I Need An Opinion From My Follwers 

I don’t normally ask my followers to comment on my blogs when I post something but on this particular post I really want some opinions on this post because there is something I don’t understand. But then again maybe I’m just over-thinking 
Before you read I’m not talking about women by any means just trying to understand them

I was on Twitter and I saw this tweet

“If you agree to go to a guy’s house that barely know,  you have already said 95% yes to sex ”

The females called him trash, called him a rapist and destroyed him insulting him. Now to an extent I can see how some females might be offended but he was not disrespecting females. I think he worded his statement wrong but it was not inappropriate. He basically saying if you have no intention having sex  with a man you don’t barely know then don’t go to his house if he invited and I completely agree.

Now next day I read this tweet

“If I treat a bitch like shit then Imma treat her like shit but a nigga can’t treat my daughter like shit.  What’s so hard for ya to understand”

Now I swear he barley got any criticism. In fact alot of female replies were “lmao why”
“Lol you too much”. This guy say the word bitch on every other tweet. No criticism
Only one female critized this guy.
But the other guy I mentioned above he got a shitload of complaints and insults from women.
I don’t understand women becuase you attack the men that mean well but allow the men that don’t give a fuck  about you treat you like shit and ya accept it.
This is my opinion when your average guy, geek, nerd, or some nobody say something negative and the women on Twitter don’t agree with,  they  are so quick to critize and attack but just have a question for these women,
how come ya don’t critize the hood niggas  that refer to women as bitches or disrespect women in any kind of way?
Most women won’t admit but hood niggas are glorified. People tend to pick and choose who to argue with. Just my opinion.

Another thing I don’t understand with most of the females on Twitter is, they retweet what they wanna hear for example. Women would only favorite or tweet the tweets regarding men being trash, or men need to step, or there isn’t good men around.
But just like there isn’t alot of good men, there isn’t alot of good women neither.
Women do just as much dirt as men.

If the average guy on Twitter for example tweeted
” Good women are underappreciated”
Or  “no women attitude is too much to handle ya niggas  is bitches” most women gonna retweet that.
Now let if the average guy tweeted” Women do as much dirt as men” rarely get any retweets or favorites and a few women will disagree with him.
Now if the average men say
“Most women or all women are trash or females play too many games that’s why they stay getting hurt”
No female is going to retweet that.  At least 3 females on Twitter are going to critize him.

Popularity overrules talent, morals and self respect.
When a popular guy Or a hood nigga  calls a woman a bitch or disrespect no lie the average women would say “Don’t talk to me like I’m one of your hoes”

Now if the average guy or a nobody call a woman bitch that same woman would slap shit out of him, tell all her friend’s, and probably get her brother or one of her male friends to fuck him up.

I feel like alot of women on Twitter are immature to be honest. Just my opionion. It sounds like I’m judging people but I’m just being honest like I don’t understand alot of the females on Twitter.

I normally don’t ask this of my followers but if reading this(especially women), please comment on below and tell me do you understand where I’m coming from?
With the tweet
” If you agree to go to a guy’s house that barely know,  you have already said 95% yes to sex”  are you offended by that tweet?
and if this tweet
“If I treat a bitch like shit then Imma treat her like shit but a nigga can’t treat my daughter like shit.  What’s so hard for ya to understand”
offended you?

Appreciate if you comment on this even if you disagree with me because I don’t understand this.

Btw I know I mentioned “hood niggas” just to through it out there I have nothing against a guy that glorifies the hood life in fact some guys that are into that lifestyle do have alot of potential to be great. Just want to know why do people treat don’t everybody the same?

If you have an opinion comment below?

Sex Or True Love?

Good question I thought about a while ago and I want everybody that’s reading this to think to themselves
Would you rather live the rest of your life
having sex but never find true love ever
or living the rest of your life with a soul mate that loves you and you love right back but never ever having sex again for the rest of your life?

Let’s look at the first option:

Sex is definitely a stress reliever and one of life’s greatest pleasure.
Sex is a great form of exercise.
Sex can put you in a better mood.
Sex is also needed for the growth of  the human population which is crucial if your somebody that want to be a parent.
Sex can build your confidence.
Sex without love is simple since you can have sex with different people enjoying your freedom.
A healthy sex life can make you look younger
Ture love is not always simple.
Falling in love can be expensive causing you to spend money every so often.
True love can limit your freedom and take time away from your close family and friends.
True love can make you feel sad or jealous over somebody else that’s not even a threat to your relationship
True love can cause you to overthink things in your head which can lead to arguments.
True love will limit your privacy.
True love could have you worrying over your significant other which can bring you more stress.

Let’s look at the second option

Fornication is a sin.
Sex with the wrong person could have you in child support or  deadbeat parent.
Sex is commonly confused with love and could make a situation more complicated.
Sex could lead to STD’s (even with a condom)
Sex can distract you from other responsibilities because sex (depending on the person can be addictive)
Being sexually active means that you are more vulnerable to abuse and mistreatment from your partner or from others
Sex without love could get tedious  fast
If you never have sex ever, you will always be curious to what’s it like to have sex in your mind which can make you grumpy.
Lack of sex could make you miserable so having sex can keep you well balanced
True love brings happiness and joy
True love brings comfort
True love can give you peace of mind
True love subdue boredom alot
True love without children could be the best thing because you can travel the world anytime you want and a life without children could safe you money

Love and sex have both it’s pro’s and con’s.
Think about the times you regret having sex with the wrong person or a person you wasn’t in love it and ask yourself was it worth it?
Think about how sex on a rainy day was a stress reliever and put you in a better mood the next day and how the greatest feeling is when you climax and ask yourself is it worth it?
Think about how being in love led to those late night arguments and long paragraph text messages, over thinking and having you in your emotions and we all have our bad days at work, school, or other things and love is just adding to it with the huge resonbility it comes with so ask yourself is it worth?
Think about how being in love is a wonderful feeling , like the late night walks and deep conversations. All the pictures taken on various dates, the sleep overs, cuddleing under the blankets next to somebody and learning about different things and being introduced into a new world now ask yourself is it worth it?

So another words would you rather live the rest of your life finding true everlasting love but never having sex ever?
Or would you rather have sex anywhere, anybody, anytime but never ever finding your true love and soul mate which means you die alone?

To make this choice easier think about it like this, what’s more boring a life without never experiencing  sex or life without never experiencing love?

When I ask this question to those of you reading this, look at it as if you had to make this choice by Sunday, what’s life mean to you more finding love or having sex?
So remember if you choose love over sex and you don’t have any children, then once you make this choice you can’t have children and you will live rest of your life without having any children?
Also remember if you choose sex over love, then you have the option of having children and you have the option of even being married becuase you don’t need to love to get married, but do you really wanna be married with children but you and your spouse don’t love each other?
Is that an healthy environment for the children?

A sexless marrige being horny all the time with real true  love with many things in common  and many things to talk about or a  marrige that lacks love with not much to to talk but guaranteed the best sex of your life and never leaving the house horny?

(Btw if you choose love over sex you can’t masturbate or watch point ever)
(If you choose sex over love you can’t watch any romantic movies ever and no love making just strictly great satisfying rough sex)

Also keep in mind that things that are harder to find are usually more appreciated than things you can achieve easily

I asked so many questions on here for all my fellow followers and others reading this.
If you plan to comment on this, you can just one of the questions I asked and answer the one that interest you.

Thankful for all my followers and all the likes and comments on my blogs.
I love to write poetry and talk about things people are scared to talk about.
I tend to be a deep thinker so I posts blogs expressing some of my thoughts so others can relate.
I try to relate to the people that’s why my poetry can be so relatable and I will continue to post poetry and other deep topics for all of you to read.
What I like most about having followers is that it’s an oppurnitiy for me to learn from my followers and for my followers to learn from me.
God bless you all. 

Get Lost In My Poems

Before you read this poem, read all of my other poems first so this poem will make sense for you. I wrote this for my followers and I appericate all of you for following me. For those of you reading this and not following me, if you choose to follow me I always follow back.  I am a big fan of my poems, but in all honesty I take more pleasure in reading other peoples blogs to learn from other people. My mind is like a time traveling machine and this poem is like a time traveling machine and I wrote poems on different subjects such  as, love, depression, ancient times, healing, sin, weakness, love, lust,sexual. I have yet to reach my potential and I am still learning. I even wrote a poem/story Don’t Tell A Soul(Chapter 1)Don’t Tell A Soul(Part 2)Don’t Tell A Soul Part 3 and a poetry battle

Me vs Her (This is a poetry battle) Me vs Her (Poem battle part 2) I try new ways to be creative. But as I said I love my poem, but I love reading other people’s blogs more to learn from other people. Life isn’t always about me so I take interest on what’s on other people mind and I love giving feedback on other people blogs. Anyway I dedicate this to my followers and God bless you all.


I would like to invite all of you
Come with me let’s cuddle
and curl under the covers
I don’t bite don’t be shy
Come closer and let’s read together.
Let’s travel at this time
through my peculiar mind.(Remedy For The Broken Heart)

When you see what’s inside
imagine yourself being heart broken
and view the remedy as a token
of me being nice .
Yes I am a nice guy( Tired of being the nice guy)

that tries
to please people, but sometimes
I do get exhausted at times.
Then sometimes
I think the world doesn’t care.(The World Doesn’t Care)

The world is not fair
So together let’s be prepared.

( I’m prepared) like we are playing truth or dare.
If you pick dare
you drinking alcohol, you will be  tipsy
Don’t make that face at me
I won’t turn you to a alcoholic.

( Am I a Alcoholic )because that comes with consequences
to the point you can’t control your mind
because of the demons
and angels on both sides.

(Tired Of Being Possessed)  Heaven and hell been here
before ancient times

(The War Veteran Of Ancient Times) with cemeteries of War Veterans
that became victim of deaths.
Deaths is sometimes the next step
from jealously.
And you must know  (Jealously is more common than loyalty)
Loyalty runs deep with me.
So  (I’m Down For You Regardless)  and thanks for being so modest
for understanding the poems of mine
and you are my ( Colors of light and dark) and lets stay together until our souls
grow old. (Before I Grow Old )I will love you and you will  love me(The Demonstration Of Your Love) and I will not sing Barney
but we can (Make Love On The Beach)

Both (Love and Lust,) I will always respect your trust
Forget your EX and forget in your past
He’s in your rear view.

(Don’t Foucs On The Rear View)  Look what’s in from of you
I am here for you.
Life is a choice (Pro-life vs Pro-choice)  and let God be your voice
because I wanna be in your life
and we would  have to
pray for our sins (We Need Sin To Exist) for being a step behind (Black People Are A Step Behind) Oh shit it’s been 5 minutes
sorry we are out of time
But thank you for stopping by.
Tell the person next in line
I will pick them next (Pick Me Next) to come into my mind