How To Save Your Marriage(Part 8)

If you think your marriage is unsolvable, think again.

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Before reading this, please read How To Save Your Marriage (Part 7) and How To Have A Good Sex Life In Your Marriage first.

10 Ways To Save Your Marriage

1) Dates Not required. As a man, once you marry your wife, tell her that dates are not necessary. Dates cost too much money, dates can cause asthma attacks, and can cause weight gain.

2) Being Affectionate is not required. Being affectionate can increase the chances of neglecting your children, increases the chance of being hurt emotionally, and you will imagined as a weak person.

3) Have limits on sexual intercourse. Sex on a regularly basis is impossible. If your spouse want to have sex on a regular basis, politely ask for a divorce. Sex will increase the chances of catching a stroke. Sex is like a roller coaster, you enjoy it more when you are a teenager. If you are over 25, and you want sex on a regular basis, then you may to seek help immediately because your energy is abnormal.

4) Parents should be involved more. As a woman, once you marry your husband, either allow your mother or your husbands mother to live with you for five years so you can be taught on how to be a good wife. As a man, for the first five years of marriage, you and your wife must sleep in separate beds because separation will destroy the lust in your bodies. The hunger for lust leads to trap with serpents.

5). The wife should never cook. As a man, never allow your wife to cook. As a man, we need to appreciate and respect women more. We need more women leaders and more women presidents. Women cooking is so traditional. Women should come home to a home cooked and allow the man to make all the meals and do the laundry.

6) The wife should pay 95% of the bills. Women are now more independent compared to women 50 years ago. As men, we need to learn from our women. So as men, lets all stick together and push for more stronger independent women by encouraging them to find careers with 6 figure salaries so they can pay all the bills.

7) Allow Freedom. Your spouse does not need to know your work schedule. It is not necessary for your spouse to know what time you will be coming home every night. When you tell your spouse everything, the marriage becomes predictable in which makes the marriage boring.

8). Your children comes first always. This is a big one because some people believe that their spouse comes first. Real shit, if you believe this

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9) Don’t be afraid to try an open marriage. Make sure to talk about protection, remain flexible, and don’t treat your secondary partner like a second class partner. Sex with the same person get boring

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Most people don’t want to admit it because they are judgmental, refuse to accept the truth, and allow what others think about them affect them in a bad way. Be honest with yourself, you know traditional sex is tedious. Porn is a very helpful factor for marriages. Now I get it, porn is not something that most be should be proud of, I get that, but here me out. The divorce rate in this generation is over 50%. People now are more liberal compare to the people 50 years. Liberals get bored a lot faster than a conservative. A secondary sex partner is better because you don’t have to worry about lying and being sneaky to your partner and your secondary partner will make you appreciate your spouse 10 times more. How many celebrities you know that cheated on their spouse, got caught, but still worked out their problems. If Hillary Clinton still stayed with her husband, then you can too.

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10) Eating requirements. Once dinner is made, you and your spouse should eat at separate times. The wife should eat first, wash her plate in the sink, than the husband eats and wash his plate in the sink. Also make sure that in the summer time you have a powerful AC in the house because both the husband and wife should be clothed as much as possible. Shorts should not be allowed in the house because the more skin that’s visible, the easier it is for the demon of lust will enter your household and destroy your marriage.

Comment below and tell me what it is that your spouse is doing that is putting your marriage at jeopardy so I can provide you with the best solution to avoid a divorce.

Poetry Battle Part 3

This is a poetry battle and comment below who you think won the battle. 2 rounds of poetic lines in a seductive, romance, and erotic way.

Round 1:                                                                                  Asia’s verse                                                                            

Just letting you know I was thinking about you today. 
Thought to myself, I can’t wait til he says “hey”. 
Is it crazy that I still feel butterflies inside? Is it also crazy that I want to constantly ” feel” you inside? 
David how do you do it, I gotta get to the bottom of this 😏. The way you make me feel, I just want to experience your kiss. 
Not only the lust but, it’s the responsibility towards me you show. That I observe and appreciate multiple times in a row.
I accept the challenge you present to me, I see it no other way according to my dreams.
It’s you I desire, to be with you I aspire. 
So in case you wanted to know how I really feel, that’s just the tip of the iceberg babe for real 😉.

Andrae’s Verse 

Glad you was thinking about me and I was thinking about you too.

You definitly turn me on and that’s the truth.

I can show you my hard dick right now if you need proof.

I give you butterflies and you want to know how I do it. 

Well I first kiss your lips and have you feel the magic.

Then explore your breast with my tounge and they’re massive.

After a while I get aggressive and start kissing your neck 
to make you wet
So I can prepare you for the best sex.

Taking care of you is my responsibility 
and you are my number 1 priority.

I want to get you in my bed to make you dizzy.

Serve you with acholic drink 
to make you a little tipsy.

When the Ciroc settles in, could you do a dance for me?

Because I think your so seductive
and I am addictive.

You have me attach to you like a magnet 

So you tell me, how did you do it?
What is you special sercet?

Round 2:                                                                                   Asia’s Verse:

I know it’s been a while, I’ve been taking a hiatus,
But only because I wanted to choose my words wisely to tell you this. 
Here’s a quick story about a guy I know, 
No he’s not make believe, you won’t find him on any tv show. 
He’s smooth as silk and as real as gold,
Has the most gentle hands that I always love to hold.
He’s the first person I hear from when I wake up and the last person I give a goodnight kiss before I sleep. 
I get excited when he’s the same person just as real life when he appears in my dreams. 
He’s my favorite man you see besides my dad of course, but, knowing my dad he’d be happy about that as long as we stay on course. 
He has a smile like I’ve never seen and a laugh that could not be replicated. I love how when we’re together things are never complicated. 
Because of this, I grow happy inside. You caught me, yeah, I rather not lie. 
The deeper I go with him, the sweeter it gets. Spoiled, I want what I want.  Sometimes it’s hard to stop, reminding me of my childhood days when I used to eat push pops. 
He’s my favorite man you see, I tried to explain. Now hoping you accept my compliments in this, let’s celebrate with champagne.

Andrae’s Verse:

God damn
I can’t pretend
Definitely wanna be more than your friend
Can’t believe you send this to me.
who ever this guy is, 
he reminds me of me.
I do appear in women’s dream.
I’m sweeter than ice tea.
You’ll shall see.
But I keep reappearing in this woman’s dream.
I am like  her guardian angel with wings.
Middle name is Michael so I think the man you talking about is me.
I plan for us to be together forever 
You can be my Cinderella 
and life evil like the step sisters.
I will rescue you and we can live happily ever after.
Let’s move to an area with nice weather 
all year around without 
no natural disaster.
I feel like I’m in space like an astronaut and we can play together 
in space like math blaster. 
It’s about smiles and laughter.
I’m forever clever and I can set the mood whenever.
I dress more smooth then Steve Harvey.
I’m not  two faced like Harvey.
What you see is what you get.
When things get broken, just step over the dent.
So I’m here to help you to forget about the dent in your broken heart.
Will you be with me until beats in the middle of my chest stops?

This verse below is not part of the battle this is just an extra 

When I’m up 2 something my mind is clear like a glass of water
and smooth like hair moisture.
But I’m confused acting like there’s nothing do when I have studying to do.
But right now I rather have food
But I rather be alone because I dislike groups 
but I love to recite words in groups 
When I recite a poem, I wonder which one I should choose.
The time is way passed due.
You wanna know how I’m confused,
I’m outta of this world so that’s the clue 
and my brain is weak like paper on paper attached with the stick glue.
Want my brain to be strong like paper on paper attached from a stapler.
I want to be more popular then Kobe Bryant at the staple center.
I’m a dominant center like Shaquile oneal
and I have better observation skills then April Oneal.
But I love slow like a turtle 
and have a temper like Raphael.
I should lead like Leonardo or Captin America
and become your avenger

1) Who won round 1, Asia or Andrae?

2) Who won round 2, Asia or Andrae?

3) Cam you tell me which line out of all the poems has a double entendre?