The Devil(Part 1)

The devil is a preacher
The devil is a prophet
The devil is a teacher
So what does this mean?
It means that the devil
use disguises.
Why is evil in a disguise?
Deceit is more astonishing
than any magic trick.
Its extremely secretive
like Alex Mack power.
Can slide under locked doors
at any given hour.
The devil time is coming to an end,
so life for the millennials is getting harder.
My struggle is against the spiritual forces of evil.
When I solve a problem, it’s always a sequel.
Many many more issues and I’m only human.
So sometimes I think about God’s victory
over Satan and believe the light is overrated.
Life, I’ve been hate it because of Satan.
Demons were once angels, so kindness is always overrated.
Nobody is safe in this world, safety is overrated.
The technique to solve problems aren’t demonstrated
until you fail the life lesson.
This is why I believe college is bullshit.
Student loans and tuition balance are expensive charges
and make stress charge at you mentally like a bull.
The curriculum for majority of the courses is full of shit
because after graduation just empty pockets while receiving minimum wage payments.
It’s a tease and confusing like your best friend of the opposite sex giving mix signals.
Sometimes I wish life was simple like making a wish before blowing birthday candles.
I wish miracles were automatic deposits in your life like directed deposit in a checking account.
Days, hours, minutes, even seconds I count.
I count since I am closer to death, I can almost taste her.
She is brutal like the winter in 2015 in NYC.
I define her characteristic as being petty for holding grudges against me.
She celebrates my misery, blocking me from accomplishing my journey.
The nickname I gave her was Poseidon because I feel like Odyessus in Odyssey.
She stalks me so I wonder if death has schizophrenia.
Should I have mercy due the disorder?
I mean, she turn 151, 600 bodies cold a day of all ages.
That’s 105 people a minute, so that everybody from people locked in cages, millionaires in mansions, homeless on the streets starving, babies in garbages, innocent victims during school shoots.
This 105 excludes the abortions that didn’t need coffins.
But what scares me is the 250 births a minute because think about it,
how many of these babies will be possessed by demons?
How many of these babies are will burn in hell with Satan?
Now people always say stop being so negative
and you should always think positive.
Well in Matthew 7:13 – 14, it says “Enter by the narrow gate.
For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find are few.”
So now after reading this bible scripture, is this a positive or negative?
So after reading this, I believe hard work doesn’t pay off, it’s really about the connections.
Think about it like this.
Christmas lights, electricity, technology, or with anything equipment with a plug don’t work
unless you connect it to a outlet.
So in order to see the light, it’s not about hard work, it’s about connections.
Let’s be honest, when we think of the ‘light’ most of us Christians think of Jesus.
Jesus is who we worship.
The spirit of Jesus is used by many for a selfish benefit.
We follow the laws of the bible and do right by God until money involved.
Money is why we cheat, money is why we lie.
Love of Money is the root of all evil, so money is a curse in disguise.
Corruption reaches its peak when the price of selling your soul began to rise.
Rich is greedy for seeking attention of wealth
but the poor is cold hearted looking to empty your pockets.


After reading this, do you think the devil’s power is underestimated?

It’s Painful To Hate Somebody You Love

I hate being around your presence.

It’s so fucking devastating

It’s so fucking frustrating.

I fell in love when you exit

for a brief moment.

Finally a second to breathe.

Quiet and peace.

Why did you have to come back?

Nobody likes you

So you should of never came back

I love you

but I don’t like you

I will kill for you

but sometimes

I want to fight you.

I will always thank God

for you

but alot of times

I hate being around you.

I admire your accomplishments

but I hate most conversations

I had with you.

Yeah to others

you appear as a hero

but behind close doors

I know the truth.

You will never read this

each secret

will be buried in the coffin

but if you do happen

to read this

it’s not hatred

just my emotions.

I love you

but I don’t like you.

I wake up

to you being here.

Why can’t you disappear?

It’s not fair

that your still here.

My peace and quiet just vanished.

For those of you reading this

you ever hate that one person

you hate having conversation with?

Its like talking to a brick.

You tried many times to

give that person chances

but the more you do

the more they get you fucking


It’s like when that person

is not around

I embrace not hearing the sound

of that voice.

That voice gives me constant headaches.

Taking up too much space

in my head.

The stress and bad thoughts spread and stretch out

like a pregnant stomach.

Everyday it’s always something.

Constant complaints and favors.

You will annoy me now

and later.

Maybe I should seek prayer.

But how I do that

when the bible says

you must obey your parents?

The distance between us is apparent.

I keep my distance

from you and your presence.

I had to really sit here

and think hard of the positives.

Head was scratching, eyes closing

to rewind and find

any precious times.

I didn’t seek many.

The many I seek were the negatives

while I reminisce.

Because of that one person

I despise my youth.

Felt misery since I was

a child.

Most days were rarely smooth

made it hard for me to smile.

What Is Hate?

Hate is hot coal that burns my feet.

Hate is poison meat from rat feces

in which I eat.

Hate is more hot than a kettle

that damages my vessels

like acid.

Hate is an assassin

that slays love

and leaves your heart

a blue print

to guide the mind

and construct it

into an addiction

more additive

than smoking a cigarette

which leads me to death

and lungs turn dark and black.

Hate is the color of white

ashamed of the color black

so white see black and run

like a relay race.

Hate is a prison shank

that cuts my face

so deep

I can stick my tongue

through my cheeks.

Hate is when I have swollen red gums

because I didn’t take care of my teeth

so I hate to smile or giggle.

Hate is being jealous

of the minds that are intelligent

because my mind is simple

like a 5th grader that can’t comprehend

that fractions and decimals are equivalent.

Hate is when being broke and black

strip the rich and white naked

of everything

for reminiscing

not having nothing

on Christmas Day.

Hate is receiving a life sentence

for a crime you didn’t commit

so you burn bibles

and think all disciples

are hypocrites

and think Jesus is an idiot

to love your enemy.

So Satan gives you the tools

to seek revenge on God

telling you

to use the hatred you got

and that’s your secret weapon

which is more death-dealing

than a nuclear weapon.

Love and Hate

Complete opposites of one another,
but yet very similar.
Co-existing forces,
that come from complex sources.
You can give ,receive, have, feel, both,
but only love is growth,
for the heart.
But yet falling in love is so goddamn hard,
with each other.
Steve Urkel and Laura(family matters).
Steve was in war and he won every battle and he finally conquered Laura,
and won her over.
It took him years to get out of the friend zone territory.
To him it’s extraordinary.
But its not that simple and  ordinary.
Most give up after one or two tries when your heart been shattered to a million pieces.
Heart gets broken on the floor, we walk away and leave it.
Quitting is easier than fixing.
Love has 2 frenemies.
Sex and money.
This is very common, very ordinary.
You don’t just love sex, you get addicted.
Let me break it down and explain it.
People confuse love with addiction.
Look them up in the dictionary, you’ll see there’s a difference
Ask yourself (for the women) is sex with the right person addictive?(especially if he hitting it right with a long dick)
Does sex make a unhealthy relationship stretch longer than its supposed to?
Or have you cheated on your s/o to get better sex from somewhere else?
Think about it to yourself and answer it?
You ever let a guy hit, and he never called you again?
You ever still let a guy that treat you like shit hit over and over again?
Just like sex, you don’t just love money, you get addicted?

(For the men)
Has a female ever persuade you to trick(and still ain’t let you hit)?
Have you ever thought to yourself the more money I spend, the more pussy I get?
Have you ever try bagging a girl when broke with no change in your pocket?
You ever had a girl only willing to have sex and suck your dick(even swallow) just when she need something( money mostly)
If females didn’t come with fame and money would you still be motivated into making money?
Hmm interesting.
Is it really love?
Give it a second thought.
While you think about that, lets talk about the worst.
Can’t have one without the other.
Since the beginning of time thru today.
Thin line between love and hate.
Love turns into hate so easily,
But when has hate turn into love?
A broken heart will make you hate falling in love
Don’t take much to hate.
God and Satan, Cain and Abel.
Not a fairy tale, not a fable.
Straight from the bible.
Thin line between love and hate but
Its a thick line between hate and love.
Hate don’t ever turn into love?
God forbid you have sex with your spouse without using a glove,
and you find out that you HIV positive.
Now would you kill your spouse?
And if you do kill your spouse, would you even attend the funeral or visit the grave or would you piss on the grave?
Most people say, I don’t hate and wish death on no one.
But trust, let hate conquer your mind and heart like a territory and try saying telling yourself” I wish death on no one”
Love and hate are parents of every emotion(jealously, happy, anger etc)

Emotions are so complicated.
They are not always demonstrated.
It’s not easy to explain it.
Like you can’t explain to someone how to fall in love.
You can only explain why its complicated.
You can’t explain how to hate someone, you can only explain what triggers the emotion hate.
Problem in life, a plate hate is commonly swallowed,
But the crumbs of love we only receive a taste.