Am I A False Prophet?

Before I get to the point of this blog, I have funny little dirty joke. For those you that watch marvel movies, did you see “Avengers Age of Ultron”? If you did see the movie did you see  the post Credit Scene?  The  Purple Villain at the post credit Scene is Thanos and is exact words were “Finally, I do it myself”.

That’s Thanos with his gauntlet.Another words the  picture shows Thanos and his hand.

Lol that’s what the typical  married man say to his hand” finally, I’ll do it myself” when he screws up and  his wife makes him sleep on the couch for the 5th night in a row.

Welcome To My Blog, I’m David Hockaday and you came to the right place and I came to drop some knowledge today. For those of you that don’t me, read Who Am I? and I welcome to my blog. For those of that do know me, read this  The Use Of Double Entendre

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Just want to say that tomorrow I will upload a poem “The Shadow of Winter”, 

On Friday I will upload part 2 to my 25th birthday story, please read part 1 I Will Never Forget My 25th Birthday (Part 1) Just to give you a brief summary, this is about how a girl I use to know was leading me on giving me mixed signals and playing games with me. I learned a lot and maybe you should read this if your in a situation where someone your talking to is giving a lot of mixed signals.

 On Monday December 11, I will upload a poem “The Unsolved Mystery”.

On Tuesday December 12, I will upload two  interesting  questions that will have you thinking .

On Wednesday December 13,  I will upload, “Get Lost in my Poems part 2” please read part 1 Get Lost In My Poems     . Just a brief summary part 1 was about me inviting my followers to a time travel machine and your going back in time switching in and out of my previous poems. It’s hard to explain you would have to read and it’s clever.

On December 15, I will upload,  “Poetry is the Power of Life”.

  On December 16th, I will upload another interesting question about life for you  to think about.

On December 17th, I will write a poem about the number ‘7’.

On December 18th, I will upload a blog explaining what is silent unity.

On December 19th, I will upload a poem in on a topic in which you will pick a topic for me and all you have to do is comment below in this blog on which topic you would like me to talk about and this is first come first serves. 

On December 20th, I will write a blog on how to build your traffic on word press/blogging and share some tips that helped me. 

On December 21st, I upload  an erotic poem.

On December 23, I will upload another deep personal question. 

On December 24, I will upload a poem “Chase the money not the p*ussy”.

On December 27, I will a personal  embarrassing experience of mines.

On December 29th,  I will upload  a poem “Don’t believe when she says I’m done with him”.

On December 30th, I will upload a poem with a multiple choice question at the end

On December 31st, well this will be a special blog that’s all I will say. 

I plan to upload as much as I can. October and November I had a lot of success with blogging and  I plan to improve every month. Not only that, I will work twice as a hard to give feedback on my followers and give generous feedback on your blogs.  I will be working hard in December and January because in the spring I won’t be blogging as much because it will  be my last semester of school and I have to take a very hard class and I have to stay focus. By the summer of 2018, god willing if I’m still blogging I will write a personal experience of my year of 2017. I have a lot of work to do but if you want to be successful at something if you have to work hard.  I encourage for every blogger reading this, challenge yourself and look at all your previous blogs. Look  your most successful blog and try to out do yourself this month with a better blog.  When it’s all said and done, I want my blogs, my poems to feel like you are watching a movie or reading a history textbook. I’m trying to make history and I want every blogger to do the same and be proud of your blogs and take pride in your work.  I’m going all out, I’m going to upload some of the most deepest, extreme topic, questions. I’m going all out for the next two months. I plan to change the world with my blogging lol. Well let me calm down, that’s too far but  I want be different from everybody else and I encourage you all to be different. Don’t be like nobody else, be different, be unique, share your thoughts.   A  few questions to all the fellow bloggers(no need to comment below but just think), if you had to share your blog with the world, what blog would you pick to share with the world? What do want to accomplish with blogging?  If you had to delete a blog of yours, what would it be? What blog of yours got the most likes? What blog of yours got the most comments? Who is your favorite blogger? Out of all your bloggers, who is your biggest supporter? If it wasn’t for blogging, how would you release your content? If you could pick a blogger to meet in real life, who would you pick? Another very personal deep question, do you think it’s possible to fall in love with a blogger on word press and if you are in love with a blogger, what would you do about it? In fact, what if you was in love with a blogger that was already married, would you stalk his or her page, or would you delete him/her so you won’t be distracted? The few questions that I asked, no need to comment just think about it



Men will escape reality when speaking

confusing reality with dreaming.

Revealing the names of women

for the positive attention

like a Superbowl celebration.

He gets an applause,

he gets his props,

boasting about all

the money and women

he got.

Say he dealt with dimes

but won’ t tell you

he had to pay

for their time.

Either he paid for it,

or got rejected

Everything he

says is


Ever work with

a guy at your job


said he could

smash every girl

he work with?

Do you really believe

that shit?

It sounds believable.

He has a way with

words with the people.

He has charm

that’s appealing

but where is your


Wake the fuck up

and realize the lust

will remain lust.

Another words

it’s like dogs that

can’t fight

but just do

a lot of barking.

He always

swear ever girl

in sight

rather loud

or shy

or perhaps

a dike

“If I wanted too

I could fuck”

he says that

statement a lot.

Thoughts that

dwell on my brain

“Well go ahead, why not?”

He gives reasons

which seems valid

but they really are invalid

when I think about it?

“I’m too old or

the old me would

hopped right on it.

Just excuses

one after another

like a deadbeat father

on why he can’t see

his kids.

You thought he was


and had

a way with words

like the old Kanye West.

Most people will

take heed and accept

but I will expose every

little secret

and expose him

as a false prophet.

Don’t I remind you of

of J Cole?

Don’t I seem talented?

Or am I’m really the false prophet

in this poem

and I’m trying to

hard to sound poetic?


Btw this is for the bloggers that never heard of me, if you married or have a girlfriend/boyfriend, comment below if you have a anniversary coming up and I will write you a poem to spice up the romance if you reblog this to your followers lol. Check out the link Can I Be Your Ghost Writer?


Answers To The Riddle

Tomorrow at midnight I will be uploading a poem about how men brag about women. Make sure to check that out. On Friday I will upload part two my story about my 25th birthday. Read part one now I Will Never Forget My 25th Birthday (Part 1) before you read part two on Friday.

Last week, I posted a riddle in poetry in format below and if you click the link Who Can Solve This Riddle? you will see I left several hints  below.


I’m dressed in all black, black jeans, ski mask
and black hoodie when planning a robbery
with tactics that are intelligent.
I’m black and my intelligence is underrated
like 1) _____________.
I have to rob because money feeds the belly
and I’m hungry so on deck I always have a 2) _____________. and leave these victims afraid
like 3) ___________.
My guns are big and thick like uncle 4) ___________
and I love to kill leaving the scene bloody
and nasty like 5) ______________
I’ll do anything because the only thing that matters is the green paper and I’m a paper chaser
I’m cold hearted and mean like 6) ______________
and if you don’t understand my plan
than fuck ya.


Before I post the answers, I just want to give a shout out to     Roshonda N.Blackmon , ElisGarci, and QuirksandPearls.

QuirksandPearls was on the right track. She was half way there in solving this riddle because in this riddle the answers to the six blanks are Nickelodeon characters of a particular cartoon. The particular cartoon I’m referring to was “Rugrats”. Once you figure out I’m talking about Rugrats, the poem will go hand in hand.  QuirksandPearls was on the right track because she had a feeling I was talking about the Rugrats.  For those of you reading this, go to her blog page and read her blogs. She writes some very interesting topics and she is very friendly blogger. In fact go check out Roshonda N Blackmon blog and ElisGarci blog. Roshonda is a talented writer and I lover her posts on Gratitude and on her blogs she ask some really interesting questions.  Check out ElisGarci’s blog on “Our Love isn’t like a Paper Boat” it was a beautiful post and she has a lot of dedication. I recommend that you follow these people and you will learn a lot from each of these bloggers.

Now here are the answers to this poem(The answers to the riddle are highlighted in blue)

I’m dressed in all black, black jeans, ski mask
and black hoodie when planning a robbery
with tactics that are intelligent.
I’m black and my intelligence is underrated
like Suise.

I have to rob because money feeds the belly
and I’m hungry so on deck I always have a Tommy

and leave these victims afraid
like Chuckie

My guns are big and thick like uncle Phil

and I love to kill leaving the scene bloody
and nasty like Lil

I’ll do anything because the only thing that matters is the green paper and I’m a paper chaser
I’m cold hearted and mean like Angelica

and if you don’t understand my plan
than fuck ya.


So there you have it, my riddle. You see I left a hint saying that number 4 was the easiest to solve because the hint I left was ” number 4 and number 5 rhyme with each other. Number 4 is the easiest one. Number 4 is a character on a popular sitcom TV and number 4 is also a cartoon character on a nickelodeon show.” Number 4 was a double entendre. I’m talking about Uncle Phil from fresh prince and Phil from rugrats. Number 4 ryhmes with number 5 so process of elimination what other character rhyme with Phil? His twin sister Lil. For number 6, Angelica was a mean bossy kid so number 6 was Angelica. Then go to number 3 and think which character was always afraid? That was Chuckie. Number 1 and number 2 was meant to solve last because I believe they were the most difficult.  Now number 1 which character was black? That character was Susie. Susie was black, smart ,and underrated because for one you barley saw her on the episodes and she is rarely mentioned . Number 2 was the hardest and process of elimination who is left? Only character left is Tommy. Number 2 was a double entendre because not only am I talking about Tommy the bald headed baby but I am also talking about a Tommy Gun.

I will be uploading another riddle soon but it won’t have any fill in the blanks like this one. For my next riddle,  I will leave a multiple question and you have to pick the answer between four choices. Comment below if you felt the hints were a little vague.

“we can’t change the world unless we change ourselves”

I had no intention on uploading a post today but after reading It’s just another choice …. comment  on my post Do I Perfer Strippers?Women Got Me Fed Up  it motivated me to write this post. Her comment was so sincere and so honest so I give her my appreciation for writing this blog . I am going to be straight forward and truthful in this blog and check out her blog when you get a chance. Now the quote “We can’t the world unless we change ourselves” came from biggie smalls in the Notorious B.I.G. movie that came out in 2009. I applied to this quote to women. In this blog I am going to talk about the women’s mindset in this blog and I am not placing all women in category.

Now before I talk about women, I just want to say I already wrote a blog What About Men? in which explains my definition of men that are trash so I’m not being biased in this blog. I came across a few blogs and some tweets on Twitter for the past couple months. Now I notice this trend about men being in “Men are trash”, “Men ain’t shit”, “Niggas ain’t shit” category. I have read blogs ,tweets, and other stories on social media explaining the reasons why men are placed  in the “Men are trash” category. Now in my honest opinion, I honestly think  this is very useless when women do this  because complaining about men on social media does not solve anything. I don’t  get offended but it’s just why go on social media and complain and start a trend “Men ain’t shit” because someone broke your heart? Social media don’t give a fuck about your problems but I get it, you upset and you want to express yourself and that’s fine. But when women say “Men are trash” some men will get offended because that trend make it seems like men as a whole are all trash that’s why some  men actually respond and say “not all men are trash maybe you messing with the wrong guys”. Now what get’s me annoyed though is when women say “Men who say not all men are considered trash because real men understand we are not talking about them”. This logic make no type of sense whatsoever. I will break everything down.

The reason why I think it’s useless when women complain on social media because majority of them are doing that for attention so other people can comment on their post, tweet, etc. Now when a female gets her heart broken, I understand how she feels and yes its going to be natural to say that “Men are trash” I get it, but still no reason to go on social media and promote this throughout social media. Complaining about your problems does  not do anything but make the problem worst, its how you go about solving them. To solve a problem is to learn from your mistakes. Now this is where the “We can’t change the world unless we change ourselves” quote come into play. A lot of women  will complain and expect to receive some type of sympathy when a man breaks her heart but just like how men hurt women, women hurt men too. I’m a man and I got my heart broken before, I’ve gotten ignored before, but how would you  women feel if I was to go on social media and say “Women are bitches”, wouldn’t you get offended? Wouldn’t you think I was talking about women as a whole?  I’m gonna be honest, some women are bitches but not every woman in this world is a bitch and nor will I ever call a woman a bitch. When I got my heart broken I was angry and yes I did say “These hoes ain’t loyal to my friends”, I did say “Women are fucked up”, I did say “Never trust a bitch” but I did not go on social media to complain about my women problems because, 1) social media don’t give a fuck and 2) not every women is a bitch, not every women is a hoe. I spoke to close friends about my problems, I went to a therapists, and most importantly I thought about all the mistakes I’ve made and realize that I didn’t use good judgement. So another words, I was trying to learn from my mistakes. Women should do they same instead of starting this “Men are trash” trend. Now I know some of you are thinking “Well its different with women because women don’t get the type of respect as men do” and that’s true I understand that. But if you women want they same type of respect, if you want men to respect you, ya have to learn to respect each other. Men do call women bitches and it has to stop, but women as well call each other bitches. Hell women refer to themselves as bitches. You know how many times I heard women say “I’m a bad bitch” when referring to themselves? A shit load of times. Another thing that women do is slut sham. Men as well slut sham, but women do it more. To be honest, it be the sluttiest women that be quick to judge other women. Women have  to raise their standards a little higher and use better judgment. Majority of women seek men with men with money,popularity, and fame.  Now there are a select few of women that do want a honest, working man that will treat a woman like a queen but majority of them will ignore the good guys. Most women won’t admit this but most of them think good men are lame, boring, cornballs, etc so that’s why they seek the popular guys. Women will string the good men along, use him,  and ask him for advice regarding men(this is a big one). I swear women do this, they have that one guy friend that they not really into but will call him or text him as soon as she needs advice regarding the man she is chasing.  The man she is chasing as usual is playing games ignoring her and she calls and ask for advice  to the good guy. The good guy obviously knows the type of guy she is chasing doesn’t have good intentions. So good guy gives advice to this girl and she listens. She even goes as far and say that she appreciates the advice that was provided, thanks the guy  saying she appreciates him, and says that she is done with the guy she is chasing. But guess what, like 2 weeks later, her and that guy that she supposedly said she was done with are talking and  hanging out again. For those of the guys that’s reading this and wondering why this always happens? Well I won’t go to deep into the reason I am going to provide but a lot of times  good dick will interfere with a woman’s judgment in a negative way.  Another thing I don’t understand is women will give up the pussy to the worst type of guys in a heart beat. Women will give up the pussy to a guy she never been on a date with, but yet expect him to commit. Now why would a guy take you out on date and spend money on you if you already gave him some pussy? It’s one thing if you just want some dick which is not a problem, but if a guy calls you out your name, doesn’t spend time with you, haven’t claimed you as his girlfriend, never took you out on a date, why would you give him pussy? More than likely he will eventually end things with you, telling you that he seeing someone else or he will just completely ignore you for good. Let me tell you a little secret,  8/10 times when he said he started seeing someone else, the person he seeing was his girlfriend before he met you. You was just a side chick all along. But a lot times side chicks don’t know that they are side chicks until it’s too late. So yes women get hurt bad because of this. But if women use better judgement, a lot of them wouldn’t be in this situation. But anyway the women that do end up in this situation, only a small portion will move on and learn from their mistakes. Majority of them, make more bad decisions. Some women will get jealous  and try to destroy the relationship between the fuck guy and his girlfriend by blowing his spot up. Usually they not blowing up the fuck guy spot up because they are looking out for is girlfriend, they blowing his spot up because they are jealous of his girlfriend.  Some girls won’t even mind being a side chick anyway and will purposely try and get pregnant by the fuck guy to trap him or hoping her getting pregnant will make the fuck guy wanna leave his girlfriend.  Some girls will try to find a new guy to talk to ,to make the fuck guy jealous and this is stupid because the fuck guy don’t care. Besides even when the side chick gets a new man or string somebody else along, more than likely she will still let the fuck guy smash.  Another thing is(and this is a problem for both men and women) a lot of ya are having unprotected sex. Now yes I know unprotected sex is better than using protection so yes I get it, an unexpected pregnancy happens or you catch an STD, shit happens nobody perfect, but a lot of women don’t learn their lesson and will still fuck guys unprotected. These type of actions is why some women have a hard time finding Mr Right. Usually(not always) these are the type of women that go on social media and say “Niggas ain’t shit”. Another thing I have to add, when women finally do get a good man, they give him hell sometimes. Like he can do everything right, be a gentleman, spend money, take her out on dates, all her friends like him, he’s intelligent and it still won’t be enough.  These type of guys have a harder time and go through more bullshit. These be the type of guy that gotta wait like 3 months or more to get the pussy. Now everything is not about pussy, it’s not  I swear. One  more thing is, if a guy treats you like a queen, make sure you having a good day, knows when to give you space when your having a bad day, knows when to communicate with you, compliments you, somewhat attractive, and shows that he wants to be in your life, why do you got to think about it? Why does he got to be in the friend zone ? Why does he got to wait forever just to have sex with you? You see ya too busy complaining about the trash men, but ignoring all the good men. Now do you understand why good men say “Not all men are trash” because good men go through so much bullshit.  Here’s another thing, a lot of men that are trash were once good men. What happened was your typical good guy got his heart broken really bad which turned him into a savage. When a man gets his heart broken it’s because he didn’t see it coming because the girl he was dealing with seemed like a sweetheart that changed and switched on him. With women, a lot of times the guys ya deal with that break your heart, he gives obvious signals that he is playing games or cheating but sometimes ya do ignore the signals hoping that he will change or that you can change him. Let me tell you something, you can’t change a guy that’s not willing to change himself. Another thing ya complain about is fuck guys just wanting to fuck and fuck guys  being disrespectful and I understand where ya coming from. So why is it when you find a guy that has a good job, respectful, eloquent speaker, not afraid to make decisions, plans ahead, affectionate, and not afraid to brag about you to his friends and family, why would you leave him or cheat on him if the sex is not good? Now as a far as leaving him this one is tough one because I know nobody don’t want to settle with somebody with wack sex and sex is important so I kind of understand why a woman would leave but at least give him time to improve and see if he is willing to get better first. But a lot women will break up with a guy in a heart beat if the sex is wack. Women do judge men harshly if he is a one minute man or have a small dick. But truth is  some of these women ain’t  all that that in the bedroom neither. A lot of ya can’t even handle a guy with a big dick, some of ya aren’t the best when it comes to giving head, some of you aren’t all that developed. Now imagine if your boyfriend broke up with because you can’t give good head? Imagine if a guy broke up with you because your ass and breast are small? Doesn’t that sound very shallow? At the end of the day it’s like this, Good sex will make a unhealthy relationship stretch, and bad sex will healthy relationship crumble. As fucked up as it sounds, this tells you how powerful sex is. Sex should not be more powerful than loyalty and commitment. Another thing that I heard is they say the best dick come from a broke man or a man that ain’t shit and a nice guy always got wack dick. I don’t know how many of you heard of this, I heard of this  quite a few times. This logic is a little ass backwards. The only way you can tell if a man is good in the bedroom is to actually have to sex with him and get to know him and understand him in that department. Another way you might be able to tell(and even this is not guarantee) is if he knows how to dance or if he exercise. Sex is about rhythm and dancing is about rhythm so more than likely he probably knows how to move and have control of his rhythm providing spectacular  strokes. That’s why Jamaican are very good in the sex department lol.  A man that exercises makes his heart healthy which will increase blood flow to his penis which gives him firm erections that can help him to last longer in the bed room.

I’m provide an example of a TV show. For those of you that watch Power, you know James St Patrick AKA Ghost and Tasha St Patrick. Ghost cheated on his wife and he was wrong no doubt. A lot fans criticized him for cheating and called him a dumb ass for cheating. Now a lot of people think Tasha is a ride or die. Tasha is not a ride or die I don’t care what nobody says. Tasha cheated too. In fact she technically cheated first. Look at season 1 episode 1 and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Ghost is a drug dealer that’s trying to go legit but Tasha doesn’t want him to leave the drug game. She isn’t loyal to Ghost, she is loyal to his money but yet she is a ride or die which makes no sense. I won’t go too much into but if you watch season 1 of power you’ll see what I’m talking about.

We do have trash men such as Donald Trump and Bill Cosby. But what about Black Chyna? What about Scottie Pippens  wife? In fact I gonna say something reckless. For those of you that watch porn(don’t judge me lol) it’s a lot videos you’ll see women blowing another guy while on the phone with her boyfriend. Quite a few videos.  On the Maury show , some women come on the show swear they know who the father of her baby is but get sad when she finds out the dude she thought was the father is not. Now I’m not trying to judge but why would you have unprotected sex with more than one man at the same time? At least wear a condom.  Just another thing, I gotta question for the men, have this ever happened you know where you was speaking to a female for a little while and  ya was getting close then all of a sudden she stop responding to your text, then all of a sudden like 4 months later  she text you “Hey stranger”? You see what they do is they string you along until her ex start acting right again so she’ll forget about you, then once they stop talking, they hit you up and think they can just come back to you like nothing ever happened.

My point of this blog was to show you that just like men, there are trash women as well. Women play games as well. The problem is society portrays men as trash but never bring up the dirt that women do. This is for the women that say “Men ain’t shit” when men say “not all men” it’s not because we are guilty(not all of us) it’s because we know the bullshit that good men go through. When ya say “men ain’t shit” it does sound like you are speaking about men as a whole. How would you feel if men started a trend and said “Women are bitches”? You know goddamn well you would not like it.  Just to say this, yes I know women aren’t treated equally like men and it’s unfair. But there are times when things do work in your favor and men are at a disadvantage.  Court for example, the judge normally favors the women over the men as far as child support.  Single mothers get  a lot of credit and they deserve all the credit because being a single parent is hard but what about single fathers? Single fathers don’t get as much credit as single mothers do. Females are coldhearted  just like men. In fact I know females that told me they rather be around guys because it’s too much drama with females. Women are spreading this “Men ain’t shit trend” but females don’t even respect each other. Females don’t get along with each other. Now men should uplift women, but how do you expect men to do that if women don’t uplift each other? One way is on March which is women’s history month, both women and men should uplift each other. Women want men to uplift them but it women have to uplift each other as well. Women need to hold fuck boys accountable and stop making it easy for them to get pussy. Women need to acknowledge and admit that women hurt men too and that both men and women are trash. Stop blaming men for everything.  I highly wouldn’t recommend women spreading the “Men ain’t shit” trend over social media because the trash men aren’t the ones that say “not all men” , they are usually (not all) liking your status agreeing with everything your saying or just laughing at you because he know he gonna get pussy from somewhere else so he don’t care if you think he is trash. As I stated previously, you are not wrong for feeling like men are trash when your heartbroken, but seek therapy,  allow yourself to heal, mentor to teenagers to not make the same mistakes that you did, realize that a relationship will not give you happiness if you not happy with yourself, when on these dating sites try to focus for one guy at time, maybe even two but not highly recommended to talk to more than 3 different guys at once, stopping depending on the online dating is the only solution to meeting people, learn to be more friendly in person, and put God first in everything you do. Think of all the choices you made, now ask, if my daughter made the same choices I did, would I be proud of her? Remember “We can’t change the world unless we change ourselves.”

I Hate Christmas

On Monday at midnight, I will be uploading the answers to the riddle Who Can Solve This Riddle? that I posted a few days ago. It’s really a easy riddle and I invite you all to solve my riddle.  On Tuesday, I will upload a poem about men that brag too much about women. On Friday, I will upload part two to some horrific events that led to my 25th birthday. Please read part 1 I Will Never Forget My 25th Birthday (Part 1) before you read part 2.

The worst holiday of all time.
The time of year we see lights shine.
Different colors from all others.
House filled with  decorations is
how we choose to celebrate it.

But Christmas to me is corrupted.
Lol they say it’s the best time of year,
but I don’t care because life is
not still not fair.
Is Christmas really for the middle and poor class?
Prices are expensive out the ass.
The retail stores I drive right pass
like a man that passes gas.

They say material things don’t matter
so I won’t buy my girlfriend a gift.
On Christmas Day I predict
she will be upset so I ask her
“What’s the matter?”
Awe she becomes sadder,

so I say
“I thought material things didn’t matter,
I thought it was the inside that counts?”
Now all I see is a big ass frown.
I don’t get it because I don’t need a Christmas present.

Some of you will say this is the time we celebrate the birth of Christ
but what about those that don’t believe in Christ?
Now I do believe in Christ and always have all my life
but why we express our love for Christ by exchanging presents?

Presents make people desperate
and behaviors shock me like electric.

In some areas, the crime rate goes up.
Jesus scarficed his blood

but we shed blood
and year after year
bodies flows like a flood.

This tells that you should
not trust
and save your bucks
For the poor,
times are tough.
Being broke will make a little
kid hate Santa clause
and heartbroken
when he see him
at the mall.

Tears from his face
is wet like
the water on jersey shore.
In ancient history
Christmas started as a religious

But elements of pagan
festivals were
integrated into the
Christmas celebration.
Christmas been commercialized
with merchants counting
on the Christmas season
to bring the lions’ s share
profits each year.
Children come to expect
to receive large number
of expensive gifts from
Santa each year.

Adults feel pressured financially
and as well mentally
as they struggle to create
an celebration that’s outstanding
providing the perfect food
drink and decoration for
their families.
It’s very difficult
to simplify Christmas
and to focus on its origin



I Will Never Forget My 25th Birthday (Part 1)

I just want to let you know that  tomorrow at 6AM, I will be uploading a Christmas poem so make sure to check that out. On Monday December 3, I will upload the answers to the riddle I posted yesterday Who Can Solve This Riddle? and it’s an interesting riddle. For those you that watched Nickelodeon as kid, you might be able to solve my riddle.  I just want to thank all of my followers and God bless you all.  Before reading my story, I will advise for the ones that don’t know me to read Who Am I? to understand what type of person that  I am and I think that will help you make sense of this story. If you have any questions about the story below please comment below



I will never forget my 25th birthday. 2014 – 2015 I was going through depression. In October 2014, was the first time I got my feelings hurt and went through serve depression and it was over a girl I use to date. But I might as well start from the beginning and this is a long blog just to give you a warning.
Now in October 2014, that was the year that I had lost my great grandmother and also the year that I have lost the love of my love. Now I will admit, it was mostly my fault in which why things ended between us but I had good reasons into which why I broke up with her. 1) because I didn’t want to get her pregnant and 2) I felt like like she wasn’t really into to me like she said she was. So anyway to continue, we broke up but remained friends. While we remained friends, I still had strong feelings for and deep down wanted to be with her but still was satisfied with being friends with her. Throughout the friendship from December 2014 until July 2015, I received nothing but mixed signals from this girl. At first I feel like she wanted to be with me, but then on other days I felt like she wanted nothing to do with me. I am going to talk about all the bullshit I went through for 7 months.
In December 2014 me and my ex was texting. Now my dad told me that he was going away for 3 weeks. So I told my ex, I am happy because I will have the house to myself for 3 weeks. Her exact words were “Nice and you better invite me over to your house”.
I responded “lol nah you can’t”. She responded “Why not lol?” Now at the time I was naive and I thought alright maybe she does wanna come over. So fast forward 2 weeks later on New Years Eve I texted her ” Since you off tomorrow do wanna come over?
She said ” What time?”
I said “At 2, but it don’t matter what time.”
She said “She said well if it don’t matter the time, then I will let you know.” Now in the back off my mind I felt like she didn’t wanna come over because if she really did then she just would of said yes. Next day comes by and I didn’t hear from her. I wished her Happy New Year and she wished me Happy New Year and she never even mentioned come over to my place or anything. So I assumed she was hoping that I didn’t bring it up or hoping I forgot about inviting her over. Even though in the back of my mind I knew she was avoiding coming over to my house, I didn’t make it a big deal though,I let it slide becuase I figured maybe it wasn’t best that we have sex anyway since we just friends.
Fast forward to February 2015, so me and my ex were still friends texting on a regular basis. I wanted to hang out with her before school started in March. So  we were on the phone talking and it was a Sunday. Over the phone, I asked her “Since I’m going back to school soon and I’m gonna be really busy do you wanna hang out this Friday ?” She was hesitant and said “I’ll let you know” So now in my head I’m like wtf like it’s either yes or no you know if you free on Friday or not. So we texted throughout out the week. Now Friday comes and for second I thought about asking her again if she was free for Friday, but then I’m like nah, she said she would let me know so the ball is in her court. So we texted throughout Friday and she never mentioned or got back to me about hanging out for Friday. So now I got a little irritated. So what I did was I purposely waited until two days to bring up the issue. You see, what she was doing was she she says”I’ll let you know” because she really don’t have interest in hanging out with me but she don’t wanna be straight forward she rather string me along. So I decided wait two days because I knew she was hoping I would forget. So two days later which is a Sunday I texted her “You never got back to me about hanging out on Friday” She says ” I was waiting for you to mentioned it” So I said “When I asked you to hang out and you said you let me know” She said”Oh I did, oh I’m so sorry it’s just that I’ve been stressed out this” basically she was giving me bullshit excuses.
Now let’s fast forward to April 2015. I was texting her and I was a little tipsy. She knew I was tipsy so she ask  me do I still have feelings for her. Now I honestly don’t remember what my response to that question was because this happened like three years ago, but one thing that did cross my mind was the fact that as soon as I told her that I was tipsy then she wanna know if I had still had feelings for her. It’s funny because when you tipsy or drunk that’s when the truth comes out. She thought she was slick lol. But anyway this was when the fast and the furious 7 movie came out and I told to her that I plan on seeing fast and the furious movie and your invited if you want to see it. So basically I was leaving it up to her because I was going to see the movie regardless. So she said that she wanted to see it. So I said to her well alright just remind me on Saturday so I won’t forget. I purposely said that to leave the ball in her court because I’m not really trying to chase after nobody too hard. On Saturday surprisingly she texted me ” So we still going to see this movie right?” and I said “yeah “I will pick you up at work.” So I picked her up at work and we go see this movie. The mood was alright for the most part. So after the movie we walking towards my car and I tried to kiss her but she wasn’t feeling the mood. I kissed her for about 5 seconds. I tried to get closer but she stop me, went in the car and closed the door on me. You have no idea how that felt. Like we texted everyday, I was going to church with her family on a regular basis, I would  pick her up from work, and a  week prior she asked me if I still had feelings for her and this is what I get in return. I got pretty pissed off. So on the ride back home it was quiet in the car. I dropped her off home and I was tight. I came to the realization that maybe I should just move on because at this point I felt like there was another guy she was messing with.

I will stop it right here because this is a long story. I know this is confusing and hard to follow and this may seem unorganized but this happened a while ago and I’m trying to remember everything that happened. In case you guys are wondering why I was angry and confused is because throughout the months when my ex and I broke up,  did try to get back with her back in November 2014, but she told me that she needed a break and time to heal because she been heart broken before and I understood that but we agreed that we will remain friends. But as the months went by, I started to think to myself like if she needed time to heal then why are we friends? Either we should just be together or just go our separate ways. I now know that when you  need time to heal from a broken heart you should not remain contact with your ex. For those of you reading this, if you think this is bad, it gets much worst but I will upload the rest of the story next Friday. If any of you are annoyed or pissed off with what was said in this story, I highly recommend you not to read part 2 because it get worst. That’s all I’m gonna say. Part 2 will take place from April 2015 until July 2015 which will lead to my 25th birthday.

Who Can Solve This Riddle?

I just want to let you know, on Friday at midnight  I will be uploading a blog where  I will be talking about  a personal experience that happened a few years ago. On Saturday at 6 am, I will be uploading a poem about how I feel about Christmas. I have a couple of poems I will be uploading next week as well. During the month of December, I will be doing a lot of uploading  to keep you all entertained. I just want to thank all of my followers and  I am grateful for every one of you and I wish you all success that blogging will open many doors for you in the future.

I decided do write a poetry riddle so you can understand my unique though pattern. I wrote a short mini poem but the problem is, the poem is incomplete. There are six blanks and I need your help in order to complete this poem. Help me to fill in the banks of this poem. If you can figure out at least 4/6 , I will personally write a special blog  about you, giving you a shout out of course, my favorite post on your blog, and what I love most about the design on your home page. Well  scroll down and help me complete this poem.

I’m dressed in all black, black jeans, ski mask
and black hoodie when planning a robbery
with tactics that are intelligent.
I’m black and my intelligence is underrated
like 1) _____________.
I have to rob because money feeds the belly
and I’m hungry so on deck I always have a 2) _____________. and leave these victims afraid
like 3) ___________.
My guns are big and thick like uncle 4) ___________
and I love to kill leaving the scene bloody
and nasty like 5) ______________
I’ll do anything because the only thing that matters is the green paper and I’m a paper chaser
I’m cold hearted and mean like 6) ______________
and if you don’t understand my plan
than fuck ya.


This poem is about typical young man in the hood doing whatever he gotta do to to survive.  I know most of you reading this are confused or don’t have a clue on how to solve. I am going to be a nice guy a give a few hints.

In order to solve this riddle, you must know what a double entendre is. For those of you that don’t know, a double entendre is a word or expression used in a given context so that it can be understood in two ways.

An example of a double entendre

“Even though, I’m a killer, my heart is big like whales” now allow me to break this statement down.

Now technically this is a triple entendre. I’m killer meaning I take lives, and heart is big meaning I can be warm hearted and I’m comparing my heart to whales because whales as well are big and most importantly killer whale is a type of whale and killer whales are the biggest whales. Killer,big whales and heart have a connection. So now read that statement again “Even though, I’m a killer, my heart is big like whales” it makes sense now right. In fact click  here “The Use Of Double Entendre” to read all the double entendres I provided in poetry format.


When solving my poetry riddle, always have a strategy. Well look at the poem and use process of elimination. I will give you a hint, number 4 and number 5 rhyme with each other. Number 4 is the easiest one. Number 4 is a character on a popular sitcom TV and number 4 is also a cartoon character on a nickelodeon show. In fact all the six blanks are cartoon characters of a nickelodeon show. Once you figure out the nickelodeon show, you will figure this poem out no problem. Number two as well is a double entendre.

For those of you reading this, you are lucky because I gave obvious hints. But the next riddle I write won’t be as easy. Comment below the six words to the six blanks. By the way, if you give me incorrect answers, then I will put you on punishment and no blogging for a month. Lol jk don’t mind me, but comment below the six missing words to this poem. I will post the answers to this blog, on Monday at midnight.

A Fun Game To Play With Your Significant Other

I hoped everybody had a good Thanksgiving. These four days went by fast. Christmas is next month which is the worst holiday of the year. I hate it this time of year. Comment below if you hate Christmas lol. Well just want to let you know on Wednesday, I will be uploading a riddle in poetry format where you will have to fill in the blanks. On Friday, December 1st I will talk about  a personal experience of mine and share it with you and Saturday December 2nd, I will upload a Christmas poem and how I really feel about Christmas lol. I have alot of interesting blogs coming this week so be on the look out for Wedenday, Friday, and Saturday.

“Would you Rather” is a fun ice breaker game you can play with anyone, anywhere. You need at least two players to play this game. This game is great way to spend time with your significant other.  It will definitly makes the night alot more exciting and this is great way to get to understand your partner alot better.
But you can play this game with a group of friends as well.
    Now this is how you play this game. You will choose either yourself or your signficant other to go first. The player that goes first, will choose a question that begans with “Would you rather?” and provide two scenarios to choose from. Would you rather questions can be funny, sexual, deep, nasty, or violent. Let’s say you choose to go first, you would ask your signficant other a question then your significant other answer the question you asked. Then it will be your signficant other’s turn and your significant other will ask you a question. You can play this game for as long as you like
For those that are confused or not sure what type of questions to ask your partner, I will post some good examples of questions that would have you thinking?

1. Would you rather break up with someone or have someone breakup with you? To be honest I rather break up with someone but what would you rather do?
2.Would you rather be poor and attractive or rich and ugly? I rather be rich and ugly but what would you rather?
3. Would you rather never experience true love but have sex anywhere anytime or experienced true but never have sex again ever? This is a tough question in fact I wrote a blog about this two months ago
4. Would you rather have a best friend or a spouse? I rather a best friend but what do you perfer?
5. Would you rather sleep naked everyday for the rest of your life or go outside public naked for 15 minutes? I rather go sleep naked everyday for the rest of my life what do you perfer?
6.Would you rather be in heaven right now if you had the chance or would you rather live a long life? I rather be in heaven now but what about you?
7.Would you rather eat breakfast 3 times a day or dinner 3 times a day? I would rather breakfast 3 times a day what do you perfer?
8. Would you rather scarfice your life for others or scarfice everybody’s life? I would scarfice my own life what about you?
9. Would you rather  meet people online or do you perfer the old fashioned way where you go out in public and meet people? I perfer the old fashioned way, what do you perfer?
10.Would you rather go fight in a war for two years or go to prison for two years? I would rather go to war for two years what do you perfer?
11. Would you rather work 4 days a week 10 hour days or 5 days a week 8 hour days? I would rather work 4 days a week 10 hour days what do you perfer?
12. Would you rather be a baby forever or a old person and when I say old I’m talking about 80 and above?
Tbh I don’t know, what would you rather?
13. Would you rather go four days without eating or four days without sleeping? I would rather go four days without eating, but what would you rather?                            14. Would you rather get cheated on or cheat? I rather get cheated on but what about you?                                                          15. Would you rather have sex and use protection with someone of the opposite sex that’s HIV positive or kiss someone of the same sex(This question is for the people attracted to the opposite sex) I would rather have sex and use protection with someone that was HIV positive.  This was the toughest one  for me but what would you rather?

These are questions that you can use as a guide when playing this game with your signficant other. 

Why don’t comment below and come up with a would you rather question for me and I will answer  and also comment below and tell me which of the 15 would you rather questions was most challenging to answer?

Lame People

I just want to wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving. One of the things I am grateful for is my poetry and the opportunity for to share my poetry through blogging . On Monday November 28th at midnight, I will be uploading a blog “Would You Rather” which is a game in which I  will describe in detail how to play. On Wednesday November 30th I will be uploading another riddle. For those of you that likes riddles, Solve This Riddle And Fill In The Blanks  click on the link and solve my riddle.Read More »

Don’t Give Or Receive 

Just to let u know, I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving break just so I can rest. I could care less about the food, hell if it was up to me I would order pizza.  But anyway just letting you know, I won’t be posting until next Monday November 28. My blog on the 28th would be a blog on “Would you rather” game. This is a game you can play with your friends and signficant other. I will explain the rules in the blog when I  post this blog next week. Since I won’t be blogging for the next four days, today I will upload two blogs today. The two are poems that are very relatable and I think you will enjoy this poem. This blog is the “Don’t give or receive” poem and later at 6pm I will upload  a poem about my definition of being a lame.
Wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!
Side note: To all people reading this, do you actually Turkey?
I find Turkey to be overated, I don’t see what the big hype is at all 



They say it’s better to give than receive.

But the ones who give as well

would like to receive.

You give and you want to feel appreciated.

Your gratuide you choose to demonstrate it,

to please the lord,

but people ask for more

and expect to receive more

They take your kindness for weakness

and take an advantage.

Once they receive more,

they vanish.

Now feeling under appreciated

thinking common courtesy is overrated.

Don’t you get sick and tired

of being submissive?

A lot times people discover

your weakness.

The weakness

they see

in you

is the lack of common sense,

but to you,

you’re just being honest

to a so called friend.

So called friends pretend

to hear

but they don’t listen.

Ignore your feelings

when you bleeding,

when you need healing

Their true colors

are now revealing.

This whole time,

they been deceiving,

they been concealing

the truth.

The truth is

they don’t give a fuck about you.

Strangers will sometimes do

more for you

than friends

you consider family.

They receive

until you have

no more to give.

Betray you with

a kiss

to be loyal

to somebody else

they can receive

more from.

You gave your last

plate of food


but received only crumbs.

We now feel dumb.

The feeling you get

at prom

when your dress or

tuxedo been covered in punch.

The feeling you get

at school

when you had no money

to eat lunch.

The feeling when

you out of deodorant

so armpits smell

like must.

When this happens,

can you get

back on your feet

and adjust

like daylight saving times

ended an we have to

adjust the clocks.

Think about it

like this,

If a guy told you

he was HIV positive

Would you suck his cock?

Of course not

Or at least I hope not

So the lesson of

all of this is

in order to get rid

fake friends

Don’t expect to receive

and act like you


so people don’t expect

you to give.

Come on now,

use your common sense.

When People ask for help

My father told me

to Just pray for them

because you have your

own problems.

Lesson is only God

can solve problems.






A Challenge I Offer To Married Couples

I just want to say on Wednesday, November 22, I will be uploading two blogs. The two blogs are poems I will be uploading and these are  poems that I think most people will definitely relate to . The first poem “Don’t Give Or Receive” will be uploaded at midnight on November 22 and the other poem “Lame People” will be uploaded at 6 p.m. on November 22. So take a look out for those two poems because these poems have a message behind it that I think you can relate to. I just want to thank all my followers and any other bloggers that read my blogs. It means a lot and I hope all of you married couples think about this challenge I am going to offer.


Life is boring without challenges from time to time. Challenges build character and gives you discipline. For those of you that are married, why don’t you challenge your marriage and your spouse. To strengthen your marriage you have to challenge it. Like taking a test in school, once the teacher teaches you the lesson, the teacher gives you a test to see if the students were paying attention and to see if they can apply what they learn. But everywhere you head in life, you will always be tested. Sometimes your being tested and you might not even know that you’re being tested.

So to the married couples, why don’t you challenge yourselves and your marriage. Offer a challenge to your spouse and go 30 days without having any sexual intercourse. No oral sex, fondling, caressing, nothing at all. Hell, you can’t even masturbate or play with yourselves for 30 days. To strengthen your marriage, go 30 days without having sex. I have a twist, for the next 30 days since you and your spouse won’t participate in any sexual activities, you and spouse must read erotic fiction or erotic poetry to each other for about 15 minutes a day for the next 30 days and you and your spouse will shower together on day 1, day 15, and day 30. On the days where you shower together with your spouse, no touching or kissing will be allowed in the shower. You and and your spouse will observe each other as if your looking at a picture in a  art gallery. This will really build up the sexual tension between the both of you. If you not sure where to you can find erotic fiction to read , there is book I posted  below that you should check out and read to your spouse


Buy this book when you get the chance and everyday you and your spouse should take turns reading a chapter at night for 15 minutes for 30 days straight and no sex for 30 days.  If you can go for 30 days, then go for another 30 days and try for 60 days. If you can 60 days, go for another 30 days and try for 90 days. But 90 days is the most I would push. To be honest I don’t think most of you that are married could go more than a week lol but hey prove me wrong.


Do you think you can handle this challenge?

I offer another challenge. Unlike the first challenge, this challenge is the opposite where you will have sex for thirty days straight. You can’t miss one day for thirty days straight. But here is the twist, both spouses have to orgasm at least once a day for thirty days. For example, let’s say a man have sex with his wife and he ejaculated after 2 mins, if his wife didn’t get an orgasm then it doesn’t count until he finds a way to make her cum or get an orgasm. On day 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 you must introduce something new to spice up your sex life rather it be handcuffs,blindfold, tying your hands to the bed post, whoop cream, sex toys or it could be having sex at a new location like the hotel, the laundry room, the backyard, on the stairs, or in the basement. Get creative and learn something new.

Now I recommend you do both challenges. Try the 30 day sex challenge after you complete the 30  day not having sex challenge. I have a question and this is for the married couples , if you had to pick between 30 day sex challenge or 30 day not having challenge, which one would you pick(If you not comfortable, you don’t have to comment) ?