Another Friday Question

As a woman, would you ever date a younger man?

As a man, would you date a older woman?

They say a man reach his sexual peak around 18 and woman reach her sexual peak in her thirties, do you think this is true or do you think this is a myth?

Out of all the lessons learned in life, what was the most important lesson you ever learned?

For those of you that are married or been with the same person for many years, do you think sex is the same person becomes tedious overtime?

Bad Sex Is Not A Good Reason To Cheat

I always constantly hear stories of how people cheat on their partner because their partner isn’t satisfying them in the sex department.

When it comes to sex, you are suppose to communicate what you like and what you don’t like. Commuincation is the key to a healthy relationship. If the sex is bad in your relationship, tell your partner that your unsastifed and that it’s very important for the two of you will try and make the sex life better. Commuincation is key to overcoming sexual incompatibility. Have realistic expectations and be open to try new things. To have a good sex life you need commuincation, creativity, and consent. I just learned this recently, but the sexual IQ is low on average because we are taught to not talk about sex.

If the sex is not good with your partner, then why do some people cheat on their partner instead of communicating with their partner to see what can be improved?

Is bad sex a deal breaker in a relationship?

Do you think a person’s sex drive can be changed?

Have You Ever Thought About These Questions?

For the month of June, I will be posting a blog everyday. I plan to post as much as I can uploading my poems.

These first two questions are for parents that have kids in their teens?

1) How would you feel if they had an blog account on WordPress without telling you?

2) How would you feel if your teenage child became pregnant or got a girl pregnant?

3) How important is family to you?

4) As a parent, have you ever embarrassed your children?

5) As a child, have you ever embarrassed your parent?

6) Do you think it’s okay to lie?

7) What benefits does art provide in society?

8) What do you contribute back to society?

9) For parents with adult children, if your child was over 21 and your child quit their job and kept it a secret and didn’t tell you, how will that make you feel?

10) Is it right for parents to keep secrets from their children?

11) What do you think is the biggest waste of human potential?

12) What is something that overwhelms you?

13) Comapred to life 40 years ago, why is it so hard to get married?

14) Is it okay for Christians to date a non- Christian?

15) What physical proof is there that God exist?

16) What is something that everybody looks stupid doing?

17) In one sentence, how would you sum up life?

18) In one sentence, how would you sum up the internet?

19) In one sentence, how would you sum up why the devil is a liar?

20) In one sentence, how would you sum up life in America?

For those that want to answer one of these questions, comment below and ask me a deep, provoking question for me to answer

What Was The Most Important Lesson You Learned From Your Previous Relationship?

This post is not a poem. My next poem posted will be on June 2.

I gained some new followers but if you have time please read

I Will Never Forget My 25th Birthday (Part 1)


I Will Never Forget My 25th Birthday (Part 2) This is a very long blog personal blog

Some of you might have read those blogs but those are blogs about me opening up and expressing my emotions that I felt 3 years ago. One thing that important to me about blogging is for me to learn about other bloggers. I mostly post poetry but today, I will open up a little bit about my personal experience of mine.



Have you ever wonder to yourself

1) I am a good person with a good heart, why don’t people appreciate me?

2) Why do people take advantage of me?

3) Why are people so mean and cold hearted?




For years I have been asking myself these questions.

A few years back, during my first relationship, I broke up with my ex through a text message. I admit, I was a coward and it was a bitch move, but overall I was a good boyfriend and I thought I was looking out for the both of us. I fear that one day she was going to get pregnant since at the time I didn’t know how to use a condom. There were other reasons as well but that was the about 75% of the reason why I broke up with her.

So anyway long story short I tried to get back with her, but she wasn’t sure she was playing games. If you read the links I posted at the top, you get the whole story.

One thing that use to drive my crazy at the time was, my ex never gave me a second chance. She told me a lot about her past and the men she use to date. Based on what she told me, I was the only good boyfriend she ever had. All her ex’s weren’t great boyfriends but yeah they all had second chances. One in particular had numerous chances but yet I couldn’t get a second chance. You would have to read the two links I posted above to get the full story to understand why I was thinking like this

But regarding relationships, I learned that

  • you can’t compare yourself to significant other ex bf/gf.
  • I also learned that doing nice things for people does not guarantee an opportunity of happiness with that somebody.
  • Everybody failed relationship will prepare you for the next relationship
  • No matter how nice you are, people will always take advantage of you.
  • Doing nice thing for people will not change on how they feel about you


1) I am a good person with a good heart, why don’t people appreciate me?

2) Why do people take advantage of me?

3) Why are people so mean and cold hearted?




Are you struggling to find answers to these questions, comment below and tell how do you feel about these questions!

Also have you ever compared yourself to your significant other’s ex boyfriend/girlfriend, have you ever thought doing nice things for people will get people to like you or change how they feel about you, do you fear falling in love because of the pain from the previous relationship still haunts you?

Comment below your thoughts?

Tomorrow I will be posting a first date scenario similar to this one

What Do You Believe Is The Most Common Mistake Made On The 1st Date?

Deep Life Questions For You To Answer

This post is not a poem. My next poem uploaded will be on June 2.

This post is a post of variety of deep questions I want bloggers to answer in the comment section. Choose one question from this post that you thought was most challenging to answer

1) Would you lie to your best friend if you knew the truth would end the friendship?

2) Of all your blogs you posted on WordPress, which one was your most successful and why do you think it was successful?

3) Would the world be a better place if celebrities didn’t exist and if they were ordinary people?

4) Are some people more special then others or are we all special in our own way?

5) What would the world be like today if social media existed in the 90’s?

6) If you had the power to end racism or poverty, which one would you pick?

7) Is this a man’s world or a woman’s world?

8) What’s the most memorable lesson you learned from your enemy?

9) If you had the option to know the date and circumstance of your death, would you want to know?

10) The last nightmare you had, if that nightmare came true, would that be the worst day of your life?

11) Is it possible being to creative to the point of insanity?

12) Do you need love in order to survive in this world?

13) Is a life that focuses on avoiding pain and seeking out pleasure a good worthwhile life? Why or Why not?

14) What makes you the most angry about yourself?

15) Is there any emotions that you are afraid to show?

16) If karma was coming back to you, will it help or hurt you?

17) Think really hard, what was your first memory?

1)How much control over your life do you have? What makes you say that?

For those of you that don’t know me please read Who Am I. This post introduces me and explains why I started blogging

“How much control over your life do you have? What makes you say that?”

Has anyone ever thought about this question? This question is very interesting to me. I had to really sit back and sit for a minute. I wake every morning, I brush my teeth, take a shower, eat breakfast , and drive to work on my own free will without being forced. But have you ever heard of the phrase “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans!” so I ask myself again, do we really have much control over our lives? These are questions that I thought to myself

“Why do we have laws to follow?”

“Why do we die?”

“Why are babies aborted?”

“Why do we get eaten by most carnivores and omnivores ”?

“Why can’t we choose our parents at birth?”

“Why does racism exist?”

Let break something down!

When your visitor at somebody’s house, how much control do you have in the house your visiting?

Well once you answered that question,answer this one!

Who does the Earth belong to?(another words,is this a man’s world or a woman’s world?)

Now tell me

How much control over your life do you have? What makes you say that?

Please comment below, I look forward to reading your answers

I will post my next blog on May 15

Btw I have some questions for you bloggers to answer because I was bored and I am curious to see your opinions lol

1) For those if you that are currently in a relationship, let’s say your significant other tells you that he/she wants to have sex everyday once ya get married, how would you respond?

2) For the women that have boyfriends, if  your boyfriend told that he believes that women should be head of the house hold, how would you respond?

3) For the men, if your wife told you that she rather you stay home and take care of the house and the kids, another words be a house husband, how would you feel?

4) For the women that are married, if your husband told you that he loves you but his mother comes first, how would you respond?

Imagine If ?(Sex related questions)

1) Imagine if you was in love with your best friend’s wife/husband for years and one day you got into an argument with your own wife/husband and you left the house and went to a local bar. All of a sudden, you saw your best friend’s spouse at the bar and your best friend as well had an argument with his/her spouse. So long story short, you and your best friend’s spouse are conversing and drinking and eventually ya kiss and end up in a hotel room and ya had sex that night and ya spend the night. Next morning, you wake up and you look next to you over at your best friend’s spouse and you realized that your best friend’s spouse had died in their sleep. Now imagine all if this happened right now, what would be your next move?

2) Imagine that you just got married 2 days ago and you are on the honeymoon. You been together with your partner for 5 years. Now your partner wanted to wait until marrige to have sex. So you waited the 5 years. So now you are in the hotel room and you are horny. You make a move on your partner, trying to kiss and caress your partner but you partner goes cold. So you try to be a little more aggressive but your partner stops you and tells you that they want to wait another year before having sex. Now imagine this had happened, what would you do?

3) For the men now imagine if you come from work and you found out that your wife is pregnant and this is the 3rd child. 2 months later ya had a gender reveal party and invited all your family and friends and later that day, you popped a balloon and you now realized you was having a son. This was going to be the first boy since you already have 2 daughters. Now the next day, you come home from work and your wife wants to talk. She tells you to have a seat and she had something important to tell you. She then tells you that, earlier in the day, she got an abortion. Now imagine that you are the husband, how would you respond?

4) For the women now imagine that you been married to your husband for 3 years. Your husband is a gentleman, intelligent, well built, handsome, and most of all, this brother knows how to lay it down in the bedroom. Ya be having that loud nasty sex. He be all up in your walls pounding you to death at least 3 times a week, whispering in your ear talking about how much he loves your pussy. He is a freak and you love every minute of the sex. In fact, it seems like the sex improves every year. But one little minor problem, he wants to film ya having sex but you say no because you don’t feel comfortable. Now let’s say he goes away on a busniess trip and it’s a been a week since you seen him. You start to get horny. So you go on pornhub and watch some amateur porn. But then you notice a video where the scenery of the bedroom looks familiar. You click and zoom in on the video and you see yourself on the bed giving your husband oral pleasure. Now your pissed as shit ready to kill his ass but you just received a text message from your husband and it says “BABY WE ARE RICH. I just made a multi million dollar profit by selling the Hockaday Towing busniess. We are rich honey. I love you so much!” Now how would you respond?

Pick a number a comment below your response. I am eager to read your input. I also challenge you to comment below and give me challenging scenario for me to imagine.

Also just another question to think about and maybe to write a blog about for those of you that are out of topics

1) If you was HIV positive, would you never have sex again or would still have sex but always use protection?
2) You are with your current signficant other and your signficant other is almost perfect. Attractive, goal oriented, makes alot of money, was raised from a good family, but one problem, the sex is awful. Now you compare you current to your ex. Your ex had his/her good days and bad days. Wasn’t a complete asshole but known to argue over stupid shit. Your family didn’t like your ex much, but two things, your ex’s confidence is so appealing that it gives you butterflies and the sex was outstanding. 5 times better then the sex with your current.

In fact, your ex use to give you the best sex ever to the point sometimes you use to think about calling off work just to get some. Now your Ex, hit you up saying ” I miss you, I still have feelings for you and I made some mistakes. I wanted to know if you avavible, is it okay if we can meet up and talk for a little while about some things.” Now how would you respond?

I Am Back 😎😎😎🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🙂😎😎😎😎🙂🙂😎🙂

Also give me a thumbs up if you want me post more blogs like this in the future where I ask questions and you have to think

I Am Thankful 

I have wrote 34 blogs since December 1st and today is my 35th blog for this month. This blog is the last blog of the year and I am thankful for blogging. I am thankful for every one of my followers. I am thankful for all the followers that hit the like buttom my blogs. I’m even more thankful for the followers that are consistent in  leaving me comments on my blogs. It means a lot to me that their are bloggers out there that appreciate my content so I wanna give a special thank you to my consistent followers that are consistent in reading and leaving comments on my blogs.  I won’t mention names but there are about 15 of you that I really appreciate from the bottom of my heart and those 15 followers gave me the motivation to open up and to work hard to upload 35 blogs this month. I am even more thankful that I was nominated for  the Liebster award from five different bloggers. I think this might be my last blog until May. I think I am going to take a break from blogging for a while so I can focus on school. I’ve been working very hard  blogging content and it’s taking time away from school and my other responsibilities. I will be around to give feedback but I will take a break from posting for a while that’s why I uploaded so much content this month to make up for the months of Januray to May 

I give a special thanks to

Mrs.Sharon Afriye


Harotian Essentials



I really appreciate them from the bottom of my heart. I decided I won’t  accept the nomination but I appreciate this award and I will answer the questions that each of these bloggers left on their blogs for the nominees.

Mrs.Sharon Afriye Questions

Have you thought about quitting as a blogger and do something else?

I been blogging for four months and I am enjoying it so far and I haven’t thought about quitting whatsoever but I will be taking a break from blogging from January  – May to focus on school

Have you thought about quitting what you’re currently doing and blogging full time?

It does cross my mind sometimes it does because blogging is something  that I love to do. Studying for school get tedious and looking for a job after you graduate is another pain in the ass to the point you get tired of working hard. Blogging is a lot of work but blogging comes from the heart and I love it. I like school and I want my degree and I want a good career but every once in a while, sometimes I just rather start my own business such as blogging instead of working for a boss. I worked seven jobs and sometimes I get tired of working for a boss. I rather answer to myself but I don’t have these thoughts often, just once in a while.

Do you ever experience writer’s block and how do you deal with it when you do?

Of course I experience writer block. One time, I wrote a poem about having writers block. I use to try and force myself to write poetry but now I just let it come to me. Another words, when a bad situations approaches me, I overthink very hard and when I start overthinking, I write my thoughts down in poetry format. Also I read other poems and watch spoken word on youtube to give me motivation

When you seem to have no time, how do you make the time to keep blogging?

I set a schedule at night before  I go to bed or through out the day when I have nothing to do, I will write a poem and upload it before midnight

Would you ever quit blogging and what would make you quit?

As of now, I have no thoughts to quit blogging as of now. I don’t know how I would feel in the future, but the only way I will quit blogging is if I become a famous poet.


elisgraci questions

  1. Describe yourself in one word.   
  2. If you would be an animal for one day, what would you be? Why?
  3. If it’s the end of the world, what are you going to do on the last day?
  4. You’ll be given a super power, teleport or fly? Which one will you choose? Why?
  5. If you will win 1 million pounds, list 5 things you will do immediately after getting the money.
  6. What song best describes your life?
  7. If there’s one dead person (famous or not) who will be given life again for a day, who would you like it to be? What are you going to tell or ask him/her?
  8. Name one food you will never eat. Will you change your mind and eat it if somebody will give you money in exchange of eating that food?
  9. How would you like your family or friends to remember you?
  10. If you will be given an immortal life, would you accept it or not? Why?

 1. Understanding

2. I would be a hawk because I would want to fly and I would want to be on top of the food chain.

3. I would go back to the hospital where I was born and I would pray all day and give my nephew my poems.

4. I would want to fly so I can be above everybody and see down below. Ever since I was a kid I always though flying was cool

5. I would save my money. I wouldn’t spend a dime. I would still keep working to save more money.

6. Good question I could name a lot. Tsu Surf ft Joe Budden conversations.

7. I would want to see Malcom X alive and I would love to spent the day with him. I would ask him where he got his confidence from, how does he feel about marriage in the bible since the bible states men are the head of the household, is he proud of black people in this generation, whats his favorite movie, and where he buy his suits from

8. I would never eat tuna fish. Only for a million dollars or more I would eat tuna fish

9. I would like my family and friends to remember me as being quiet, understanding, and reliable 

10. As much as I would want to accept immortal life, I couldn’t accept. I was created as a human so I will die as a human. Only after death I would want to be immortal. Besides if someone was willing to offer me immortal life, I would think it’s a trick or a setup.



Harotian Essentials Questions

  1. How did you get into blogging?
  2. Was there anyone close to you that discouraged you from blogging? If so, how did you handle it?
  3. What inspires you to blog?
  4. Where do you see your blog in 5 years?
  5. What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a blogger?
  6. What would you say are your best personality traits?
  7. What are your (5) favorite songs? Why?
  8. If you had one wish to better this better our world, what would it be and why? (Describe in 250 words or less)
  9. What are your favorite (3) quotes that inspires you to get through hard times?
  10. What would you like to accomplish through your blog?



1. It was random. I was looking at this girl’s Instagram and she had link which was a link to her blog. I read her blog and I was very interested and I wanted to learn about other people and give feedback and opinions so I decided to create a blog account on August 19th 2017.

2. No, none of my family members know that I have a blog website and  I plan to keep it that way.

3. I been writing poetry for three years and I gave my poetry to family and close friends to read and they love my poems because they are relatable so relating to others is what inspires me to keep blogging

4. That’s a good question, I think I might be a famous blogger, I think my blogs may be in a magazine but I got a long way and a lot to learn about blogging.

5.  I wrote a post about that Is It All About Likes/Comments When It Comes To Blogging? this post talks about the techniques to use and I provided some important pointers to all bloggers rather new bloggers or experienced bloggers

6. I guess I am understanding, considerate, unpredictable, but sometimes I think this is a disadvantage as well.

7. conversations – tsu ft Joe budden, the ghetto – beanie sigel,  black love – Papoose ft. Nathaniel,  Ride for my n*ggas – Beanie sigel,  Unborn child – tupac

8. A couple of things to better this world. I would find a way to help the ghetto. In fact what I would do is have the ghetto and the rich switch places for a year so the rich can see what it’s like in the ghetto and how hard it is because a lot of rich people(not all) were handed everything and yet look down on the poor.  I would want to show the ghetto that life is unfair and nothing is guaranteed but you can achieve better things in life through hard work and dedication. It won’t be easy but it’s possible and I would want to show to ghetto that the rich is not perfect and they too have hardships as well maybe not financially but they too have hard times.

9. The first two quotes are quotes that I made up, “Jealously is more common than loyalty”, “Never apologize for something that’s not you fault” and this quote  I don’t remember word for word but this is by Tsu Surf ” Disappointments  are guaranteed when you give a fuck”

10. By time time next year, I hope to have 1000 followers.


                      nickosale questions 

1. What ever made you to consider blogging? 

2. What’s your fuel for blogging. 

3. How do you think your blog is helpful to others.

4. How like is the the response from your following and fans?

5. How different do you think is the art of blogging and writing from other creative arts?


1. Was looking at this girl’s Instagram  and I clicked on a link which led to her blogging account. I read some of her blogs and I got addicted and I was curious to learn about other bloggers plus  I had a lot to share

2. My fuel for blogging comes from God, then it comes from other bloggers and my followers. A select few of my followers gives me motivation to continue to blog.

3. I feel like my blog is very releatable because I talk about situations that I have or what others been through and some of my blogs are lessons for people to learn

4. I average about 30 likes and 2 comments on my blogs as a total

5. I feel like with blogging I am in control in which I can voice my opinion and talk about any topic I want to talk about



 notesbomb questions


  • Have you thought about quitting as a blogger and do something else?
  • Have you been faced with a stubborn reader that insists you should delete your blog post because he/she doesn’t think it is appropriate?
  • If you were to choose between blogging and being paid $1m what would be your choice?
  • What is your most liked blog post that your readers loved?
  • What is your greatest challenge as a blogger?



I been only blogging for four months and I love blogging and I have no interest in quitting but I will be taking 4 months off from blogging

I have not been faced with a stubborn reader  that suggested  I should delete my blog post but I have dealt with annoying bloggers and annoying comments

I would rather continue blogging because I blog about my personal thoughts and what’s in my heart and you can’t put a price on my thoughts or what’s inside my heart

My most liked post that readers love was I Love All Women (but this is for the black women) . Only blog with more than 70 likes

My greatest challenge so far was the month of December. I decided that I was going to upload every single day exposing my deepest thoughts. It was hard trying to keep up with a schedule. On my Am I A False Prophet? blog, I told my bloggers all the content I would be uploading on each day of December and most of the blogs I wrote from scratch. I just randomly picked topics I decided to talk about. For the average blogger, that read the top of my “Am I A False Prophet?” it seemed liked I had a plan, but I was just going with the flow.


I have meet all kinds of different bloggers and I wish I could meet some of you person. I never realized how much love I would have for blogging. I wish I didn’t have to take this break but I have alot things to handle in my personal life. I will still be around to from to time but I won’t be as consistent in giving feedback on other’s blogs and I definitely won’t be posting anymore content no time soon. I wish everybody luck and Happy New Years 

Questions to think about

1) Do you believe in New Years Resolutions?  Me personally I don’t, I don’t need to wait until a new year approaches to make goals. New Year Resolutions are overrated

2) For those of you like myself that lives in New York, do you want to stay in New York forever or do you want to move down south? Me personally, I would like to move down south where it’s more quiet. New York is too crowded

3) Was 2017 a good year for you and did you accomplish alot? One accomplishment for me was I did started a blogging and that was huge to me but to be honest, 2017 was a set back. This wasn’t the best year. To tell you the truth, I don’t know if I ever had a good year. I always feel like I can do better but maybe I’m just my worst critic

4) What’s the big lesson that you learned this month?  I learned that if you have kids and a wife/husband, keep them off of social media  and don’t mix family with business because if you have an enemy on social media that knows you and your family, they will use your family against you and say something about your kids. One guy called this other guy’s daughter a ugly bitch. He did that because the other guy was posting text messages and naked pics of his wife and exposing his wife for cheating 

5) Why do you think people kill other people for the smallest, dumbest reasons? Well I think addiction is very powerful an being addicted to anything can corrupt a person’s mind 

6) Have you lied to somebody recently? I lied to somebody yesterday. I was wrong but here’s why I did it. This guy is a nice guy an we did bible study together in school. Now that school is out, he want me to go to his church on Saturday for worship. He texted me on December 23rd which was a Saturday “Okay, see if you can come to a service this Saturday to continue your study and to receive God’s blessing before the new year”  I told him I couldn’t make it but I will try to attend service next Saturday. So he texted me the time of service. On Christmas day, which was a Monday, I texted him “Merry Christmas” and I didn’t get a reponse. He didn’t respond until 3 days later.  I’m not so annoyed that it took him 3 days to respond but it was how he responded. His words were “Hey David, how are you?, I’m looking forward to see you on Saturday. Even though a some snow  maybe scheduled to fall that should not stop you right…lol” that comment got me annoyed because first of all it took you three days to respond to my text and when you did respond, you don’t  apologize for the late reply or even say merry Christmas or ask about how my Christmas was but yet you want to invite me to church with you. Everything is just about business. Where was he for three days when I texted him “Merry Christmas” on the 25th. Now that we getting closer to Saturday, all of a sudden wants to hit me up asking me wondering if I’m still going to church. So I lied and said I had an emergency at home and I can’t make it. The problem that I have with church is alot of members in the church want attention and only concern is increasing the population of the church. That’s fine but you should be a little understanding towards the members of the church. Give people breathing room and allow them to go to church when they are ready. Stop pressuring members to join the choir, to join the usher board, to join the drama club. The church will do everything in their power to be on top of you to make sure that you are going to church but won’t give you a call, won’t say happy birthday, won’t do you any favors. Church members are friendly with you inside the church, but once they leave they building you won’t hear from them unless it’s  something to do with the church.  The church need to stop pressuring people and learn to get to know your members not just on a spiritual level but relate to them and have conversations about them regarding politics, sports, relationships, problems at work.  Not only you pray and give them bible scriptures to read but help them and try to give them advice. Damn I could of made a blog about this lol 

One important thing I learned from blogging is to never apologize for your content. I won’t say any names but on my “I will never forget my 25th birthday post part2” two people told me to never apologize for my content being too long. Your followers are here to read your blog becuase they want too and if they feel like it’s too long, then they can leave. I want to say thank to the two bloggers that told me this on my “I will never forget my 25th birthday part 2” post. In fact I thank all the bloggers that read that post and leave comments. I really really want to thank all the bloggers that read, liked, left a comment on my “Who Am I” post becuase I really shared alot of personal stuff on that blog and the comments really movatived me and gave me the strength to do better, not just in blogging but I’m my life as well. I wasn’t even expecting people to comment on that blog.

Anyway I think I said enough and I will miss uploading blogs for the next 4 months but I will still be here to give feedback and learn from each and every one of you. In a way I will still be present becuase I will still be here to read your blogs and give feedback for the next four months, the only thing is I won’t upload another post until May so I can focus on my personal life. I uploaded 124 blogs since August and I am tired and a little worn out so I meed a break. I tried my hardest to entertain my bloggers. Can’t lie sometimes I wish I can make a career from blogging becuase blogging is where I’m free mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. But I can’t rely on thing to make me happy so that’s why I need this break. But most of all my real happiness comes from learning from you bloggers and reading your content.Hopefully when I come back in May, my writing will develop and my mind will have expanded. I don’t give advice but I will say this to all bloggers, always blog from your heart no matter how dark, corny, sad, annoying your thoughts may be. It’s your blog and your free to talk about what you want and remember nobody will appreciate your content or blog like the way you do except God(unless you don’t believe God). Take care everbody 

                            For the followers that will miss me, I will still be here I just won’t post no content that’s all and this blog was a blog expressing my gratitude.






This Is A Cold World 

This is real
and time kills
The stress is
what I feel.
Living in a nightmare
since birth
I ask myself
“Am I cursed?”
Things just got worst
Overthink shit
becuase life is a bitch.
Walk and walk around
all over town.
Contemplating and imagining
wishing things was different
My mind and personality is insipid.
Failed to take leadership
of my priorities.
Tired of responsibilities
Time to take the easy way out.
I need a cheat code
to defeat the boss of each level.
In the mirror I see devils
whispering in my ear
telling me
“God don’t exist here”
I’m tired of working for
a boss
I want to be my own boss.
I’m lost.
Who am I kidding
I been lost,
mentally and spiritually.
Should I turn to Jack Daniels?
Devour liquor like sharks
devour people.
“All men are created equal”
This is hysterical
becuase the man that wrote this
is on Mount Rushmore.
I will never go to visit Mount Rushmore
becuase I don’t look up to slave owners.
Freedom in America is overated.
It’s hard being a man,
especially a black man,
darkskin or tan
most lack funds
to carry out the plan
to live the American dream.
I blame America
for bombing Nagasaki
and Hiroshima
Later on our sercets
we’re stolen from russia.
One day in the future
there will be another
world war.
More blood and gore
then a mortal combat
Violence and pain
is more common
than peace and happiness.
Slavery existed since ancient days.
From Egyptians
to Babylonians
to Persians
to Greece
to Romans.
Picking cotton in the 1700’s
and 1800’s
Jim crow laws existed
between late 1800’s to mid 1900’s
If you think about it,
humans were easily
living past 100
back in ancient days
Humans were twice
the size back then
compared to the humans
Where did black people come from?
Where did Spanish people come from?
Where did Asains come from?
If Tupac and Biggie Smalls were white
do you think their murders would still be a mystery?
Why do we have black history?
Why can’t white and black combine together
and just be history?
White and black is always a label.
I missed days when I watch Disney movies
and fairytales.
I thought happily ever afters was guaranteed.
That’s all a big dream.
The older generation think we’re lazy
That might be true maybe.
Technology makes life more complex.
Owners of businesses will work you to death.
They don’t give a fuck about you
or your kids.
They still expect you to come to work
while your sick.
In high school, kids and even teachers
prejudging you every minute
Now days beef gets personal becuase niggas will bring your kids into it.
This what happens when you mix family
and busniess.
Kids robbing and killing their parents over Jordans.
As a kid, Michael Jordan was my hero, but now to me he is a asshole.
He don’t give a fuck about the poor.
His sneakers the poor can’t afford.
Why can’t he lower the prices?
We have a president that clueless
and he don’t respect women.
A man will kill another man over a women.
A woman will be a side chick to man
and wear the title proudly
becuase of jealousy.
Humans are the crack
Humans are the cocaine
Humans are the acholic beverages
Humans are the HIV/AIDS
Humans are wicked
Guns aren’t evil,
but the person that pulls the trigger
is the real devil
A man can take your life without
pulling the trigger
by stealing your wife.
But is it really called “stealing”
If your wife is voultnerairly cheating?
Being deceiving, sending nudes
behind your back
while you break your back
providing her a lifestyle
and yet she fucking another man
with out using a Trojan or a lifestyle.
Men are just as bad and it’s sad.
A man will live a double life,
get his girl pregnant
while all along he had a wife.
Lie about his name and age
just to get pussy.
Taking advantage of a girl
that’s naive.
She gets heartbroken
when she find out the truth.
The truth hurts becuase the
facts are rude.
Imagine if you was this girl,
would you trust another
man in this world?
Life is cold,
when you gotta get an abortion
and kill a baby that you wanted
becuase you love a man
that promise you
that you are in his future plans.
Ya takes pics and you post them
On Instagram.
Brag to all your Follwers
and friends
until you get pregnant.
He telling you to get
the abortion
and he don’t
take you to clinic.
Now you tell your parents.
Mother is ashamed and disgusted
Well maybe it’s her fault
for being too strict and not understanding.
Saying No to everything is not
protecting you daughter.
It’s pushes her futher and further
away from her mother
and closer into men that are abusive
mentally or physically or both.
Video games are addictive
I remember when I was a kid
They said it poisonous to a kids mind
They say video games is a waste of time.
Parents act mature around their children
but around other adults they don’t like,
they act immature ,some act worst then
the children.
Sometimes parents can be the biggest hypocrites.
Sometimes as an adult, you can learn from children.
Sometimes we fail to protect our children
from the rapist and it makes me sick to my fucking stomach when muthafuckas say victims are the scapegoat.
Listen I don’t care how tight her dress or how short her shorts are,
nobody deserves that.
People have issues and through their anger and issues animals get abused.
Torture and slaughter of animals is evil.
Dog fighting is common and this was not God’s intention.
Wealth imbalances, Famine, Diseases, War and terrorism, Addictions, racism and unemployment
having me fearing the future
worrying I’m going to die young
or be a bum searching for crumbs
for not taking school serious.
I do take education serious
but I’m delirious
without my therapist
becuase I keep over thinking
for a hundred different reasons
and I’m addicted to over thinking.
I hate giving advice when people
ask for it because I feel like a hypocrite.
Everything in this poem I mentioned
is what I think about over and over.
One day I fear it will be my last
and a voice says to me
“Game over”
Beginning of November I posted
a “Meaning of Fear” post
but that wasn’t a third of what
I really fear
I don’t know what’s in my future

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A Game Of 31 Questions

This is a game I made up like two days ago. If you view my previous post on questions like I Have Questions and I Have More Questions! you notice that I ask questions on a deep level where you have to think and I allow you to choose one question out of the list of questions. This post will be slightly different. You wanna know why I purposely made 31 questions? Well because there are 31 days in a month. Well technically 28-31 but 31 is the highest number in a month. We all have a birth date and the date number is in between 1 – 31. So if you interested in participating in this game you have to answer the question that is regarding your date number. For example, I was born June 22 so that means my date number is the 22nd so  I would answer  question 22. To really make this game interesting, you would need to play with a group of people at least 10 people. You can play this at a party or a barbecue. If you interested in playing this game, you can copy and paste the questions below and gather your friends and cousins on Christmas and play this game.  If you are interested in answering a question off the list below in my comment section, answer the question regarding your birth date. Example if your birth date is February 7th,  then you will answer the 7th question. When you answer that question, there is no in between, not sure, maybe, you have to give a straight forward, direct answer.


1)If a person took your child’s life, and you crossed paths with the person that  took your child’s life and you had a gun in your hand, would you pull the trigger?

2)Where do you see yourself in 40 years?

3)What is harder between the two, to forgive when someone hurt you or to not lust?

4)Would you rather die tomorrow or spend the rest of your life in the most violent prison?

5)If you was in prison, would you kill a person just to survive even though committing a murder is a sin?

6)Be honest, for the men that are single , if an attractive woman who is a co-worker was to grab you in a inappropriate area, would you file a complaint? For the women, if you had a male boss at work told you that you are attractive and you find him attractive as well, and your boss offered you a promotion but only because of your looks, would you take the promotion?

7) For those of you that watched or read “Act like a lady, think like a man” what was the best advice and worst advice that Steve Harvey provided in the book or movie?

8)If you was in love with somebody since you was a child and that person you love since childhood , loves you right back but the person you love is currently married and you met the spouse on numerous occasions and you and the spouse don’t like each other and the person you love is having problems in his/her marriage and one of the problems is lack of communication and lack of sex, and you and this person that your in love happen to just randomly met up at the bar, and this person is talking to you complaining the marriage and this person says to you I don’t want to go home, is it okay if I spend the night at your place, what would you say? Also be honest, is this a easy question that with an easy straightforward answer or is this a question where you would contemplating on what to do?

9)What has more power,  love or fear?

10)What’s the difference knowledge and common sense?

11)What do you think will get you killed faster, being unloyal to your closes friend or being loyal to your enemy?

12)If you had to pick one sex  position to do for the rest of your life what sex position would you pick?

13)What do you think is more dangerous, being a porn star or construction worker?

14)Would you rather listen to your  favorite song for a year straight an and only that song or would you rather watch your favorite TV show for a year straight and only that TV show?

15)If you was to die tomorrow, is there any secrets that you taking with you to the grave(if you answer this you don’t have to go in detail just simple yes or no)?

16)Would you rather be younger or wiser?

17)What’s is more  interesting  being an author or computer programmer?

18)For the women, what’s worst someone ruining your prom dress or your wedding dress? For men what’s worst having your tuxedo ruined on prom night or on your wedding day?

19)Would you rather have your significant other break up with you the day before your wedding or during the honeymoon?

20)For those of you that are married, would you rather have a spouse with an extremely low sex drive and I’m talking only wants to have sex like  once a year and barely communicates, no romance but always faithful to you or a spouse you matches you sex drive, romantic, sweet, willing to open up, but cheats at least once every 3 months? (If you answer this, pick one don’t say “neither”)

21) On earth what is the most precious thing?(not regarding people but answer I’m looking for an answer such as money, love,time, memories ect)

22) For those of you that are interested in playing this game with me, ask me a hard question in the comment section?

23) Does the weekends go by faster when you sleep all weekend or when you actually have to do chores and run errands that you hate doing?

24) If you  your teenage child felt like they was ready to have sex, what would you tell them?

25)Out of all the books have you read, which book that you read that you can relate to the most?

26) Is good sex needed to make a marriage last (be honest) ?

27) If Malcolm x was alive, what is one question you would ask him if you saw him face to face?

28) Would you rather take a cold shower everyday or eat your dinner cold without warming it up everyday?

29) For those you of you that went to a public high school, how do you think your life would of been like now if you would of went to a private high school instead, do you think your life would be exactly the same or different? For those of you that went to a private high school what do your life would of been like now if you would of went to a public high school, do you think life would be the same or do you think there would be a difference? (If you answer this please don’t say you not sure lol)

30) If you had to give up a body part such between your arms and legs which one would you give up between your arms and your legs?

31)For the women, if you asked a guy out on a first date, would you pay the bill or expect him to pay the bill?(please don’t say I would never ask a guy on a first date lol this is just a what if question lol) For the men, if a girl asked you out on a first date do you think she should pay the bill?


Pick the question that falls on the number of your birth date and comment below an answer and I  will comment back if I agree or disagree with your response