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I didn’t plan on posting anything until May but I have been thinking. I have been doing a lot of writing for the past 6 weeks. I haven’t uploaded anything on here since December 31st and I can’t lie I do miss uploading blogs but I still do be around from time to time to […]

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Chase The Money Not The SEX 

I am not talking about all women in this poem       Money and sex is our satisfaction. Making money is our passion  but having sex is a infatuation. Money attracts girls but the broke men  don’t  understand this, So instead  they seek what’s between the legs and chase it. This is time wasting. […]

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This Is For The White Women 

Before you began to read this poem, I just want to say that I wrote a blog two days ago Solve The Riddle And Fill In The Blanks. If you interested in solving my puzzle to complete my poem then go to my “Solve My Riddle And Fill In The Blanks” post and see if you […]

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