If You Was An Animal, What Would You Be?

Full of patience

I wish for a lifespan

that extends

like Great Wall of China.

I pray for mental endurance

to keep my mind healthy

like a ocean.

I’m 1 out of 1000

and luck is my blessing.

I don’t drown, I’m swimming

towards a greater blessing.

Learning to slow down

and smell roses.

Learning to represent peace

while expressing deep emotions.

Strength and determination

to overcome every obstacle

and every challenege.

I carry the world on my shoulders

but my neck has the strength

of a mountain boulder.

Weather gets colder

but mind yet choose

to become wiser.

Been identified as being deep

like the sea.

If you was an animal, what would you be?

The Power Of Laughter

I dedicate this poem to Myth*. She is a fellow poetry blogger and her poetry is amazing. She solved one of my riddles so I requested that I would write this poem “The Power Of Laughter” for her.

Part of the human behavior
and regulated by the brain
Activities and funny stories
arises laughter
to laugh away real pain.
Laughter is green tea,
a medicine that heals
and makes the heart joyful.
Life is short
and we suppose to enjoy it
to the fullest.
Laugher for few minutes
will keep you sastfied for days.
Laughter is like good sex
that decrease stress hormones
in the brain.
Laugh like the joker,
Laugh like Santa
It’s your choose
Laugh however
and whenever
to stay happy forever.
Are you depressed?
Are you so stressed
that your lacking rest?
Why are you upset?
When was the last time
you laughed?
Relax and take a deep breathe
and watch a comedy.
Watch Martin Lawrence
and richard prior
to forget about all the bad things prior.
Laughter attracts,
and people around you
become attached
like a magnet
in a science experiment.
I laugh for days
since I sense pain miles away
Laughter is rain
that washes pain away
like the itsy bitsy spider.
Laughter is baby powder
that absorbs in my skin.
Laughter is powerful like a prayer
that forgives a sin.
Life is short
and we may skip a few lessons
but never miss out on a good laugh
because of a bad day
because bad times do pass
like gas.

Pink Flowers

Two flowers

to remind me

Spring is here.

When I see flowers

I begin to sing

like snow white.

Mother nature is part of life

and I will never let the flowers die.

A view of a dead garden

irritates me like pink eye.

Mother nature is part of life and leaves flowers

on my tombstone

when I die

You Make Me Happy

Happy as a dandelion

my wish is fulfilled.

Emotional pain is a challenge

and yet remained humble.

I worshipped your intelligence

when my mind stumbled.

At any occasion

the agony you rebuttal

and provided satisfaction.

Tough like brass knuckles

so you provided compassion.

Dark like a tunnel

and your torch provides satisfaction.

Discovering your light was a miracle

and your character is miraculous.

Your presence is magical

and I’m surrounded

with perpetual passion.





Why Is Spring The Best Season?

Another old poem I wrote back in 2014

I look up at the sky,
Realizing it’s no longer winter time.

Image result for it's not winter time clip art
The groundhog been saw its shadow 6 weeks ago.
Now time time for the leaves and flowers to grow.

Image result for flowers grow clip art
Most constant weather this time is rain showers
To water the trees and flowers.

Image result for rain showers gif
Its the trees and flowers happy hour
From middle to March until Middle of June
Now visible all the squirrels and raccoons.

Image result for squirrels and raccoons clipart
Seeing the bunny rabbits humping,
Seeing the birds healthy and flying
Mother nature is in full effect.

Image result for mother nature clip art
Sunlight hit the plants straight forward and direct,
like a one way block.

Image result for sunlight on plants clipart
Daylight saving move forward, set the alarm clock.
Nature look so healthy and fine
Spring is the best season of all time

Image result for Spring is the best season

Comment below if you agree that Spring is the best season of all time!


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We Foucs On The Rear View

Mirrors and glass windows

bright like crystals

or rough like a hammer and chisel.
We get old, bones become brittle.
When the mind is simple, life is more difficult.
Feels bad like  the smell of dog breath as we live in regret
Feeling like Peter during the situation of Uncle Bens death.
Something so small gets us upset
So we carry the rage until death.
Temper like the hulk and miserable like wolverine.
Peace and quiet on the outside, but deep inside happiness unremain to be seen.
Misery and a bad temper make great friends when we have the type of attitude like we don’t give a damn.

Losing family and friends.
Feels like we are unlucky,
even the ones that are beyond wealthy.
Wealthy means success  but success doesn’t make you happy.
Bright days and dark nights or bright nights and dark days.
Everyday isn’t the same.
Can’t control the characters of others
Life is not a video game
but we are sore losers when we get defeated by the boss.
Focus on the negative at all costs
so we give up but yet why do we think we are mature?
Wake up everyday after not thanking the Lord
but definitely complaining about problems for sure.
In life we are the driver behind the wheel headed for a car crash.
We are bewildered because we only went 30mph on the dash.
The car crash sometimes are in front of us sometimes behind us.
Sometimes we have no choice we have no luck.
Other ppl can’t drive and happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.
But why do you allow one accident stop you from driving and prevent you from shinning?
Problem  is we focus way too much on the rearview and not what’s in front of us that we we have some many accidents and on the inside we dying.

A Walk On The BoardWalk

My face is calm like the wind.

Calm breeze and I listen.
Alone and abandoned but not afraid
as the angels show me the way
to the end of boardwalk.
Strangers still ask me if I’m lost
I respond saying “I follow ways of the Lord”.
Naked  black lady soak in a tub with bubbles.
Lights out but bathroom  sink surronded with 4 lit  candles.
This description is the mood I’m in with no warning or preamble
to my ephinoy
Similar to the ephinoy  of Martin Luther king when he had a dream
Brainstorming with a clear head  as I walk slowly.
Look to the left of me and admiring the nice  scenery.
The sound of the ocean and the reflection of light on the beach
as the sun sets.
Gladly the night is rather what I accept
since the absence of the sun can subdue the sweat .
My rib cage felt so wet like a  man in kingston wearing  a  jamican tank top.
Now suddenly I come to a stop.
I reached the end of the boardwalk and ahead I see the water.
Put my hand on my chest and listen to my heartbeat.
A voice travels through my ears like music  and  
“Follow my dreams” is what I hear

Colors of light and dark

A phenomenon of light,
that makes an object  bright.
Some objects are dark.
Light and dark together is a work of art.

White is a color that makes a person light.
It’s the presence of bright and the absence of night.

Black is a color that expose the presence of the dark,
in a area where it’s hard to see like in a graveyard after dark.

Red is color of your blood,
which is expose when you get a cut.

Blue is the color of the sky,
where the birds choose to fly and stay high.

This exposes the  positive which represents understanding and loyalty.
Also representative a negative image,
like when you singing the blues when going through depression.

Yellow is the color of sunshine,
that stimulates your mental mind.
Represents a feeling of being pleasant,
and good for attracting attention.
Red, blue and yellow are the colors that primary.
What about the colors that’s secondary?

Red and yellow combined makes Orange which represents success and happiness,
but is also represent evilness.

Most visible during Halloween.
Time of the year where evil spirits choose to be seen.

Blue and red combined makes purple which represents power and loyalty, or can  represent something that’s powerless and uncaring.

Makes you think when you eat a purple grape

smoking purple haze.

Yellow and blue combined is green which represents represents growth and harmony.

Green is a great balance between energy mentally and physically.

Green is also a negativity that represents greed and envy that makes a person devious when it comes to money.

This color can make you think so diabolical.
Judas betrayed Jesus for money so its obvious that in ancient times money is the root of all evil.

Red yellow and blue is primary.
Orange purple and green is secondary.
Black and white will always remain the originality.