The Shadow Of Winter

Just want to let you know I just accomplished another goal before the end of the year by uploading this blog and  I still have 19 more blogs to upload this month before the year is over. On Friday I will upload part 2 to my 25th birthday story, please read part 1 I Will […]

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What About Men?

      Two days ago, I wrote a blog about my views on women (click link below if you haven’t read my previous blog) (“What makes A Woman A Slut”).  I know a few of you that follow me have read my previous blog and requested a follow up blog on men. This was […]

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Sex Or True Love?

Good question I thought about a while ago and I want everybody that’s reading this to think to themselves Would you rather live the rest of your life having sex but never find true love ever or living the rest of your life with a soul mate that loves you and you love right back […]

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