I Will Never Forget My 25th Birthday (Part 1)

I just want to let you know that  tomorrow at 6AM, I will be uploading a Christmas poem so make sure to check that out. On Monday December 3, I will upload the answers to the riddle I posted yesterday Who Can Solve This Riddle? and it’s an interesting riddle. For those you that watched…… Continue reading I Will Never Forget My 25th Birthday (Part 1)

Sex Or True Love?

Good question I thought about a while ago and I want everybody that’s reading this to think to themselves Would you rather live the rest of your life having sex but never find true love ever or living the rest of your life with a soul mate that loves you and you love right back…… Continue reading Sex Or True Love?

Love and Hate

Complete opposites of one another, but yet very similar. Co-existing forces, that come from complex sources. You can give ,receive, have, feel, both, but only love is growth, for the heart. But yet falling in love is so goddamn hard, with each other. Steve Urkel and Laura(family matters). Steve was in war and he won…… Continue reading Love and Hate

Get Lost In My Poems

Before you read this poem, read all of my other poems first so this poem will make sense for you. I wrote this for my followers and I appericate all of you for following me. For those of you reading this and not following me, if you choose to follow me I always follow back. …… Continue reading Get Lost In My Poems

Me vs Her (Poem battle part 2)

Her: You wanna hear something funny? I secretly got excited to receive your text. It made me wonder to myself what are we going to discuss next. Have you ever experienced that where your heart just skipped a beat. I know I’m kinda embarrassed and should probably take seat. But you’re my knight in shining…… Continue reading Me vs Her (Poem battle part 2)