Teach Me The Game Ghost

Ghost is his name

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Tariq just wanna learn the game

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If ghost didn’t betray Kanan

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Tariq wouldn’t need saving

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Tasha as well is the blame

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Right now Ghost and Tasha are in pain
for the lost of their daughter

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Tasha is a gold digga 
and ghost is a drug dealer

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Ghost  tries to go clean 
but life towards him is mean 
because he tries to go clean
but his sins haunt him.

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Behind his back
Tariq taunts him.

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Kanan wants to kill him
Kanan wants vengeance 

He is ruthless
but he just asking for loyalty

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Dre is sneaky

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He lied to Ghost and Tommy
about Tariq

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So the shit he about to get into is deep
like how Terry silver penetrated Tasha

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and yet some fans say she a ride or die,
                                                 A good wife and a mother? 🤔🤔🤔
Ghost cheated too

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but Ghost was trying to make his dreams come true
and Angela believed him too

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Tasha was a roadblock
Tasha was another problem Ghost had to fight

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She didn’t help him fight his problems
A very unsupportive and disloyal wife
fucking Sean late nights

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while Ghost was working
hard to provide a better life for his children

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but Ghost was oblivious 
not satisfying his children’s need
because Tasha warned him about Tariq 
being disrespectful.

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Now Tariq might be in too  deep
ever since Kanan got him addicted to lean

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and now Kanan’s shoulder 
is where he let his head lean.

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Kanan turned Tariq into a gangsta,
avenging the death of his sister 

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He threatening Dre 
to get the drop on Rae Rae

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Took his mom’s gun and killed Rae Rae.

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So what’s to happen  next?
Tommy Ghost and Kanan looking to seek revenge.

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Can Ghost and Kanan set aside their differences?

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Will Kanan show Tariq the rest of the blueprint 
to being gangsta?

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Will ghost prevent this to happen 
or will he listen 
as Tariq make his request
“Teach me the game ghost”

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Poetry Is The Power Of Life

I can’t wait until this month is over. I accomplished alot but still have a lot of work to do.  I have to start looking at other bloggers to read and learn their content. In case you guys are wondering why I am going so hard with my content, because after I just want to end the year strong and next semester is my last semester and will be giving my complete dedication  to school so starting February, I wont be really blogging as much but  I will still be active from February to May but  after January 31st I won’t be posting content until May but I still be active in the blogging community between February and May, I will take that time to really learn from you all.  January will be my last month going hard until June. Tomorrow I will upload more  questions for you to think about. Next week I will be uploading alot.

  1. Would you rather judge a person by his/her questions or answers?
  2. What’s most important your past, present, or your future?



Poetry is the power of life
that provides the light.

Expose the light
in dark areas.
Power to make it scarier
or happier
like the lord
When he throws sin away
like dirty diapers.

Poetic thoughts are like
of different colors.

High voltage
or low,
poems give me
power and light from
above and below
or poems can travel through
anything hollow,
electrocuting the souls
surrounding water or metal.

I  have two thoughts
my brain
is in between
to complete the circuit.

Certain days I have
a short circuit.
Poetic thoughts
are more destructive
than the current
in high voltage.
the flow of thoughts
in my head
like magma
inside a volcano.
I overthink
so my poetic thoughts
like a external circuit
and I need balance.
I need an equal
amount of
protons and electrons.

Half positives
and half negatives
Sometimes thoughts
stay still in place
Sometimes thoughts
move around in motion.
Protons thoughts
gives me a happy face
Electron thoughts
make my emotions
run against each other
like a race.

Poetry creates
the power of life
which helps you relate
from a point a view
that’s electrical or mechanical.

Call me Dave  the poetry mechanic

and I use my mind
to restore a person’s feelings
which are similar to car engines
and my words are synthetic oil
and traveled from my mouth
to a person’s brain
like the synthetic oil
In a funnel.
If don’t listen to my words
you are leaking info
like car leaking anti-freeze.
My words comes
from the heart
which is warm
but sometimes cold
like winter
but my words can
warn you up
like a boiler.

My brain is a water heater
divided by hot and cold water.

Certain days I’m cold
Certain days I’m hot.
Certain days I’m poetic
Certain days I’m not
but my poetry always provides
My poetry is a sperm cell
that has the power to create life.



  1. What will destroy you faster, worrying to death while being rich, or being worry free as a homeless person?
  2.  As a blogger, if you had to choose one option, would rather give up posting blogs to read other blogger’s content or would you rather have every on blogger give up the option of posting content to just read your content?
  3. Would you rather teach other’s what you already experienced in life, or learn from other’s and their experiences?


I have more questions on tomorrows blog

Have a good day


Money, Power, and Popularity 

World is corrputed 24/7
Criminals or reverends
everybody’s loyalty in question.
Money, Power, and popularity
seems to be over loyalty.
Jeasouly always more common
than loyalty
since bible days
That’s  why Abel
was murdered by cain.
Money addictive like
Money combined 
with fame
turn Christian wives
The morals they use to
have made them oblivious.
Personalities of the
rich and poor
always a difference
No food on a
plate will make
somebody commit
a homicide.
Same person
commit a homicide
prayed to God yesterdsy
to be in a better place.
In society popularity
rules everything,
Overshadowing real talent
morals loyalty.
Drug lords and hustlers
pussy  is handled to them
until they become state property
even if they state property
Always concerned
about celebrities
Tweeting on Twitter
“Free etc”
But are celebrities
saying “Free us”
when we locked up?
Most of these celebrities
don’t give a fuck
about us
it’s just us being a fan
help them to generate money
into their savings.
When we locked
people that visit us is
But some of us
will turn our back on
family for a celebrity.
Some celebrities refer
to women as bitches
and they accept it.
But let your average guy
or some geek
refer to women
as bitches
now do you think
those same
women accept it?
Money, power, and
popularity makes
ignorance rule over
common courtesy.