The Best Advice To Love Your Lady

A conversation is the foundation

of seeking a woman’s attention.

Articulating sweet words

while she is listening.

Fresh scent of cologne

puts her in another zone.

Using your God given talent

to perform

a written poem or love song

about her physical shape and form,

plus promising you’ll never do her wrong.

The sound of the deep voice

is why she love to talk to you

on the phone.

Slow dance with her with the lights dim

while she rest her head on your chest and listen.

Listen to the heartbeat in between and she begins to fall in love

and feel grateful that your are living.

Giving her romance at random moments and she will love this.

She don’t want to be your best kept secret,

she want to be known she is with you in public,

so never be afraid to hold her hand in public

and always tell her that you love her in both

public and private

but she would rather perfer that you keep the relationship private

from social media since she perfer to not let social media control the commuincation exchanges.

Social media is a form of corruption if used for the wrong reason

so the best advice I can give is to pray to Jesus

for the communication to have strength like a gorilla.

Be unpredictable to catch her of guard to make the relationship exciting like a thriller.

This also works while you make love to her.

Take your time to hug her, kiss her, slightly caress her, perform oral sex on her, then finally make love to her.

Be dominant, but yet being gentle with her is the true definition of being a gentleman.

Don’t worry about making mistakes, no such thing as perfection.

So when disagreements happen, don’t solve it with you erection.

Let that be the bonus, because the solution is communication.

How To Have A Successful First Date?(My method will guarantee a way to avoid a situationship.)

I want to thank all of you for supporting my post “,How To Save Your Marriage?“. I am writing a book and I would encourage you all to buy a copy of my book. Please click on the link to get a preview of the tips I provided about saving marriages.

In this post, I will be providing some of the best first date tips for men. I decided to write this because first dates are very nerve wrecking(especially for a guy that lacks confidence).

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First Date Tips For Men:

  1. Lateness

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Make sure you show up late on the first date. Lateness is the number one way that will guarantee you a second date. Make sure you are at least 30 minutes late. Being on time makes you look like a square and showing up more than 2 minutes early is completely disrespectful.

2. Compliments

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Now you see this meme? This meme is on point. Do not compliment your date whatsoever. You date has received millions of compliments over the years. If you want to stand out and get that second date, the conversation must be serious at all times to let her know you are about business and do not flirt with her whatsoever.

3. Relationships

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At the first date tell your date that you don’t believe in relationships and that this country lives off the principle of freedom of privacy . This means that staying single until you die is the way of life like the circle of life in Lion King. Explain to your date that friendship last longer than relationships. Relationships are complicated and Marriage is suicide. Date for friendship and keep it at that so that way you can see other people and not have to worry about being tied down to one person.

4. Sex

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Now this is for those of you that will not listen to number 3 and will decide to pursue a commitment anyway. For those of you that will listen and apply number 3 to your dating experience, skip to number 5. This don’t apply to you. Now for the rest of you that are hardheaded, this is your backup plan so don’t fuck this up. Lie to your new girlfriend and let her know that you are virgin. Tell her that you plan to wait until marriage. Tell her that no tongue kissing, caressing and holding hands will be allowed until marriage. Women prefer to wait until marriage to have sex and this will let your girlfriend know that you will respect her privacy. Remember that a good relationship is based on lies. When you tell the truth, the relationship will slowly get destroyed like a women’s vagina from having sex with a man with a lot of stamina.

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Valentine’s Day Poem

Watch this video first before reading the rest of this post! This is a good video to watch on Valentine’s Day!

This one is for all the bloggers on wordpress. I dedicate this poem to every blogger because it takes hardwork ,dedication, passion to blog. Blogging by any means is not easy. Staying up late night, thinking of ways to improve your blog, figuring out how to relate to bloggers, trying to be creative. Some of you may relate, but blogging can be an addiction when trying so hard relating to others. Comparing to other blogs and feeling like your blog isn’t good enough. Sometimes you want to give up blogging. Or you could be in the position where blogging is the only time you feel at peace because you are depressed in life. I read a lot of depressing, heartbroken blogs. To those of you that are miserable in life but still continue to blog, keep writing because I am here to support and provide feedback and I love your work. Never be afraid to express yourself because I always love to hear what’s in a person mind and heart. For those of you that know me, Ya know I don’t give a fuck, I wrote some of the darkest shit such as rape, murder, suicide, heartbreaks, perverted shit, sex poems, poverty, rage, and hate. I won’t lie to you, my dark poems is reality. This is the stuff that goes on in my head but you know what though, I’m not afraid to talk about it because no matter how hard my life gets, I love God and when I think of Valentine’s Day, I think of God. God is more powerful than anything.

The lord is love

Power from above

Is enough

And more powerful

than 1000 hugs.

I almost shed tears

When seeking 2 love birds


On my WordPress

Madly in love.

Marriage and relationships

Is always tough.

Times get rough.

Arguments are always guaranteed.

Sometimes we don’t always think

Before we speak.

We hurt feelings

We cause problems

But only a few create solutions

Solutions rise above

And problems fall at the bottom.

Prior to 2018,

I never gave a fuck about Valentine’s Day

But I am more mature today.

Valentine’s Day is not about money and materialistic things.

It’s about celebrating friends and family.

I am not affectionate

but I have a girlfriend and I love her dearly.

After viewing some of the lovely Valentine’s day posts

About spouses and significant others

I just want to tell Tiffanee

That I love her dearly.

I will do whatever I got to do

To protect her from everything.

I know that sounds impossible

I will damn sure make the impossible, possible.

I love you and I always will.

For my long term bloggers that been following me

Since day 1,

You know that I write some very dark shit.
I admit my mind can travel in dark places

And I can get very personal

But I have a big heart

And I love each and every one of you

For supporting me.

Ya give me the strength to write.

Ya give me the strength to fight.

Ya give me the strength to be a better poet.

Ya give me the strength to expose dark places.

In my mind.

I’m one of a kind

And one day when I shine

I will never forget my followers.

Each and every one of you deserves flowers.

For my male followers that have wives/girlfriends,

Treat your lady like

The way you want your daughter to be treated.

Protect her and be a leader and provider.

Tell her why you fell in love with her.

Tell her that you will always love her.

For my female followers that have husbands/boyfriends

Treat your man like

How you want your son to be treated.

Support him and appreciate him for being a provider.

Being a man that’s a provider and protector

Is a big responsibility

so be his helper and help him lead.

To all the single people,

Love don’t come from a relationship.

Love is provided to from Jesus

A significant other is not needed

For happiness.

I want single women to love themselves

And impress and spoil themselves.

Stop settling for situationships

From men that use devious tactics

And false disguises

Pretending to have feelings

when in reality treat your vagina

like an inmate that’s state property.

I want single men

To not let women with extreme high standards

Make you feel less like a man.

You are a man

And focus on your plan.

Don’t let pussy be a distraction

And stop letting women trick you into tricking

If you and her are not committed.

Because money attracts

But true love slowly contracts

The love that gives roots towards evil

True love is plentiful.

To everybody reading this

God bless you

And I love you!

My next post will be poem called “My Seductive Next Door Neighbor” and I looking to upload this by Sunday or Monday

The Red Heart

Red heart

drawn with red crayon.

From start to finish

my love for you is way beyond

Everyday is Valentine’s Day

As I demonstrate Romance each day.

I want the key to your heart

and I will protect it

and keep it safe.

With each other

we are in love

A pair like 2 turtle doves

Night Before My Wedding

Confused stuck between both worlds so I  got to get it together.

Jumping the broom I’m not 100 percent sure, I feel like the other one is better .
I have these thoughts as I knock on the door, my emotions become stronger.
Remembering the times we was younger,
when laid eyes on her for the 1st time at 11 and unitl this day I remember her face expression.
On her face I saw the excitement when she looked at me and I  become more anxious
Since then my mixed feelings are at war with each other and mind feels destructive like the battle of Armageddon.
Now here I am in front of her door at a quarter past 11.
I was prepared to make the biggest confession.
I had it down to perfection since earlier I rehearsed the words I was going to say to her.
I knocked 5 times and rang the doorbell before she finally opened the door.
She had a towel wrapped around her body.
Mind started drifting  off thinking about her naked body wet in the hot shower bathroom all steamy.
She said” What you doing here? You should be at your bachelor’s party”
“Snap out of it”I said to myself.
Although my future wife to be had all the wealth, there was something in my heart that I felt around my home girl and no one else.
Around this girl, I felt like I was under a spell.
My future wife to be is just something to brag about  on a school day like   show n tell.
This girl I do whatever it takes to see her face,
So right now it really hurts like hell.
Hurts the fact the  that I am getting married.
I tell her” I’m  not sure if I’m ready it just don’t feel right”
She says”Why?”
Moving closer to her I said” Well all my life waking up every morning has been a fight. We as humans spent our lives looking for our type. Searching for right girl,searching for the right guy. But then I realize the grass  is not always greener on the other side. We pray for a miracle then we receive that  miracle like being  rescued from a superhero. Then when its too late you realize the miracle you once prayed for is not what you need though. A person’s love life is a riddle, though it seems complex the answer is right in front of you. But some of us are scared to face the truth. It’s a gamble sometimes you gain, sometimes you lose. But my father said it’s better to love and lost then to not love at all.”
Next by the hips I grabbed her.
Sounding nervously she said” What are you talking about?”
I said ” It’s time for the truth to come out”
I kissed her on the cheek and I said”  you know I love you like a sister and you love me like a brother but  since 11 I fell in love with you and there’s no other.  I know you are in love with me so  let’s not play games with each other. any longer.”
She says” I don’t no what to say, how do you say some shit like this the day before your ______________”
Before she could even say the word”wedding”, I grabbed her face move in closer and we started kissing.
Suddenly I  wake up and realize this  was all dream.
I look at my iPhone  and it’s 5 AM in the morning.
In 12 hours I’m actually  get married but wishing the dream I  just had was my reality.
It’s like God was showing me something.
Did I  just witness a prophecy?
Do I  have the courage to follow my drems.
Then suddenly my home girl text me ” Follow where your heart takes you and you will forever be happy 😚”
Should I follow where my heart takes me?