Hit List (part 2)

Please read part 1 before reading  part 2 of this story.

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Damn there she goes

slowly walking towards

my direction.

I pretend to search for for

something in my car to look

busy to not make

my approach to obvious.

As I’m pretending to be

searching, I hear her

footsteps and I’m waiting

for the perfect timing.

Now she is two feet away

from me, I shut the car


and my heart starts pounding.

I guess I’m nervous

because she is so sexy.

I say unto her “Hey Ms.

how are you doing?”

She says” I just missed

the 8:45 bus and I’m

trying not to go crazy”

I say “Where are you

going, would you like a ride?”

She says “‘No thanks, I’ll

be fine.”

After about 10 seconds of


I snap out of it and

realize I must say


to keep the conversation


I ask her” Do you live around

here?” Now obviously I know

she does.

She says” Not too far from here” I could tell she

was being concise but I

know she lives near.

She asked me a question

but I’m staring at her skin

complexion and it’s the color of

a deer.

I didn’t even hear a word she said.

I’m looking high like Craig(Friday).

She look at me with a

bewildered look on her face.

“I’m hello I’m talking to

you and your staring into space” she says.

I said “I apologize I’m just staring at your gold

necklace it looks nice on you.”

When I said that I was bullshitting

and she knew.

So sarcastically she says

“Hmm okay whatever you say”

The bus arrives and she

says “Well I have to go to work

I don’t want to be late enjoy your


Then she runs to the bus stop

in a hurry.

I almost started to yell to

ask for her name,

but I didn’t want her to

perceive me as being lame.

So I just stared at her ass

and hips,

as I lick my lips realizing I

need chap stick.

I hope she didn’t noticed

my ashy lips.

But it’s cool because I

see her everyday around

6:30 pm when she come

home from work.

Her skin look so sweet, I wanna lick it

until I get a cavity.

She can be my rotten candy.

Then become my nurse and treat

me with the laughing gas filling.

Okay I snap out of it and stop daydreaming.













Hit List

Hit List

I always been gifted with

style and good looks.

I’m reading women like books.

So charming so how can

any women resist me?

I got women on my menu,

I’m profitable like Applebee’s.

That’s what I thought until I saw her.

Goddamn look at my sexy ass neighbor.

Brown curly hair with the caramel complexion.

The drool rushing out of my mouth unto my sweat pants

Now my hands is over my crotch to subdue my erection

She is drop dead gorgeous,

with a smile so flawless.

I’m so nervous

Heart beating fast having

me wondering what

happened to my confidence.

I look at her curves and

swear she is the finest.

Hotter than a tropical rain forest.

I never seen her before,

She must be new around town.

I got to introduce myself,

get to know her and

show her around.

Look so fine, just might

have my player card revoked.

Make her my wifey, and drop all my hoes.

But I got to think straight and catch a gripe.

I plan to put her on top

of my hit list.

For now I’ll watch from a distance

and remain silent like the letter ’e’

at the end of a four letter word,

until the opportunity arrives to me.

Then efficiently articulate with

the sweetest words.

I’ll take her to school

and she can take me to church.