Solve This Riddle And Fill In The Blanks 

I wanted to do something different with this poem unlike all my others poems.  I don’t know if anybody are into riddles or solving puzzles but for those of you that are into riddles or solving puzzles , if your interested, then see if you can solve my puzzle to complete this poem.

The coke is white like the  snow
I’m a drug addict and my ❤ is cold
Caine had me feeling 1)______________.
It’s an addiction that kept me 2)____________.
until the cops arrested me
without no type of warning
So in the back of the cop car
I became more and more 3)____________.
but could you blame me?
Two hours later in the holding cell
I no longer had a bad attitude.
I became more and more 4)_____________.
when I had to use the bathroom
because of the lack of privacy.
I know the germs on the tier are spreading
because my cellmate keep sneezing.
I told him to stop rubbing his nose
because it will make him more 5)_____________.
I don’t trust nobody around me
and even though I’m  6)______________.
I must stay up all night so nobody
will shank me or rape me.
The lights are now out and I can barely see.
 I use a lighter to get more light so
I can see my reflection in the mirror.
 Under the jurisdiction of the 7)_________(department of corrections) ,
I am now a prisoner

I want you to fill in the blanks and complete the poem and you have 3 days to complete this poem with the answers for each of the seven blanks. For the following that complete this poem with the correct answers, I will personally write a post in poetry format congratulating  and complimenting you.

Leave a comment with the answers and my next post I will post up the answers to this poem and give a shoutout to whoever was able to fill in the blanks with the correct words to complete the poem.

Hint: The first line of this poem is a double entendre. If you don’t understand the first line then you can not complete the poem. If you are lost or confuse then leave a comment and I’ll try my best to guide you.

Quiet People

Quiet people

They don’t make a word, they don’t make a sound.
They choose not to be heard, unlike your average class clown.
They say quiet people don’t really like to talk.
Mouth of quiet one is still, like a paralyzed person that can’t walk.

Quiet people are pure silent but there is a reason why:
They are most observant.
They minds are the loudest.
Their thoughts are the deepest.
Personality of a quiet one is usually most humble.
The ones that stay away from drama and trouble.
But that’s what most people notice about the ones that are silent.
But what you don’t know is that quiet people are full of surprises.
Usually underestimated by their silence, their minds are the loudest
Brain watching, thinking, and planning moves like life is a game of chess.
They wait for the moment behind close doors to do the unexpected.
I say unexpected cause nobody expects it.
Quiet ones are the most freakiest(sexually).
Quiet ones are the most devious.
Quiet people always fall victim to prejudgment.
But in essence the quiet ones are the ones you have to watch.
If you a quiet person, as you read this you know this is dedicated to you.


The gift of expressing through stories such as fairytales and fantasies.
The images in your head brings out the creativity.
You imagine according to your mood or situation,
Or imagine in your state of tension.
Imagination revamps your life by creating your inner freedom,
That comes  to you within with or without a valid reason.
Imagination let us have a playful attitude towards the present.
Imagining things in your head represents,
The way you take on life challenges ,
Or the outcome of a certain situation.
Every goal or dream you want to accomplish, starts off as an imagination.
You imagine your future on how you want your life to be.
Imagining different things, Imagining things you want to see.
Buildings, skyscrapers, stadium, statutes, and amuesent parks, are all worldwide attractions, that came from humans,
Through the use of Imagination.
Imagination is your gift if used wisely,
That comes from God the almighty.