When A Dream Turns Into A Nightmare?

Seek peace
so everyday
I wait by the sea
just like the dreams,
I mimic the details
as I visualize myself
on top of the whales
surfing to an island
of paradise.
View is nice
and air is clear
like the clouds
in the sky.
I am fed grapes from
the vine
by lovely ladies
in bikinis.
They as well
are devoted
to rubbing my feet.
The admire the words
I speak.
This was my dream
I snapped out of it
from daydreaming
and wanted to make
peaceful dream into reality.
Take my flip flops off
and I started to saunter towards
the sea.
Water got deeper and deeper
and closer towards my face.
I closed my eyes
and was ready to come face
to face with my dream.
But instead of riding on a whale
like I imagined
I am sinking lower and lower
to the bottom of the ocean
am I’m thinking
how did this happened?

Big Dreams In Small Spaces

Accomplishments and goals starts off as dreams.

Dream big, dream deep.

We start off in tiny spaces,

but eventually those tiny spaces

turn into large spaces.

People doubt you, but ignore their faces.

We all want to end up in big places.

Dreams are like braces,

to a person’s teeth.

Braces gradually organize 

and straighten the teeth,

just like dreams you want to reach.

Start from the bottom

when you broke and have nothing,

like robbing everything in sight

because you starving.

The broke is humble most,

they dream and dream at all cost.

Most hungry to make a difference.

An eye witness, they experience

first hand living as the underprivileged.

Yes they choose to escape the small spaces

by living through those big dreams.

Driven from pillar to post.

From bread crumbs to eggs and french toast.

From poor to wealthy.

Dreams to reality.

No dream to drastic .

A Christmas present

unwrap the gift wrap and plastic.

Smile and live in happiness.

Dreams are the gift wrap and plastic.

Reality is the present inside of it.

Keep the body and mind focus.

Stay forever confident and discipline

like soldiers in 1944 

who put their life on the line 

to fight that two front war.

You become big like elephant 

and reality can take you to big places.

Never forget, you start off small 

like an insect.

You dream big in small spaces.


The Unsolved Mystery


Why do I day dream?

Unaware of what’s around me.

My eyeballs rotate,

as I stare in space,

with a blank look

on my face.

Maybe thinking too deeply

makes my brain


To others it’s scary.

Well maybe,

or could it be

that deep thinking,

is interesting

to others when they are


to me articulating

the thoughts that my brain

is processing

and it could be amazing

like staring at a pretty lady


So focus when daydreaming

don’t notice others

watching me,

wondering what I’m


because my eyes aren’t

even blinking.

Amazing or scary?

So confusing,

this will always

remain an

unsolved mystery.



I’m Slipping

Many mistakes

lead to the fallen
of my face.
Retie my
shoe lace
and slowly
find my pace.
My mind
is like the rate
of change
and up the slope
I began to accelerate.
I’m like an inexperienced
and unlike the experienced
I’m moving a little slower.
Both hands on the wheel
until I get the feel
but as of now
arms shaking
like a student outside
during the fire drill.
Cold outside and nervous
was when I was
attacked by the serpents
for observing my weakness.
Being observed like a
science experiment
and I’m being tested
like a hypothesis.
Sometimes I wish
I was only a cum stain
 on a ebony magazine
in prison.
I get exhausted from living.
I blame the process of conception
for my existence.
Haven’t matured from
all the therapy sessions.
Wasted money on
I neglected each
and every lesson.
So many unanswered
I’m oblivious to the
because I think futuristic.
I’m a robot with job.
Dollars and coins
are now artifacts.
I flying to school
with a jetpack.
But I’m wondering
Will I have a ballsac?
Robots can dance
but can robots have sex?
My teacher wakes me
up for snoring in class.
Dann that was a crazy
dream that I had.
So embrassed
like a parent
of a 15 year old
that’s pregnant.
Like my dreams
I’m falling asleep
through every lesson
except no co-payments.
Funds come out of my
parents taxes.
No ebony magazines
in my reality.
Have yet to
lose my virginity
So masterbating to
I only see
in my dreams.
The teacher is
now screaming
on me
for not paying
I swear she is the
that leads the demons
who then leads me
to temptation.
Now in serve hesitation
all of a sudden
a fire drill.
My classmates
March into
the soccer field.
Shivering because
of the wind chills.
See girl by the otherside
of the field.
Couldn’t resist this
oppurnitiy I had
to feel
her ass cheeks
to see if they
were real.
Among the crowd
she stood still
I gripped her bottom
with two hands
like a steerling wheel
on ship.
I tried to dip
and I thought I
was slick.
My shoelaces were untied
and as I ran
over the building steps
I slipped.
She came on
top of me
and punch me
in the chin.
Not again
As I wake up
in my mother’s
bed pretending
to be somebody
I’m not.
I’m slipping again

Not About Making, but Saving

Money something we all want and some more than others.

Money  can turn friends into lovers.

Without money there is not much you can do.

“Make the money girl, don’t let the money make you.”

Remember this quote from the movie “Player’s Club”

Money can be evil like lust,

if not handled right.

Money can make your life nice

if you are saving your money right.

Money made from working in laws firms

or playing dice.

Money to be made in different ways and different types. 

Legal Vs Illegal.

Illegal way subdue the struggles 

The illegal way is more simple but the result can put you in trouble.

Having people on the corners drug dealing.

Dealers think they the toughest

 until they get caught, locked up and turn into snitches.

Paying lawyer fees and snitching for a lighter sentence.

Money spent on lawyers more than thousands.

So overall money this way is made the faster way.

But most that choose this path spent money on bullshit everyday.

Alot of millionaires  and celebrities go broke becuase lack of investing 

in their future and for not properly saving.

Rich people sometimes think money can solve everything 

thinking they above the law and get away with everything.

But people are not prepared to get caught thinking they can get away with everything.

Well guess what lucks up becuase nobody but God is untouchable.

Money will come if you work hard enough.

Be patient and chase the dream.

Only spend money on the things you need.

Have a plan and every paycheck put away at least 5%.

That 5% overtime time will add up and don’t brag  to your friends

how much money you got.

Money turn friends to jealous enemies 

and friends to strangers and vice versa.

Bragging about money will promote gold diggers.

Want a real down to earth wife, work hard in life

don’t be the bragging all the time

and chase the dream, take the oppurnitiy 

and thank God always.

Real women love the ambitious, the talent, and the mature mindset you demonstrate,

 not just the money on your plate.

Remember it’s about how much money saving

not how much money you making.