It’s Your Life, Listen To Others But It’s Your Choice

Should you try to live life according to your imagination?

Is this the blue print, the demonstration

to your Plan A?

Is living life according to your imagination the right way?

What are you imaging today?

What you are planning today?

Are you planning to save the world

or destroy it?

Should I be a follower or should I be a leader?

As a follower I am imaging your imaginations?

Wondering if they are safe or unsafe?

Even if they are safe,

will your imagination for me make me happy?

As far as I know to be happy it means freedom to me

It means doing what’s best for me

It means doing what’s defines me.

It means to accept my personality.

It means to never to be ashamed of my friends and family.

It means to not worry about people judging me.

In short, being happy means to be free.

So your imagination sounds


and I’m all ears but I must follow my own imagination

do what makes me happy

that’s why God brought me here.

You Make Me Happy

Happy as a dandelion

my wish is fulfilled.

Emotional pain is a challenge

and yet remained humble.

I worshipped your intelligence

when my mind stumbled.

At any occasion

the agony you rebuttal

and provided satisfaction.

Tough like brass knuckles

so you provided compassion.

Dark like a tunnel

and your torch provides satisfaction.

Discovering your light was a miracle

and your character is miraculous.

Your presence is magical

and I’m surrounded

with perpetual passion.






I dedicate this post to ~Just Me ~. She is a blogger that requested me to write a poem on reverence in the comment section of my Magic Spell post. If she is reading this, I just want to let you know that  I dedicate this poem to you and it was a pleasure writing this poem for you and I hope you enjoy the message and the pictures in this poem.


Lonely in my room
with lovely taste
of healthy food
and the clouds
turn gray at noon
as I open up the window
in my apartment room
and looked below
and the music echoes
and I hear a voice
and it’s you.


The lyrics are beautiful
and I don’t have
the heart
that you do.
Died before 27
but as you look
down from heaven
I represent
your legacy
and it’s not
a question
on your birth date
I take a personal day
from work
and celebrate it
but in privacy.
Truth hurts
so on your death day
I was a hamster
trapped in a mase
because I no longer
had an escape
since your words
was my escape
from me thinking
thoughts of hate
of myself.
Without me asking
Your shared you wealth
when I was in need of help.
You taught me
not to hate
and you always
predicated your fate
You was a prophet
and I use to tease you
Called you the modern day
For every dark night I had
you made the next day
you was my night light.

Image result for night light clip art
you made me feel like
a kite.
You held me and kept me balance
helping me to fly

giving me the confidence like
Michael Jordan

and I’m scoring
every basket
until they close my casket.
When one day when
they close my casket
I will be glad to
Rejoice with you
in heaven.




For those of you that are curious about what’s my next blog is on, tomorrow I will be posting some more questions on my next post and for those of you that like questions where you have to think then tomorrow I will give you something to look forward to

Comment below and answer these questions

1.Is there anybody right now that is no longer with you that you think about everyday?

2. Who is your role model?

3.  What is your favorite holiday?

4. Is there anybody in your life that makes you feel like you can fly?

5. Is there any song that brings you tears of joy?