Not About Making, but Saving

Money something we all want and some more than others.

Money  can turn friends into lovers.

Without money there is not much you can do.

“Make the money girl, don’t let the money make you.”

Remember this quote from the movie “Player’s Club”

Money can be evil like lust,

if not handled right.

Money can make your life nice

if you are saving your money right.

Money made from working in laws firms

or playing dice.

Money to be made in different ways and different types. 

Legal Vs Illegal.

Illegal way subdue the struggles 

The illegal way is more simple but the result can put you in trouble.

Having people on the corners drug dealing.

Dealers think they the toughest

 until they get caught, locked up and turn into snitches.

Paying lawyer fees and snitching for a lighter sentence.

Money spent on lawyers more than thousands.

So overall money this way is made the faster way.

But most that choose this path spent money on bullshit everyday.

Alot of millionaires  and celebrities go broke becuase lack of investing 

in their future and for not properly saving.

Rich people sometimes think money can solve everything 

thinking they above the law and get away with everything.

But people are not prepared to get caught thinking they can get away with everything.

Well guess what lucks up becuase nobody but God is untouchable.

Money will come if you work hard enough.

Be patient and chase the dream.

Only spend money on the things you need.

Have a plan and every paycheck put away at least 5%.

That 5% overtime time will add up and don’t brag  to your friends

how much money you got.

Money turn friends to jealous enemies 

and friends to strangers and vice versa.

Bragging about money will promote gold diggers.

Want a real down to earth wife, work hard in life

don’t be the bragging all the time

and chase the dream, take the oppurnitiy 

and thank God always.

Real women love the ambitious, the talent, and the mature mindset you demonstrate,

 not just the money on your plate.

Remember it’s about how much money saving

not how much money you making.


The gift of expressing through stories such as fairytales and fantasies.
The images in your head brings out the creativity.
You imagine according to your mood or situation,
Or imagine in your state of tension.
Imagination revamps your life by creating your inner freedom,
That comes  to you within with or without a valid reason.
Imagination let us have a playful attitude towards the present.
Imagining things in your head represents,
The way you take on life challenges ,
Or the outcome of a certain situation.
Every goal or dream you want to accomplish, starts off as an imagination.
You imagine your future on how you want your life to be.
Imagining different things, Imagining things you want to see.
Buildings, skyscrapers, stadium, statutes, and amuesent parks, are all worldwide attractions, that came from humans,
Through the use of Imagination.
Imagination is your gift if used wisely,
That comes from God the almighty.

Hit List (part 2)

Please read part 1 before reading  part 2 of this story.

Here is the link Hit List

Damn there she goes

slowly walking towards

my direction.

I pretend to search for for

something in my car to look

busy to not make

my approach to obvious.

As I’m pretending to be

searching, I hear her

footsteps and I’m waiting

for the perfect timing.

Now she is two feet away

from me, I shut the car


and my heart starts pounding.

I guess I’m nervous

because she is so sexy.

I say unto her “Hey Ms.

how are you doing?”

She says” I just missed

the 8:45 bus and I’m

trying not to go crazy”

I say “Where are you

going, would you like a ride?”

She says “‘No thanks, I’ll

be fine.”

After about 10 seconds of


I snap out of it and

realize I must say


to keep the conversation


I ask her” Do you live around

here?” Now obviously I know

she does.

She says” Not too far from here” I could tell she

was being concise but I

know she lives near.

She asked me a question

but I’m staring at her skin

complexion and it’s the color of

a deer.

I didn’t even hear a word she said.

I’m looking high like Craig(Friday).

She look at me with a

bewildered look on her face.

“I’m hello I’m talking to

you and your staring into space” she says.

I said “I apologize I’m just staring at your gold

necklace it looks nice on you.”

When I said that I was bullshitting

and she knew.

So sarcastically she says

“Hmm okay whatever you say”

The bus arrives and she

says “Well I have to go to work

I don’t want to be late enjoy your


Then she runs to the bus stop

in a hurry.

I almost started to yell to

ask for her name,

but I didn’t want her to

perceive me as being lame.

So I just stared at her ass

and hips,

as I lick my lips realizing I

need chap stick.

I hope she didn’t noticed

my ashy lips.

But it’s cool because I

see her everyday around

6:30 pm when she come

home from work.

Her skin look so sweet, I wanna lick it

until I get a cavity.

She can be my rotten candy.

Then become my nurse and treat

me with the laughing gas filling.

Okay I snap out of it and stop daydreaming.













Can I Be Your Ghost Writer?

I have the passion and fire

I can be your ghostwriter

I’m invisible as I write in pure silence.

Got words sounding alike.

Got rhyming down to a science.

Blogs, posts, reports, and stories;

I make ordinaries to celebrities.

Having you believe in magic,

reading the nursery rhymes

or explicit content.

I’m making miracles like Jesus

stepping on serpents

and swallowing demons.

Rhymes be tight

I swear I’m dead nice.

Believe in the hype,

as you invest in my

powerful rhymes.

So powerful having you

second guessing thinking

twice like you seeing

ghosts at night

when it’s actually broad daylight.

But those ghosts you see

are my clones and me

Ghostwriting for you in

your dreams.

I’m a dead final draft


To all my follower,

Can I be your ghostwriter from broad daylight to midnight?

The Use Of Double Entendre

You cried  like   cyclops
bitch made was in your genes
I’m a feared giant
for being ruthless
 thanks to my traits
I inherited from  Poseidon
Put you in the wave
Join the others
I’m a killer
My heart is big
like  whales,
but known to be salty
like water
and throw you over
the bridge into the ocean.
I have a plan in motion
that’s smooth like lotion.
Seduce you and make
you drink my potion
to get you poisoned.
I’m more deadly than
a cobra snake
but ironically
I hate snakes
that can’t keep
their tounges in their mouth.
I was taught to stay quiet like a mouse
and over time I got obsessed with cheese.
but I rarely eat cheese
I try to avoid constipation
and never been the one
to take shit from anybody,
unless it’s money.
So words to advice
don’t mess with me.

This was a poem of double entendres.  Alot of words having two different meanings like Snake, Cyclops,Cheese Killer,Wave.

If you don’t understand this poem then comment below and I will break it down for you. 

Give the poem a chance and try and understand it 

Hit List

Hit List

I always been gifted with

style and good looks.

I’m reading women like books.

So charming so how can

any women resist me?

I got women on my menu,

I’m profitable like Applebee’s.

That’s what I thought until I saw her.

Goddamn look at my sexy ass neighbor.

Brown curly hair with the caramel complexion.

The drool rushing out of my mouth unto my sweat pants

Now my hands is over my crotch to subdue my erection

She is drop dead gorgeous,

with a smile so flawless.

I’m so nervous

Heart beating fast having

me wondering what

happened to my confidence.

I look at her curves and

swear she is the finest.

Hotter than a tropical rain forest.

I never seen her before,

She must be new around town.

I got to introduce myself,

get to know her and

show her around.

Look so fine, just might

have my player card revoked.

Make her my wifey, and drop all my hoes.

But I got to think straight and catch a gripe.

I plan to put her on top

of my hit list.

For now I’ll watch from a distance

and remain silent like the letter ’e’

at the end of a four letter word,

until the opportunity arrives to me.

Then efficiently articulate with

the sweetest words.

I’ll take her to school

and she can take me to church.










Dear Journal

Ordinary like Doug
except I hate mayonnaise.
I don’t believe in love
when people player hate
I remain humble like skeeter
But because of my sister
I get moody like Judge Judy
having period symptoms
stomach hurts
Cereal was spoiled
like Beebie.
I wanted to stay home
but parents called my bluff
and thought I was bullshittin
But bricks is what I’m shittin
So now gotta remain tough
to stand up to a bully
like Roger Klotz.
I act like Doug
So sometimes I’m a klutz
with bad luck.
I can’t solve problems
So I daydream and
pretend I’m Smash Adams
hiding in vents of
a junior high school bathroom.
Scribbling in my journal
in the classroom
My poetry is like
Doug’s illustrations
Unpredictable and creative
but yet still basic.
Wish my poetry was powerful
like QuailMan.
I need to eat meat to
for the protein
to be strong like QuailMan.
Unlike milk ,Patties
is what my stomach
can stand
with pork chops on the side.
I give my dog the bones
and tomorrow I have a bone
to pick with my principal
for being so critical
for embarrassing me
for wearing Sandals.
But yet the bad kids
he can’t handle.
If my followers reading this
that’s means somebody
stole my journal
because the content on here
Is persona

Work Smarter Not Harder

From start to finish
We in competition
to work for the accomplishment.
Slow as a turtle or fast like sonic,
Speed don’t help much 
without the use of common sense.
Common sense haven’t been 
too common since 
the story about the sun and the wind.
Placing a bet 
like men who lacks respect 
for women thinking all are
sex objects.
Sun and the wind had an objective
like high school  students.
Wind seemed rather arrogant 
and offered the sun a challenge.
Below was a bloke in a trench coat
and a skarf around his thoart.
Wind and sun bet  each other
who could easily get the bloke
to take his trench off.
Wind was all talk 
but could he walk the walk?.
Sun remained humble
and allowed the wind to go first
to watch him struggle.
Sun was like the pig 
who house was made of brick
and the wind was the big bad wolf.
Wind blew as as hard as he could
and failed like the big bad wolf.
He was directly above the bloke
and blew harder and harder 
but the bloke re-wrapped his skarf 
tighter and tighter
and held on to the trench coat
around his body even closer.
Wind became Angrier and try to blow
even harder
Sun said “Don’t be consumed by the anger”
Now the wind blew as hard as he can and
now he was out of breathe
and had nothing left.
Sun sarcastically  asked him
“What’ s wrong you having an asthma attack?”
The wind was mad and replied back
“Why don’t you try smart ass!”
The sun said “Allow me
all you did was make the environment 
more windy.
I have the power to make anybody 
 buy a frosty from Wendy’s.
Take notes watch and learn
I have the power to burn”.
The sun easily moved through the sky
and was directly above the bloke.
The bloke was slowly getting hot
then all of a sudden he was sweating 
his ass off.
He his face was wet like he dived in a pool.
He was hot so he took his trench coat off 
so he can get cool.
Sun made the wind look like a fool.
He said to him “It’s about working smarter not harder”.
Sun wasted no energy but used common sense.
Wind thought brute force would give him the advantage.
Brute force is nothing without common sense
So when you choose to work smart not hard
you’ll notice a big difference.
I hoped you all learned a lesson.

That Ain’t Me

Keeping sercets from you cost me dearly.
I never meant to hurt you, I offer you my apologies.
All this time lying to you and stabbing you
in the back
What’s done is done and I wish I can take back, as I reminisce the sexy sound of your laugh.
From laughing with me to crying about me
You was crying when you found out and I was too.
All the scarfices you made for me when I told you I loved you.
Now you in denial and leaving me is what you had to do.
I don’t blame you  because I am responsible  for putting you in foul mood.
Many times I lied to you but loving you was always the truth.
I was raised with the qualities of a gentleman.
I scarficed our relationship, I was being a selfish man.
Be trust me that ain’t me, I’m not a selfish man
and I regret the one night stand with the other woman.
She was the previous   woman and believe me I kept resisting 
but to her it didn’t make a difference.
One day she caught me off guard in the bar while I was drinking 
and I was only drinking to the subdue the stressing of all the child support money I was paying.
I kept praying and praying but from God I didn’t receive nothing.
so she knew my struggles and offer me to help with my troubles.
Before you, I was with her and she’s my child’s mother.
I really was in love with you but I had still had hidden feelings for her.
She tricked me into telling me she wanted us to be together 
and didn’t want our child to grow up with out a father.
That hit home becuase I know what it’s like to grow up with out a father.
We kept talking then one thing led to another.
She have a sexy laugh like yours and she starting laughing.
Next thing you know I was deep in my feelings
So at each other, we were just staring
Then from staring  we started kissing.
So then went to the car and I drove to a motel that wasn’t so far.
Now I swear to you from the bottom of my heart 
I crushed our symbol of love, I did this for my son.
Today I told my mom everything she said like father like son.
My dad cheated on my mom and left the family,
and yesterday you said your 3 months pregnant and we having twin babies
but you still don’t want nothing to do with me.
I am begging you please let’s be a family.
I don’t want be like my father and I don’t want my kids to grow up with a single mother and a distant father.
A dead beat was never part of my dreams.
My father is like that but that ain’t me.

Decisions And Choices

An option to select,

We look to chose the best.

Decisions, choices

Some we make bring profits

Some we make breaks promises.

Choices makes us happy

but decision brings misery.

Choices are simple

but decisions are difficult.

Choices are fair and peaceful,

but decisions are full of pressure,

which makes us stressful.

Regardless a selection

will be made

Then we sit back and wait

for the results.

Wait and wait patiently

Wait and wait anxiously

Whether the result is

good or bad,

accept the choice

you made.

Even if it’s a mistake

Accepting is the only thing

you can do.

Every choice behind it

Comes with a reason

but sometimes we

don’t see it.

Life is about decision and choices.