My feelings on black people using the word N*gga

The n*gga word is a cancer and I have used it.
It’s an addiction and I have to stop it.
I won’t lie, in this poem will be honest.
I heard this in R rated movies and rap lyrics.
I love rap music and always will.
Some lyrics are so cold, it gives me chills
and I’m being for real.
There are a lot of black men I look up to,
like Martin Luther King, Barack Obama, Kobe Bryant, Leborn James, there are many more
but I’m just naming a few.
The one black man I admire the most is Malcolm X.
He stands for what he believes in, a strong Muslim that fought for black independence.
Sometimes I wish he still existed and was still living.
I wish I had half the heart that he did.
Because in the 1960’s in America, it was a lot of racist shit back then.
The world was violent for African Americans
and Blacks were outnumbered by the educated whites but Malcolm still choose to fight.
He tried to fight the black man war in America
and I can’t even show up prepared to my own battle.
It’s so sad though thinking about what this world have came to.
I wonder what would Malcolm would do?
I wished he was still alive.
Now in the fourth line of this poem,
I stated ” Some lyrics are so cold, it gives me chills
and I’m being for real”.
Listening to hardcore rap is a good feel
but yet and I hate to say it, because I don’t like to judge other men
but rap has increased the ignorance.
This is old news.

For years gangsta rap has been in the news.
Now I believe almost all rappers mean well
and I get it, its business and they have to make record sales.
N*ggas, bitches*, gunshots, these words in rap lyrics sale.
I’m guilty of using the word ‘n*ggas’ and referring to women as ‘b*tches’.
Truth be told, words have the power to build and destroy, its an addiction.
I was listening to a few Malcolm X speeches, and I also saw a youtube video of his daughter speaking(I will post a video below) about her opinion on the n*gga word
and it made me think.
I want to be a strong black man, but I can’t unless I get rid of my demons.
The negative words I have been using for years.
Now the slang definition of n*gga
N*gga – A word that only black people use to call there homies if a white person uses it they are some deep shit.
Forget about the word n*gga and think about it like this.
How can you get mad about something somebody else do or say to you
if your doing it yourself?
This question I just asked is a poison that not came out the closet
because we only care about how we treat ourselves but not others.
This world is full of hypocrites.
Now nobody is perfect, and like I said, numerous times I have said ‘n*gga’
but I must stop it and I will pray I never use this word again.
Now maybe not all black would agree, but I’m just saying what I believe.

There are plenty of black intelligent people that are capable of achieving many things that use the word “n*gga” on a daily basis but in this world, sad to say, but you barely get judged by what’s in your heart and by  your actions, but very quickly you  get judged by what you have, what you wear and what you say.

Now everybody is welcome to comment on this

Should black people use the word n*gga?

Please look at this video below:

Sight Like Coke Sweet Like Cherry

When I see you
I see a pretty black face
with a nice shape.
Color of your skin
represent strength
With words your outspoken
your mind is open
and I admire your confidence

When I see you
I see curvy hips
just below the stomach
where the skin is flawless
smooth like a boat ride
in the ocean.
You look extraordinary
like the pyramids in Giza

When I taste you
I taste a sweet flavor
Sweet like sugar
With my tounge
I dig deeper.
My tounge is a shovel
and you are the treasure
and I dig in deeper.

When I taste you
I taste the juices
so delightful
while I dance around
inside of you
Inside your mouth
like a washer machine
tounge automatically cycles

Black like Coca-Cola
and sweet like cherry
sweet like soda
Black like Pepsi
Black like pasta
Sweet like tea
Sweet like a bell pepper
Black like coffee

Courageous like Black Panther
Beautiful like Kenya
Sweet like Cherry
and Black like Coca-Cola
A strong, independent woman
like yourself
makes me proud
to be an African American

I Love All Women (but this is for the black women)

As a black man

I love me
a black woman.
Dark chocolate
or caramel
I could tell
most of you
been under appreciated.
I’m here to make
you feel appreciated.
In my world
take the lead
become dominant.
Gain your
and picture my
black penis
as your
Of Independence.
Don’t care
what other  men
you u are not a bitch.
I just wanna massage
your hips
as I kiss your lips.
Then I come
behind you  still
holding your hips as
I read you this

“Your body is a
work of art.
Look in the mirror
and never be afraid
of you who are.
Of all races
Black women
have it the hardest
but your problems
will be acknowledged
All you need is
a man to listen
and I am here to
is important.
So tell me your passion
Tell me favorite poem,
R &B song, or hair products.
Let’s travel the world.
Ignore the jealousy from
other girls.
I am here to protect you.
I want to learn from
Teach me how
to cook your favorite food.
Tell me your favorite type
of wine
So I can surprise you from time
to time.
Send flowers to your job
for no reason
from time to time.
Take you to buy your
favorite ice cream
from time to time.
When you come from
work I will rub your
feet from time to time.
We can just  shower
together without
having sex from
time to time.
I will buy you choclate
and treat you like
as if your my
Valentine’s from time
to time.
I will love you all
the time.
I will protect you all
the time.
I have use the word bitch
before but never have
I called a woman or referred
to my girlfriendf or any other girl
in the past as my bitch.
Any man that ever disrespect
you and call you a bitch
I promise I will find him
and put him in a grave.
Do whatever it takes
to keep you safe.
Know your worth
and know your place.”

After you read this
my plan is to have you
blushing from
ear to ear.
To show that I care.
Instead of telling
I love your fat ass
I stare at you face
and tell you
your gorgeous.
Instead of roughly grabbing
your breast
I gently pull your
shirt over your head
and undo your  bra
as I kiss your neck.
Then I pick you up
by your nice shaped ass
and take you to bed.
We lay on the bed
with you on top of me
We engage in foreplay
all evening.
Eventually our clothes are off
but I get out the bed
to turn the music on.
“He loves me”
By Jill Scott.
Then I make sure
the doors and windows
are locked.
You are completely
turned on as you climb
on top
and you ride me slowly
staying on beat with
the song.
Every sex session
don’t have to feel like
it’s porn.
Don’t get me wrong
We love rough sex
but in the bedroom
I can show you
Eventually u get
up open the dresser
and get the blindfold
to show me who’s in control.
You put the blindfold
on me and you
began to go down
on me.
You suck me and jerk
me off slow.
That move of yours was bold.
I’m a silent lover
but you had me
Not long after, I started
cumming and to
my surprise you are
To myself
I say this is the best feeling.
I didn’t expect you to
do this because this
was about you.
You said I know but
I just love you and today I
was in the mood to please you.

So there a lesson behind this poem. When you treat black  women with respect (any women for that matter) you will receive more than you ask for.
Women just want love and attention from her bf/husband. If you demonstrate loyalty, communicate and listen to her, she will go above and beyond for you. Always protect your woman. We men are only human too and we have needs too, but as long as you show effort
and she see’ s that your trying she too will go above and beyond to satisfy your needs too.
Most women are picky so if she picked you to be her boyfriend you are truly blessed.
We men only put in effort until we get the pussy, then we switch up and stop putting in effort to make her happy. Sex is the ultimate goal but once you achieve your goal, brag and show off the goal you achieved to your family and close friends but only close friends and family. No need to brag on social media. Just like a trophy you keep it in a safe place and protected, do thesame with your woman. I will say this, if you start to treat her like shit and ignore most of her needs and no longer put in effort, another man will take your place. They will give you hints and chances for you to start putting in  effort but alot of men will still take her for granted. A woman can only give you so many chances. Once your chances are up, another man will take your place.
Either she will leave you or start cheating. Now cheating is a poor decision and I never will accept that but if you would put in more effort and took advantage of the hints you were giving then maybe you wouldn’t of lost her to began and most likely she wouldn’t of started cheating
But cheating is still wrong regardless.

This poem is for the good black women that are independent and want a man to love them for who they are.
This is for the black women in their late twenties or early thirties who want to some day be married and have children.
Not for the women just looking for a man with money
Or a new man to get over her no good ex
Or just think that pussy is enough to keep a man around and expect a man to do all the work.
This is for the good women that been heartbroken in the past.
To all the black women, there are good black men in this world that would do all things I have mentioned in the poem.
But just be patient and  try to understand us men as well.
In society good men are under appreciated
I know a man with money, power and popularity is attractive but a lot of times those men are a curse instead of a blessing.
Now I’m not saying to go after the desperate men with no self confidence at all.
You know the type of guy that leaves you a thousand messages and  scared to take control lol(even though it’s usually not there fault that these type men are like that)
but just be more open minded to men even if he seems a little boring at first
because as a man trying to get a woman attention is not easy.
God bless!