The Best Advice To Love Your Lady

A conversation is the foundation

of seeking a woman’s attention.

Articulating sweet words

while she is listening.

Fresh scent of cologne

puts her in another zone.

Using your God given talent

to perform

a written poem or love song

about her physical shape and form,

plus promising you’ll never do her wrong.

The sound of the deep voice

is why she love to talk to you

on the phone.

Slow dance with her with the lights dim

while she rest her head on your chest and listen.

Listen to the heartbeat in between and she begins to fall in love

and feel grateful that your are living.

Giving her romance at random moments and she will love this.

She don’t want to be your best kept secret,

she want to be known she is with you in public,

so never be afraid to hold her hand in public

and always tell her that you love her in both

public and private

but she would rather perfer that you keep the relationship private

from social media since she perfer to not let social media control the commuincation exchanges.

Social media is a form of corruption if used for the wrong reason

so the best advice I can give is to pray to Jesus

for the communication to have strength like a gorilla.

Be unpredictable to catch her of guard to make the relationship exciting like a thriller.

This also works while you make love to her.

Take your time to hug her, kiss her, slightly caress her, perform oral sex on her, then finally make love to her.

Be dominant, but yet being gentle with her is the true definition of being a gentleman.

Don’t worry about making mistakes, no such thing as perfection.

So when disagreements happen, don’t solve it with you erection.

Let that be the bonus, because the solution is communication.

A Fun Game To Play With Your Significant Other

I hoped everybody had a good Thanksgiving. These four days went by fast. Christmas is next month which is the worst holiday of the year. I hate it this time of year. Comment below if you hate Christmas lol. Well just want to let you know on Wednesday, I will be uploading a riddle in poetry format where you will have to fill in the blanks. On Friday, December 1st I will talk about  a personal experience of mine and share it with you and Saturday December 2nd, I will upload a Christmas poem and how I really feel about Christmas lol. I have alot of interesting blogs coming this week so be on the look out for Wedenday, Friday, and Saturday.

“Would you Rather” is a fun ice breaker game you can play with anyone, anywhere. You need at least two players to play this game. This game is great way to spend time with your significant other.  It will definitly makes the night alot more exciting and this is great way to get to understand your partner alot better.
But you can play this game with a group of friends as well.
    Now this is how you play this game. You will choose either yourself or your signficant other to go first. The player that goes first, will choose a question that begans with “Would you rather?” and provide two scenarios to choose from. Would you rather questions can be funny, sexual, deep, nasty, or violent. Let’s say you choose to go first, you would ask your signficant other a question then your significant other answer the question you asked. Then it will be your signficant other’s turn and your significant other will ask you a question. You can play this game for as long as you like
For those that are confused or not sure what type of questions to ask your partner, I will post some good examples of questions that would have you thinking?

1. Would you rather break up with someone or have someone breakup with you? To be honest I rather break up with someone but what would you rather do?
2.Would you rather be poor and attractive or rich and ugly? I rather be rich and ugly but what would you rather?
3. Would you rather never experience true love but have sex anywhere anytime or experienced true but never have sex again ever? This is a tough question in fact I wrote a blog about this two months ago
4. Would you rather have a best friend or a spouse? I rather a best friend but what do you perfer?
5. Would you rather sleep naked everyday for the rest of your life or go outside public naked for 15 minutes? I rather go sleep naked everyday for the rest of my life what do you perfer?
6.Would you rather be in heaven right now if you had the chance or would you rather live a long life? I rather be in heaven now but what about you?
7.Would you rather eat breakfast 3 times a day or dinner 3 times a day? I would rather breakfast 3 times a day what do you perfer?
8. Would you rather scarfice your life for others or scarfice everybody’s life? I would scarfice my own life what about you?
9. Would you rather  meet people online or do you perfer the old fashioned way where you go out in public and meet people? I perfer the old fashioned way, what do you perfer?
10.Would you rather go fight in a war for two years or go to prison for two years? I would rather go to war for two years what do you perfer?
11. Would you rather work 4 days a week 10 hour days or 5 days a week 8 hour days? I would rather work 4 days a week 10 hour days what do you perfer?
12. Would you rather be a baby forever or a old person and when I say old I’m talking about 80 and above?
Tbh I don’t know, what would you rather?
13. Would you rather go four days without eating or four days without sleeping? I would rather go four days without eating, but what would you rather?                            14. Would you rather get cheated on or cheat? I rather get cheated on but what about you?                                                          15. Would you rather have sex and use protection with someone of the opposite sex that’s HIV positive or kiss someone of the same sex(This question is for the people attracted to the opposite sex) I would rather have sex and use protection with someone that was HIV positive.  This was the toughest one  for me but what would you rather?

These are questions that you can use as a guide when playing this game with your signficant other. 

Why don’t comment below and come up with a would you rather question for me and I will answer  and also comment below and tell me which of the 15 would you rather questions was most challenging to answer?

A Game To Play On A Saturday Night With Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend 

I don’t mind people disagreeing with me as long as they remain respectful. For those of you reading this, if this blog is pointless please do not leave negative a comment on my blog or criticize my blog. Keep your negative comments to yourself. You can disagree with me  but just be respectful.

“Never have I ever ” … is a great game for getting to know people and also a great game for people you know very well. There is a clean version and a dirty version to this game.  You can learn some interesting and embrassing things about people you thought you knew well. Not everbody would agree but I feel like this is a great game to play with your significant other to make things exciting. There are many other games such as “Would you rather, 20 questions, and two truths and a lie” that are also exciting games to play with your significant other. So if you are ever bored on a Friday night and you are trying to save money then why not play “Never Have I Ever”.

How to play this game with your signficant other?

You need at least two people to play this game. You can play this game with numerous people. I only have played this game with my girlfriend. My girlfriend was the one that suggested that we play to make the night more interesting. This is how we played it. Now my girlfriend and I will  have 10 fingers up while playing this game
She chose me to go first and I would announce something outrageous that  I have never done
For example, I would  say “Never have I ever been arrested ” If she have been arrested before, then she has to put a finger down. If she have not been arrested before ,then she will still keep her fingers up.  Then it’s her turn and she will say  something she never done like “Never have I ever kissed on the first date” If I have kissed on the first date, then I put a finger down. If I have not, then I  still keep my  fingers up. Then from this point, me and my girlfriend will go back and forth with the “Never I have ever” confession until there is a winner and a loser. Just like every game there is always a winner. The loser is the first person to put all their fingers down. The winner is the person who still have their fingers remaining. I lost this game when playing with my girlfriend because I had all my fingers down while she still had 3 fingers up. But overall this was an exciting game to play. Best way to play this game is to play the dirty version. This game will put the pressure on your partner and you will learn some things that you didn’t know before. Now I know some of you reading this are probably going to think to yourself “This sounds so immature” or “I have no interest on what my partner has  or hasn’t done”. Look this is just a game and once in a while we all need to loosen up.  There is also a drinking version to this game. If you are still confused on how to play, you can search on YouTube “Never have I ever” and you will see numerous videos of people playing this game and the videos will give you a demonstration on how to play this game. I will list below some never have I ever confessions as a guide that you can ask the person you choose to play this game with

1. Never have I ever cut class
2. Never have I ever had a one night stand
3. Never have I ever cheated
4. Never have I ever illegally downloaded music
5. Never have I ever made out with stranger
6. Never have I ever been skinny dipping
7. Never had I ever snuck someone into my house
8. Never have I ever shoplifted
9.Never have I ever peed in my pants in public
10. Never have I ever paid for sex

Out of the 10 on the list, I’ve have done 4 out of the 10.
These are some examples to show the type of “Never have I ever” confessions you can use to play with people.