Questions About The Bible

  1. If Adam and Eve were the first two humans on earth, why is there five categorizes of races such as American Indian, Asian, Black or African American, Native Hawaiian and white?
  2.  As far fornication, in the bible days I understand why sex before marriage is a sin. In those days, condoms nor birth control existed. Now in this present day, since sex before marriage is a sin and God’s purpose is for us to be fruitful and multiply, is condoms and birth control a sin?
  3. It says in the bible that wives must submit to their husbands authority. I have a hard time understanding this, so what’s an example of a wife submitting to her husband and what if the husband dies, will the wife be head of the household? Also why can’t the husband and wife lead the household together?
  4. Since in the bible, it’s stated that men are the leaders, how do you feel about having a female president?
  5. From I was told, I was told when man marry a woman his wife comes first, does this mean that man is suppose to love his wife more than his mother?
  6.  Not sure if this is in the bible or not but I was told that your spouse comes before your children. Now why does your spouse comes first? Don’t your kids need your attention more than your spouse does?
  7. If the bible didn’t exist, do you think the divorce rate  today would be much lower?
  8. Does the bible condemn slavery? “Slaves, obey your earthly masters with deep respect and fear. Serve them sincerely as you would serve Christ”  and also “Masters, treat your slaves justly and fairly, knowing that you also have a Master in heaven” now I think most would agree that slavery is wrong. So in these two scriptures was slavery legal? How can you treat a slave fairly when a slave is forced to do work for a higher authority? Does these two scriptures contradict itself?
  9.  In church, you hear members say that the devil is a liar. Now if you read genesis it says “You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman. “For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it. Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked;now if you carefully read this verse, after Adam and Eve ate the apple, they knew they were naked. The serpent told Eve that her eyes would be open and she would know good and evil. Now in this present day we know the difference good and evil and we know what it means to be naked, so technically in this verse, did the devil really lie to Eve? He did lie to Eve telling her that he won’t die, but did lie to Eve when he said to Eve that she would know the difference between good and evil?
  10. Now lust is a sin but it is encouraged in the bible to lust after your wife. So before you are married, you can’t lust after your girlfriend. If lust is a sin before marriage, how will you automatically be able to lust after your wife if you trained your mind to not lust. Your mind is set on something, its hard to change your mind, sometimes it’s impossible to change when you are use to do something for so long?


Overall I do believe there is a God, but I believe the bible is not perfect. I also believe the new testament oppresses women. The bible is man made and man the bible is written a variety of men.  Also the bible is told in a man’s point of view, why couldn’t the women at the time write any verses of the bible. Are men and women created equal?

Will You Pray Or Make Excuses?

Time runs

He levitates towards the sky.

Some say he shy,

but yet arms are wide

ready to make a scarfice.

Legs stretched out far apart

He is spry

Does he do gymnastics

to keep his body active?

Do you wonder how he keeps his mind active?

Does he read the bible?

Or does he make excuses?

What do you think his excuse is?

Do you want a hint?

Well here it is.

You see the clock?

The clock stopped

but time never stops as

long as we live


as long as we live.

But nothing last forever so time won’t tick any longer.

So souls leave human bodies

since souls remain forever

while bodies get buried.

Every human is different but after life,

we receive judgment.

The sky opens up for worthy souls

to enter the kingdom of heaven

but only a few will seek it.

Lord accepts a few souls

then close the gates

on the large crowd of souls

surrounding the gates.

Souls banging on the gates saying

“Let me in” Lord says

“I don’t have time to let anybody else in”

This boy in the pic

is one of the ones that didn’t make it.

While living his soul needed saving

Parents beg him to go to church

but his parents, he kept ignoring.

When stressed out, instead of praying he kept smoking.

When he got his girlfriend pregnant,

instead of telling his parents

he forced his girlfriend to get an abortion.

Whenever he sinned, never asked for forgiveness.

So everytime

when his parents asked him

if he thanked the Lord this morning

for winning

the gold trophy in gymnastics, he said

” I forgot”

When his parents asked him

“when do you plan on going back to church?”

He said

” I don’t know, I’m grown, I don’t have time, I got school and gymnastics”


The Lesson In This Poem

Life is temporary

so be careful how you live it.

Time is constant like a heartbeat

but they both will stop eventually.

Prayer takes a little more than second.

Lord never asks for perfection

but he wants us to seek forgiveness

for sinning.

So remember everyday you don’t pray

and make excuses

lord is always watching.

One day closer

until your heart

will stop beating

and eventually time will stop ticking.

We have many paths to take

when we live each day

but the many paths

will lead to only two final destinations.

So will find time to pray

or will you make excuses?


Another Great Story to read is Don’t Worry; The Person Next To You Is Flawed Too

We Need Sin To Exist

From ancient times to modern times,
life been filled with violence  and crime.
Answers through prayer we hope to find
but sometimes we don’t understand why.
We accept Lord is almighty and divine.
The creator of all things God exist and we choose to  believe.
We believe what the naked eye can’t see.
The power to giveth and taketh away
balances the families of mines, yours, and others around the way.
The war between Good vs Evil.
God vs  The Devil
Demons vs the angels
Lucifer was once an archangel,
and he was cast out of heaven for trying to take over God’s throne.
Lake of fire was created  and that’s  where he belongs.
Misery loves company so he’ll bring some souls along.
Earth was covered with darkness and formless until light was created.
But the essential  creation was on the day of the 6th.
Man and woman was created in God’s image
and they both were naked.
They were meant to enjoy life in the Garden of Eden.
Everything upon this time was all part of God’s creation including the serpent.
Serpent lead the woman to temptation to eat from the tree of knowledge that was forbidden.
Woman choose to listen to the Serpent and eat the apple and gave to the Man and he ate it.
Sooner or later God saw the Man and Woman and they were no longer naked.
The Man and Woman would of never knew they were naked if they were obedient.
For being disobedient ,the Man,Woman,  and  the serpent were punished.
So ever since then sin and evil became existent and we die because of it.
Do you ever imagine what would it be like if sin never existed?
Life would be completely different.
We were made to be fruitful and multiply.
Everyday somebody is born, everyday somebody dies.
This is a cycle to balance human population worldwide.
Without sin, the world is not balanced.
Earth would of been overpopulated.
God knew this and that’s  why God is perfect.
God makes no mistake he had a reason for why the tree of knowledge  was created.
He wanted humans have to right to free will which is a choice between obedience  and disobedience