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I didn’t plan on posting anything until May but I have been thinking. I have been doing a lot of writing for the past 6 weeks. I haven’t uploaded anything on here since December 31st and I can’t lie I do miss uploading blogs but I still do be around from time to time to […]

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What Have I Learned 

1. Never apologize for something that wasn’t your fault 2. Nice guys don’t finish last but they do struggle at the start of the race 3. Loyalty is junior high school vocabulary but you won’t really understand loyalty until you been betrayed by your close friend 4. Jealously is more common than loyalty. 5. Guilt […]

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Poetry Is The Power Of Life

I can’t wait until this month is over. I accomplished alot but still have a lot of work to do.  I have to start looking at other bloggers to read and learn their content. In case you guys are wondering why I am going so hard with my content, because after I just want to […]

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Get Lost In My Poems Part 2

Just want to say thank you to my followers. I wrote Get Lost In My Poems part 1 in August. Click the link to see what that poem is about. Evey poem that I wrote since the end of August up until yesterday  all have a connection with each other  which makes one huge poem. […]

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