Are You A Slave To Loyalty?

Have you ever been loyal to somebody that betrayed you and stab you in the back over and over?
Have you ever been in a situation where you realized moving on was harder than you thought?
Have you ever prayed that the person that treated you like dirt, would change?
Were you disappointed when the person made false promises on how they would change but they just remain the same?
Ever been hurt so bad that you regret falling in love in the 1st place?
Ever cried yourself to sleep and the tears kept pouring down your face?
Last but not least, have you ever thought about committing suicide becuase you thought suicide would help the pain escape?

Learn to let go
when people act cold.
Not everyone has a pure soul
and heart.
Don’t hold on when
your broken.
Holding on is
sometimes poisioned.
They take your heart
and destroy it
and they can’t rebuild.
Like Toysrus
going bankrupt
but the kids are still living
So why when people go corrupted
the pain your still holding
and suffering?
Same thoughts keep rethinking.
Worrying yourself to death
becuase you think
the painful memories is all you have left.
Loyalty is going to lead you to death
and become a rat trap
that snaps your neck.
Waiting for others to change
but you are the one
that have to change
Begging them to stay
like a begger asking
for spare change
Go to work
Go the gym
Go to church
Go make new friends.
People come and go
for a reason.
Some are only meant
for a season.
You are not nobody’s slave
So use the time and space
to help create
an opportunity
to move forward.
Slavery is in the past
Staying loyal to
the wrong one
is ass backwards.
Mental slavery
have us corrupted
and people behaviors
sometimes make
me disgusted.
Here’s a question
and think it
Why are we loyal to
the ones that don’t
give a fuck about us
and they turn their back
on us?
Now why do we ignore
the ones that are are loyal
to us and use  the ones
that would give the world
to us?

Sleepless and tired

To fall asleep such a fight.
I toss and turn at night.
So much on my mind.
Sleep right now is so hard to find.
Right now just thinking.
Mind is in serve processing.
Everyday I am worrying.
Right now I should be sleeping.
But I am sleepless because my brain is on fire.
I am mentally worn out and tired.
I want my mind to be free, but it’s a slave to negative thoughts.
I do whatever it takes to free my mind at all costs.
The negativity is my slave master.
as I think negative, my slave master tells me to think harder,
and when I do my slave master smiles and says that’s better.
So bad I wanna be free.
I want my mind to head to the north and think positively,
So I can fall asleep,
and be at peace.
My pernicious mind and know one don’t even know it.
Your negative thoughts is not a part time job that you can quit.
They dwell on your brain,
like your brain been crashed by a plane.
I am tired and sleepless, I wanna fall asleep,
So I can live a comfortable life and be free.