Can You Handle The Size

Angel eyes
and thick
like stripper thighs.
Hit it all night
As long as the angle right.
Take a ride,
the size is nice.
Catch more than a stroke tonight
Alot to handle so close your eyes
While I take your breathe away
and tears come out of your eyes.
Imagine a pastor that hates life,
it doesn’t make sense right,
how I left you hypnotized?
You feeling surprised?
Do you like the way
I take your breathe away at
any give time?
Do you want to take a ride
anywhere and any time?
By the bed post, wrist handcuffed
like a criminal committed a crime.
You say I’m too much to handle right?
Is it because of my size?
Like the saying
“If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime”
This is my saying to you
“If you can’t handle the size, don’t ask for a ride”

My Wife’s Best Friend(Sex Poem)

Maid of honor at my wedding
and godmother of my daughter.
One night things got freaky.
Do I feel feel guilty?
I couldn’t resist,
she was too sexy.
One night I received a
phone call.
It was her,
wasn’t expecting it
at all.
She was my wife’s
best friend since
5ft 5, caramel complexion,
Curvy back and the arch
on her back would lead
any man to erection.
Built like a sex goddess
more gorgeous than
and for a long time I
wanted to insert my penis
in her.
Curious as I was
I picked up the phone
and heard a dial tone.
2 mins later she called
and I answered
She ask to speak with my
but my wife wasn’t home.
I was more concerned
because she was crying
on the phone
I asked her what was wrong
She told me
her ex fiance
dies in a plane crash.
That moment I felt
so bad and sad.
I felt her emotions
More than likely
she was lonely
so I decided to check
on her in person.
Soon as I
walked in,
she was on the
couch weeping
Tears were falling.
Barely able to speak
trying to explain
to me.
She was 4 weeks pregnant.
I put her face on my shoulder
and she cried for about
an hour.
Boy was I uncomfortable
for that whole hour,
but she was vulnerable
So comforting her
was something I
had to do.
I cradle her like a baby
and wiped away her tears
and I started smelling
her hair.
It smelled nice.
She began to look at me
and slightly smile.
What she did next was foul
She took my fingers in her mouth
and began to suck on them.
It felt good, I started to grin
Almost committed a sin
when she try to guide
my hands on her tits.
I felt them for 3 seconds
then pulled back
I started to get tense and resist.
I told her that I couldn’t go
through with this.
I stood up and headed
to the front door.
She followed right behind me.
From behind she grabbed my dick
through my jeans.
Her small hands on my dick
felt so good
I got hard instantly.
She told me to stay for a while.
I mean my wife was miles
Besides she told me
she had a condom
up stairs anyway
and she was wearing tight
shorts by the way.
Got the type of sex
appeal to turn a gay man
I could no longer resist.
I took both my hands
and grabbed her fat ass
while she unzip my zipper
and began stroking my dick
We started to tongue kiss.
I lifted her up by her ass
and took her upstairs.
Took off all my gear.
My dick was fully hard
She was amazed, and called
me a monster.
She began sucking on
my monster.
She started off slow
but gradually went harder.
My wife never sucked me
like this.
To be honest sex with my
wife lately was shitty.
She could barely handle me.
With my wife I have to do everything
but her best friend
suck dick like she need a favor
and it was an emergency.
Seconds later I am shooting
my big load
down her throat
and she gulped
every last drop
and my dick was still hard.
I wanted to fuck the shit
out of her box
condom or not
It was worth being wreckless
this moment
She spread her legs wide open.
I lifted her light body up,
and eased her down on
my dick.
She riding this dick,
while bitting her lips.
I pinned her against the wall
and insert my penis behind her
and grabbed her hair.
She screaming “yes daddy
fucked this tight pussy
and shoot your big load
inside of me”.
Immediately my dick double
in size and I started shooting
a gallon
inside of her.
I stretched her tight pussy
you would have thought
she gave birth.
Suddenly a knock on the door.
She looked through the peephole
and it was her dead fiance sister at the door.
If you was in this position, what would you do?
If you was in the husband’s situation, would you be able to resist?

Poetry Battle Part 3

This is a poetry battle and comment below who you think won the battle. 2 rounds of poetic lines in a seductive, romance, and erotic way.

Round 1:                                                                                  Asia’s verse                                                                            

Just letting you know I was thinking about you today. 
Thought to myself, I can’t wait til he says “hey”. 
Is it crazy that I still feel butterflies inside? Is it also crazy that I want to constantly ” feel” you inside? 
David how do you do it, I gotta get to the bottom of this 😏. The way you make me feel, I just want to experience your kiss. 
Not only the lust but, it’s the responsibility towards me you show. That I observe and appreciate multiple times in a row.
I accept the challenge you present to me, I see it no other way according to my dreams.
It’s you I desire, to be with you I aspire. 
So in case you wanted to know how I really feel, that’s just the tip of the iceberg babe for real 😉.

Andrae’s Verse 

Glad you was thinking about me and I was thinking about you too.

You definitly turn me on and that’s the truth.

I can show you my hard dick right now if you need proof.

I give you butterflies and you want to know how I do it. 

Well I first kiss your lips and have you feel the magic.

Then explore your breast with my tounge and they’re massive.

After a while I get aggressive and start kissing your neck 
to make you wet
So I can prepare you for the best sex.

Taking care of you is my responsibility 
and you are my number 1 priority.

I want to get you in my bed to make you dizzy.

Serve you with acholic drink 
to make you a little tipsy.

When the Ciroc settles in, could you do a dance for me?

Because I think your so seductive
and I am addictive.

You have me attach to you like a magnet 

So you tell me, how did you do it?
What is you special sercet?

Round 2:                                                                                   Asia’s Verse:

I know it’s been a while, I’ve been taking a hiatus,
But only because I wanted to choose my words wisely to tell you this. 
Here’s a quick story about a guy I know, 
No he’s not make believe, you won’t find him on any tv show. 
He’s smooth as silk and as real as gold,
Has the most gentle hands that I always love to hold.
He’s the first person I hear from when I wake up and the last person I give a goodnight kiss before I sleep. 
I get excited when he’s the same person just as real life when he appears in my dreams. 
He’s my favorite man you see besides my dad of course, but, knowing my dad he’d be happy about that as long as we stay on course. 
He has a smile like I’ve never seen and a laugh that could not be replicated. I love how when we’re together things are never complicated. 
Because of this, I grow happy inside. You caught me, yeah, I rather not lie. 
The deeper I go with him, the sweeter it gets. Spoiled, I want what I want.  Sometimes it’s hard to stop, reminding me of my childhood days when I used to eat push pops. 
He’s my favorite man you see, I tried to explain. Now hoping you accept my compliments in this, let’s celebrate with champagne.

Andrae’s Verse:

God damn
I can’t pretend
Definitely wanna be more than your friend
Can’t believe you send this to me.
who ever this guy is, 
he reminds me of me.
I do appear in women’s dream.
I’m sweeter than ice tea.
You’ll shall see.
But I keep reappearing in this woman’s dream.
I am like  her guardian angel with wings.
Middle name is Michael so I think the man you talking about is me.
I plan for us to be together forever 
You can be my Cinderella 
and life evil like the step sisters.
I will rescue you and we can live happily ever after.
Let’s move to an area with nice weather 
all year around without 
no natural disaster.
I feel like I’m in space like an astronaut and we can play together 
in space like math blaster. 
It’s about smiles and laughter.
I’m forever clever and I can set the mood whenever.
I dress more smooth then Steve Harvey.
I’m not  two faced like Harvey.
What you see is what you get.
When things get broken, just step over the dent.
So I’m here to help you to forget about the dent in your broken heart.
Will you be with me until beats in the middle of my chest stops?

This verse below is not part of the battle this is just an extra 

When I’m up 2 something my mind is clear like a glass of water
and smooth like hair moisture.
But I’m confused acting like there’s nothing do when I have studying to do.
But right now I rather have food
But I rather be alone because I dislike groups 
but I love to recite words in groups 
When I recite a poem, I wonder which one I should choose.
The time is way passed due.
You wanna know how I’m confused,
I’m outta of this world so that’s the clue 
and my brain is weak like paper on paper attached with the stick glue.
Want my brain to be strong like paper on paper attached from a stapler.
I want to be more popular then Kobe Bryant at the staple center.
I’m a dominant center like Shaquile oneal
and I have better observation skills then April Oneal.
But I love slow like a turtle 
and have a temper like Raphael.
I should lead like Leonardo or Captin America
and become your avenger

1) Who won round 1, Asia or Andrae?

2) Who won round 2, Asia or Andrae?

3) Cam you tell me which line out of all the poems has a double entendre?

I’m Down For Her Regardless 

No matter what I’m down for you.

A fatherless  past you been through, but I  am who you can look you too.
Moment I  laid eyes on you, I  sense the tension between us.
You looking at me, me looking at you.
Saw you moving  up and down and swinging around  the pole and your moves were so cold.
A fan favorite watching as you demonstrate Hustle and flow.
Falling in love with a stripper was not one of my goals but my heart doesn’t lie to me.
I still remembered the 1st time you approached  me spitting game to me.
But at the time I  thought you was only into my money.
So I  didn’t  believe any off  the compliments you were giving me,
like how I looked cute   with beauitful eyes and smelled nice.
Soon or later you ask if I  wanna dance, I  accept but spending more than twenty 1’s  was not part of the plan
even tho I  was your biggest fan.
I was against the wall and for a female you were pretty tall.
That fat ass and those calves muscles had my dick standing tall at attention.
You rubbing your ass on me all agreesive  for about a minute
while my hands are caressing your body and I  started to fall in love your caramel complexion.
We generated a audience some started to watch when you slowly guided my finger in your box.
You slowly eased my finger inside inch by inch until I found the gspot.
I’m doing a come here motion with my finger and you begging me not to stop
until you suddenly exploded on my hand.
You and I were both exhausted we could barely stand.
Plus it was so hot in the club, so you asked if I could buy you a drink.
I normally would say no, but luckily I was thirsty so I too needed a drink.
But first I had to find the nearest sink
to wash my hands.
Hands felt sticky and greasy like oil in a frying pan.
After all I wash my hands took her to the bar brought two shots of Jack
and I told the bartender to put it on my tab.
You was having a blast hearing me talk about how stuck up women are, the ones with class.
I ‘m going on and going how I only mess with strippers with titties and ass.
All night I had you laughing as the time pass.
Then the conversation shift gears when we started to talk about each other’s past.
We learned alot about each other.
We talked about how you grew up with out no father ,  and I how I couldn’t stand my father.
How you going through a bitter divorce, because you didn’t have any support
due to his embrassment of you not being part of the workforce.
You told me you strip because you became dead broke
after you lost your Grandmother you got stuck with the funeral cost with no help at all.
So I began to think then all of a sudden I had an ephiony.
I offered her another drink and I asked bartender for two glasses of straight Hennessey.
She and I  started to feel tipsy.
I told her that I liked  her better than any other stripper and I  wanted to help her so I  made her an offer.
I told her I  I’ll help her go half on her rent and buy the groceries,
but in return you have to stop stripping and only strip for me.
She said “That’s  all” I said “Well not exactly, I gotta  smash every other day and want some head at least once a week