What Does The Number 7 Mean To Me?

The  number following 6 can be seen in the view of religion such as the seven deadly sins Or think worldwide and list the seven continents. North America, South America, Asia, Australia, Europe and Antarctica or take it simple and count the days  Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday, Friday, and Saturday as I count how […]

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How To Please the Ladies

I just want to let you know that on Tuesday I will be uploading my next blog “A challenge in your marriage ” which will talk about a clever way to strengthen your marriage but it will not be easy. Make sure you check that out. I will be posting Tuesday at midnight. I want […]

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Sex Or True Love?

Good question I thought about a while ago and I want everybody that’s reading this to think to themselves Would you rather live the rest of your life having sex but never find true love ever or living the rest of your life with a soul mate that loves you and you love right back […]

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Love and Hate

Complete opposites of one another, but yet very similar. Co-existing forces, that come from complex sources. You can give ,receive, have, feel, both, but only love is growth, for the heart. But yet falling in love is so goddamn hard, with each other. Steve Urkel and Laura(family matters). Steve was in war and he won […]

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I Owe You

I will never forget the day, the time and place where you jumped in front of my face We were at the park playing basketball and I’m not paying attention at all. My back was turned where the neighborhood Gang banger was behind the fence, aiming at my head from a distance. Now having my […]

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