Black Like Me, White Like You

Before you read my poem, I just want to say a few things that I always think about!

I always wonder on social media(especially on twitter) I notice that black people always say stuff like

“Black Men, I love y’all. Y’all are so strong. I appreciate y’all!”

“Black women……..we are the shit and I love y’all fine asses too”

“It’s very motivating to see young black people making moves and being successful”

Now I am a black man and I want black people to do well and exceed. In all honesty, I want every race to succeed. Now I notice black people on social media compliment each other and express how beautiful black people are and that’s great but in reality, how come I don’t see this same support in real life? Doesn’t it feel like black people compete with each other instead of trying to help each other in real life? Besides social media, what are some ways that black people can support each other in real life? Besides boxing and dancing, do you feel like black are a step behind every other race in this world? Let’s say in the google search bar, you typed in “Men” and then you select the images tab, now do you see more white men faces or black men faces? Why do we celebrate black history during the month of February? Instead of celebrating black history during February, why can’t history be history and we celebrate black and white people from the past together every month all year round? Why are we taught in elementary schools that Christopher Columbus discovered America? How can white people be more supportive against black people and fight with us against racism so black people can achieve more?

Another scenario I wanna make is, lets say you take the average young black man about in his twenties. His best friend is a white man name “Tom”. They been friends for years. One day, Tom seems him in the street and tries to give him a hug and says to the black man “Wassup my nigga”. Now how do you think the average black man would respond?

Now after you answer that question, let’s say Tom was black, hell lets say Tom was black and the young black man Tom only knew each other for a few months and Toms says “Wassup my nigga” now how do you the the average black man would respond? After you answer this question, is your answer different from the answer you provided for the previous question?

Imagine you reverse the color of your skin

and your now among a different trend.

To experience a new life, a new difference.

To see what it’s like to have parents

that are complete opposites of what your use to.

Is their really a difference between black and white people?

Based on declaration of Independence, are all men created equal?

Let’s say for a week, I switched lives with a white guy and see things

through his eyes and he see things through mine.

What would I see?

I vision a difference.

I now come from a different birth place, different space.

See different people, see different faces.

I see the powerful unity between I and my siblings

and we have the same parents.

Coworkers and their friendly persona without much drama.

It’s definitely an honor to dressing a fancy suit

with my own office

Through the help with my parents and thought out choices,

my career will take me to long places.

Good grades in high school and college.

Even though I’m friendly with everybody,

I refused to get involved with ignorance so

I never got accustomed to black faces.

I kept my distance.

Even with the help of Martin Luther King,

I never comprehended the ignorance and violence

towards one another the blacks demonstrated.

Their race as a whole is devastating.

This is what I see in a white man dream.

But what does white man see in me in his dream?

He visions a difference.

Now he comes from a different birth place.

Now dwell in a different space.

See different people, different faces.

Forced to endure betrayal of his siblings

and live under a roof of a single parent.

Co-worker act friendly in front of each other faces

but deep down really jealous of each other.

Workers are being abused by supervisors

and the poor management and constant drama.

It’s a shame to work at a place where he only make

a dollar above minimum wage.

Even though he had decent grades in college,

yet still struggling to reach high places.

He learned in this world

it’s not what you know,

it’s who you know with the right color face.

He is constantly involved in ignorance and drama,

but really just wanna be friendly with everybody.

Hard to find friends of his kind, so he looks to find

friends of the kind of mine.

The black people, he keeps his distance,

unfortunately the white people resist him.

Plus his own kind think he is a sellout.

He realize his race as a whole is devastating.

This Is For The White Women 

Before you began to read this poem, I just want to say that I wrote a blog two days ago Solve The Riddle And Fill In The Blanks. If you interested in solving my puzzle to complete my poem then go to my “Solve My Riddle And Fill In The Blanks” post and see if you can fill in the seven blanks to complete my poem. On Monday I will reblog the poem with the answers to the blanks. So come and help me solve my puzzle. If you get at least one answer right, I will personally reblog a post on your blog and I will write a mini poem giving you a shout out. Do you think you can solve it?

Enjoy reading this poem

I’m a black man
that love women

of all races.

Just like black women 

I am too obsessed.                                       

with white women.

My world mixed with
Let’s share.
Let me sex you
I wanna play
In the snow tonight.

Give you
a blizzard because
you will receive alot
of inches tonight.
Give it to
you rough.
You can handle
the sex I’m providing
as your all over
my back scratching.
Pull your
and slap your ass.
I will
sex you anywhere
Let’s make it fast.
A quickie anywhere.
You appreciate real men
like myself.
I appreciate you too.
I don’t care what others
have to say
This between me and you.
Travel the world.
Live free girl.
Racism in America
don’t have to
stop us from
being together.

We can handle
any storm
no matter the weather.
I’m your Derrick
and your are my Sarah.
I will save the last dance
for you
and we can dance forever

Slow dance and slowly move
to the beat.
I’m obessed with you skin color
and it’s white like a person
who takes good care of their teeth

Let’s not keep our relationship discrete.
Ignore the jealousy
from others
because you are my everything.
We are both different colors
but we are  created by equal
by God Alimghty.
We are look alike in God’s image.
You are my strength
I’m your Popeye
after he eats  the spinach

Or I can be your fried chicken
with dark meat
similar to fried chicken
with white meat
even though they look different.
But it don’t matter
All chicken are a good source of protein

I supply our relationship  with the protein
to keep it healthy.
Let’s go to a black church  on Sunday
and sit right next to me
to show the members
that black and white are united together.
Let’s go to the alter
and worship together
and get anointed with oil
by the pastor.
Demonstrate courage and equality
in the society
and pass it on to the members
that black and white are united together.
Let’s go to a white church the following Sunday
and sit right next to me
to show the members
that black and white are united together.
Let’s go to the alter
and worship together
and get anointed with oil
by the pastor.
Demonstrate courage and equality
in the society
and pass it on the members
that black and white are united together.
White is beautiful like Cinderella
and you skin is smooth like
the coat that’s on Cruella

I’m Pongo and your Perdita
white skin and black spots
We are Dalmatians
and we will produce
lovely mixed children

To all the white women reading this
I wrote this for you.
You are beautiful and it’s unbelievable
and this is coming from a black dude.
I love black women too I really do
but I love white women too.
I want to learn more about you
and I want white women to learn about
black men too
There are black men that will
go above and beyond to protect you
and pray for you.
Don’t fear us, alot of us are peaceful.
Black men are the seven dwarfs and we will
rescue you
from evil.
There are demons and witches that follow the devil
and he wants to keep us separated and sergerted.
But  accepting God is the way to enter the kingdom of heaven
It’s written in the bible it’s  not secret.
There are people that are secretly racist
from bith races.
I’m talking about both black and white faces.
When God determines your final destination
do you think he make that decision based
on your face?
He looks in your soul and heart.
Together let’s unite tonight
Read this quote and this was
said by a man that was very smart
and if wasn’t for him where
would we be in life
Read this
“I have a dream that one day my
four little children will one day
live in a nation where they will be
by the color of our skin, but by the
content of their character.”

Black People Are A Step Behind

I was very hesitant to upload this blog becuase this deals with racism. I am a black man and I know racism is something that exist and I wrote a poem to demonstrate that black people are always a step behind. My black followers that are reading this will definitely relate. To my white followers, this poem is to not make you feel uncomfortable at all I am just expressing the truth and I treat people according to their character , not becuase of their skin complexion.  So I don’t want my white followers to be offended and believe it or not just like how some  whites discriminate blacks, some blacks discriminate whites. I met black and white  people that I couldn’t stand and I met white people and black people that I loved. If this poem makes anybody uncomfortable, I truly apologize.

Can I go at least a year of peace?
I need room to cross the sea.
Doing the breast strokes with style but can’t stay above water.
Blood thicker than water
but I can’t swim in blood neither.
Blood and water drowns me
realizing  that they both run deep.
Didn’t realize that when I took a leap in.
Always belived  black men can’t swim.
Jealous of all the  white children
all together floating and swimming.
Black children and white children always a difference.
Black children born to a world with violence and ignorance
but yet no human is perfect
White children known as well to act ignorant and belligerent
but the public rarely witness.
Water is their friend but water is our enemy.
Hell  sometimes blood is our enemy.
We can’t swim becuase we made to believe to be lazy,
but also sometimes it’s lack of confidence
that fuck with our conscious.
Another black kid unconscious and he is drowning.
Lifeguard on his chest pounding, inside his mouth breathing.
After 5 min we hear him coughing finally regained consciousness.
Now he fear the swimming  pool now all of a sudden underconfident.
His strokes weren’t consisitent and he thought the pool was shallow.
Practice the strokes when the water was shallow
but the deep water gave him a battle  more than he could handle.
White man ask him are you alright, but inside  laughing at what the black man can’t handle.
Black mother throws a temper tantrum.
Making a scene thats so embarrassing screaming at lifeguard
Lifeguard apologizing to the mom but deep down he don’t give a f*ck
Black people in this world are shit  out of luck