Thank God For Another Day

Thank God for another day always. This coronavirus is deadly and anybody can catch this virus at any time. Please pray to God everday because any day can be your last. No matter, God always have a plan so this coronavirus is a lesson to appreciate your life, to save money, and to always be concerned with your health.

I pray that God shows the doctors the way to heal and contain the coronavirus. Please allow the virus to come and pass so people can travel, kids can go to school, and parents can go back to work. I ask God for forgiveness and I ask God to forgive those that sin as well.

If there is a cure, let the cure reach out to us quickly so we can move on and learn to appreciate being clean. The world will be ending soon, but I always pray that many people can make it to heaven as much as possible.

In Jesus name, Amen.

Silent Unity

I want to thank all of my followers and and remember for every dark night, there is a brighter day. Always be safe and pay attention to your surroundings




Silent Unity is an worldwide prayer ministry and a positive path for spiritual living. Silent unity is a 24/7 prayer ministry using affirmative prayer to provide other with faith, courage and strength. They create our life experiences through the way of thinking. One way to align ourselves with Spirit is through meditations. With silent unity, you can download the app on your phone and mediate when you wake up or before you go to bed.

I’ve been using Silent Unity for two years now. My mother recommended me to download this app when I got my heartbroken two years ago.  I use the app to meditate and also to call up the prayer warriors to pray for me. The prayer warriors will prayer for you for thirty days and will send you a letter in the mail or a email, thanking you for contacting them and how they will be praying for you for thirty days. I don’t meditate every single day like  I should, but this app is very helpful for those of you that are heartbroken,lonely, lack confidence, tense, or just want confidence in the choices you make.


So download silent unity now on your phones,  don’t wait and you will not regret it.



  1. When you die, would you rather be cremated or buried? I rather be cremated then be put under the ground.
  2. Would you rather look up to an hero, or have somebody to look up to you as a hero? I would rather be the hero and have people look up to me. I love having an positive effect on others. My hero is Malcolm x. 
  3. Describe what the world would be like in 2 words, if there wasn’t any prisons, jails, police officer, and correction officers, and would you be scared to walk out the house? Unorganized and violent. I would be a little hesitant to walk out the house but I would carry a weapon on me to protect myself at all times.
  4.  How would you feel if it was winter all year around everyday around all parts of the world? It would make the world tedious and the cold weather would make life reduant.
  5. Would you rather it be winter all year around weather below 25 degrees  without any blizzards or snow or would you rather just cold weather below 25 d degrees  in the month of January with a blizzard with 30 inches of snow and the snow won’t melt until February? I would take the second option where it would snow in Jaunrary and the snow would last the whole month of January becuase eventually it will melt. The same weather all year around makes life tedious.

    Comment below and answer the question that caught your interest?

    Also comment below if you meditate on a regular basis or have any other type of routine that you use to relax yourself?

    Magic Spell

    I just want to thank my followers and  I appreciate everybody that work hard on their blogs and take pride.  I never knew how special blogging can be. This week coming I promise you all wonderful content. This week will be more positive than be last week I posted some dark content last week

    I can place you under a spell with the magic word.
    The power of my words will be transferred,
    Upon your brain.
    Make your mind servery insane.
    As a magician, my words have the power to build and destroy.

    I can turn a human into a toy.
    Or turn a human to a puppet like a reverse Pinocchio transformation.
    I have all the supplies for my preparation.

    I take a nice bath to relax and make the mind clear,
    Then put on my gray robe to wear,
    I then purify my space,

    Anoint myself with rubbing oil across my face,
    Then bring the salt and holy water,
    Set it up neat and organized around my circular altar
    Now time to light up the candles,

    and place them next to the crystals.
    Now I invoke the divine,
    My time to shine.
    Look upon the higher power,
    To bless my spell at this hour
    Now I close my eyes,
    to imagine and visualize,
    my wish to come true.
    I see an abundance light upon my sight flowing through the room.
    I visualize  my wish coming true as I cast my spell on you.

    Now I watch the heavens,
    Then go sit down on my knees and perform meditation.
    Last and not least I thank my customers for their visitation.

    I ask of two things for the bloggers to do in the comment section 

    1) Send me a link in the comment section of a blog of yours that you want me to read so I can learn more about you and your blogs 

    2) Send me a topic in qoutes in the comment section to write a poem about and I will upload the poem on December 19th giving you a shout out (this is first come, first serve)

    Prayer Is The Secret

    I just wan to give a shout out to Whistlingbeautiful for giving me to the motivation to write this blog. I read her blog yesterday (click here)‘I’m not ready for a relationship’ – he says  and it was very releatable and a eye opener and I enjoyed reading it.


    • Now about this question I am about to ask, think about the person who gave you the best sex ever from your past, now think about the person who gave you the worst sex ever from your past, think about the personality of the person that gave you the best sex, think about the personality of the person that gave you the worst sex ,for those of you that have siblings, if your younger sibling had to marry one your past lovers and it was your choice who would you pick for your younger sibling?

      Have someone ever told you that, you have to let it go?

      I’m talking about when someone hurt you, I’m talking about when someone broke your heart.

      Have someone told you to try not to think about?

      For all the people that been hurt before,  when your hurt you are always going to remember the pain you will never forget it. But you not forgetting , teaches you the mistake that you made or the wrong someone has brought upon your heart helps you to avoid those same better mistakes. So I tell you this, it’s okay to think about the person that hurt you. It’s okay to miss the person that hurt you. You fighting your emotions, someone telling you to try and not think about someone or something will make you think about that person twice as much in which will make you naive and end up taking the person back which will open the little pieces of your heart to  be broken in half once more. Now your heart went from being broken in half, to being broke in 4 pieces. Heart is getting smaller and smaller. Instead of trying not to think about it, let the emotions flow, let the negative thoughts occur and allow time and God to handle everything. Remember this, no matter how hard you have it, somebody always have it worst than you. So another words, go online and read stories on how people got their heartbroken and see if you can relate to people. You will hear some fucked up stories.  Learning that somebody always got it worst will help you.

      If you do decide to date right away after a bad breakup, please tell the partner you seeing that you are not completely over your ex and your are not sure if you are ready to step back in the dating world. I highly wouldn’t recommend having sex with anybody while your heart is broken because having sex with another person will make you want to have sex with your ex even more and more. This happens about 90 percent of time. The other 10 percent chance is you might use sex as your healing factor and think sex is the solution when sex is really just a temporary painkiller which will lead to bad decisions by getting attached quickly and becoming bind to the new person you are seeing or make you become promiscuous. Now as far as thinking about sex when your heartbroken, I honestly don’t know what to say to help you from stop thinking about sex from your ex or missing the sex from your ex or anybody else. Only thing I can say is just pray about it. There is no remedy that will heal your negative thoughts except prayer. I am going to repeat and write this in a bigger font

    • There is no remedy that will your negative thoughts except for prayer

    • Now if you do make the mistake and have sex with your ex, I guess just pray harder or try and look for a negative or consequences of having sex and remind yourself the devil is trying to lead you into sin.  One thing you can do, no matter how good the sex is with your ex, there is always somebody better in that department. Just pray that one day you will meet a good man or woman with the right personality that loves you for you and bring spectacular sex to the table. Don’t let good sex interfere with your mind.

    • God loves all and want to protect us.
    •  God want us to go to him to be forgiven for sin.
    • The devils’ job is to lead us into sin.
    • When the devil attacks he attacks in kindness leading you into temptation
    • It’s not easy to resist the Devil
    • More people will go to hell then heaven
    • Most of the people that will go to hell tried to resist the Devil but couldn’t
    • God is Love
    • Devil is the addiction/fatal attraction


    Fornication is a sin. I never understood why for so many years but it’s starting to make sense to me. I’m going to preach to the women because I think women go through this situation more so than men but this is for men too. For the typical girl let’s say about 20 or 21, she wants to feel love, she wants the appreciation and the attention from a nice gentleman. Women don’t like being lonely. On average, women get approached daily. Mos of the guys that approach them well, let’s just say words can’t describe how unclassy most these men appear. Eventually she will come across a guy with a nice smile, a guy that’s the perfect height, a guy that dress nice. Overall he’s attractive. He approaches her with words that are poetic, respectful, and yet flirtatious and she loves every minute of it. Eventually he gets her number, and they talk some more. He ask her out,  they converse in public and she is catching feelings and the feelings get deeper and deeper slowly. This is guy has a charm that no player can match. This girl feels lucky and maybe slightly horny but still nervous. He makes his move and his confidence is perfect and she feels lucky to deserve this. Now sex is not really on her mind much, but as he gets closer, she can’t resist him. She figure ah what the hell, I don’t know him that well but this guy is different so I will allow him to do whatever he wants with my body. Eventually clothes is coming off, and she is impressed with what she see’s when he is naked. I won’t get too graphic but he rocks her world like Michael Jackson. She now realize while they are cuddling ,she is  in love. She goes home and she can’t stop thinking about the sex, feeling like on top of the world like Muhammad Ali. Now the guy goes home and brags to his homies how he just smashed another chick and how he got her sprung. In fact he probably will smash another chick. So as time moves forward, this young girl and the guy still hang out from time to time but the dates become less romantic. He not contacting like he use too. It becomes to the point that all they do is talk for  a few, have sex and that’s it. If she’s lucky, he may spend the night but he still respectful to her and listens to her in person, but the phone call conversations, and text messages, well he is becoming rather distant. Eventually  the more she has sex with him, the more she gets addicted. I’m talking about, she cuts class, lie to her parents, call out of work, buy him sneakers and durags, bake him brownies just to prove her worth to him to show him how much she loves him. So eventually she decides to she wants to introduce him to her family and friends but he doesn’t think it’s a good idea.  She writes him a long paragraph explaining how she feels about him and want to take things to the next level. He says he is not ready for  a relationship right now at the moment. He just broke her heart. She get confused and angry and ask all these type of question asking why this and why that. So that night she cries her self to sleep and promise herself she will move on. She does miss him, but she goes on an online dating app and eventually meets another guy. This guy is fairly attractive, respectful, not as charming as the other guy but he is straightforward and nice. They hang out for a few times. The 1st two or three times she is into him but after the third date, she compares this guy to the previous guy. She realize how much she misses the previous guy and starts to think about the sex. So eventually she makes the first move and invite the new guy over or it could be in a car and they have sex. She thinks having sex will replace the thoughts about the previous guy but all this this do is make her miss her ex even more and more. After having sex, this new guy opens up to her and tells her he wants to be with her. She just smiles and listen but deep down she is not really feeling it because the previous guy got her mind poisoned. Eventually out of no where the previous guy hits her up, she plays hard to get but eventually she ends up cheating on the good guy to have sex with the previous guy and the sex is the bomb. I miss you sex is the best and she realized she need to be with him. So end things with the guy to be with the previous guy. But things don’t get better they get worst. Either he gives her an STD or get her pregnant.  You guys get the point, do you see how the Devil work?

    • Read this scripture

      I consider that what we suffer at this present time cannot be compared at all with glory that is going to be revealed to us– Romans 8:18

      I’m not the holiest person, I don’t go to church, I don’t pray everyday like I should, but I always believe God has a plan for everybody and God has helped me through hard times. Sometimes I do feel like people(myself included) use God because we usually pray when we are in life or death situation or will give God a weak thank you when we achieve something big. I do lust, I did fornicate, I did lie, I did steal(nothing serious), I am lazy but one thing is I am never arrogant and I am 95 percent willing to help people, I don’t get jealous and so don’t brag about my accomplishments and I pray to God in secret. So I thank God for my strengths and help me with my weakness. Nobody is perfect.

      Also for those of you reading this, you don’t need to comment I just ask just to read this slowly that’s all, no comment needed.  I will upload my second half of the story of how I got my heartbroken. Click hear to read the first half I Will Never Forget My 25th Birthday (Part 1)
      No need to comment on this blog but you can comment on this question I am going to ask next

      What’s a favorite blog of yours do you want me to read so I can check it out right now so I can read it?
      Again no need comment on your opinion on my my blog but send me a link of a blog you want me to read in the comment section

    Praying For A Better Future

    Generation lacks discipline and common sense.
    We live in a world where we fake and pretend,
    that we are loyal to our friends.
    Friends become enemies since jealousy more common than loyalty.
    People say “Trust me” than stab you in back then ask “Why you bleeding?”
    God , we say we believe in him, but yet put money and sex over everything.
    Money and sex is the motto because it’s the root of all evil.
    Foundation of the most horrific sins from the people.
    People switch up and change like the color of leaves.
    Women won’t give you a time of day until money coming your away but that been the way since ancient days.
    Will scarfice the reputation of their name by using sex to get their way.
    Men with power attracts those women like magnets to the point they steal bfs from there own kind because there way they got to have it.
    Life is graphic and surrounded by violence.
    Survial of the fittest between the weak and the dominant.
    When you look around you, what do see, what’s most prominent?
    Just see yourself in an environment your trying to survie in.
    Another words look out for yourself because others brings disappointment, especially during the hardships they turn into ghosts when you need them most.
    But this is what happens to us when we forget to put God 1st.
    Instead of Jesus, a soulmate is what we tend to search to subdue our struggles or loneliness.
    Many of us thinks a relationship is the key to happiness,
    but sometimes it’s a knock on the door of the Devil’s .
    Invitations sent we just invited trouble.
    Eliminating a problem sometimes adds on another one.
    Just when we think we found true love, true colors come out.
    From a hero in disguise to a monster out the closet.
    Your soulmate wasn’t being honest, but the truth soon will be acknowledged when you looking at two red lines parallel while on the toilet.
    Well at least now you know the reason of the sudden fatigue and headaches.
    Scared but yet feel safe since you think you been blessed with a man that has ambition and with you in his future plans,
    until you get a unknown call from another woman cursing you out saying stop harassing my man.
    Come to find out, your man has a baby momma and he’s already a deadbeat father.
    From looking up to him as a hero, you now see he’s a coward.
    A coward that ran game on you and you was only a side chick.
    All them late nights, he’s tell you have complete ownership of him and his dick.
    Now you have take off work to make a trip at the clinic.
    Another baby aborted since you can’t afford to take care of an infant.
    So bad you wanted to keep it but your man left you stranded.
    So heartbroken because things didn’t go the way planed it.
    Told you that having you was like scoring the winning touchdown,but you was really a 2nd string player in a scrimmage.