What Is A Talent That You Love To Do?

Poetry is my heart and soul

Being a poet is my ultimate goal

I can view things in any direction.

God blessed me with an imagination

I break down words and dissect them.

I provide lessons and deep questions.

I’m imagining my writing being published.

Life around me is poetic

I can write 2 poems in day

Hell I can write 2 poems at a time.

I just need the space.

I just need the time.

Like a crossword puzzle

the words I will find.

Like a detective digging for clues

to solve a crime.

Dig into my mind

and my pencil is a shovel

as I write.

I want to be the best poet of all time

by writing whats right

and my style is I write

how I feel.

Like wheel of fortunate

each line on paper is blank

and the words I fill

until I completely express how I feel.

Words can kill

and I can slay

but words are uplifting

and I can heal.

I can’t even explain

how I do it.

All I know is I was blessed with a talent.

With pure silence

I find the zone when I’m alone.

close my eyes

like Dorthy for wanting to go back home.

Every situation I bring to light

like a document you can’t see in the dark.

As long as the pencil point is sharp

I will write poetry

until the beat inside my heart stops.

Another Friday Question

As a woman, would you ever date a younger man?

As a man, would you date a older woman?

They say a man reach his sexual peak around 18 and woman reach her sexual peak in her thirties, do you think this is true or do you think this is a myth?

Out of all the lessons learned in life, what was the most important lesson you ever learned?

For those of you that are married or been with the same person for many years, do you think sex is the same person becomes tedious overtime?

We All Break Down

A broken heart is never simplistic

and trying to smile isn’t realistic

Sometimes we break down at random moments.

We try to smile to avoid


So we hide our true feelings.

We think hiding is healing

but it’s destroying

because instead of letting go

we are holding on

to what made us broken.

We smile now

but eventually tears will

be leaking.

Why Should You Only Impress Yourself

Ask yourself what matters,
You are your own leader. 
You are your own follower
When you look at the mirror,
you are your own competitor,

You are your greatest competition.
In a world that’s non-fiction,
Revamping who you are is your own mission,
Just like the company you work for have their own mission statement demonstrating their values and vision.

Motivating yourself on your own.
No  home court advantage to cheer you on.
Makes it harder to come upon.
Much harder to be motivated when people aren’t around to believe in you,
In reality you are more focus on your goal when people look up to you,
but sometimes that puts more pressure on you.

Pressure is being serverely afraid of being a successful failure.
People don’t put you through pressure,
you put yourself through pressure.
You make your own choices,
In your head, you rely on your own head voices.

Greatest disappointment is impressing others
Greatest satisfaction is impressing yourself and no other but your mother

On the planet earth, we are only visitors.
But the afterlife is where we are looked upon by the only true inspector.
Now that’s where you feel the pressure.
You are judged on everything you done on earth, 
starting from birth.
Once you die, no second chance, no such thing as rebirth.
Your born alone and you die alone.
Nobody’s knows their true permanent home.
Everything you do at this moment,you are being watched by a spirit
beyond way greater than a person.
People don’t determine you final destination.

Writing Is Therapeutic

From left to right

words appear

as I think all night.

I write

from the heart and soul.

My writing is precious

as gold.

Release frustration

and turn combined thoughts

to a full presentation

like a power point slide

and the words I choose

to type

and poetry is the type

of literature I can


while in my mind

I’m painting a picture

with deep meanings

at a fast speed

like a baseball

thrown from a pitcher.

In a situation

where I’m hesistant

refuse to accept over thinking

so writing

is my blunt

and I’m smoking ,

Inhaling and exhaling

lyrics and sentences

onto paper

like smoke in thin air

coming from an exhaust pipe.

Smoking a pipe

while I write

ironically thinking

this method will save my life

and I will eat better

than a dyke

having a threesome.

Writing is my freedom

that feeds my belly

and the paper

when I’m publishing

my work through a agency


to the world.

Writing is my alcohol that heal wounds

Writing is my sun that shine

Writing is the fresh scent like perfume

Writing is the God of love like Cupid

and God heals wounds

that’s why my writing so therapeutic.

History > Money

An old poem I wrote in December 2016. I will be uploading some older poems for the next few days. I will be uploading alot for the next few days.

Do what you love best.
Be your own man,don’t follow the rest.
Your talent is what you wanna perfect
Look to prepare for the day after the next.
Be optimistic and make your dreams realistic.
Focus on being a warrior today to become a legend tomorrow,
because the future comes fast and you don’t wanna live in sorrow.
Chase the paper, but 1st pray to the creator of all things.
Sometimes wise to accept favors but don’t depend on people for everything.
Make your own path and have the people behind follow your lead.
The root of all evil we run towards like a race.
Come across the finish the line and happiness is what we believe we’ll embrace.
But the wealth is not always what it seems and it can cut you across the face.
Betrayal, drama, pride, greed, and envy are the intangible ingredients in money.
Money gives you royalty but don’t gain you the loyalty.
Life is funny and I’m not talking about comedians.
The broke and humble becomes the rich living as a hypocrite.
Those who were obedient become disobedient
when worshipping the paper like greek Gods.
But there’s only one God
and he’s almighty.
When you put money over your legacy you die with misery.
Chase the dream by putting God first and you’ll make history


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How do you feel about gossip?

2 Corinthians 12:20

“For I am afraid that when I come I may not find you as I want you to be, and you may not find me as you want me to be. I fear that there may be discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, slander, gossip, arrogance and disorder.”

The first poem explains how gossip can destroy your career. Remember it’s all business

No Soul On Ice

When it’s below freezing
in their hearts
by any means necessary
make each day hard
Slowly destroying
and taking
credit for everything
you got.
Judgmental views
and they leave clues
and the words chew
your powerful tool.
I’m talking about
your mind
when in a political bind.
Your intellect is insulted,
heart is assaulted.
Though they don’t
seem belligerent,
will be quick to attack
you with kindness.
Are you confused
or blinded?
A hero they impersonate
but they are really snakes
act fake.
Contaminate, spike, and lace
the fluid
you need in order to live.
Leave you leaking
like oil from an engine.
Slowly dying
as you crying
begging for forgivness.
A hockey ring
with no hockey players
is symbolic and resides
deep inside
the liver.
Every organ inside shivers
like the homeless man
in winter.
Change color
like teeth
when you don’t brush them.
from bright white
to dark yellow
is the description
of your fellow
classmates and co-workers
as you complain
to your scoial worker
about the abuse and treatment
you receiving.
She speaks with a voice soft
that’s soothing.
Tell you the rights thing
she has your attention
and you are listening.
You are complaining
about a racist
Mention his name
Social worker hear this
and seems sympathetic.
She hugs you
makes you comfortable
Tells you
she looks forward
to seeing you next week
but in this world
trust in weak.
She has a fling thing
with the social service director
and he is related
to the racist
you were describing
You mentioned the racist name
and she passes the information
so she can get promotion.
Destruction because of corruption
and you don’t know it
You was betrayed by a deceiving
who told you
everything you say
is confidential.
Promises are always broken
when someone is addicted
to attention.
The only mentor
you had
turns her back
on loyalty
for money.
A mixture of serpents
and Judas
Such a bad combination
Your life now headed for destruction
and you don’t even know it.
Social service director
has connections
to destroy your future forever
A soon to be lesson you
will remember
The temperture of the heart
of most
is a hockey ring without
hockey players
No Soul on Ice

This next poem explains on how to watch out for people that gossip because that ones that gossip are usually your enemies pretending to be your friend.

Play The Snake Close

So crafty and set
in their ways.
Play games and
cause pain.
Big smile across
the face
as they surround
negativity around
your space.
Attack behind your
and kill you with kindness.
With you they pretend
to laugh
but they laughing at you.
Can’t keep tounges
in their mouth
and you is all
they gossip about.
Snakes in church
accept blessings
but corrupted at work
by abusing power
making employees lives
getting hardworking people
Snakes preach
forgive and forget
as a tatic
to avoid static
when they see a threat
so they rather
attack a rabbit
and that’s their habit
weak is their addiction,
that they poison, corrupt
and devour
because snakes are cowards.
You ever seen a snake
attack a hawk?
A hawk is the threat
that won’t be lead to
and they see everything
from right and left
Become the hawk
that play the snake close

Does Rumors Override Facts?

Believe what you hear, believe what you see but yet you don’t look in the glass.
You state you listen before you speak, but still gossip about someone’s past.
Why be the road bump to someone’s path,
decreasing a person’s reputation on the bar graph?
You may face karma for taking adavantage of the popularity your given
and exposing the negative attention that someone else is receiving.
Even if the truth is accurate, his business is his business
even if you was a eye witness.
but in this case you wasn’t and I’m starting to think are you jealous to believe something
when you wasn’t there from the beginning.
Secondary info carries more weight that
the primary facts
when the secondary info is heavy like a wooden baseball bat
and primary facts holds no weight like a empty scale.
This jealously of yours may trap you like a whale and karma is the harpoon.
Problem is popularity overrides the truth
Gossip is a huge problem. Two most common places I believe people gossip the most at school, work and church, but why does gossip happens? Comment below and explain briefly why you think people like to gossip?

Do you think people would still gossip if jeasouly in people hearts did not exist?

Do quiet people gossip the most(remember they say quiet people are the ones you have to watch)?

Listen to No Soul On Ice by David Hockaday #np on #SoundCloud

Listen to Play The Snake close/Does Rumors Override Facts by David Hockaday #np on #SoundCloud

If you want to listen to me recite the poems I wrote, please use the web browser to search these links if you have sound cloud. Please comment below if you was able to play the video. If you wasn’t I apologize ahead of time and I will fix this shortly

My Friend And I

Psalm 91:4

He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection

This verse from the bible and it gave me motivation to write this poem. Everything I do, I put God first and for now on, every poem that I write, I will add a bible verse that relates to my poem.

When the sun rose this morning,
I looked up but felt chills and my arms are slightly shivering.
Today is a cloudy windy day,
but yet I feel so great,
like its a clear sunny day.
The sun represent the brighter side of our lives.
Our hopes will forever be high with my Friend and I.
He speaks but don’t give me eye contact.
His words I choose to listen to and they attract,
me and gives me faith.
Two minds think alike and we can relate,
to each other,
like identical twin brothers.
Like a hidden fossil, I discovered,
him. He is my friend and I am his.
He is not on top of my list,
He is my first and only gift.
He is my solar energy he reminds me of the wind.
He has no voice, but can be heard if I listen.
The sound traveled through my ears as he speak to me indirectly.
No one can’t hear him except me.
With my imagination, he stands besides me.
To others it’s insanity,
To me its the way of life,
for my Friend and I.

1) Have you ever had an invisible friend when you was younger?

2) Do you have a friend that is no longer with you that you think about every single day?

3) Do you talk to yourself on a regular basis?

4) Do you have that type of friend that you love to be around no matter how bad your day is because your friend brings so much joy, happiness, and confidence?

1)How much control over your life do you have? What makes you say that?

For those of you that don’t know me please read Who Am I. This post introduces me and explains why I started blogging

“How much control over your life do you have? What makes you say that?”

Has anyone ever thought about this question? This question is very interesting to me. I had to really sit back and sit for a minute. I wake every morning, I brush my teeth, take a shower, eat breakfast , and drive to work on my own free will without being forced. But have you ever heard of the phrase “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans!” so I ask myself again, do we really have much control over our lives? These are questions that I thought to myself

“Why do we have laws to follow?”

“Why do we die?”

“Why are babies aborted?”

“Why do we get eaten by most carnivores and omnivores ”?

“Why can’t we choose our parents at birth?”

“Why does racism exist?”

Let break something down!

When your visitor at somebody’s house, how much control do you have in the house your visiting?

Well once you answered that question,answer this one!

Who does the Earth belong to?(another words,is this a man’s world or a woman’s world?)

Now tell me

How much control over your life do you have? What makes you say that?

Please comment below, I look forward to reading your answers

I will post my next blog on May 15

Btw I have some questions for you bloggers to answer because I was bored and I am curious to see your opinions lol

1) For those if you that are currently in a relationship, let’s say your significant other tells you that he/she wants to have sex everyday once ya get married, how would you respond?

2) For the women that have boyfriends, if  your boyfriend told that he believes that women should be head of the house hold, how would you respond?

3) For the men, if your wife told you that she rather you stay home and take care of the house and the kids, another words be a house husband, how would you feel?

4) For the women that are married, if your husband told you that he loves you but his mother comes first, how would you respond?

Is It All About Likes/Comments When It Comes To Blogging?

All about traffic


Before I start on how to build your traffic, how to get more likes, how to get more comments from my point of view, I will introduce my self


I’m David Hockaday, 27 years old, and I am just your friendly, ordinary blogger.  I decided to make a blog account on WordPress to upload my poems and to speak about other life issues. I must say that I have really enjoyed blogging for the past four months and it has been exactly four months since I have been blogging and I believe this is my 110th blog that I will be uploading.  Now I am going share what experiences learned about blogging. But remember, getting more followers, likes, comments is not primary, the primary thing is to blog from the heart. One thing I must say is, if you want to be a successful blogger, you have to like reading and writing.

Now when I first started blogging, I had no idea what blogging was about. I had no idea on how to gain traffic. I had no idea on how to get more likes and comments. All I knew was that I wanted a place to upload my poems, and I wanted to connect with other people. I remember the first blog that I ever liked and comment on. The blog was about opinions on having sex on the first date. Now I decided to give feedback and comment on the blog. Now to be honest, I wasn’t expecting a reply back because this blogger did not know who I was, nor has she ever heard of me, but to my surprise not only she responded but she followed me. I was not expecting that at all.  So I followed her back. I gained my first follower. So thought to myself, if I can get one follower, I get two. If I can get two, I can get four, If I can get four, I can get eight. Another words, in my mind if I can get one follower, I can get a thousand. So from that point on, little by little, I was researching all over wordpress  searching all kind of topics regarding, sex, heartbreak stories ,poetry, cartoons, deep questions, basically just anything I can relate to. To me in my honest opinion, getting my followers on WordPress is pretty straightforward as long as you show interest in the blogger’s content and you have something to offer in your content and you don’t have to have the best blog in the world to obtain a lot of followers.

Now getting bloggers to like your content isn’t too hard neither. The more followers you get, usually more than likely the more likes you will get.  Usually if you put effort in you blog and the blog is somewhat relatable, people will like your post.

Now getting comments is more complex. Getting bloggers to comment on your blog is not so easy. I’m going to talk about the comment process in my opinion. I read a few blogs, stating how to get people to comment on your posts. The blogs that I have read  about increasing the comment rate on your blogs is very accurate  and what most of them have in common is to not be boring and make sure your organized. I agree with this completely but I will talk about this depth. First of all, if you want more comments, you must reach out to other people and give sincere comments on other people blogs. If you are a blogger having trouble getting comments, ask yourself, “Do I reach out to others to comment on their blogs?” If you are not reaching out to other bloggers, you will not get any comments, you rarely get likes, and you’ll rarely get new followers. Blogging is a give and receive relationship and to be honest, for the typical blogger you will probably do more giving than receiving when it comes to blogging. When your new and nobody knows you, normally you have to be the one to reach out to people. If you’re lucky, once in a while, a blogger may reach out to you first. When you are reading through other blogger’s content, pick a time where you know where you won’t be busy, a time where you won’t be distracted and make sure your fully awake and focused. When you’re tired or busy while reading other’s content, more than likely you will find it tedious to the point you become lazy giving half ass comments. Remember you wouldn’t like it if someone gave you a half ass comment on your blog. Now I can’t lie, I am guilty of this because we are all human and none of us is perfect but if you have a habit of doing this, just make a schedule and pick a time for blogging where you are not busy like maybe before you go to bed, maybe for about half an hour before you go to bed,  use that time to blog since more than likely you won’t be distracted. 40% should be you reaching out to other bloggers, the other 40% should be you communicating and reaching out to the bloggers that already follow you, the other 20% should be used uploading your blogs and trying to find ways to improve your content. When I first started blogging, I was just uploading simple poetry, but overtime I realized that I had to improve if I wanted more traffic so I became creative because poetry can be very boring if you don’t add any style and flavor to the content your posting. So eventually I started making riddles in poetry format, I started making poetry battles(freestyle battles), writing stories, and just asking random deep questions to keep my followers entertained. I would be lying if I said keeping people interested in my content is easy because it’s not but it is definitely worth effort and I love it because the comments that I receive on my posts lights me up like a Christmas tree. So again always find ways to improve your content because nobody is perfect. In fact, look through all your posts on your blog right now, find the blog with the most comments and likes and ask yourself, “What can I do to improve this content?” Always, always respond back to people that leave comments on your post. Have common courtesy and say thank you to the bloggers that leave comments on your blog.  It’s a little rude to ignore the people that left comments on your blogs. Commenting on other people content is a lot of work and for them to leave real, sincere comments on your blog shows that they are interested in your blog. Don’t ignore because you will leave a bad taste someone’s mouth. A bad impression will affect you in a bad way and that’s not with just blogging, that’s with life in general. Also when you are reading through someone’s blog, if you disagree with what the blogger is saying or if the blogger is offensive, either politely disagree with the blogger or just move on. Don’t try to embarrass the blogger in their comment section because, that too will put a bad taste in someone’s mouth and you could lose followers because of that. Politely disagree on move on.

One important thing to remember is to blog from the heart. Yes blogging is about, getting more likes, more comments, and more followers but impressing yourself comes first. Sometimes will upload content that won’t receive any comments and that’s okay because you will always have future blogs to upload that you can focus on.  What works for me, is to leave questions at the end of your blog and telling people to comment below. Leaving questions at the end of your blog, can help you generate more comments. Another thing, make sure your blog is organized. When it comes to organization, I can’t really give advice because I don’t have the most organized blog in the world, but somehow I manage to make my blogs interesting according to my opinion. I always hated decorating and arts in craft as a kid so that’s why I don’t have the most colorful blog in the world.  Another thing about blogging , sometimes when you don’t get no comments or get very few comments from your followers, don’t be hard on yourself. Remember this world is ruled by popularity and I mean no disrespect when I say this. When you’re a new blogger, with barely any followers following you, barely any comments or likes, people will tend to skip over your blog. I know it sucks but that’s just how it is. So it’s on you, to go and search other people blogs and look for more followers and to keep commenting on other’s content. I will tell you something, according to my speculation about blogging, majority of your followers will not comment or like your post and it’s not necessarily because they are selfish and don’t care, it’s just that every blogger has their own niche when it comes to blogging. Example, a Christian follower will more than likely look for other Christian followers and will be more interested in other Christian bloggers because Christianity is probably what they can relate to. A poetry blogger will be more interested in other poetry bloggers. Look at it like this, if you’re a poetry blogger and you have mostly fashion and design bloggers, more than likely you won’t receive too many comments or likes. You may receive a lot of likes, but not that many comments because more than likely most fashion designer aren’t into the poetry and even if they are into poetry, they won’t be into poetry like the way you are into it. It’s not rude for them not to comment, it’s just everybody has their own interest.  So in a situation like this just find more poetry bloggers and comment on their blogs because more than likely you will receive more comments from poetry bloggers than fashion design bloggers if you are a poetry blogger. Whatever you do don’t blog about something you know absolutely nothing about just to impress other bloggers, be yourself, put the effort into improving your content, put effort into reaching out to new bloggers, and your original followers, try and give feedback if you can, and little by little I promise you more comments will come gradually but remember don’t get addicted to receiving comments, blogging from the heart is primary. 


My blogs will change the world like pinky and the brain.
With me it’s not money over everything but I’m addicted to the fame.
My words and phrases are more addictive the cocaine
but I don’t do harm to the body, I’m worthy like I’m the brother of Cain.
I plan to make Christian bloggers think different.
I plan to make comedian bloggers be like Cedric.
I plan to make poetry bloggers become more more poetic.
I plan to help new bloggers to use their passion and use dedication.
I plan to make selfish bloggers to reply to responses on comments
I plan to help unpopular bloggers to build their traffic.
I plan to help relationship bloggers that are heartbroken
and expose them to my blogs as token
to listen to the words that are spoken.
I plan to make bloggers that write erotic fiction,
to mentor a virgin.
I’m not perfect and neither are you so blogging is worth it .
Never give up, and always blog from the heart.