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I had a podcast for about 4 months and I barely had the chance to use it. This year I plan to change that and I will be using my podcast more often. I plan to accomplish a lot of goals this year and using my podcast is one of my goals and getting recognized is one of my goals.

Listen to this episode of my podcast, Spoken Word Poet, My journey and experiences on blogging

Quote of the Day

Words are powerful enough to hurt somebody but words will not raise a person from the grave so think before you speak” – David Hockaday

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I Am Thankful 

I have wrote 34 blogs since December 1st and today is my 35th blog for this month. This blog is the last blog of the year and I am thankful for blogging. I am thankful for every one of my followers. I am thankful for all the followers that hit the like buttom my blogs. I’m even more thankful for the followers that are consistent in  leaving me comments on my blogs. It means a lot to me that their are bloggers out there that appreciate my content so I wanna give a special thank you to my consistent followers that are consistent in reading and leaving comments on my blogs.  I won’t mention names but there are about 15 of you that I really appreciate from the bottom of my heart and those 15 followers gave me the motivation to open up and to work hard to upload 35 blogs this month. I am even more thankful that I was nominated for  the Liebster award from five different bloggers. I think this might be my last blog until May. I think I am going to take a break from blogging for a while so I can focus on school. I’ve been working very hard  blogging content and it’s taking time away from school and my other responsibilities. I will be around to give feedback but I will take a break from posting for a while that’s why I uploaded so much content this month to make up for the months of Januray to May 

I give a special thanks to

Mrs.Sharon Afriye


Harotian Essentials



I really appreciate them from the bottom of my heart. I decided I won’t  accept the nomination but I appreciate this award and I will answer the questions that each of these bloggers left on their blogs for the nominees.

Mrs.Sharon Afriye Questions

Have you thought about quitting as a blogger and do something else?

I been blogging for four months and I am enjoying it so far and I haven’t thought about quitting whatsoever but I will be taking a break from blogging from January  – May to focus on school

Have you thought about quitting what you’re currently doing and blogging full time?

It does cross my mind sometimes it does because blogging is something  that I love to do. Studying for school get tedious and looking for a job after you graduate is another pain in the ass to the point you get tired of working hard. Blogging is a lot of work but blogging comes from the heart and I love it. I like school and I want my degree and I want a good career but every once in a while, sometimes I just rather start my own business such as blogging instead of working for a boss. I worked seven jobs and sometimes I get tired of working for a boss. I rather answer to myself but I don’t have these thoughts often, just once in a while.

Do you ever experience writer’s block and how do you deal with it when you do?

Of course I experience writer block. One time, I wrote a poem about having writers block. I use to try and force myself to write poetry but now I just let it come to me. Another words, when a bad situations approaches me, I overthink very hard and when I start overthinking, I write my thoughts down in poetry format. Also I read other poems and watch spoken word on youtube to give me motivation

When you seem to have no time, how do you make the time to keep blogging?

I set a schedule at night before  I go to bed or through out the day when I have nothing to do, I will write a poem and upload it before midnight

Would you ever quit blogging and what would make you quit?

As of now, I have no thoughts to quit blogging as of now. I don’t know how I would feel in the future, but the only way I will quit blogging is if I become a famous poet.


elisgraci questions

  1. Describe yourself in one word.   
  2. If you would be an animal for one day, what would you be? Why?
  3. If it’s the end of the world, what are you going to do on the last day?
  4. You’ll be given a super power, teleport or fly? Which one will you choose? Why?
  5. If you will win 1 million pounds, list 5 things you will do immediately after getting the money.
  6. What song best describes your life?
  7. If there’s one dead person (famous or not) who will be given life again for a day, who would you like it to be? What are you going to tell or ask him/her?
  8. Name one food you will never eat. Will you change your mind and eat it if somebody will give you money in exchange of eating that food?
  9. How would you like your family or friends to remember you?
  10. If you will be given an immortal life, would you accept it or not? Why?

 1. Understanding

2. I would be a hawk because I would want to fly and I would want to be on top of the food chain.

3. I would go back to the hospital where I was born and I would pray all day and give my nephew my poems.

4. I would want to fly so I can be above everybody and see down below. Ever since I was a kid I always though flying was cool

5. I would save my money. I wouldn’t spend a dime. I would still keep working to save more money.

6. Good question I could name a lot. Tsu Surf ft Joe Budden conversations.

7. I would want to see Malcom X alive and I would love to spent the day with him. I would ask him where he got his confidence from, how does he feel about marriage in the bible since the bible states men are the head of the household, is he proud of black people in this generation, whats his favorite movie, and where he buy his suits from

8. I would never eat tuna fish. Only for a million dollars or more I would eat tuna fish

9. I would like my family and friends to remember me as being quiet, understanding, and reliable 

10. As much as I would want to accept immortal life, I couldn’t accept. I was created as a human so I will die as a human. Only after death I would want to be immortal. Besides if someone was willing to offer me immortal life, I would think it’s a trick or a setup.



Harotian Essentials Questions

  1. How did you get into blogging?
  2. Was there anyone close to you that discouraged you from blogging? If so, how did you handle it?
  3. What inspires you to blog?
  4. Where do you see your blog in 5 years?
  5. What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a blogger?
  6. What would you say are your best personality traits?
  7. What are your (5) favorite songs? Why?
  8. If you had one wish to better this better our world, what would it be and why? (Describe in 250 words or less)
  9. What are your favorite (3) quotes that inspires you to get through hard times?
  10. What would you like to accomplish through your blog?



1. It was random. I was looking at this girl’s Instagram and she had link which was a link to her blog. I read her blog and I was very interested and I wanted to learn about other people and give feedback and opinions so I decided to create a blog account on August 19th 2017.

2. No, none of my family members know that I have a blog website and  I plan to keep it that way.

3. I been writing poetry for three years and I gave my poetry to family and close friends to read and they love my poems because they are relatable so relating to others is what inspires me to keep blogging

4. That’s a good question, I think I might be a famous blogger, I think my blogs may be in a magazine but I got a long way and a lot to learn about blogging.

5.  I wrote a post about that Is It All About Likes/Comments When It Comes To Blogging? this post talks about the techniques to use and I provided some important pointers to all bloggers rather new bloggers or experienced bloggers

6. I guess I am understanding, considerate, unpredictable, but sometimes I think this is a disadvantage as well.

7. conversations – tsu ft Joe budden, the ghetto – beanie sigel,  black love – Papoose ft. Nathaniel,  Ride for my n*ggas – Beanie sigel,  Unborn child – tupac

8. A couple of things to better this world. I would find a way to help the ghetto. In fact what I would do is have the ghetto and the rich switch places for a year so the rich can see what it’s like in the ghetto and how hard it is because a lot of rich people(not all) were handed everything and yet look down on the poor.  I would want to show the ghetto that life is unfair and nothing is guaranteed but you can achieve better things in life through hard work and dedication. It won’t be easy but it’s possible and I would want to show to ghetto that the rich is not perfect and they too have hardships as well maybe not financially but they too have hard times.

9. The first two quotes are quotes that I made up, “Jealously is more common than loyalty”, “Never apologize for something that’s not you fault” and this quote  I don’t remember word for word but this is by Tsu Surf ” Disappointments  are guaranteed when you give a fuck”

10. By time time next year, I hope to have 1000 followers.


                      nickosale questions 

1. What ever made you to consider blogging? 

2. What’s your fuel for blogging. 

3. How do you think your blog is helpful to others.

4. How like is the the response from your following and fans?

5. How different do you think is the art of blogging and writing from other creative arts?


1. Was looking at this girl’s Instagram  and I clicked on a link which led to her blogging account. I read some of her blogs and I got addicted and I was curious to learn about other bloggers plus  I had a lot to share

2. My fuel for blogging comes from God, then it comes from other bloggers and my followers. A select few of my followers gives me motivation to continue to blog.

3. I feel like my blog is very releatable because I talk about situations that I have or what others been through and some of my blogs are lessons for people to learn

4. I average about 30 likes and 2 comments on my blogs as a total

5. I feel like with blogging I am in control in which I can voice my opinion and talk about any topic I want to talk about



 notesbomb questions


  • Have you thought about quitting as a blogger and do something else?
  • Have you been faced with a stubborn reader that insists you should delete your blog post because he/she doesn’t think it is appropriate?
  • If you were to choose between blogging and being paid $1m what would be your choice?
  • What is your most liked blog post that your readers loved?
  • What is your greatest challenge as a blogger?



I been only blogging for four months and I love blogging and I have no interest in quitting but I will be taking 4 months off from blogging

I have not been faced with a stubborn reader  that suggested  I should delete my blog post but I have dealt with annoying bloggers and annoying comments

I would rather continue blogging because I blog about my personal thoughts and what’s in my heart and you can’t put a price on my thoughts or what’s inside my heart

My most liked post that readers love was I Love All Women (but this is for the black women) . Only blog with more than 70 likes

My greatest challenge so far was the month of December. I decided that I was going to upload every single day exposing my deepest thoughts. It was hard trying to keep up with a schedule. On my Am I A False Prophet? blog, I told my bloggers all the content I would be uploading on each day of December and most of the blogs I wrote from scratch. I just randomly picked topics I decided to talk about. For the average blogger, that read the top of my “Am I A False Prophet?” it seemed liked I had a plan, but I was just going with the flow.


I have meet all kinds of different bloggers and I wish I could meet some of you person. I never realized how much love I would have for blogging. I wish I didn’t have to take this break but I have alot things to handle in my personal life. I will still be around to from to time but I won’t be as consistent in giving feedback on other’s blogs and I definitely won’t be posting anymore content no time soon. I wish everybody luck and Happy New Years 

Questions to think about

1) Do you believe in New Years Resolutions?  Me personally I don’t, I don’t need to wait until a new year approaches to make goals. New Year Resolutions are overrated

2) For those of you like myself that lives in New York, do you want to stay in New York forever or do you want to move down south? Me personally, I would like to move down south where it’s more quiet. New York is too crowded

3) Was 2017 a good year for you and did you accomplish alot? One accomplishment for me was I did started a blogging and that was huge to me but to be honest, 2017 was a set back. This wasn’t the best year. To tell you the truth, I don’t know if I ever had a good year. I always feel like I can do better but maybe I’m just my worst critic

4) What’s the big lesson that you learned this month?  I learned that if you have kids and a wife/husband, keep them off of social media  and don’t mix family with business because if you have an enemy on social media that knows you and your family, they will use your family against you and say something about your kids. One guy called this other guy’s daughter a ugly bitch. He did that because the other guy was posting text messages and naked pics of his wife and exposing his wife for cheating 

5) Why do you think people kill other people for the smallest, dumbest reasons? Well I think addiction is very powerful an being addicted to anything can corrupt a person’s mind 

6) Have you lied to somebody recently? I lied to somebody yesterday. I was wrong but here’s why I did it. This guy is a nice guy an we did bible study together in school. Now that school is out, he want me to go to his church on Saturday for worship. He texted me on December 23rd which was a Saturday “Okay, see if you can come to a service this Saturday to continue your study and to receive God’s blessing before the new year”  I told him I couldn’t make it but I will try to attend service next Saturday. So he texted me the time of service. On Christmas day, which was a Monday, I texted him “Merry Christmas” and I didn’t get a reponse. He didn’t respond until 3 days later.  I’m not so annoyed that it took him 3 days to respond but it was how he responded. His words were “Hey David, how are you?, I’m looking forward to see you on Saturday. Even though a some snow  maybe scheduled to fall that should not stop you right…lol” that comment got me annoyed because first of all it took you three days to respond to my text and when you did respond, you don’t  apologize for the late reply or even say merry Christmas or ask about how my Christmas was but yet you want to invite me to church with you. Everything is just about business. Where was he for three days when I texted him “Merry Christmas” on the 25th. Now that we getting closer to Saturday, all of a sudden wants to hit me up asking me wondering if I’m still going to church. So I lied and said I had an emergency at home and I can’t make it. The problem that I have with church is alot of members in the church want attention and only concern is increasing the population of the church. That’s fine but you should be a little understanding towards the members of the church. Give people breathing room and allow them to go to church when they are ready. Stop pressuring members to join the choir, to join the usher board, to join the drama club. The church will do everything in their power to be on top of you to make sure that you are going to church but won’t give you a call, won’t say happy birthday, won’t do you any favors. Church members are friendly with you inside the church, but once they leave they building you won’t hear from them unless it’s  something to do with the church.  The church need to stop pressuring people and learn to get to know your members not just on a spiritual level but relate to them and have conversations about them regarding politics, sports, relationships, problems at work.  Not only you pray and give them bible scriptures to read but help them and try to give them advice. Damn I could of made a blog about this lol 

One important thing I learned from blogging is to never apologize for your content. I won’t say any names but on my “I will never forget my 25th birthday post part2” two people told me to never apologize for my content being too long. Your followers are here to read your blog becuase they want too and if they feel like it’s too long, then they can leave. I want to say thank to the two bloggers that told me this on my “I will never forget my 25th birthday part 2” post. In fact I thank all the bloggers that read that post and leave comments. I really really want to thank all the bloggers that read, liked, left a comment on my “Who Am I” post becuase I really shared alot of personal stuff on that blog and the comments really movatived me and gave me the strength to do better, not just in blogging but I’m my life as well. I wasn’t even expecting people to comment on that blog.

Anyway I think I said enough and I will miss uploading blogs for the next 4 months but I will still be here to give feedback and learn from each and every one of you. In a way I will still be present becuase I will still be here to read your blogs and give feedback for the next four months, the only thing is I won’t upload another post until May so I can focus on my personal life. I uploaded 124 blogs since August and I am tired and a little worn out so I meed a break. I tried my hardest to entertain my bloggers. Can’t lie sometimes I wish I can make a career from blogging becuase blogging is where I’m free mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. But I can’t rely on thing to make me happy so that’s why I need this break. But most of all my real happiness comes from learning from you bloggers and reading your content.Hopefully when I come back in May, my writing will develop and my mind will have expanded. I don’t give advice but I will say this to all bloggers, always blog from your heart no matter how dark, corny, sad, annoying your thoughts may be. It’s your blog and your free to talk about what you want and remember nobody will appreciate your content or blog like the way you do except God(unless you don’t believe God). Take care everbody 

                            For the followers that will miss me, I will still be here I just won’t post no content that’s all and this blog was a blog expressing my gratitude.






Orange Is The New Scar(Please Answer The Question I left At The Bottom)

I left a multiple choice question at the end of this poem and comment below what you think the answer is



Give instructions

to assist them

from avoiding obstructions

and help the brain of others


Everywhere we go

let them know

there is the code of conduct

but it’s on them to follow.

Some people are just to shallow

to adapt.

Shallow like a puddle

since the days of

blowing bubbles.

Teach them

facts of life

as a child

but still a chance

they will turn wild

and out of control

drinking patron

instead of doing

something productive.

They will learn sooner

or later

that mistakes

make them become


We try our hard hardest

to demonstrate discipline

to the ones

that are disheartened

to give them access

to  confidence

in their spirits

Some spirits will

get lifted

but some people

actually get lifted

from a controlled


which led to


that are atrocious

like driving

while intoxicated

which increases the

murder rate.

Murder or manslaughter

however you choose

to define it

another kid

minding his business

been permanently


Dreams of playing

in the NFL

have been eradicated.

Dirty tires from


ended his high career.

Paralyzed from the

waist down

and angry

that he can’t jog

around town

like he use to.

His dreams

swept under a rug

like dust with a broom.

So now he becomes consumed

with revenge

so he get addicted to mushrooms

to escape the reality

What happened to this

young man was a tragedy

so now he has a strategy

on his enemy

that took him out accidentally.

He makes a call

to the drug lord

in the penitentiary

offering him money

to eliminate his enemy

like deleting 

saved documents

on a flash drive.

He just gave


to exterminate a life

that he didn’t create

Now you understand

the process of

how we increase

the murder rate.

His enemy pronounced

dead 3 hours later

and his funeral was

1 week later.

People at the funeral service

were shocked

as soon as they

see a man in a

orange jumpsuit

arrived at the ceremony.

Who is the guy in the orange jumpsuit?

1)the drunk driver’s dad

2)the drunk driver’s brother

3)the drunk driver’s  cousin

4)The drunk driver’s uncle

hint “orange is the new Scar”



On tomorrow’s blog I will post the right answer and explain the hint more


Poetry Is The Power Of Life

I can’t wait until this month is over. I accomplished alot but still have a lot of work to do.  I have to start looking at other bloggers to read and learn their content. In case you guys are wondering why I am going so hard with my content, because after I just want to end the year strong and next semester is my last semester and will be giving my complete dedication  to school so starting February, I wont be really blogging as much but  I will still be active from February to May but  after January 31st I won’t be posting content until May but I still be active in the blogging community between February and May, I will take that time to really learn from you all.  January will be my last month going hard until June. Tomorrow I will upload more  questions for you to think about. Next week I will be uploading alot.

  1. Would you rather judge a person by his/her questions or answers?
  2. What’s most important your past, present, or your future?



Poetry is the power of life
that provides the light.

Expose the light
in dark areas.
Power to make it scarier
or happier
like the lord
When he throws sin away
like dirty diapers.

Poetic thoughts are like
of different colors.

High voltage
or low,
poems give me
power and light from
above and below
or poems can travel through
anything hollow,
electrocuting the souls
surrounding water or metal.

I  have two thoughts
my brain
is in between
to complete the circuit.

Certain days I have
a short circuit.
Poetic thoughts
are more destructive
than the current
in high voltage.
the flow of thoughts
in my head
like magma
inside a volcano.
I overthink
so my poetic thoughts
like a external circuit
and I need balance.
I need an equal
amount of
protons and electrons.

Half positives
and half negatives
Sometimes thoughts
stay still in place
Sometimes thoughts
move around in motion.
Protons thoughts
gives me a happy face
Electron thoughts
make my emotions
run against each other
like a race.

Poetry creates
the power of life
which helps you relate
from a point a view
that’s electrical or mechanical.

Call me Dave  the poetry mechanic

and I use my mind
to restore a person’s feelings
which are similar to car engines
and my words are synthetic oil
and traveled from my mouth
to a person’s brain
like the synthetic oil
In a funnel.
If don’t listen to my words
you are leaking info
like car leaking anti-freeze.
My words comes
from the heart
which is warm
but sometimes cold
like winter
but my words can
warn you up
like a boiler.

My brain is a water heater
divided by hot and cold water.

Certain days I’m cold
Certain days I’m hot.
Certain days I’m poetic
Certain days I’m not
but my poetry always provides
My poetry is a sperm cell
that has the power to create life.



  1. What will destroy you faster, worrying to death while being rich, or being worry free as a homeless person?
  2.  As a blogger, if you had to choose one option, would rather give up posting blogs to read other blogger’s content or would you rather have every on blogger give up the option of posting content to just read your content?
  3. Would you rather teach other’s what you already experienced in life, or learn from other’s and their experiences?


I have more questions on tomorrows blog

Have a good day


Get Lost In My Poems Part 2

Just want to say thank you to my followers. I wrote Get Lost In My Poems part 1 in August. Click the link to see what that poem is about. Evey poem that I wrote since the end of August up until yesterday  all have a connection with each other  which makes one huge poem. This giant poem contains different poems that I wrote since the end of August which are life lessons, comedy, child like, sexy, dark,suspense,relationships,stories ect. I am here to share with and to take you on a journey. Picture this as a poetry museum  and I  am your tour guide and I will let you hop in the time travel machine to switch back and fourth between my poetry(Warning do not eat before you hop in the time machine because you will vomit and I’m not giving your money back because I’m broke and I need it)


Pay The Fare Now Or Get Out!




Your Still Here Smart Move, Keep Hands In The Machine At All Times, Be Safe!


I’m genie and your Aladdin


and I will sure you a vision.
My poems are dream

and hop in this automatic time machine.

The Poetry Automatic time machine

But first allow me to introduce myself
and take you to show you

Who Am I?.


You’ll see I am.
My life is a Journal

Now let’s go back  into another time period in August where I wrote about my journal


and my journal is very personal.
It’s the book where I choose

Hop in the time machine to learn about the art of ghostwriting

to ghost write

from time to time.
Some people


Let’s travel to see life is like as a blind man


are blind

so I’m the guide
to lead them out of


Hop in to see what’s it like on a dark day

darkness and
help them

For every dark night there is always a brighter day


I do that, introducing

Hop in and let’s imagine what the world is like


the power of imagination.
The different thoughts
can be segregated
into sections


Hop in to see common mistakes men and women make

having you confused

When your trying to


Ever tried to pretend to be something that your not? No , well hop in


be heartless for being


But sometimes you have
to understand


Everything you do is a decision, hop in and make a choice

the choices

and decisions from others.
So in the meantime

Our future is not looking to good, hop and read all about it


pray for a better future

But watch out

Hypocrites are more common than you think, hop in

for the fake teachers

and pastors.

Pretend to worship


Don’t get fooled by the blue dress


Jesus but really the devil

in disguise.

Sometimes what you


You ever told a lie? You say no, well I will ask you that again after you read this , hop on in

believe is the truth

is really a lie

But sometimes it’s better to lie
and truth doesn’t always come to light
since we don’t what’s in
a person’s mind


Suicide thoughts are more common then you think. Most people will tell you don’t think about suicide but in order to relate and help those that are suicidal, you have to come down on their level and show them they are not alone, so hop in!


when they commit suicide

but I can brainstorm
and come up
with clues

You didn’t know, I can come up with riddles did you, come hop in and you can’t leave this poem until you solve the riddle and I left clues

like trying to solve a riddle

but sometimes
people are critical
around murder scenes
which is bloody


I was trying to scare the shit out of the bloggers for Halloween, hop in!


and scary like Halloween


Loyalty is a blessing but don’t let people take advantage, so read about it and hop in!


Being a slave to loyalty

will get you heartbroken
for real
where your missing meals

Look at cheating from a different angle, hop in

because your girl fucking

another guy

This poem will ruin your appetite, hop in!



ruined your appetite.
We need to heal

Prayer is need when your heartbroken, just hop in and pray!

and prayer is the secret

When we are defeated
like a poor kid
under a roof of
a single parent on


Christmas is overrated, hop in and see!


So sometimes we believe


Does money buy happiness, answer that and hop in!


money is


Welcome to the magic show, hop in!


and we keep

Always stay quiet because there are advantage to being under estimated, quiet like a mouse but if one’s in my house I’m am going to kill it, I despise rodents hop in!


and the paper

Look out for yourself, fuck everybody, hop in!

I don’t give

or receive


Never forget the oil, hop in!

the blessings

for being poetic.
In a dream I was told

Just ask  J Cole what a false prophet is, hop in!


I was a false prophet.
So maybe I play games
with the people
as I hide in my shadow
like the groundhog

Winter is coming really soon, read a winter story hop in!

in the winter

and I just confused the

Yup, more drama, hop in!


Both the

Men do dirt, read all about it hop in!



Women do dirt, hop in and learn!

and women

Interracial couples are lovely, come hop in and see!



I have to represent the black women they deserve it, hop in!


and black

argue about what they
lack in each other
Women blame Men
and men say

One of the most famous quotes when lying “That ain’t me” hop in!


That ain’t me
Passing a blame is a disease

Do you know God’s plan, well read this poem hop in!

since ancient times.

We all pay for our crimes.
I will end on this note

We need a change, hop in!


We can’t change the world unless

We change ourselves.

This world is ruled by the wealth
and I

You will learn all about fear when I am done with you, hop in!



Please make sure your are 100% sure if you are ready to jump the broom, don’t wait until the night before, hop in!


like a man before his wedding

who is not too affectionate


but still smiles at the woman of


his life

A woman has problems, read  part 2the story and hop in!


and her wedding dress


so tight

Perfect way to elope, take a look at this hop in!



Originally wanted to elope


but she said nope.

Read this and I hope you learn to stop judging people, hop in!


You may think he lame

Hop in if you want to play a game with me!

but he play no games


and he keep it real


and straightforward

I’m taking you back to this poem so you can see the table of contents of my poems for December, hop in!



unlike false prophets

Do ya remember the ending of the story lmao, hop in!



that make up stories


to receive the glory


by any means necessary

My mind be on some next shit, when it comes to this poetry stuff, hop in!



and sometimes it’s a mystery


to me


why people


believe and worship,

Popularity is overrated followed by dick riders, hop in!


power,fame and money

This is for the women to think about, hop in!


but question yourselves

I Hate Christmas

On Monday at midnight, I will be uploading the answers to the riddle Who Can Solve This Riddle? that I posted a few days ago. It’s really a easy riddle and I invite you all to solve my riddle.  On Tuesday, I will upload a poem about men that brag too much about women. On Friday, I will upload part two to some horrific events that led to my 25th birthday. Please read part 1 I Will Never Forget My 25th Birthday (Part 1) before you read part 2.

The worst holiday of all time.
The time of year we see lights shine.
Different colors from all others.
House filled with  decorations is
how we choose to celebrate it.

But Christmas to me is corrupted.
Lol they say it’s the best time of year,
but I don’t care because life is
not still not fair.
Is Christmas really for the middle and poor class?
Prices are expensive out the ass.
The retail stores I drive right pass
like a man that passes gas.

They say material things don’t matter
so I won’t buy my girlfriend a gift.
On Christmas Day I predict
she will be upset so I ask her
“What’s the matter?”
Awe she becomes sadder,

so I say
“I thought material things didn’t matter,
I thought it was the inside that counts?”
Now all I see is a big ass frown.
I don’t get it because I don’t need a Christmas present.

Some of you will say this is the time we celebrate the birth of Christ
but what about those that don’t believe in Christ?
Now I do believe in Christ and always have all my life
but why we express our love for Christ by exchanging presents?

Presents make people desperate
and behaviors shock me like electric.

In some areas, the crime rate goes up.
Jesus scarficed his blood

but we shed blood
and year after year
bodies flows like a flood.

This tells that you should
not trust
and save your bucks
For the poor,
times are tough.
Being broke will make a little
kid hate Santa clause
and heartbroken
when he see him
at the mall.

Tears from his face
is wet like
the water on jersey shore.
In ancient history
Christmas started as a religious

But elements of pagan
festivals were
integrated into the
Christmas celebration.
Christmas been commercialized
with merchants counting
on the Christmas season
to bring the lions’ s share
profits each year.
Children come to expect
to receive large number
of expensive gifts from
Santa each year.

Adults feel pressured financially
and as well mentally
as they struggle to create
an celebration that’s outstanding
providing the perfect food
drink and decoration for
their families.
It’s very difficult
to simplify Christmas
and to focus on its origin



A Devil In A Blue Dress

An angel from heaven I see,

and  she’s at a distance from me.


She blows me a kiss and run away from me



faster and faster.

I yell louder and louder.

So bad I want to touch her,

but I can’t get near her.

Could never see her face clearly,

I only see the back of her dress and it’s lovely,

like Cinderella’s slippers.




My mind is on cloud nine,

as I’m levitating between the clouds in the sky.

I’m floating through the air, and I get closer

to her.

Closer to the scent on her blue dress,

The beat picks up its rhythm inside

the middle of my chest.

I see her arms and shoulders, while I grab her

thin blue straps.

Her skin is so metallic,

like glitter and diamonds.



As I grab her, that innocent voice of hers

she is slightly giggling.

She turns around, she’s not an angel

and she went from slightly giggling  

to evil laughter.




It’s a red dragon, ready to devour my body.

I’m now in the stomach of Lucifer.


All along the lady was really a fraud like Christopher.


Almost Gave Up But Didn’t 

I’m ready for any challenge

Talent must be perfected
Practiced hard this week
plus learned so many lessons.
What was once complicated
is now simplistic.
Every goal is realistic
don’t leave your talent
from heaven stranded.
Nothing is perfect
Your goal you have
to work at it.
Marriage and being a parent
are the proudest accomplishments.
Jesus glimmers invisible light
us to follow.
It’s on us to receive the light.
I will accept the light
and hold on to it
with all of my might.
A torch to light
the dark cave.
Provide space
to keep us safe
from bats and bears.
With my powerful mind
I can mentally suppress
the bear
“The pain is what I can
bare 🤔”
I thought to myself
since the bear was hungry.
Bear was charging at me
ready to eat
my flesh
I was ready to accept death
but my soft skin
turned hard like brick.
Bear tried to chew
bit on the skin
so hard
made his tooth chipped
and became loose
Skin was more
than the bear could handle.
With God’s help
I am always able
to get through my fear
and I don’t need a spear
because God is more powerful
than a nuclear weapon.
I plan for heaven to
be my final destination.
Even though I’m tough
like nails
I fear God and hell.