27) If Malcolm x was alive, what is one question you would ask him if you saw him face to face?

28) Would you rather take a cold shower everyday or eat your dinner cold without warming it up everyday?

29) For those you of you that went to a public high school, how do you think your life would of been like now if you would of went to a private high school instead, do you think your life would be exactly the same or different? For those of you that went to a private high school what do your life would of been like now if you would of went to a public high school, do you think life would be the same or do you think there would be a difference? (If you answer this please don’t say you not sure lol)

30) If you had to give up a body part such between your arms and legs which one would you give up between your arms and your legs?

31)For the women, if you asked a guy out on a first date, would you pay the bill or expect him to pay the bill?(please don’t say I would never ask a guy on a first date lol this is just a what if question lol) For the men, if a girl asked you out on a first date do you think she should pay the bill?


Pick the question that falls on the number of your birth date and comment below an answer and I  will comment back if I agree or disagree with your response

I Have More Questions!

Warning: This blog have a lot of tough, horrible, questions. So if you don’t like negativity what so ever then I rather you leave now instead of leaving a negative comment criticizing my blog. This is my blog and these are the questions I wanted to ask.
Purpose if this blog is to make your think and this contains a lot of bad situations and negativity. The reason why I wrote these  type questions is because a lot of these questions are real life situations where we can all end up. I believe when your stuck between a rock and a hard place, it makes coming up with a solution more difficult and I want you guys to really think about this. Again I did ask a lot of negative questions, but I also asked some good questions as well
When you answer theses questions, there is no in between, no I’m not sure, you have to pick an straightforward answer.  Yes I know these questions are not straight forward, but I am challenging you to come up with an answer and I promise if you  comment below answer that I will respond back with an answer as well


1) In the bible in genesis, the serpent gave Eve to eat the apple. Eve gave the apple to Adam and he ate the apple. Now curious question, God knows everything and he knew Eve was the first one that are the apple before Adam, now why did God approach Adam and question Adam first?


2)  If you was in a baby’s room and you saw the baby sleeping surrounded by two rats in the crib, what would you do?

3) If you was on the roof with your enemy, your enemy was on the ledge getting ready to jump off and commit suicide, which you try and convince that person not to jump and what would you say to enemy from committing suicide

4) Is life a reality or a dream?

5) Imagine if everybody in the world told the truth, would life be a better place?


6) If everybody waited until marriage to have sex, would the crime rate go down?

7) If everybody was broke, would the world be a friendly place?

8) If everybody was rich, would people be more anti-social?


9) If everybody waited until marriage to have sex, would there be any use for condoms?


10 )What would life be like if  imaginations were non- existent?

11) What is more frightening, a gun being pointed by your head by a loved one, or waiting for HIV results in the waiting room knowing that you had unprotected sex with 100 people in a year ?


12 )Would you rather be paralyzed or HIV infected?

13) Between Play station 1 and and Nintendo 64, which system would rather play?


14) What’s more embarrassing, walking in on your parents having sex or urinating on yourself on the first date in public?


15) Would you rather somebody embarrass you or you embarrass somebody?


16) If you was a billionaire could you honestly say that you could be the same as you are now or would the money change you in the slightest?


17) If you had the chance to win a 5 millionaire dollars and all you had to do was to trust me to write a poem once a day for a year straight and each line had to be 20 lines, would you take that offer?

18) Would you rather have Michael Jackson ‘s talent and Michael Jordan personality or Michael Jackson’s personality and Michael Jordan talent?


19 )Would you rather get in the ring with Mike Tyson in his prime or play a game in the NFL as a quarterback?


20) Would you rather make out(not just a quick kiss a full make out session) with your significant other in a crowd full of strangers or watch your parents make out in the privacy of your home?


21 )Would you rather go a whole year without no sex or go a whole year having boring sex with a person that’s just sloppy and clumsy?


22) Would you rather date somebody that is extremely shy or extremely talkative?


23) For the women: Now would you rather a guy take you out on a date and he pays for everything but one condition you have to have sex or would you rather play it safe but have to pay for the whole date?


24) Would you rather fall out of a plane with a para shoot or go scuba diving?

25 )Which one is worst, you paying somebody 200 hundred dollars (which is your kids birthday money) for a chain that somebody robbed from you, or you getting stuck with a flat tire without no spare in a blizzard?

26 ) What’s worst to watch a love one die in front if your eye’s or a loved one watching you die?


27) Would you rather bury your kids when they are young or commit suicide?



28 )Do female celebrities have sex with male groupies?

29 )Would you rather spent the rest of your life in prison for a crime you didn’t commit or have somebody to jail for the rest their life for a crime that you committed?


30 ) Would you rather be in jail and your ex spouse visits you through a glass and she is with your worst enemy and they are kissing and you are watching them kiss through the glass or would you rather have your mom/dad walk on you performing oral sex on their bed with their  boyfriend/girlfriend?

31  ) When Cain murdered Abel, how do you think Adam And Eve reacted to Abel being murdered?

32) Would you rather be trapped in the woods with Jason, or have Freddy Cruger appear in your nightmares every night, or be trapped in a dark abandoned house with Annabel?

33) Would you rather stay single forever or be with in a relationship that will last for 10 years but the person you are with for 10 years will break your heart in the worst way you can imagine after 10 years?

34) What’s a worst crime, murder or rape?

35) What’s harder to do, forgive when your hurt, or telling the cold hard truth to somebody who is sensitive?

36) If you had the power  choice, would you rather  take away cartoons from all kids permanently , or take away their birthdays and they won’t be allowed to celebrate their birthdays until they graduate high school?

37) As a parent, if you had  a choice, would rather your child become a parent, making you a grandparent at the age of 16, or to not have grand kids at all knowing that your kids want kids?

38) For men: If you are married, who comes first your mother or your wife?

39) The day before Tupac died, if you was in private one on one conversation with Tupac and you had one question to ask him, what would you ask him?

40) For those that have a high sex drive, would you marry somebody with a low sex drive  if they have everything you wanted in a boyfriend/girlfriend? For those that have a low sex drive, would you marry somebody with a high sex drive if  they everything you wanted in a boyfriend/girlfriend?

41) What’s more important in a relationship/marriage, passion or dedication? (pick one)

41) Would you rather marry somebody that is the complete opposite of you, or marry somebody that is exactly like you in all areas?(don’t say 50/50 lol)

42) For mothers, would you be disappointed if your daughter was a lesbian or if your son was gay? ( I have no problem with people who are attracted of the same sex but just curious to  here your answer )

42) What is the most difficult question to answer in your opinion in the world?

43) If you had a choice, would live in a world where have the power to read each other minds but none of us can’t speak at all to each other, or live in a world where we can all speak to each other but we can’t read at all not even a single letter of the alphabet?

44) Would rather  have knowledge on everything subject, every area possible  but no common sense what so ever or have all the common sense in the world but have no knowledge whatsoever to the point where you don’t even know elementary  stuff like reading on a first grade level?

45)What’s worst to lie in somebody’s face or to gossip the truth about other people’s business?

46) Would you rather be friendly with everybody with pessimistic thoughts or have an attitude with everybody for no reason but have  optimistic  thoughts?

47) If you could cheat on your partner knowing that you will get away with it and they will never find out, would you?(If you answer, please use the first thought that comes to your head and be honest I’m looking for a simple yes or no)

48) Now after reading question 47,  for those of you that are in a relationship/marriage, would you ask your partner this question? If they answered no, would you believe them(Be honest)?

49) Would your rather teach somebody how to count, or how to read the alphabet?

50) If you had the power, would you scarfice your child  and let you child rot hell after he/she so everybody can be in heaven(including yourself, all the evil, rapists, child molesters, serial killers) or would everybody on this earth from this day on would live forever, nobody dies but everyday somebody is born but nobody dies, another words would you rather live in an overpopulated world where nobody dies or scarfice your child to the lake f fire while everybody goes to heaven

51)Bonus questions, would you rather answer take the time the first 49 questions and avoid 50 or just answer question 50 and ignore all the other 49 questions?


With the exception of question 50 and 51, pick a question  from 1 – 49 and answer that question in the comment section, the one that was most difficult between 1-49, and when you do, I will comment back with my response. If you want to answer more than one question be my guest and  I will respond to everybody that comments. Please don’t answer 50 or 51, those are very personal but at least think about that.  Please pick the most difficult question to answer.  Also is there any other questions besides the one that you will answer in the comment section,  that you want me write a poem on and this includes question 50(I won’t upload the poem until January)  write the number in the comment section in quotes?



Prayer Is The Secret

I just wan to give a shout out to Whistlingbeautiful for giving me to the motivation to write this blog. I read her blog yesterday (click here)‘I’m not ready for a relationship’ – he says  and it was very releatable and a eye opener and I enjoyed reading it.


  • Now about this question I am about to ask, think about the person who gave you the best sex ever from your past, now think about the person who gave you the worst sex ever from your past, think about the personality of the person that gave you the best sex, think about the personality of the person that gave you the worst sex ,for those of you that have siblings, if your younger sibling had to marry one your past lovers and it was your choice who would you pick for your younger sibling?

    Have someone ever told you that, you have to let it go?

    I’m talking about when someone hurt you, I’m talking about when someone broke your heart.

    Have someone told you to try not to think about?

    For all the people that been hurt before,  when your hurt you are always going to remember the pain you will never forget it. But you not forgetting , teaches you the mistake that you made or the wrong someone has brought upon your heart helps you to avoid those same better mistakes. So I tell you this, it’s okay to think about the person that hurt you. It’s okay to miss the person that hurt you. You fighting your emotions, someone telling you to try and not think about someone or something will make you think about that person twice as much in which will make you naive and end up taking the person back which will open the little pieces of your heart to  be broken in half once more. Now your heart went from being broken in half, to being broke in 4 pieces. Heart is getting smaller and smaller. Instead of trying not to think about it, let the emotions flow, let the negative thoughts occur and allow time and God to handle everything. Remember this, no matter how hard you have it, somebody always have it worst than you. So another words, go online and read stories on how people got their heartbroken and see if you can relate to people. You will hear some fucked up stories.  Learning that somebody always got it worst will help you.

    If you do decide to date right away after a bad breakup, please tell the partner you seeing that you are not completely over your ex and your are not sure if you are ready to step back in the dating world. I highly wouldn’t recommend having sex with anybody while your heart is broken because having sex with another person will make you want to have sex with your ex even more and more. This happens about 90 percent of time. The other 10 percent chance is you might use sex as your healing factor and think sex is the solution when sex is really just a temporary painkiller which will lead to bad decisions by getting attached quickly and becoming bind to the new person you are seeing or make you become promiscuous. Now as far as thinking about sex when your heartbroken, I honestly don’t know what to say to help you from stop thinking about sex from your ex or missing the sex from your ex or anybody else. Only thing I can say is just pray about it. There is no remedy that will heal your negative thoughts except prayer. I am going to repeat and write this in a bigger font

  • There is no remedy that will your negative thoughts except for prayer

  • Now if you do make the mistake and have sex with your ex, I guess just pray harder or try and look for a negative or consequences of having sex and remind yourself the devil is trying to lead you into sin.  One thing you can do, no matter how good the sex is with your ex, there is always somebody better in that department. Just pray that one day you will meet a good man or woman with the right personality that loves you for you and bring spectacular sex to the table. Don’t let good sex interfere with your mind.

  • God loves all and want to protect us.
  •  God want us to go to him to be forgiven for sin.
  • The devils’ job is to lead us into sin.
  • When the devil attacks he attacks in kindness leading you into temptation
  • It’s not easy to resist the Devil
  • More people will go to hell then heaven
  • Most of the people that will go to hell tried to resist the Devil but couldn’t
  • God is Love
  • Devil is the addiction/fatal attraction


Fornication is a sin. I never understood why for so many years but it’s starting to make sense to me. I’m going to preach to the women because I think women go through this situation more so than men but this is for men too. For the typical girl let’s say about 20 or 21, she wants to feel love, she wants the appreciation and the attention from a nice gentleman. Women don’t like being lonely. On average, women get approached daily. Mos of the guys that approach them well, let’s just say words can’t describe how unclassy most these men appear. Eventually she will come across a guy with a nice smile, a guy that’s the perfect height, a guy that dress nice. Overall he’s attractive. He approaches her with words that are poetic, respectful, and yet flirtatious and she loves every minute of it. Eventually he gets her number, and they talk some more. He ask her out,  they converse in public and she is catching feelings and the feelings get deeper and deeper slowly. This is guy has a charm that no player can match. This girl feels lucky and maybe slightly horny but still nervous. He makes his move and his confidence is perfect and she feels lucky to deserve this. Now sex is not really on her mind much, but as he gets closer, she can’t resist him. She figure ah what the hell, I don’t know him that well but this guy is different so I will allow him to do whatever he wants with my body. Eventually clothes is coming off, and she is impressed with what she see’s when he is naked. I won’t get too graphic but he rocks her world like Michael Jackson. She now realize while they are cuddling ,she is  in love. She goes home and she can’t stop thinking about the sex, feeling like on top of the world like Muhammad Ali. Now the guy goes home and brags to his homies how he just smashed another chick and how he got her sprung. In fact he probably will smash another chick. So as time moves forward, this young girl and the guy still hang out from time to time but the dates become less romantic. He not contacting like he use too. It becomes to the point that all they do is talk for  a few, have sex and that’s it. If she’s lucky, he may spend the night but he still respectful to her and listens to her in person, but the phone call conversations, and text messages, well he is becoming rather distant. Eventually  the more she has sex with him, the more she gets addicted. I’m talking about, she cuts class, lie to her parents, call out of work, buy him sneakers and durags, bake him brownies just to prove her worth to him to show him how much she loves him. So eventually she decides to she wants to introduce him to her family and friends but he doesn’t think it’s a good idea.  She writes him a long paragraph explaining how she feels about him and want to take things to the next level. He says he is not ready for  a relationship right now at the moment. He just broke her heart. She get confused and angry and ask all these type of question asking why this and why that. So that night she cries her self to sleep and promise herself she will move on. She does miss him, but she goes on an online dating app and eventually meets another guy. This guy is fairly attractive, respectful, not as charming as the other guy but he is straightforward and nice. They hang out for a few times. The 1st two or three times she is into him but after the third date, she compares this guy to the previous guy. She realize how much she misses the previous guy and starts to think about the sex. So eventually she makes the first move and invite the new guy over or it could be in a car and they have sex. She thinks having sex will replace the thoughts about the previous guy but all this this do is make her miss her ex even more and more. After having sex, this new guy opens up to her and tells her he wants to be with her. She just smiles and listen but deep down she is not really feeling it because the previous guy got her mind poisoned. Eventually out of no where the previous guy hits her up, she plays hard to get but eventually she ends up cheating on the good guy to have sex with the previous guy and the sex is the bomb. I miss you sex is the best and she realized she need to be with him. So end things with the guy to be with the previous guy. But things don’t get better they get worst. Either he gives her an STD or get her pregnant.  You guys get the point, do you see how the Devil work?

  • Read this scripture

    I consider that what we suffer at this present time cannot be compared at all with glory that is going to be revealed to us– Romans 8:18

    I’m not the holiest person, I don’t go to church, I don’t pray everyday like I should, but I always believe God has a plan for everybody and God has helped me through hard times. Sometimes I do feel like people(myself included) use God because we usually pray when we are in life or death situation or will give God a weak thank you when we achieve something big. I do lust, I did fornicate, I did lie, I did steal(nothing serious), I am lazy but one thing is I am never arrogant and I am 95 percent willing to help people, I don’t get jealous and so don’t brag about my accomplishments and I pray to God in secret. So I thank God for my strengths and help me with my weakness. Nobody is perfect.

    Also for those of you reading this, you don’t need to comment I just ask just to read this slowly that’s all, no comment needed.  I will upload my second half of the story of how I got my heartbroken. Click hear to read the first half I Will Never Forget My 25th Birthday (Part 1)
    No need to comment on this blog but you can comment on this question I am going to ask next

    What’s a favorite blog of yours do you want me to read so I can check it out right now so I can read it?
    Again no need comment on your opinion on my my blog but send me a link of a blog you want me to read in the comment section

I Just Have To Ask Why

I didn’t plan on blogging right now, but look at this blog as bonus blog. From time to to I may just surprise you with a bonus blog.

I want my blog to be like a video game and just picture as the secret level or cheat code.
A bonus blog is just extra content and mini blog for you to look at while I work on my primary original blogs. I Just may upload bonus blog from time to time 

1. When you just started talking to a girl you just met,  why lie and say you not talking to other girls if you really are?
2. If you cheating on your girl on a regular basis then why get mad as soon as she is having lunch with a male co-worker?
3. Most women do want men to lead and take charge but why do you talk to your woman as if she is a child and you trying to be too dominant?
4. Why do you lie by any means neccessary to get pussy?
5. If you love having sex with different women, why cheat instead why not remain single?
6. Now I can’t lie because I kind see where men are coming from on this, but if you want a threesome then why not just try to get a threesome while you single instead of asking your girlfriend/wife for one?
7. If you a one minute man, why do you want a threesome?
8. Why you say “These hoes ain’t loyal” or “can’t trust these hoes” if you having sex with hoes unprotected knowing that they had sex with other guys?
9. Why have sex unprotected and get a girl pregnant if you have no chance on taking care of your kids?
10. Why do you expect your wife/girlfriend to give you head all the time?(head is good but most girl don’t want to do it all the time)

For the women

1. Every time when a rich or famous man cheat, why is the reason because “niggas ain’t shit”
2. If your looking for a relationship, why would you have sex with a guy you barely know that didn’t claim you yet?
3. Why do you say you want a big dick if you know you can’t handle it?
4. Now I can understand if this was all this time but why do you get mad if your boyfriend/husband falls fast sleep right after the 1st round of sex?
5 Why do you  want to try handcuffs and a  blindfold during sex? (I think this is crazy)
6. I have seen this on Facebook and twitter, now I don’t judge but if you don’t have a car, don’t have a decent job, still living at home, why do you think your ready for a baby?
7.Why do you try to trap a man into becoming a father just to get childsupport , don’t you think it’s better to be married to a man you love 1st so your child can have both parents in his life?
8.Now when giving head, why do you get mad when a man errupts in your mouth when you know sometimes when a man climax he usually have no control or the will power to control it?
9.When you having sex unprotected, why get mad when he doesn’t pull out but yet you refuse to take plan b or any type of contra- eptive  method?
10. If your man cheated,  why take him back? and why get mad or fight the girl your man cheated with if you don’t know the girl personally?

Solve This Riddle And Fill In The Blanks 

I wanted to do something different with this poem unlike all my others poems.  I don’t know if anybody are into riddles or solving puzzles but for those of you that are into riddles or solving puzzles , if your interested, then see if you can solve my puzzle to complete this poem.

The coke is white like the  snow
I’m a drug addict and my ❤ is cold
Caine had me feeling 1)______________.
It’s an addiction that kept me 2)____________.
until the cops arrested me
without no type of warning
So in the back of the cop car
I became more and more 3)____________.
but could you blame me?
Two hours later in the holding cell
I no longer had a bad attitude.
I became more and more 4)_____________.
when I had to use the bathroom
because of the lack of privacy.
I know the germs on the tier are spreading
because my cellmate keep sneezing.
I told him to stop rubbing his nose
because it will make him more 5)_____________.
I don’t trust nobody around me
and even though I’m  6)______________.
I must stay up all night so nobody
will shank me or rape me.
The lights are now out and I can barely see.
 I use a lighter to get more light so
I can see my reflection in the mirror.
 Under the jurisdiction of the 7)_________(department of corrections) ,
I am now a prisoner

I want you to fill in the blanks and complete the poem and you have 3 days to complete this poem with the answers for each of the seven blanks. For the following that complete this poem with the correct answers, I will personally write a post in poetry format congratulating  and complimenting you.

Leave a comment with the answers and my next post I will post up the answers to this poem and give a shoutout to whoever was able to fill in the blanks with the correct words to complete the poem.

Hint: The first line of this poem is a double entendre. If you don’t understand the first line then you can not complete the poem. If you are lost or confuse then leave a comment and I’ll try my best to guide you.

What Makes A Woman A Slut?

Please read before you criticize this blog and assume I am judging women.

This was a topic t I was a little hesitant to post up. But I decided to go with my instincts and post this blog up anyway. I feel like some people can relate to this blog. Now I am not slut shaming any woman at all so if anybody get offended by reading this blog, just comment below and I will  apologize  and I will try my best to explain the meaning of  this blog. In this blog, I will talk about promiscuous women and why women become promiscuous. This is just another topic like any the other topic. Some people will agree with me, some people won’t. I have question (this has nothing to do with blog I am going to talk about)  I am curious, have you ever had somebody commented on your blog that criticized your opinion? Isn’t it annoying when people criticize your opinion or beliefs? It’s okay to disagree with people but at least listen and respect their opinion. If somebody’s blog is offensive to you, then just stop reading it and move on to the next blog.



What makes a girl a slut?


A long time ago, my friend and I had a discussion about promiscuous women and why they act the way do and what makes a woman promiscuous. Many believe a high body count makes a girl promiscuous and  I agree to an extent. But I started thinking and I came to realize that there are other factors that come into play when determining what makes a girl promiscuous.  The definition of a slut is a girl who has many casual sexual partners. If I ever become a father in the future, I would raise my daughter and brimg her up with good morals becuase I wouldn’t want my daughter to be labeled as a slut. I believe women should be selective in who they are having sex with. I was thinking, if a woman doesn’t want to be in a relationship but still wants to have causal sex with other men, then I don’t see the problem with that as long as she is using protection. I believe you do not have to be in relationship if you want to have sex because there is a difference between catching feelings for someone and having sex with someone. I believe you don’t need to have feelings for somebody to have sex. So my point , is a high body count enough to determine if a woman is a slut?  Everybody have their opinion regarding that question, but to me I don’t have a straight forward answer to that question so I am going to break my answer down.

As I said in the previous paragraph there are other factors that come into play when I determine what makes a girl a slut.

  1. If she has been pregnant before
  2. If she has caught an STD before
  3. If she slept with somebody that’s more than twice her age
  4. If she had more than 2 one night stands
  5. If she has a habit of sleeping with married men or men committed in a relationship(knowing they are married ahead of time)
  6. Of course obvious, if her body count is more than half her age
  7. Out of her body count, more than half of those men were men she wasn’t in a relationship with(This one is 50/50 because this one is not necessarily mean nothing)


Out of the seven that I mentioned above, if a woman can say yes to at least four of these things then that will determine the type of girl that she is. A pregnancy does not automatically  assume that a girl is a slut because unplanned pregnancies happen in marriages all the time. So I don’t want anybody to think that I am judging. A married woman can catch an STD.  An STD does not automatically assume that a woman is slut.  I believe that everybody is entitled to at least two one night stands, now if you have more than two, then I believe  that you make reckless decisions when it comes to sex, but  reckless decisions doesn’t automically define a woman as a slut. If a woman has a habit of sleeping with married men or men that are in a committed relationship, then I believe  this  is slutty behavior which demonstrates that she probably  lacks morals. No woman or man should not sleep with someone’s else spouse. Now if you only had sex with a married man and you knew ahead of time that he was married, then I believe you need to reevaluate your morals and standards. If you  slept with more than one  married man or a man in relationship more than once(key statement “more than once”) then you just don’t care and you are living reckless.  Number 6 and 7 are the ones I am going to go into full detail.


As I stated earlier many people believe that a high body count is what makes a woman a slut and to an extent I do agree. But I also stated I do believe a woman don’t need to be in a relationship to have sex with men.

Picture this scenario and tell me what’s more disgusting. You have 2 women,  Vanessa and  Joyce.

Vanessa is 27 and never been in a relationship. She been on a few dates occasionally , but she likes having sex because she has a high sex drive. Her body count is 24 and out of the 24, 23 of those men used protection. Only one  guy she had raw sex with but the one guy she had raw sex with, gave her an STD. She got checked out got rid of the STD and now she makes sure she uses protection with every guy she has sex with in the future. 

Joyce is 30 years old and she is currently single. She has been in four relationships. In every relationship she is known to have pregnancies scares, one of her ex  boyfriends gave her an STD, but  her body count is only 8 men. She been in four relationships so that’s four bodies, the other four  bodies are men she had casual sex with. Out of the four men she had causal  sex with, one is married with 3 kids, the other is engaged ,and she is currently having sex with both of them. Once in a while(not often) they don’t use protection. Not only that, once a month she still have with sex with her ex  from the past that gave her an STD   and he never uses protection at all and on top of that he has a girlfriend. Joyce only has eight bodies. Joyce body count is a lot lower than Vanessa but Joyce is more reckless because of the amount of unprotected sex she had. Vanessa body count is much higher, but 98% of the time she is careful with who she sleeps with and she only have sex with single men. If she did have sex with a married man, then she didn’t know the man she was having sex with was married. Now my question is, between Joyce and Vanessa who do  you think lacks more morals and who is more promiscuous?


This blog I admit is very unfair, but so is racism and politics. Life in general is unfair. A lot people will get offended but before you assume I am judging really read this blog and think about it because this is our reality. People only want to hear the truth when its positive or it’s something in their favor. I wrote this blog to really show people that it’s more than just a high body count to judge a woman. A low body count does not mean a woman is classy.  I also believe that a woman with a high body count can have the potential to be a good mother and a good faithful wife/girlfriend.  By the way I know the majority of my followers are women so just to let you know, it’s no double standard because men too lack morals as well and I will write a blog about that in the future as well. If you want to comment on this go right ahead, but the comments are optional. If you don’t feel comfortable expressing your opinion then you can keep your comment to yourself.  But please read and understand before you assume I am judging or slut shaming.