The season between summer and winter,
That lasts from  middle September to middle of December.
The weather becomes cooler,
Days gradually become shorter,
And leaves changes to a different color
Like yellow, orange , or brown
The Autumn leaves are falling down,
And left in a big pile on your ground.
In the middle of Autumn rewind the clocks back an hour,
During the first week of November.
Wind during this season, brings a cool breeze
Upon your face and upon the trees.
Trees gradually become weak.
Autumn is the twin sister of spring.
Not too hot, not too cold.
Wind is calm and collected as it blows.
Summer is slowly forgotten,
And awesome to see the leaves set free during autumn.

Winter to Spring, to Summer, to Autumn

Why Is Spring The Best Season?

Another old poem I wrote back in 2014

I look up at the sky,
Realizing it’s no longer winter time.

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The groundhog been saw its shadow 6 weeks ago.
Now time time for the leaves and flowers to grow.

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Most constant weather this time is rain showers
To water the trees and flowers.

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Its the trees and flowers happy hour
From middle to March until Middle of June
Now visible all the squirrels and raccoons.

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Seeing the bunny rabbits humping,
Seeing the birds healthy and flying
Mother nature is in full effect.

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Sunlight hit the plants straight forward and direct,
like a one way block.

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Daylight saving move forward, set the alarm clock.
Nature look so healthy and fine
Spring is the best season of all time

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Comment below if you agree that Spring is the best season of all time!


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