It’s Your Life, Listen To Others But It’s Your Choice

Should you try to live life according to your imagination?

Is this the blue print, the demonstration

to your Plan A?

Is living life according to your imagination the right way?

What are you imaging today?

What you are planning today?

Are you planning to save the world

or destroy it?

Should I be a follower or should I be a leader?

As a follower I am imaging your imaginations?

Wondering if they are safe or unsafe?

Even if they are safe,

will your imagination for me make me happy?

As far as I know to be happy it means freedom to me

It means doing what’s best for me

It means doing what’s defines me.

It means to accept my personality.

It means to never to be ashamed of my friends and family.

It means to not worry about people judging me.

In short, being happy means to be free.

So your imagination sounds


and I’m all ears but I must follow my own imagination

do what makes me happy

that’s why God brought me here.


The gift of expressing through stories such as fairytales and fantasies.
The images in your head brings out the creativity.
You imagine according to your mood or situation,
Or imagine in your state of tension.
Imagination revamps your life by creating your inner freedom,
That comes  to you within with or without a valid reason.
Imagination let us have a playful attitude towards the present.
Imagining things in your head represents,
The way you take on life challenges ,
Or the outcome of a certain situation.
Every goal or dream you want to accomplish, starts off as an imagination.
You imagine your future on how you want your life to be.
Imagining different things, Imagining things you want to see.
Buildings, skyscrapers, stadium, statutes, and amuesent parks, are all worldwide attractions, that came from humans,
Through the use of Imagination.
Imagination is your gift if used wisely,
That comes from God the almighty.