Do We Know How Long The Distance IS?

I dedicate this poem to simofutet. She requested me to write a poem on “distance” on my Magic Spell blog in the comment section. If simofutet is reading this now, I hope you really enjoy this poem that I wrote for you and it was a pleasure writing this poem for you.


From happiness to destruction
is what I witness this Christmas
Waking up this morning
and I’m hoping
this is all fiction.
Some reason I’m not excited
to open my presents
and I blame Satan
for the separation
of my parents.
All December
the nightmares
had me afflicted
over and over
being exposed
to my parents
and I have been distant
from my siblings
and I did not help
with the decorations
and everyone is doing
everything they can
to get me to be apart
of the celebration
Christmas is all
a fiction
because real  life is unscripted.

My dad moved out
and moved down south
and for him to get
to us  is a long distance.
My dad move out
and moved down south
and for him to get
to us is a long distance.

I opened up all my presents
and they are quite expensive
and mom kisses me
and tells me I’m worth it.
But do I really deserve this?
So now I devour my breakfast
and I ask for seconds
and swallow that down
In less than a minute
Mom is astonished
and asked “Your
already finished!”
I say
“I going to sleep for a while
I’m feeling exhausted.”
I drag my feet
like a peasant
I  stare out the window
near the fire escape
staring at the flock
of pigeons.
This reminds me that
my dad is missing this
I decide that
I will climb out the fire
escape because I have
to see him this Christmas.

My dad moved out
and moved down south
and for him to get
to us  is a long distance.
My dad move out
and moved down south
and for him to get
to us is a long distance

So if my dad can’t
come to me
I will go to him
just so we can smile
together again.
I will not pretend
that I am content
and I blame my mom
and Satan.
My mom  kicked
my dad out
and I’m tired of her
“Stay in a child’s place”
she says that when I ask
her “why did you
kick dad out?”
I will go to my dad’s house
to live
and I am never coming
back again
I plan
to live with him.
As I climb down the fire escape
the wind blows hard on my face
From the alley
I ran towards the street
I  was in the middle
of the street
but stop to bend down
tie my shoelace
After, I stand up
In the sky I saw
a airplane.
All of a sudden
I look left and see
A car speeding
towards my way
with yellow license plates.
I yell  “Stop”

Now I suddenly leave
my body
and see angels in front
of me.
One of them
speak to me
“Satan was inside your mind
but he will never own
your soul, now welcome
I feel so free
No weight off of
I look down and see
on the faces my family.
My mom is yelling
at my dad
“Your killed our son
you fucking bastard,
you fucking piece of shit”
I smile at peace
and kiss her and my dad
on the cheek
and say

“I  moved up
way up millions
of light years
In the clouds
and though
I am no longer
within your distance
I was grateful
to have you
as my earthly
I will always be with
you in spirit”

Now instead of my parents arguing
the next moment I see them hugging
and crying and apologizing.

I join the group and though
they can’t hear me
I whisper to them
“I will see you again in heaven”


Heaven is beyond the human distance Mom and Dad,

but this was the Lord’s plan

Even though I died before I became a man

as long as you put God first, you will see me again.

My life only had a short distance, where I didn’t have long living

but the lord is at the end of the race, no matter the length

of the distance.



  1. As a mother, do you think it’s okay for her to tell her child “Stay in a child’s place” when the child is asking “Where’s daddy?”
  2. Was this a happy ending or a sad ending?
  3. For those of you that are parents, are you always making sure that your child is happy and do listen to you children when they are telling you that they are are not happy?