Who Cheats More Men Or Women?

How would you feel if this was your parent?


How would you feel if this was your parent ?
How would you feel if this was your parent?
I can’t even that lie this one is the most fucked up. If I was the husband and I read this bullshit I would hurt somebody. Forget your wife fucking another man but sucking another man’s dick will is the worst.


Women would say Men
Men would say Women

To be honest

I don’t see a difference

Cheating is wrong regardless.

Why disrespect

your boyfriend/girlfriend


I can list a shitload

of reasons why

cheating is existing.

It doesn’t matter because

it’s never a valid reason.

It don’t matter who

cheat more because

men and women

are both doing it.

Why do men

and women do it?

Unsatisfied with their current


So in return

they search for a new lover.

Hell some would

go far

and sleep with

the significant other’s

brother or sister.

Sometimes people

are satisfied and

completely happy

in a relationship

but yet still take

the relationship

for granted.

What I don’t understand

is why when some of

us get cheated on

we give our

significant other

second chances?

Giving significant other

a second chance is

only going to

make your significant

other take you for granted

and use the 2nd chance

to his/her advantage.

Besides remaining

single, how do we

stop people from cheating?

Truth is you can’t stop it

because you can’t control

nobody Else’s actions.

Sometimes to others

cheating is an addiction.

But whatever the reason

it’s wrong regardless.

That’s why some people

don’t take chances

and would rather die

single then to

get cheated on

That’s a good question

to my followers

would you rather die single

and never experience love

or experience love but

get cheated on?



For anybody reading this, if you are interested in who I think cheat more between men and women then I too can post up another in a few days going in depth on who I cheat more and why and the reasons why men and women cheat and to discuss the similartites and differences between why men and women cheat and I can explain the different levels of cheating
This poem was to explain that it don’t matter which cheats more, cheating is wrong both ways and we need to stop blaming one particular sex for doing most of the cheating and learn to move forward and learn how to exist with each other without blaming each other for everything that goes wrong.

For anybody reading, if you agree, disagree, or have anything to add, comment below and tell me what you think?
Always open to hearing others opinions

“What I don’t understand
is why when some of

us get cheated on

we give our

significant other

second chances?”

Just curious for those of you reading this, if you have an answer can you explain why people give second chances when cheated they get cheated on. I never understood that. I know love is powerful and people should be forgiven but I just don’t see how people can give second chances.


If don’t wanna end up like R Kelly then don’t cheat. Watch “Keep it on the down low” video.




Why So Loud?

Saw her across the street
and instantly grabbed my meat.
The words I began to speak
She smiles as she looks at me.
I approached her smoothly
with confidence.
She needed
to be complimented.
Told her she was gorgeous
She smiled acknowledging
my compliment.
I responded saying
I’m just being honest.
When reading this,
at the end of this
you’ll see
I wasn’t completely honest.
I felt confident
since the wave grease
in my hair
was prominent
and silently
thanking God
for being light skin.
I said to her
“Let’s be freinds!”
“Are you sure
that’s all
you looking for?”
She said that
sexually for sure

                                     20 Minutes later

Back at the apartment
from slow lovemaking
to transforming into a possessed demon
plunged into her
like a high diver
hitting a pool.
and I’m hoping
I don’t  cum soon.
Popping this broad
like a balloon.
Pounding relentlessly
and she screams servely
“I love this big  dick daddy”
Getting rougher gradually
I’m twisting her guts in a knot
and she is begging me not to stop.
Then I heard a knock on the door
and someone opened the bedroom door.
This woman was pissed off for sure
for sexing this hore on her bed.
She slapped the shit out of me
and my face was red.
She told the hore” Get dress get your shit
and get out”
Then looked at me and said “We need to talk!”
Now I know how a mouse feel next to a hawk
becuase I was going to be eaten alive.
But at least I got some sex before I died.
Wished I would of busted  a nut though.
The hore asked me ” Is that your wife?”
I said “No that’s my mom and this is her bed?”
She said “I thought this was your own apartment
you dishonest piece of shit”
She got dressed real quick
and just before she dipped
She looked back and said
” By the way, step your game up
you gotta little ass dick”
I said” Why you gotta be so loud you
stupid bitch?”

To my female followers reading, I don’t mean any disrespect saying the word b*tch

This is only a poem and I have never called a woman a b*th. This is only a poem. If anybody got offended I apologize. 

What’s For Breakfast?

Wake up on an early Saturday morning

and my stomach was growling.

I brush my teeth, wash my face

then went to kitchen.

I wanted some coffee so

I had the water boiling.

I wanted eggs, so I cracked

them open and I

started scrambling.

I needed the butter to

cook the waffles on the

frying pan.

Plus I had the Canadian

bacon and sausage in the oven.

But suddenly I smelled something

burning and I just realized

for too long the toast was in

the toaster.

All of a sudden it got nosier.

The noise was coming

from the basement, so I

got my bat, I opened the

door, went downstairs

and saw my sister flat

on her back.

She was getting banged by some

big black guy

with tattoos on his neck.

He stopped banging

when he noticed me then

asked me “What’s for