Why Do I Love You?

My heart bristled

and I dare not speak

but yet thoughts loud

like a whistle

while the right and left

atrium bleeds.

Wet sheets and motivation

fell like leaves from trees.

I beg please while

chasing the shadow.

Everything around me feels


Life all of a sudden lost it’s


and to this day

I’m soaking up the sheets

Been years since I had

a good night sleep.

The puddle I left

was deep

For constantly repeating

memories of answers

that were oblique.

The water I tried to subdue

but mind gave up and let


Was I being deliberately obtuse?

Because why do I try to pursuit

I’m the one you didn’t choose.

Spiritual showers did not soothe.

Earth showers did not smooth emotions.

Negative energy didn’t get swallowed

by the oceans

Mother nature refused the transformation.

Trapped in Love’s potion.

I believe Cupid pick the wrong person?

Like a human trying to pick up

Thor’ s hammer

I can’t get the arrow off my body

it will always be attached to me.

How Much Does Falling In Love Cost You?

They say love don’t cost a thing

but do they tell you

love will make you scarfice alot of things?

Things like freedom, time, and money.

If love don’t cost a thing

why isn’t finding love guaranteed?

Something you can have for free

can affect you emotionally.

Attached to a human body physically

can confuse you mentally

since men and women think differently

when being intimate psychically

Love is like dreams

because it comes freely

but the difference is love betray,

turns into hate

and consumes and destroys you mentally

What’s for free is seek by many

and almost every.

Love come from the heart

and love is for free.

When we don’t work for something,

we don’t appreciate it until it’s gone.

Sometimes love is our enemy

making you hate yourself

for the pain you felt.

Imagine a f6 tornado

lifting up your house

and throwing it 300 miles away.

This is equivalent to the pain

as you watch you home get tossed away

The heart is never in a safe place.

When falling in love

it’s like asking somebody to not spit in my face

for a million dollars

and you hoping they won’t do it.

Remember this

the ones that treat you the nicest

in the beginning of a new relationship

be the most ruthless.

Love is poisoned

if not handled right.

Seeking desperate attention

from every girl and guy

Instead of remembering

that God is on your side.

Love is punishment that’s unbearable

because the hear is breakable.

The pain that comes with it

is not visible

so they say love is blind.

The light of love is so bright

you have to close your eyes.

Driving on highway very sleepy

fighting to keep you eyes open

but can’t help it

then crash and get into an accident

and the accident is atrocious.

Just didn’t see it coming.

We only see whats tangible

so attraction is more common then love.

We see nice clothes nice body, shit load of money

and without this,

people assume you boring.

People judge you

before they get to know you.

Looks fade, clothes get old,

and money will make you feel cheap.

Materialistic things will buy you a personality

and its only temporary.

Materialistic things buys swags

but destroys communications and integrity.

I know people that won’t care

if the whole world goes poor

as long as they eating.

So commonly we fall in love with the selfish

and yet ignore the humble

that will give you everything

We don’t give a fuck when we break hearts

we only care if our hearts get broken.

The black people that are mild

are now smoking

from being called a ‘nigga’ by a racists

This is the equivalent

of the aftermath of being heartbroken.

Sex Is Blind

Sex is blind

wrong place and wrong time

The sun rise and we get wet

until the sun set

and now the heart is dead.

Your life stops.

We stuck in a box

inside a room

and no room for the lock.

An activity have you hypnotized.

We don’t know why

but don’t fight our addiction

digging deeper to affliction

for selling our soul to the demon.

It’s such a weakness and you got to have it.

Neglecting responsibilities is more than a bad habit

Skip over our main duties and hop over them

lie rabbits chasing a carrot.

At first this was not what you was looking for

but now when you receive it, you always want more.

Attitude change in a heartbeat

when the orgasm approaches.

Set on fire like Olympic torches

but the more you get it,

the more you lose focus

on your main responsibilities

blind and eventually you’ll fold.

Even though hell is hot,

the devil is cold

as he plays

capture the flag

with your soul,

manipulating your mind

at any given time

allowing him to be the pilot

and your mind on auto pilot.

A robot in progress

and can’t help the poor choices

from being quiet to becoming boisterous

This is what happens when the sex is perfect.

We tend to ignore the characteristics of a person,

making excuses, excusing their poor behavior

for their excellent performance in the sex department.

Their toxic ways is neglected since we are blinded

because we think their sex is like medicine

but’s its an alcoholic beverage.

One day after being left stranded

in the cold in the middle of the night

for being heartbroken

thinking about all scarfices

you think back to all your decisions.

Once tears dry, you realize you were being stupid.

You ask yourself ” What was I thinking “

well I’m here to tell you that

you wasn’t thinking

because love is always mistaken

for just being good sex all the time.

Just like love, sex as well is blind.

Don’t Give Or Receive 

Just to let u know, I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving break just so I can rest. I could care less about the food, hell if it was up to me I would order pizza.  But anyway just letting you know, I won’t be posting until next Monday November 28. My blog on the 28th would be a blog on “Would you rather” game. This is a game you can play with your friends and signficant other. I will explain the rules in the blog when I  post this blog next week. Since I won’t be blogging for the next four days, today I will upload two blogs today. The two are poems that are very relatable and I think you will enjoy this poem. This blog is the “Don’t give or receive” poem and later at 6pm I will upload  a poem about my definition of being a lame.
Wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!
Side note: To all people reading this, do you actually Turkey?
I find Turkey to be overated, I don’t see what the big hype is at all 



They say it’s better to give than receive.

But the ones who give as well

would like to receive.

You give and you want to feel appreciated.

Your gratuide you choose to demonstrate it,

to please the lord,

but people ask for more

and expect to receive more

They take your kindness for weakness

and take an advantage.

Once they receive more,

they vanish.

Now feeling under appreciated

thinking common courtesy is overrated.

Don’t you get sick and tired

of being submissive?

A lot times people discover

your weakness.

The weakness

they see

in you

is the lack of common sense,

but to you,

you’re just being honest

to a so called friend.

So called friends pretend

to hear

but they don’t listen.

Ignore your feelings

when you bleeding,

when you need healing

Their true colors

are now revealing.

This whole time,

they been deceiving,

they been concealing

the truth.

The truth is

they don’t give a fuck about you.

Strangers will sometimes do

more for you

than friends

you consider family.

They receive

until you have

no more to give.

Betray you with

a kiss

to be loyal

to somebody else

they can receive

more from.

You gave your last

plate of food


but received only crumbs.

We now feel dumb.

The feeling you get

at prom

when your dress or

tuxedo been covered in punch.

The feeling you get

at school

when you had no money

to eat lunch.

The feeling when

you out of deodorant

so armpits smell

like must.

When this happens,

can you get

back on your feet

and adjust

like daylight saving times

ended an we have to

adjust the clocks.

Think about it

like this,

If a guy told you

he was HIV positive

Would you suck his cock?

Of course not

Or at least I hope not

So the lesson of

all of this is

in order to get rid

fake friends

Don’t expect to receive

and act like you


so people don’t expect

you to give.

Come on now,

use your common sense.

When People ask for help

My father told me

to Just pray for them

because you have your

own problems.

Lesson is only God

can solve problems.






Blind Man

No eyes, can’t see.
Don’t know whats in front of me.
I live off of sound and touch alone.
Ears and hands is what I depend on.
to be aware of my surroundings,
since being blind is so unappealing.
But what is appealing,
since seeing in my world is non-existing.
Where my eyes is not closed frequently,
but permanently.
Being born with a vision deficiency,
helps me make use of my other abilities.
Based on my nose profoundly.
Inhale and exhale through my nostrils let me
know whats in the vicinity.
The scent of whats in the environment, flows in my nostrils gradually,
and is restored upon my memory.
As I began imagining whats around me.
I’m tear-less.
I’m eyeless.
Forever for life I’m blinded