Does The Storm Last Forever

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The storm is temporary

Pain is something

I don’t plan to make hereditary

I will be a legend

the day people visit my cemetery

I’m weak now

but the load is something

I force myself to carry

Was once freezing and pouring

Now it is just chilly and drizzling

One day it will be sunny

and God’s light will shine

on me but for now

I have to concentrate on the demon

inside me

Listening to my life story

is a sad story

It’s like expressing your heartbreak story

but yet trying to remain strong

and pretending your mood is ordinary

but deep down

you are hoping your past love

call you and tell you that they still care.

The words we are hoping to hear

lead to disappointments

when the truth is what we see

and the truth is rarely what we hear

Accepting criticism is not easy to bare that’s why our

private life is something

we don’t like to share

Judgmental is what makes us scared

like Chuckie

when he sees the guy on the oatmeal box

The heart is a door

we might just for once leave unlock

for a robber to steal everything

we got

We learn the hard way, the heart hardens

Our personality received the life sentence

and the key is thrown away

The heart is forever locked

for us being afraid of opening up again

Being afraid is

wishing you can start over again

but refuse to

Regret being miserable and hating yourself because starting over

is what you refuse to do.

So when you die and loved ones

visit your cemetery

they will always remember that you could not handle the truth

Just Another Nigga

Tough times never last

It’s all in your mind

I am living luxurious

It’s all in my mind

when I dream of dream

so marvelous

like a shooting star

This is what I wish

when my dreams are shot down

Being black in the wrong town

I’ve been told I am just another nigga

Freedom is not a blessing

Freedom is luck

Difference between blessings and luck

Blessings are miracles provided by heroes

Luck is just a demon telling in your mind

“you are not safe,

I just haven’t had the time to kill you yet

and when I do, I will piss on your grave

You are just another nigga

and will always be

I don’t care about your accomplishments

I don’t give a fuck about your dreams

Until I kill you

I will haunt you in your sleep

Why do think ghost are white?

Ask yourself that


I tell you

You are just another nigga”

This Is the World We Live In

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That’s what’s wrong with the world

Men want to improve their circumstances

Men aren’t willing to improves themselves

We disrespect our self-respect

for a greater addiction

Moments of a broken elevator

and the lights goes out

Stuck in the same spot, demons attack behind closed doors

A world of darkness,

blood and gore

But what we fear is too prideful

for our acceptance

so we receive the weapons

like a recruit going a war for

but for the wrong purpose

We kill those we love

because we hate the truth.

We rather look cool

so the power of addiction do what it do

Turn blind to a light

that was suppose to help us seek

and worship a dark world

that lacks form and void

and hate are the words we speak

Fallen angles control our mouths like translators

to force a language so that can slay the weak

instead of improving those that are fragile

we take the advantage of the inexperienced

Life is prison on the outside

Its about adaption and survival of the fittest

Crime rate increase in areas

where it feels like its impossible to find a meal ticket in a way that’s legitimate

But how can we conform with society

when racism exist

Contagious like covid

and killed so many lives

and some were innocent

The master of slaves

get jealous of the

slave that don’t even have a third

of what the master have

but one small accomplishment of a slave

will form rallies of KKK

A thin line between love and hate

on a deeper level

Its a thin line between Jokes and Jealously

Some say jokes is really jealously

in disguise

Jokes is a serpent, jealously is the dragon

So is love really pure, or is love really hate?

Do you come on social media

express how you grateful for life

and your accomplishments

and then go to the mirror and cry yourself

to sleep because you can’t stand the sight of your face

It be the people with most prettiest faces

that does the most hatred

So if racism was a neighbor hood,

it would be Centreville, Illinois

disguised as a beautiful attraction

so another words just pictureMidtown Manhattan

with all the riots and that’s the world we live in

If you had power to destroy one or the other, would you destroy racism or covid?

I Will Never Go Back

I don’t resonate with old me

Too many dark paths

To many demons in me

It took years for me to conquer

To make it this far I’m honored

and I will never give the past over me

I plan to accomplish my dreams

If I bleed

I won’t die

It’s a scarfice for a better life

Would You Want Somebody To Read Your Autobiography?

“If you don’t learn to write your own life story, someone else will write it for you”

This quote is remarkable to someone like myself trying to increase my wealth.

I took heed of the many voices that led to many choices. Staying patient, trying to remain focus The accolades to celebrate the daily grind, I know I deserve it, but yet still not where I want to be.

“Some dreams stay dreams, some dreams stay true.” The line has been attached in my mind since the age of sixteen.

When I was a teen, I had dreams of accomplishing everything, Losing my virginity at 17, Having a car at 17, moving out going away to college at 18, having a bachelor’s degree at 21, going to clubs and partying at 21.

At 17, I graduated high school a virgin, damn near didn’t lose my virginity until 21.

At 18, I had poor SAT scores plus I was a B- student, so ending up going to a community college.

At 21, I was attending farmingdale state college while contemplating becoming a police officer which failed miserably due to failing the oral psychological test, plus I didn’t get my bachelors degree until 27 due to me switching careers at 23, but I did finally get a car which was four years overdue.

What happens is as you age, you come to the realization that Welcome to reality is not Welcome to Disneyland.

Everything does not happen according to plan.

Reality is allowing yourself to be the scapegoat and never forgiving yourself while in actuality the scapegoat is someone else utilizing demon tactics to paint you as one.

The end goal is to wake up the day before you die and hearing Michael saying that you won.

But how do you win, how do you become a winner? How do you get a good night sleep, knowing you don’t make enough money? How do you get a good night sleep when you have to make a choice rather spend money or stay hungry? How do you get a good night sleep when you try to find the root cause of why black lives don’t matter in America?

These are complicated questions and my answers to each don’t remain constant.

So when I hear “If you don’t learn to write your own life story, someone else will write it for you” this poem that I have written is the true definition.

I feel like Jesus starving after 40 days and the people that give advice are the devils, tempting and pressuring me to see the light.

I write this to let the ones know that are proud of me to don’t tell me how to feel.

This is a preview of an autobiography that shows the misery, but in 10 years when I turn 40, hopefully I will write an extension with something more positive.

My poetic disorder

My poems are bipolar
500 poems written and I’m diagnosed with a poetic disorder.
I can write something romantic one minute.
I can write something very frantic,
it makes my mother panic
the next minute.
My poem can make a turtle come out its shell
My poem can make a heart melt

My poem can break a woman down.
My poem can break a heart so bad,
can have a person go missing
like keys in the lost and found.
My poem demonstrates my sexual abilities
about me boasting about my stamina and agility.
My poem also describes why pussy is too easy
that sex is

barely pleasing.
I can be a tease.
I just do enough to make her knees weak and cum all over the sheets
just with my words.
My pants, they zipped up and that’s my word.
My poem describes misery is a devil that tricks me,
into thinking life was made to be easy.

Devil tactics are drastic.
Smoking weed is the habit
to just  be poetic.
But yet , I wrote at least 20 poems of how Jesus is my greatest weapon.
I wrote a poem about how teachers and pastors are the biggest hypocrites.
My mood swing in my poem goes up and down like a stock exchange

My poetic words taught me to take chances ,
when I have a shot close range.
But I’m a sniper rifle, so I don’t want a relationship unless its long distance.
My poem is a sniper, because when in deep thought, I can go for long distance
like a female pastor that’s long winded.

My poem is joyful like Nickelodeon shows, just PG rated
Or my poems can be more destructive than the coronavirus,
which is demonic rated.



Thank God For Another Day

Thank God for another day always. This coronavirus is deadly and anybody can catch this virus at any time. Please pray to God everday because any day can be your last. No matter, God always have a plan so this coronavirus is a lesson to appreciate your life, to save money, and to always be concerned with your health.

I pray that God shows the doctors the way to heal and contain the coronavirus. Please allow the virus to come and pass so people can travel, kids can go to school, and parents can go back to work. I ask God for forgiveness and I ask God to forgive those that sin as well.

If there is a cure, let the cure reach out to us quickly so we can move on and learn to appreciate being clean. The world will be ending soon, but I always pray that many people can make it to heaven as much as possible.

In Jesus name, Amen.

10 powerful Quotes

1.One of the many reasons we have fear in our heart is because we hate the truth.

  1. Hard work will never pay off if you don’t work smart because we put too much focus on the wrong area.
  2. Negative thinking have such a powerful impact in which you can have 364 good days and just 1 bad day which can have you thinking you had a bad year.
  3. Doing what you love for a living doesn’t guarantee a happy career if your co-workers and boss find a way you make you miserable.
  4. No race has it easy, but black people go through the most bullshit.
  5. Although black people go through the most bullshit, sometimes black people are at fault.
  6. The world is becoming overpopulated so make sure you pray to God before it’s too late.
  7. What’s scarier, being embrassed or never trying? Will you have a happier life for being embrassed for constantly trying or if your too afraid to try because your scared of being laughed at?
  8. Don’t mistake love for addiction because there is a big difference but when we think both mean the same thing, this is when we lose friends and family.
  9. No matter how hard life is, never give up but at times take a break. To win first place in a race, you have to train and train until your out of breath. When out of breath, you rest and recover and race the next day to build strength to make it to first place or die trying.

Out of the 10, which quote is most relatable to you?

Would You Rather Be Seen Or Heard?

Sound of a voice can hold weight, like a curvy woman.

But get neglected like the needs of  an innocent child,

under the roof of an abusive parent.

The face and the skin is more obvious which define a unique blessing.

Too much attention towards an attraction like paintings in a art galley.

Being seen is the first impression(normally)

Being heard is the last impression(normally).

You will be seen by many, and will be ignored by many.

Silence is your best friend, but sometimes your worst enemy.

Silence break hearts like twigs, and annihilate families due to

mental slavery shackled to the brain.

The young and innocent commit suicide before arriving Junior High.

Bullies laugh while the  principal mouth is zipped up like a body bag.

Parents are not notified and the victims of elementary school kids are terrified.

So silence disguise the inside which is being crucified.

The bullies are Romans that should be forgiven for they don’t know,

but yet still need to be held accountable for their actions.

Are the parents of these demons the scapegoat?

Only the lord knows.

Prejudgment is cold and do the most harm towards

the individuals without gloves and a scarf.

Prejudgment provides an affection that poison

the mind, body, and soul into thinking

life is not worth it

like a child that quit playing a sport that he only played in the first place to only gain the approval of his parents

that pressure and praise their son due to his athletic built.

How does this generation heal?

It takes skill to heal and it takes the appropriate tools to build.

The truth is shoved in  white envelopes sealed inside a coffin.

Secrets are hidden all the time like miscarriages and abortions from parents.

So many similes and metaphors I can use to express my feelings on this subject.

Lets not forget about the victims of  racism and sexism.

But here is the secret that is not so obvious to many.

The ugly truth is overridden by the curse of popularity.

Now not all popularity is bad, but it can move you ahead in life, like the fast lane pass in six flags.

When the ugly truth is not the popular vote or coming from the voice of an unpopular face, we do an about face and face the face of a popular figure with a nice figure wearing clothes from Tommy Hilfiger or whatever name brand trend that is popular.

A trail of currency have more followers on that path, than the trail that leads to  Jesus Christ.

For 20 million dollars, would you sleep with another man’s wife?

For that amount of money, is that worth the sacrifice of betraying your own wife?

Sad to say, some wives would encourage their spouse to fuck another man’s wife since money supposedly provides a better life.

Money is the root of all evil.

Money is the root, the materialistic items is the stem, the followers is leaves, and popularity is defined as tulip in the spring time.

Spring time is only a season and the warm weather is only reason that attracts the people to come outside.

Bu what happens during the winter time?