Life Lessons

Consequences is the affect since sins are committed by the innocent.
I thought of this from lion king when scar wanted to devour the little rodent.
Sometimes those people think there’s no choice based on the lives they’re living in. Everyone alive is physically living,
but decisons will be foreced upon,
when living careless, or when lacking the characteristic of being dominant.
Being dominant is just an excuse for people to live reckless.
That trait has nothing to do with making a hit on others going from check list to check list.
But as well, you must understand this world is survival of the fittest.
Recklessness leads to accidents
but tell me this, what can you accomplish by being passive?
Being passive certainly is not the answer, no one would hear your voice.
But making sure you accomplish your dreams and that you stand out is all up to your choice.
Some dreams stay dreams, some dreams come true.
I always say pick the apple highest on the tree
since its healthiest for you
Couldn’t agree more with reaching high for what you want.
It’s better to work hard than just taking it as many have been taught.
Hard work is honored but only if working smart comes with hard work like a warranty plan.
Hard work is like a brand new laptop, but meaningless once it break and there is no warranty plan.
Now time is like wasted money thats spent over again
for not using intelligence when carrying out the main plan
Warranty implies when something is broken you have somewhere to turn.
With life there isn’t a back up plan and it’s unfortunate that people don’t understand that when they’ve been warned.
Life isn’t make believe nor is it a joke so hard work is the recipe to staying woke.
Well life itself is something that we only have once chance,
but each day, we go through situations
like a twlight zone
where some may be similar compared to others.
A unfamiliar situation can lead to a mistake that becomes a lesson, but that a situation can arise again like the sunrise,
so would it be foolish to make same mistake like last time?
Never a failure always a lesson.
This is true that a mistake can lead to an open door.
Stumbling into situations that one has never endured before.
Fool a person once, shame on them, fool a person twice and they may need to look into what’s going on with them.
It’s possible to make the same mistake twice but, it’s advised to use caution with ice.
Yes make sure to take the ice with you when approaching a open door and walk in slow.
But the door could suddenly slam in your face and make you feel low,
but don’t let that closed door stop you from achieving your ultimate goal.
Find a key, or lock pick that shit and get it open.
Do whatever you have to do to cross the finish line safely and preparedly.
You might open it but, what lies inside it you may be ready for it barely.
However what’s on the other side should never prevent you from going forward.
Take deep breaths and move onward.
To move forward, sometimes we go backwards to start over and I’m living proof.
So many choices to make in split seconds, so what do I choose?
Life lessons aren’t taught in school
because the way I learn is through fail examinations
and I learn the lesson after.
Every failed exam, have made me to adapt better and at a faster pace.
I will acheive all of my goals before gray hairs crowd around my face.

Now after reading this poem, If you had to think about your life, off the top of your head what was the two most important lessons that the elders should teach the youth?

For me, I say that young teenage males should be taught on how to put on a condom to prevent an unwanted pregnancy and young teens should also be taught that college is an excellent experience, but college alone will not guarantee a job after you graduate so therefore make connections, apply for internships while in school, and take certification exams that are required in your field of study.

Comment below and tell me what you think?

Also I want to say thank you to Tiffanee Charles for helping me write this poem.

Devil’s Politics

Devils politics

Technology and musical instruments

Artist perform and articulate lyrics

that help build their image

but destroy human population.

Women became thots and bitches

Symbolized as sex images

Sexual conduct is promoted

and girls are idolizing

the artists and videos

on television

and becoming sex objects

A bad bitch, a gangsta bitch

a baby momma and a diva.

We glorify these sexual personas

Gain friends and popularity

through the use of weed smoking.

That loud, that reefer, that purple haze,

orange kush

Different slang name, but it all does the same

damage in the brain.

Cells leaking out the head like semen

which leading women to abortion clinics,

children being neglected and a growth of single parents.

Husband and Wife is conservative.

Baby momma and Baby daddy is the alternative

and over the years it became repetitive.

Shit sometimes a life is created out of a situationship

since marriage is damn near facing extinction.

Marriage is the bald eagle.

Situationship is the pigeon that shit on relationships like car windows.

Peak inside the window at a isolated area

and you’ll see weed smoke and foggy windows.

Foggy windows could be viewed on porn sites.

The site that turns making love into a foreign concept.

Regular intercourse we overrate for focusing only on the body

instead of the intimacy.

The bonding hormone released at orgasm is released during masturbation ,when no one is present

so the bonding hormone we was all blessed with, stop having it’s effect.

Now privacy and safety is at risk and exposed to children

for falling victims to sexual offenders

and a quarter of teenagers been bullied through the internet or texting

and a select few have participated in sexting.

Devils strategy is to create a false sense of reality.

Schemed demonology mislead population strategically.

Evil rarely detectable, its defined as a malicious tactic in stealth mode like a fighter plane.

Devils is the president that’s winning

every election

and fallen angles are the corrupted politicians in the house of Congress

utilizing musical instruments and technology.

Comment below if you can think of ways how music and technology affect society?

Questions That Are Good Potential Blog Topics?

God showed how much he loved us by sending his one and only Son into the world so that we might have eternal life through him” – 1 John 4:9

Before I go any further with my questions, I’m not 100% sure as of now but I could be taking a another break from blogging. For one, I have alot of shit I’m going through right now and I plan to take my poetry to another level by going to open mics, joining a poetry contest, and maybe getting my poems published. I wanna thank all of my followers I have gained since I started blogging. I really want to give a special thanks to my close followers and supporters because they always take the time to read my post and give me feedback. It’s easy to gain followers but it’s hard to build a fan base and make connections with people so I am thankful for the dedicated followers that support me 😎

I have a few questions that I think about since I am a curious person

1) What is the best relationship advice you can give somebody that don’t believe in God?

2) Do you notice that people that ask you to support them, will never support anything you do?

3) Why do we worship God, is it because we love God or is it because we fear God?

4) If you read the previous question, is it more common for people to be loyal to you because they love you or fear you?

5) How has social media made people anti-social in real life?

6) Why is it so hard to find a job in your career after you graduate college and why does internships and basic entry level jobs require experience like where are you suppose to get experience if every internship requires experience?

7) I may be crossing the line with this question but do you think bloggers use other bloggers just for support(if you confused just comment below and I will go in detail)?

8) Be honest, when you are reading a blog, what makes you more interested into reading a post?

9) Is it harder for a father to raise a daughter or for a mother to raise a son?

10) What are the pro’s and con’s of being a house wife?

11) What are the pro’s and con’s of being a working wife?

12) If a woman see a guy in her class, at her job, or at her church, and she thinks he is attractive and she wants to get to know him, should she approach him and ask him out or should she wait for him to approach her?

13) When is it acceptable for parents to lie to their kids?

14) If you are miserable at your job, should you wait until you find another job or should you just quit because your happiness comes first?

15) Do you believe that you can make it to heaven if you refuse go to church but you believe God and read the bible?

16) What is the most common thing that marriage couples argue about?

17) How long and how often should you pray to God?

18) If Bill Cosby was to pass away soon, overall was he positive influence towards black people in America?

19) Why is life unfair?

20) Based on where you live, who you live with, where you work, and who you work for, are you truly happy?

21) Do all truth comes to light or do people take secrets with them to the grave?

22) Do you think Valentines Day is overrated?

23) If men are suppose to be head of the household, what happens if the man dies, who will be head of the household if the man dies?

24) If all women were housewives and the cost of living was cheaper, would the divorce rate be much lower?

25) Do you support gay marriage?

26) Can judging a book by it’s cover save your life?

Who Am I?

I normally don’t talk about myself but I figured on this blog I should introduce myself to those that are following me. My name is David Hockaday and  I am 27 years old. I was born on June, 22 1990 and unfortunately  I am the youngest of three children and I am and proud to say I was born a black man and I will never be ashamed of that.  In this blog, I will discussed how I started writing poetry, why I love poetry, why I started blogging, my deepest fears, my strengths and weakness, my deepest questions, and where do I see myself in the future.

About three years ago I was very depressed and ashamed of myself.  I was going through hard times in the year 2014. I was recently going through a breakup and my great grandmother died that year. All my life, I have been an over thinker. I think way too hard on simple things. My mind is like a two year old running wild in walker. My thoughts are all over the place and I get distracted easily.  As far as me overthinking, that comes from me being ungrateful with my life wishing I was somebody else, and being nervous about everything. I have nervous anxiety and I am very shy, that’s why I don’t have a picture myself in my bio icon. For those of you reading this, you have no idea what I’m going through and its not easy being me. Now I don’t hate my life but it can be a lot better.  I won’t say I hate myself, but I hate how unfair the world can be which caused me to overthink since I am the kind of person that tries very hard to understand people. I always felt(even to this day) that people are selfish and don’t give a fuck about you. Just to let you know, I curse a lot. But to not go off topic, I was heartbroken 3 years ago and I blamed myself because I felt like me overthinking is what led to the destruction to the relationship. Next month, I will talk about my previous relationship and why things ended the way it did.  So as far as me overthinking, I realized I had a serious problem and I needed to do something to improve myself. So my best friend, “David Earle” recommend me to see a therapist. I was eager to to get help so I looked up online to where to seek therapy and eventually I found someone. I remember, it was November 2014, exactly three years ago when  I first started  going to therapy.  The first session  was the hardest because I was scared to open up. The advice that my therapist gave me was to write your thoughts down on paper. So one day  I was thinking  really hard as usual about my deepest emotions. The type of person that I am is I try so hard not to express my emotions so I try to use logic with every situation I encounter. So I was bored and I just started writing my thoughts on paper about logic and emotion in poetry format unintentionally. I say unintentionally because I didn’t even know I had words rhyming until after I finished writing my thoughts on paper. This was very my first poem that I wrote which was exactly three years ago.

Logic vs emotion

“There is always somebody better than you in everything you do, but it’s okay because is always somebody worst than you
Just do the best that you can and be proud
Because we all failed at something, so why live in doubt
The human heart and the human mind is so cohesive that most people don’t know it,
Without them both, humans wouldn’t even be able to function
But at times, people say listen to your mind or follow your heart , but this is confusion
The mind helps to look at things with a logical perception
The heart helps you to look at things in a emotional perception
So life is really  a battle between logic vs emotion
What would you pick?”

I send this to my friend,”Andrae Croll” and his response was ” This was deep”. When I told him, I wrote this, his response was “Become a poet bro.” Ever since then, I decided to write my thoughts in poetry format to see how talented  I was. So I want to thank my friend, “Andrae ” for inspiring me to write poetry. Poetry has helped me in so many ways. I have a talent that I am proud to brag about because of you. If it wasn’t for poetry, I don’t know how I would make it through the day with my overthinking ass. I scared to admit this, but I was so broken three years I had thoughts of suicide I can’t even lie. When you break somebody’s heart and you blame yourself and you doing everything you can to try to heal a broken heart and nothing is working plus you overthinking everything. You don’t have no idea how much much energy was draining the shit out of me. Imagine accidentally killing your child, that’s how  I was feeling and nobody knew. Not even my parents knew how I was feeling because I can very well hide my emotions.  So again thank you “Andrae Croll” and “David Earle” for saving me.

  I love poetry because it is a stress reliever. Poetry is exercise for the brain and poetry helps organize my thoughts in a patter that’s unique. When I write poetry, I am telling a story of my life experiences or other people’s life experiences. When I write my poems, I can write them on the spot. It only take me a few minutes to write a poem. As time when on, I started becoming more advanced with poetry writing in story format. It feels good, when you have a talent that can take you places. I wished I would have discovered this talent of writing poetry when I was a kid because in college, I would of majored in creative writing. Funny thing was in high school, English wasn’t my strongest subject. Rap music and battle rap have a big influence on my poetry. I love songs that have deep meanings behind them. I have been told that I’m a deep thinker but  to be honest I’m not really sure it’s hard for me to tell. But I when I write a poem, I put 100% effort into writing a poem. Poetry helps me to keep my mind sane, like inmates lifting weights to subdue the stress of being on the inside.

  Now I started blogging two months ago. August 18th, 2017 was when I uploaded my first two blogs. I had no intentions on blogging prior to August 18th. Never been a big fan of social media but I do have a twitter account. I been on twitter since 2013 but  I am not a constant user. I was very addicted to twitter during 2013 and 2014. I use to tweet all the time. Once I became an apprentice for local 3 in 2014, I became very busy and exhausted so I didn’t have the time to use twitter like I did before. In 2015, I started working two jobs. I was working seven days a week. Picture this, Imagine working seven hours Mon-Friday, 7-2:30pm, Mondays and Tuesdays(not always) picking your mom up from the train station at 6:45,  then on Wed I would have college which is required for the apprenticeship from 4pm 6pm after work. Transportation was a bitch because I live in long Island, NY .  School and work was in the city so I wasn’t getting home until 8 p.m. Then on Thursdays, I had to get up at 4:30 am, just so I  could get to work at 7:A.M. Thursday was my worst day because I had electrical theory class which was too required by the apprenticeship. Class would start at 5 p.m. and end at 8:30 p.m. I wouldn’t get home until after 10:00 p.m. and I had to be up at 4:30 for work the next day. On top of that I had a weekend job. On Saturday, I had  little bit of  breather because I had work from 4:30 – 8:30 p.m. but on Sundays I had to work 13 hours from 7:00 a.m – 8:30p.m. I had to work a minimum of 17 hours a week for my weekend job. Only 4 hours was available  for Saturdays, so Sundays I had to work 13 hours to make up the difference. Then imagine the next day which was Monday, you had to get up at 4:30 A.M to got to your weekday job. I had to do this for two years straight.  One benefit was I was stacked up in the bank. I will talk about this in the future, so to make a long story short, I was burned out and I eventually end up quitting both jobs because I wasn’t happy at all. Imagine working two jobs  that you hate, not dislike but hate. Well I didn’t hate my weekended job but it was burning me out. My weekday job, I hated that shit. I respect local 3 union but it was not for me. So when I quit 6 months ago,  I had so much free time I didn’t know what to do with myself. So I started using twitter again. But for some reason, twitter got annoying. In 2013, I was addicted to twitter because I use to tweet my deepest thoughts and read everyone Else’s tweets. I thought at the time people were unique. Twitter was ignorant but I loved every moment of it. I too can be ignorant sometimes but that’s okay because there is a time and a place for everything. But now I realized twitter is a popularity contest. To me it’s like high school all over again. People tweet the same shit over and over. It’s about loyalty, relationships, men are trash etc. You can tweet whatever you want no problem but people try so hard for attention. For example, everybody on twitter swear they are loyal and faithful. Those are the type of tweets I see, but I will telling you something.  I can guarantee you that 90% of the people on twitter cheated at least once, but people are not admitting it. Most importantly you can’t have an opinion on twitter without somebody insulting or criticizing  you. It’s always the people that don’t follow you, that always be you in your goddamn mentions criticizing you. So I just got fed up. On August 18th, I was on Instagram and looking this girl profile and I saw a link. I click on that link which brought me to her blog on word press. I started reading some of her blogs and  I thought they were interesting. I saw the feedback she was getting and her blog page looked very neatly organized.  Then instantly I thought about starting my own blog because I have a lot to talk about and I’m always curious to read about other people and getting to know them. I love giving feedback on deep topics. Not only that, I needed a platform to post my poetry. So later that day, I decided to open an account on word press to post my poetry. But I also love reading other people’s post to see if I can relate to the thoughts of others. I love to express myself on paper, but in person I’m very shy and it’s hard to communicate in person. So all of these reasons combined is why I started blogging and I fell in love with it ever since. I appreciate  all of my followers and I try my hardest to interact with all of my followers.  It’s a blessing to have people like my blogs, even a greater blessing for people to comment my blogs. I didn’t expect to have much success with word press.  When I give feedback on other people blogs, I usually get a response back and   I am so grateful that I am being acknowledged in the first place. I don’t ask for a lot so when I get a comment on one of my blogs, it lights my day up like a Christmas tree. If I could at least reach out to one person or if one person can just see the effort I put in writing a poem then I feel like I accomplished something. But just having my followers like my blogs, is an accomplishment alone.

   My deepest fears, is accidentally killing somebody, losing  a physical fight, public speaking, being affectionate, and going to hell. I wish fear didn’t exist but I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t fear anything.

   Some of my weakness

  1. Overthinking
  2. Worry myself to death
  3. Not speaking up
  4. Being easily distracted
  5. Being sleepy all the time
  6. Having a low sex drive(rather watch porn then have actual sex)
  7. Not opening up to people
  8. Short term memory is awful
  9. Being kind
  10. Cursing all the time
  11. Lacking common sense
  12. Not being affectionate
  13. Rather be alone then to be around company
  14. Not telling my family whats going on with me. They don’t even know I have a blog account


Some of my strengths

  1. Writing poetry
  2. Being creative
  3. Being unpredictable
  4. Being funny(I’ve been told I’m funny)
  5. I have good long term memory
  6. Thinking ahead
  7. Minding my business
  8. Giving advice(depends on the situation)
  9. being respectful
  10. uplifting others
  11. Being able to be alone for  long periods of time
  12. Not needing a relationship to be happy
  13. Being perfectly fine with being single forever.
  14. Going long periods without having sex


My deepest questions

  1. Why did God create humans in the first place?
  2. If God will one day destroy Satan, will he ever create another Satan to take his place?
  3. How did God create himself?
  4. How does Heaven and Hell look?
  5. If more people go to hell then heaven, where would I end up when I die?
  6. If Adam and Eve were the first humans to exist, how did Blacks, Asians, whites and Spanish people come about?
  7. What if all the people living in society freely were to trade places with the inmates and the inmates were free, how fucked would the world would be?
  8. If everybody was guaranteed a place in heaven when they died, would the crime rate go up?
  9. If Adam and Eve were husband and wife, and Cain and Abel were brothers and in order for them to reproduce they had to have sex with their own siblings, why is incest disgusting? 
  10. If bible is written by man and man make mistakes, is everything in the bible accurate?
  11. Let’s say Hitler prayed to God for forgiveness for a week straight before he died, does he really deserve to go to heaven?  now let’s say you a deacon in the church who have a girlfriend and prays on a daily basis, what if he the day he dies he had sex with his girlfriend then 10 minutes later died in his sleep but within those 10 minutes he didn’t ask for forgiveness, is he going to hell?
  12.  God says husbands are the head of the household and to lead the family and wives are to submit, now what if the husband dies, will the wife be strong enough to lead the family on her own?
  13. For the Christians that pray to God, if your elders didn’t bring you up in the church, would you still believe in GOD, if someone was to ask you why do you believe in God, what would you say?
  14.  For Christian parents, if the bible say “Thou shall not judge” what would your reaction be if your daughter married a Muslim?
  15. For the Christians, if someone killed your child and you knew who killed your child are you honestly going to forgive that person or will you seek revenge? 
  16. If there are more rats in NYC sewers than people living in NYC, then how come rats haven’t took over NYC yet?
  17. Where and how did STD’s exist in the first place?
  18. For people that use protection when having sex, what do you fear more, an  unplanned pregnancy or an STD?
  19. If you commit suicide you automatically go to hell(unless you scarfice your life for someones else for a good cause) if you commit a homicide you can repent and ask God for forgiveness so another words what do you fear more killing somebody or going to hell? Your choice
  20. Does forever last forever?
  21. What if black people were slave owners and white people were slaves, would there be more black presidents? Would there even be a Mount Rushmore? Would there be a Malcolm X or Martin Luther King?
  22. If Abraham Lincoln didn’t exist, would I be a slave?
  23. If the devil is the composer of music, is all music  considered devil music?
  24. When you  type in “men” or “women” in the google search box do you ever notice that you mostly see white faces. You actually have to type “Black men” or “Black women” to see black people. Why is that?
  25. To the non racist white people, if black people learned to stick together and made peace when we stand up and fight against racism would you support and fight with us?
  26. To black people, would Malcolm  X and Martin Luther King be happy with black people as a whole (think about this!)
  27. We have a Martin Luther king day in January, how come we don’t have a Malcolm X day?
  28. Why on the NYS regents we are only about asked questions dealing with U.S. and European history,  why not black history?
  29. Why is it on February we celebrate black history month? Think about this, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X are all considered under black history category, why can’t they they just be part of history without adding “black” in front of the word “history”. Black people are no different from white people so why can’t history just be history and whites and blacks are all part one category?
  30.  After reading my previous question think again is black history month a good thing? Doesn’t it forces black people to only be concerned with history of our own race once a month. Black people from generations past shouldn’t be just talked about in February. They should be talked about every month. Again all humans are created equal so is it better to just have history as history and both blacks and whites from the past are talked about equally every month think about it?
  31.  When Eminem dropped freestyle in a cypher talking about Donal Trump, I thought his freestyle was excellent. I wasn’t really concerned with his flow or the way he was rhyming but what was being said and I appreciated  him for doing that but my question was why were black people saying his freestyle was ass or Eminem is not greatest rapper? It’s not about Eminem being the greatest rapper or having the best flow it’s much bigger than that. Why can’t we just respect Eminem for what he did?



To be honest, I don’t know where I see myself in the future but I hope where ever I’m at, I’m in a positive place and if I was to die today, I just hope the lord would accept me into heaven.  Again I normally don’t like to talk about myself but I decided not to be selfish and share with my followers who I really am and why  I am here. Out of 345 followers that I have, I would say about at least 5 of them would be curious to know who  I am, why  I started writing poetry, and what are some of my deepest thoughts. So I wrote this for the followers that are interested about me.  I think it’s important for my followers to know a little about me. I did talked about a lot with my life in this blog. Also I hope this blog encourages other bloggers to open up and not be afraid of who you are.


If you are interested in reading my poems, I will add link below to my poems

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My most challenging poem that took me time to write

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I don’t expect you to click on every single link and read every poem. Just pick at least one poem that interest you or has the most clever title and click on the link and read it always welcome to give your honest feedback on anything that I post. Wish everyone a good night and for now one on the first day of each month, I will post a life experience so you can learn more about me. Goodnight everyone


Heartless and Heartbroken 


Through our actions
subconsciously choose
to be heartless or heartbroken.
Loyalty, commitment, and passion
to complete our satisfaction.
But sometimes we so desperate
we fall victims of affliction
but what was the addiction?
Was it jealousy or possession?
Possession  mistaken for power.
Most rather be leaders than followers
but does power last forever?
If it does,  what happens
when forever over?
Do broken hearts stay broken?
Or do we heal like Logan?
A straight line like
the lowercase ‘l’
is  really a lowercase ‘s’.
Every answer won’t
always be yes.
We all want go straight
but get lost along the way
by turning  right or left.
Imagine being right handed
fighting a left handed fighter
Your an quick dodger
but most of the punches still land .
Prime example of the demonstration
of the lowercase ‘l’ and ‘s’.
Bewildered head spinning right and left
Life seems like a open book quiz
but it’s a complex test
The path looks straight
but look hard enough
you find some curves
along the way.
Life don’t have a VCR
can’t rewind the tape.
Thought you could
run a mile
but your out of shape,
breathing hard after
the first lap
about to have an asthma attack
Listen to the words
I just spoken.
I just describe the feeling
of being heartbroken.
Think they love you
until they hurt you.
Is love overrated?
Is being heartless underrated?
Are we born ruthless?
Ask the master
behind the behavior
of being ruthless
as we listen
like obedient students
that dances to the devil’s music.
Sell your soul to Satan
so now the lies are blatant.
To get what I want
by any means necessary
and everybody is an adversary.
Eyes are bleary
as I’m examining my reflection.
Humans are complicated like
a c-section
and I turn aside from
the positive affections.
Went from affectionate boyfriend
to abandoning her at 8 months pregnant.
You got hurt and now you hurt back
twice as bad.
To support your infant
fucking every man in sight
for some quick cash
until you catch the monster
in which  turn you
into  a monster
in which turn you
into a hunter
and every man is a deer
you kill  by letting
them give it to you
in the rear.
Loyalty is rare
in this world
you can die anywhere
but how is that possible
if God is everywhere?
Wishing on a miracle
for being spiritual
turns you suicidal
after you have remorse
for being  homicidal.
Wishing on a miracle makes you desperate
seeking unnecessary attention
looking for affection
in the wrong places
which leads to
tears out of faces
in which you are
now invasive
so you seek revenge
with everbody
you have static
Is retaliation
more potent than
when your heartbroken?


Quiet People

Quiet people

They don’t make a word, they don’t make a sound.
They choose not to be heard, unlike your average class clown.
They say quiet people don’t really like to talk.
Mouth of quiet one is still, like a paralyzed person that can’t walk.

Quiet people are pure silent but there is a reason why:
They are most observant.
They minds are the loudest.
Their thoughts are the deepest.
Personality of a quiet one is usually most humble.
The ones that stay away from drama and trouble.
But that’s what most people notice about the ones that are silent.
But what you don’t know is that quiet people are full of surprises.
Usually underestimated by their silence, their minds are the loudest
Brain watching, thinking, and planning moves like life is a game of chess.
They wait for the moment behind close doors to do the unexpected.
I say unexpected cause nobody expects it.
Quiet ones are the most freakiest(sexually).
Quiet ones are the most devious.
Quiet people always fall victim to prejudgment.
But in essence the quiet ones are the ones you have to watch.
If you a quiet person, as you read this you know this is dedicated to you.

Am I Ahead Of My Time

Life is mixed up like a crossword puzzle.
Sometimes happy but sometimes in trouble.
Images in my head can be so vivid.
If I choose to be violent, I can make a murder scene graphic.
Serial killer like Dexter sometimes it cross my mind
to take a life since I’m pissed off all the time.
Like a immature kid running across the street
dodging a car just in time.
I’m build like Apollo Creed and I sweat more than rocky between the sheets,
but not from engaging in intercourse  becuase of nervousness.
My mind is imprisonment which results in the lack of erections.
So devasting when you pay attention and
still didn’t understand the lesson.
I’m like a old man who take forever to respond to a text message
My life is plain and dull like salad with out dressing.
But salad is healthy that’s  why I eat it but never toss it.
Hope those of you reading this understands the double entendre of the last sentence.
Sometimes feels like I am serving a prison sentence.
Days to months from months to years.
My mind is it’s own tier.
My life is a notebook and each page represent a year.
Every year on my bday, I open the book and tear
the pages becuase my life feels like it’s wasted.
When I die would I rather be buried or cremated?
I once use to think Tupac faked his death
Did death row lead him to his death?
When he died, Stanely Tookie was all we had left.
Co-founder of a gang and he realized he made
a mistake.
Sometimes wish I could of personally saw his face
when he was on his knees and prayed
to God for his mistake.
Arnold Schaeggner inspired others to lift weights
but he is a racist.
What’s  worst being a racist or a rapist?
To be honest I hate a rapist  with a passion.
In our unique ways we  all appear attractive
to somebody
So why force a woman and tell her what to do with her body?
Disappointed in Bill Cosby even though he was funny
in a clean way.
But his heart was in a dirty place.
Richard Pryor expressed his comedy in a dirty way
But wondering if he was alive today
and saw Bill Cosby
What would he say?
Maybe he wouldn’t have nothing to say.
Sometimes words can’t express when we are disgraced
with role models.
So instead I turn to the bottle to take way tomorrow’s trouble.
So I get use to the bitter taste and swallow.
Sprite and cough syrup made me want to throw up at first.
But now I got addicted, I drink it before I go to church.
In the service I can’t sit up straight, so I have to lean in my seat.
Doze off and fall asleep.
This poem was delivered to me in a dream for next Sunday
and today is Monday.
Only 6 days away.
Ahead of my time and I’m starting from the end.
I already made it to heaven
and I rather stay there
then to come here
on planet Earth.