Should I Go To A Open Mic?

I remember last year around this time,
had dreams of making you mine
but underconfident I couldn’t reach the finish line
because I didn’t have a dime.
No joke when your on the decline.
Barely food for dinner.
Cold during the winter
People mistaken me for a drug addict
People mistaken me for an alcoholic.
Everything is part of God’s plan,
and I felt like hell was my destination
but still kept the bible in my hand.
It wasn’t easy as man.
How do you thank Jesus
when searching for scraps
in trash cans?
Just couldn’t give up
Becoming inpatient
until I saw your face.
You felt sorry for me
and gave me a plate food
to stuff my skinny face.
You walked past
and visited everyday
In the alley by the fire escape
to drop off food
which gradually put
me in a better mood.
Vienna Sausage and soup.
So we began to converse
and I learned you
was a registered nurse.
I told you I write poetry
and short stories.
Your face lit up
because you love poetry.
You asked me to recite a poem

“I feel like an airship
high and mighty
but I am a sinking ship
just forever drowning
I feel like an African King
ruling my kingdom
side by side with my lovely queen
but I am slave, a peasant,
body worn down
from building tall pyramids.
I feel like a pastor
preaching to the congregation
on Easter,
making people in believers
but I am a hypocrite
for telling civilians
that walk by me to follow Jesus
since the skin my body
is dirty.
I feel like I’m dwelling in heaven
but this morning I almost committed suicide.
I feel like I have all the answers
but I have so many answered questions.
I feel like the devil is a liar
but he told Eve the truth
about the tree of knowledge
of good and evil.
I feel like a black hero
saving my people
but I feel like a false king
like Scar
waiting for judgment day
when the lake of fire
burns my face.
All men created equal
In a world
that so vile and diabolical.
These thoughts have me suicidal
but for some reason I refuse to.”

You are just speechless.
You believe that poem is unique
and you love the way I speak.
You say you will take me
to open Mic at the poetry club
next week.
Should I go to a open mic
next week?
Comment below if you think I should go to a open mic?
God bless all my followers and comment below is there a topic that interest you that you would like me to wrtie a poem about and I will upload it starting in July.

Deep Life Questions For You To Answer

This post is not a poem. My next poem uploaded will be on June 2.

This post is a post of variety of deep questions I want bloggers to answer in the comment section. Choose one question from this post that you thought was most challenging to answer

1) Would you lie to your best friend if you knew the truth would end the friendship?

2) Of all your blogs you posted on WordPress, which one was your most successful and why do you think it was successful?

3) Would the world be a better place if celebrities didn’t exist and if they were ordinary people?

4) Are some people more special then others or are we all special in our own way?

5) What would the world be like today if social media existed in the 90’s?

6) If you had the power to end racism or poverty, which one would you pick?

7) Is this a man’s world or a woman’s world?

8) What’s the most memorable lesson you learned from your enemy?

9) If you had the option to know the date and circumstance of your death, would you want to know?

10) The last nightmare you had, if that nightmare came true, would that be the worst day of your life?

11) Is it possible being to creative to the point of insanity?

12) Do you need love in order to survive in this world?

13) Is a life that focuses on avoiding pain and seeking out pleasure a good worthwhile life? Why or Why not?

14) What makes you the most angry about yourself?

15) Is there any emotions that you are afraid to show?

16) If karma was coming back to you, will it help or hurt you?

17) Think really hard, what was your first memory?

No Title Yet

I didn’t plan on posting anything until May, but I have been doing a lot of writing for the past 6 weeks. I haven’t uploaded anything on here since December 31st, and I can’t lie I do miss uploading blogs but I still do be around from time to time to give feedback on other people’s blogs. Now I’m still on break so I won’t upload anything else until May but I have wrote this story I wanted to share with my bloggers. I need your help and I want to get you involved with this story by helping me come up with an ending.

You don’t need to answer this question in the comment section, but why do you think I wrote this story and what is the lesson behind this story?

For those of you that have Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc, when you see a picture a bad chick, thick in all the right places, caramel complexion, sexy pose, how many likes and comments do you think she get based on her picture?

A lovely woman with a nice shape
and a gorgeous face.
Want to take her on a date.
Bring her back to your place.
Have sex on the 1st date
with a condom to keep you safe.
Most men think of looks
but I see beyond the pretty face.
The vagina is a snake
gifted wrapped as a present
on Christmas Day.
This lovely woman is a celebration.
Smile is bright and gorgeous
like Christmas decorations
in a white neighborhood.
Proud to express your manhood
as she aggressively takes
charge of your wood.
Cooks and clean,
rubs your back,
and massages your feet.
Affectionate in all the
right places.
Sending you nudes
only a daily basis.
A lady in public
but a freak in private
which really means
a bunny rabbit in public
but a rat in private.
Seems all innocent
in the front
but hiding the fishing rod
behind her back
to reel you in.
Trapping you in her bullshit.
She starts off with
“Your different compared to the assholes
I been with!”
“I’m so lucky to have you!”
“What do you think our future kids would be like?”
“It don’t matter what we do, as long as I spend time with you.”
This is how it is in the beginning.
Sounds lovely but for every beginning there is always an ending.
As time is moving, mood and tension is changing.
My mom and I got into an argument and she kicked me out.
Can I stay with you for a little while?
You don’t really want to but you allow her to stay.
Make some closet space
for all her outfits and high heels,
but at least she says
I will help you with the rent and any other bills”
Start to feel a little better, because you can use
the extra cheddar.
Helps out only for the first month.
Home cooked meals on the regular.
Without being asked, she packs your lunch.
Good sex and blowjobs, you receive a ton.
In fact receiving so much, you barely get to sleep much.
One day you come home and she is on the couch crying.
She just got laid off , “What am I going to do?” She won’t stop complaining.
You feel bad and tell her not to worry.
You being all charming, telling her that
she is smart and sexy and how she will
one day land on her feet.
You also tell her not to worry about paying rent
so she could focus on looking for a job.
You have sympathy for her because you know life is hard.
Never enough flashcards
to prepare you for when you loose your job.
Next day you come home and she is
on the couch watching TV.
Day after she isn’t home because she texted you she is at the library
and she didn’t tell you she left a lot of dishes
in the sink.
Day after she isn’t home again and she didn’t leave you a text message.
Your bedroom is a mess, clothes all over the bed,
perfume all over the dresser, lipstick all over the chester.
Now pissed off, you head to the bathroom
and it smells like marijuana .
So now you call her and leave a voicemail “Where the fuck are you, get your ass back to my apartment I need to talk to you”
She comes and says “I heard your voicemail, why do you have an attitude?”

I will write a part 2 and continue this story but I was thinking of ending this story in three ways

  1. Have the ending where this guy eventually gets her pregnant but find out the baby isn’t his and he kills the baby
  2. She sets him up to get robbed by some street guys
  3. They get into an argument and they get into a fight and he accidentally kills her and now trying to cover up the murder

I want you to comment below and either choose between the three on how I should end this story or if you have another clever way to end this story comment below. I am open to all ideas.

After I write part 2, I will edit this and add a tittle. I purposely didn’t add a title to this story yet. I will upload part 2 in May. I have a lot of good poems coming in the future.

It may take some time before I reply if you choose to comment below because I’m so busy so I apologize ahead of time for late responses to comments

See you all in May

Answers To The Riddle

Tomorrow at midnight I will be uploading a poem about how men brag about women. Make sure to check that out. On Friday I will upload part two my story about my 25th birthday. Read part one now I Will Never Forget My 25th Birthday (Part 1) before you read part two on Friday.

Last week, I posted a riddle in poetry in format below and if you click the link Who Can Solve This Riddle? you will see I left several hints  below.


I’m dressed in all black, black jeans, ski mask
and black hoodie when planning a robbery
with tactics that are intelligent.
I’m black and my intelligence is underrated
like 1) _____________.
I have to rob because money feeds the belly
and I’m hungry so on deck I always have a 2) _____________. and leave these victims afraid
like 3) ___________.
My guns are big and thick like uncle 4) ___________
and I love to kill leaving the scene bloody
and nasty like 5) ______________
I’ll do anything because the only thing that matters is the green paper and I’m a paper chaser
I’m cold hearted and mean like 6) ______________
and if you don’t understand my plan
than fuck ya.


Before I post the answers, I just want to give a shout out to     Roshonda N.Blackmon , ElisGarci, and QuirksandPearls.

QuirksandPearls was on the right track. She was half way there in solving this riddle because in this riddle the answers to the six blanks are Nickelodeon characters of a particular cartoon. The particular cartoon I’m referring to was “Rugrats”. Once you figure out I’m talking about Rugrats, the poem will go hand in hand.  QuirksandPearls was on the right track because she had a feeling I was talking about the Rugrats.  For those of you reading this, go to her blog page and read her blogs. She writes some very interesting topics and she is very friendly blogger. In fact go check out Roshonda N Blackmon blog and ElisGarci blog. Roshonda is a talented writer and I lover her posts on Gratitude and on her blogs she ask some really interesting questions.  Check out ElisGarci’s blog on “Our Love isn’t like a Paper Boat” it was a beautiful post and she has a lot of dedication. I recommend that you follow these people and you will learn a lot from each of these bloggers.

Now here are the answers to this poem(The answers to the riddle are highlighted in blue)

I’m dressed in all black, black jeans, ski mask
and black hoodie when planning a robbery
with tactics that are intelligent.
I’m black and my intelligence is underrated
like Suise.

I have to rob because money feeds the belly
and I’m hungry so on deck I always have a Tommy

and leave these victims afraid
like Chuckie

My guns are big and thick like uncle Phil

and I love to kill leaving the scene bloody
and nasty like Lil

I’ll do anything because the only thing that matters is the green paper and I’m a paper chaser
I’m cold hearted and mean like Angelica

and if you don’t understand my plan
than fuck ya.


So there you have it, my riddle. You see I left a hint saying that number 4 was the easiest to solve because the hint I left was ” number 4 and number 5 rhyme with each other. Number 4 is the easiest one. Number 4 is a character on a popular sitcom TV and number 4 is also a cartoon character on a nickelodeon show.” Number 4 was a double entendre. I’m talking about Uncle Phil from fresh prince and Phil from rugrats. Number 4 ryhmes with number 5 so process of elimination what other character rhyme with Phil? His twin sister Lil. For number 6, Angelica was a mean bossy kid so number 6 was Angelica. Then go to number 3 and think which character was always afraid? That was Chuckie. Number 1 and number 2 was meant to solve last because I believe they were the most difficult.  Now number 1 which character was black? That character was Susie. Susie was black, smart ,and underrated because for one you barley saw her on the episodes and she is rarely mentioned . Number 2 was the hardest and process of elimination who is left? Only character left is Tommy. Number 2 was a double entendre because not only am I talking about Tommy the bald headed baby but I am also talking about a Tommy Gun.

I will be uploading another riddle soon but it won’t have any fill in the blanks like this one. For my next riddle,  I will leave a multiple question and you have to pick the answer between four choices. Comment below if you felt the hints were a little vague.