Chase The Money Not The SEX 

I am not talking about all women in this poem       Money and sex is our satisfaction. Making money is our passion  but having sex is a infatuation. Money attracts girls but the broke men  don’t  understand this, So instead  they seek what’s between the legs and chase it. This is time wasting. […]

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What Have I Learned 

1. Never apologize for something that wasn’t your fault 2. Nice guys don’t finish last but they do struggle at the start of the race 3. Loyalty is junior high school vocabulary but you won’t really understand loyalty until you been betrayed by your close friend 4. Jealously is more common than loyalty. 5. Guilt […]

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A Game Of 31 Questions

This is a game I made up like two days ago. If you view my previous post on questions like I Have Questions and I Have More Questions! you notice that I ask questions on a deep level where you have to think and I allow you to choose one question out of the list […]

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I dedicate this post to ~Just Me ~. She is a blogger that requested me to write a poem on reverence in the comment section of my Magic Spell post. If she is reading this, I just want to let you know that  I dedicate this poem to you and it was a pleasure writing […]

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