I Hate Christmas

On Monday at midnight, I will be uploading the answers to the riddle Who Can Solve This Riddle? that I posted a few days ago. It’s really a easy riddle and I invite you all to solve my riddle.  On Tuesday, I will upload a poem about men that brag too much about women. On […]

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Almost Gave Up But Didn’t 

I’m ready for any challenge Talent must be perfected Practiced hard this week plus learned so many lessons. What was once complicated is now simplistic. Every goal is realistic don’t leave your talent from heaven stranded. Nothing is perfect Your goal you have to work at it. Marriage and being a parent are the proudest […]

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Please give me a sign

I know my journey has been difficult, but am I being too cynical? Still haven’t received a miracle, as I look up at the sky. Questioning myself, are you still on my side? Feel like a grown man in a child’s body. How can you expect me to act grown with a child’s mentality? I […]

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