Hospital 3 Times Back To Back To Back

Time was almost
seven years back
The flu attack
me like a rat
out the trash can
landing on a homeless man.
Couldn’t walk
Could barely talk
Strepthoart made it hard
to swallow.
“I will get better tomorrow”
I said to myself.
Worst and worst
my health
became more weak
could barely move my feet.
I was paralyzed for a week.
Hips was dealing with torment
without no explanation.
Doctors took blood and cat scans
but my hips
just couldn’t find nothing wrong with it.
Could barely eat
Could barely drink
Could barely sleep.
Uncomfort was misery
plus I missed a week
of college.
Yet doctors still
didn’t have the knowledge
or explanation
of why I am
In this hospital building.
Homework was piling
and I’m dying.
Without any explanation
I gradually restored my health
thank to the painkillers.
but I was still bitter
because now at home
I looked Skinner
eyes looked darker
school became harder.
I still couldn’t sleep
using the bathroom
interrupted my dreams
every hour.
I would be on the
toilet for an half an hour
The waste wasn’t solid,
it was liquid
like the process of water melting
I was not in the mood for college
wanted to drop my classes
Couldn’t concentrate like a kid
without his glasses
with 20/40 vision.
Being sick interfered with my mission.
Almost a whole month with this sickness
hoping I would get better with the quickness.
Little by little my virus vanished

1 month later

I went back to normal.
At this point
life was incorrigible
because at work
I got sharp cut
by the elbow
so deep saw the white meat .
Definitely saw the vein,
but ironically I barely felt pain.
Back at the hospital again
to get stitches.
I was livid.
Confused since
my thinking became
try to comprehend
both hospital situations
within a month’s period.

2 weeks later

Another situation approached even
more perilous
but due to my stupidness.
Reactions from others
we’re “oh my goodness”
vodka on empty stomach
my insides were punished
and I lost balance
head spinning
like a washer machine
and sweating hard
as if my clothes came out
the washer machine.
This took place seven
years ago
Until this day I still
don’t know what I
was thinking

Don’t Tell A Soul Part 3

Please read part 2 before you read this part. Part 2 is on my blog page
So now I’m in total shock and I’m like what the fuck happened.

I stepped out the room for a brief moment, gathering my thoughts  realizing that everything that’s happening is so  drastic.

I sarcastically say to myself “This night is fantastic.”

Now I have to pretend in front of Michelle that nothing happened.

Michelle comes and approaches me and ask “How is Kile?”

I said “He’s fine but let’s not  stay long he’s tired and needs sleep.”

She stares at me coldly as if I just gave her the creeps.

“Geezz” she says “What’s your problem? That’s your older in there dying how could you be in a rush to go home?

I made some bullshit excuse about work  and tell her that Kile  only wanna see her alone and wants her  close to him.

I couldn’t keep a straight face so I had to turn to the side as I was making a grin.

I told her that she can spend the night if she want to and I would  pick her  up in the morning.

She say” No it’s okay I will take a cab in the morning.”

I hugged her and headed toward the elevator  not looking behind.

Now I head out the hospital doors, saunter to the parking lot, and I had alot on my mind.

I hopped in my car, but my car doesn’t start.

I accidentally left the headlights on and I said into myself “Damn why is everything going wrong?”

A blue Honda pulls up in front of my car and it looked familiar.

Then all of a sudden it hit me, realizing it was Brittany.

She roll the tinted windows down and ask me “Do you need a jump?” she says sarcastically

She stares at me for a brief moment. She winked at me and then  sped off the next second.

“What a scandalous bitch!” I said to myself  “She can go straight to hell.”

Now I go towards the trunk to look for my  jumper cables then I noticed, using my peripheral vision that I have a flat tire.

Now I’m hotter than an electric fire.

I want to strangle that bitch Brittany strangle  her neck  with cable wires.

I know she had something to do with this and right now I’m sure  she celebrating with laughter.

I know she stab my front right tire to remind me how I use to behind her over the passenger seat and dick her down.

I’m feeling like a clown but I got to get it together.

“Now what do I do, should I call my wife to give me a ride?”

“Think, think, think shit  fuck it” and I called her up on my sprint but it went straight to voicemail.

That’s odd becuase becuase her phone is always charged,

and when I left home  her phone was on the charger and it was 100% charged.

I’m even more annoyed and I look behind

me becuase I thought I heard a voice but I didn’t. I’m  beginning to become  paranoid.

 I remain calm and dialed my house phone and the strangest shit had happened.

A man picks up my phone and says “I’m fucking your wife in your own home!”