Decisions And Choices

An option to select, We look to chose the best. Decisions, choices Some we make bring profits Some we make breaks promises. Choices makes us happy but decision brings misery. Choices are simple but decisions are difficult. Choices are fair and peaceful, but decisions are full of pressure, which makes us stressful. Regardless a selection […]

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You speak the words but you don’t take your own advice In public you a hero, but in private you  know the words you speak to yourself are lies. You are look upon from other people as positive leader but behind closer doors you are a coward in disguise. Hypocrites fall within the bracket of […]

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I Owe You

I will never forget the day, the time and place where you jumped in front of my face We were at the park playing basketball and I’m not paying attention at all. My back was turned where the neighborhood Gang banger was behind the fence, aiming at my head from a distance. Now having my […]

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Blind Man

No eyes, can’t see. Don’t know whats in front of me. I live off of sound and touch alone. Ears and hands is what I depend on. to be aware of my surroundings, since being blind is so unappealing. But what is appealing, since seeing in my world is non-existing. Where my eyes is not […]

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Get Lost In My Poems

Before you read this poem, read all of my other poems first so this poem will make sense for you. I wrote this for my followers and I appericate all of you for following me. For those of you reading this and not following me, if you choose to follow me I always follow back.  […]

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Me vs Her (Poem battle part 2)

Her: You wanna hear something funny? I secretly got excited to receive your text. It made me wonder to myself what are we going to discuss next. Have you ever experienced that where your heart just skipped a beat. I know I’m kinda embarrassed and should probably take seat. But you’re my knight in shining […]

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