Praying For A Better Future

Generation lacks discipline and common sense. We live in a world where we fake and pretend, that we are loyal to our friends. Friends become enemies since jealousy more common than loyalty. People say “Trust me” than stab you in back then ask “Why you bleeding?” God , we say we believe in him, but […]

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Who Cheats More Men Or Women?

    Women would say Men Men would say Women To be honest I don’t see a difference Cheating is wrong regardless. Why disrespect your boyfriend/girlfriend wife/husband? I can list a shitload of reasons why cheating is existing. It doesn’t matter because it’s never a valid reason. It don’t matter who cheat more because men […]

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Truth VS Lies

Lying makes a situation more complicated. Lying is pretend facts that are not realistic but speaking actual facts isn’t either so simplistic. Truth and lies, is all we hear. They say to tell the truth to someone if you really care. But believe it or not people believe what they wanna hear But should you […]

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You speak the words but you don’t take your own advice In public you a hero, but in private you  know the words you speak to yourself are lies. You are look upon from other people as positive leader but behind closer doors you are a coward in disguise. Hypocrites fall within the bracket of […]

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