When Love Is Not Lasting

What’s the matter?
What’s the confusion?
It’s suppose to last forever
so why this conclusion?
Incorrect hypothesis
lead to an unsolved mystery.
Murder in the 1st degree
a relationship is just another casualty.
Everyday love is found
Everyday love is lost.
Some days, love is peaceful
Some days, love is at war.
Some days are heaven
Some days feel like
the battle of Armageddon.
Victory we seek
but not guaranteed
because only one choice is worthy
out of two outcomes.
Romantic relations arrive
like weekly income
but most can’t manage to save it
and make it last.
Disagreements and arguments
are more ruthless, leading
to hurt feelings
but yet on Instagram,
the smiles wide
like Cumulonimbus clouds
in the sky.
Deep inside the cloud
it’s defined as a nimbostratus.
Dark raining cloud above
your relationship
gave you a complicated status.
We try to demonstrate hood actions
but disagreements hold more weight
since agreements is light
like a feather
and yet the weather is bright
How ironic right?
Sometimes things are not meant to be
Maybe because love is preexisting,
Meaning your heart is a hard drive
with a partition that’s stored with memories
of previous love letters and romantic dates
images of a previous face.
You refuse to erase the data stored
and don’t have much space
for a new face.



Can you comment below and list at least one double entendre I provided?




I have an episode that I will be uploading tonight on my Podcast.

Name of the upcoming episode will be “Sex on the First Date“.

On this episode, I will be explaining, my opinion about sex on the first date, why I believe people have sex on the first date and do I recommend people to have sex on the first date?






I Am In Love With My Seductive Next Door Neighbor (Part 1)

I want to thank one of my followers and her name is Rakkelle and she is an extremely talented writer and she talks about topics that are very relatable to most life experiences and she is very passionate about her blog and it looks very professional. So when you get a chance if you don’t know her, you should give her blog a visit. Rakkelle gave me this idea when she commented on one of my post “Watch “Soul Food Season 2 Episode 20 This Must Be Love” on YouTube“. So I am grateful for her comment she provided in the comment section.

A dream or nightmare I can’t distinguish.

Confusing as the semen is leaking.

These erotic images keep appearing.

Practicing intense fuck sessions

but yet what is the lesson?

I’m happily married is what I believe

until I see her and she sees me.

When I say her, I’m talking about my neighbor.

Lust is a motherfucka and I’m a sucka

for lust.

Blind towards true love,

and borderline of breaking trust

like a tinted window.

Cum stains on the pillow

irritates wifey for neglecting her needs.

She see’s right through my excuses.

Me being exhausted, she not having it.

She suggest that we seek counseling

but I know what the problem is.

My wifey is no longer attractive.

The weight gain on her belly

is atrocious.

The stretch mark on the back

of her neck is prominent.

She is physically not the woman

I fell in love with

In which makes me jealous

of my sexy ass neighbors punk ass 5ft5 husband.

Jealously make my cum shots explosive

like a erupting kilauea volcano.

For months straight jerking off

on my polyester sheets and pillows

is the absence of good hardcore fucking

for the past 3 months straight

and plus my wife got rid of the spice channels.

She hates it when I watch porno.

Now, I fell in love with wifey because of the blowjobs.

My cum she swallows more than

a new employee at a correctional facility

retaining information from the warden.

My kids were more than the average women

can chew, but wifey just swallows every drop

like a restroom hand dryer.

But years ago when I first met wifey

she was so much sexier.

The curves, the softness, ivory skin, eyes metallic,

the bond between us, shit the average person

could see how cohesive it was between us.

She made me come outta my shell

like a valence electron

since my thinking was negative like

the charge of electrons.

That was a few years back

and now the sex is wack.

The mood is mundane in the bedroom.

Our sex life is doomed

but I take full responsibility

because till this day my wifey try her hardest to please me

but swallowing my cum bucket of kids

don’t mean shit after she swallows it

because her stomach fat is still visible.

And last night she got the nerve to ask me

to take her shirt off since she was hot.

I immediately lost the hardness on my cock.

I lied and I told her I was getting nauseous.

She asked me

What the issue,

you don’t fuck me like you use to

you don’t kiss me like you use to

you don’t caress me in public like you use too

you be ignoring my naughty text messages,

you refuse when I offer you back massages,

you stop asking ask for blowjobs,

I have to beg you just to finger pop,

I have to beg you to lick the cherry,

and you haven’t wrote me poems lately.

I am your lady and even though

I love you for you and sex is not the most important thing,

in marriage sex is still a priority.

I miss how you use to stroke me roughly,

I miss how you use to pull my hair,

I miss you how you use fuck me into tears,

I remember at least 2 or 3 times you fucked me

and you wouldn’t stop until the neighbors would hear

to make them jealous.

But ever since the old neighbors moved out

and the new neighbors moved in,

I noticed a difference.

You look at Brittany(The sexy next door neighbor)

the same way you use to look at me,

You smile at Brittany

the same way you use to smile at me.

I know she just moved in but

how do you act way more friendly

with her

than with your own wifey?

I want you to explain that shit to me

I know that I gained weight

but I’m trying babe to lose it

but I travel a lot during the week

and it’s for me

to find something healthy to eat.

You know I had to cancel my gym membership

to pay for my parents funeral.

Do you know what it’s like knowing

you parents died in a car accident,

the agony is beyond real.

The thoughts in my head are so unreal.

I have a lot going on and your all that I

have left and I miss how things

between us use to be.

Sexual tension and energy between us

no longer exist and each of the memories

vanish in thin air like marijuana smoke.

I miss how the tip

use to bang against my tonsils.

I miss the choke

but now I feel like my life is suffocating

and the pressure is getting stronger.

Why do you insist on treating your wife like

a stranger?

Tell me why you don’t find me attractive

no more

and I’ll try my best to fix it?

I tried to hold back my laughter but I couldn’t.

I had to cover up my honesty and told her

that “Honey it’s not you,

I’m just not feeling you…….

wait shit lol, I meant well, well.”

Lol she saw right through the bullshit.

She sucked her teeth then just hopped in the bed

and fell fast asleep.

The fucked up part was that I didn’t feel bad.

to be honest, I didn’t give fuck.


1) Do you think wifey should seek counseling to save her marriage, or should she get a divorce?

2) If you had one word to describe wifey, what would say about her?

3) After reading this, do you think sex is a priority in a relationship?

4) In part 2, do you think the main character will have an affair with Brittany?

5) Is weight gain a good reason to stop having sex with your spouse?

6) Is being exhausted a good excuse for not wanting to have sex or is that a weak ass excuse and people need to learn to overcome their sleepiness since sex is a priority?

7) Give me an example of a double entendre I provided in this story?

8) How important is physical attraction in a marriage?

9) After you answer number 8, let’s say after being married for some time and you start losing the interest and physical attraction towards you spouse, will you make excuses to avoid having sex?

10) Now vice versa, let’s say your spouse lost interest in you physically, how would that make you feel, do you think that your spouse no longer being attracted to you is a good reason to not want to have sex with you, how long is going too long with out sex in marriage, and if you and your spouse both acknowledge that the marriage is a sexless one do you think professional help is necessary?

11) To maintain a good healthy sexual relationship, is oral sex necessary ?

If you have the time, I encourage all bloggers to leave a comment answering the most difficult question out of the 11 questions . If you are a blogger that’s running out of content to blog about, I encourage you to make a post answering all of the 11 questions I provided and and link it back to this post and I will reblog that post on my blog giving you a shout out and in addition I will reblog a post on your blog explaining my interest for your post and blog. I might make a whole series out of this and write all the way up to part 28. Instead of writing random poetry, I think I might just focus on this story and complete this by August. It is going to be a lot of thinking and late nights but if you really enjoyed reading this, than I might consider doing that.

Part 2 will be coming shorty

I am going to try and take blogging to the next level. I wrote so many poems and I think I deserve my recognition so I am definitely looking to connect with more people on social media so I am going to provide a few links to check out. Hell maybe one day after Avengers End Game comes out in May, I use a profile pic of my real identity lol but who knows.



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For bloggers that been following me, supporting me and leaving comments, from time to time I am going to through your posts and pick a favorite one of mine and reblog it explaining why I like it so much. Give me time though because I have such other things going on in life. Please forgive me for the spelling mistakes because I wrote this quick because I had to get my car fixed lol.

Watch “Soul Food Season 2 Episode 20 This Must Be Love” on YouTube

This episode is a 1 hr long so if don’t have time just watch from 38:30 – 40:15.

For those of you that don’t know, this is from the show “Soul Food”.

After watching this video and I only recommend watching from 38:30 – 40:15, comment below your opinion and I left a question at the end of this blog.

After watching this episode, I just have a question and this is for the women that are happily married,

If your husband was having dreams of having sex with another woman, how would that make you feel?

A Story About A Couple On Their 5th Date 

The following characters in this poem/story/play

NARRATOR: Story Teller 

DAVID: 27 year old man, shy but sometimes have slick comments, a gentleman but known to say stupid things from time to time.

STEPAHNIE: 25 Years old, lovely lady, sweet like a teddy bear, flitarious, confident, but known to get moody, says what she means.

WAITER : An old man looking for a paycheck every week 

              Now the story begins

NARRATOR : David and Stephanie met online on Plenty of fish.  One day David decided to ask Stephanie out on a date to see where things lead. The first date, the chemistry was instant. They have been kicking it ever since.  David took Stephanie to Peter Luger to really impress her tonight and this is their 5th date. Well let’s tune in to see how their night is coming along

: Peter Luger

STEPHANIE:   I can’t finish my steak I’m so full but I see you didn’t leave a crumb on your plate.

DAVID:  Well you know I love the taste of a big juicy ass steak. The meat is well done, the sauce just creates a taste in your mouth
and I circle it in my mouth like mouth wash
(Then David looked at his watch)
Damn it’s after 10:00,  my belly about to pop lol.

STEPHANIE: Well you did have a big steak, but don’t worry, your still handsome and in great shape. I need to get back in shape. I’m trying to loose weight. I wanna look how I use to in 2013. You know, David I wouldn’t mind you training me ☺

DAVID: Damn Stephanie, you wouldn’t be able to keep up with me. I’m gonna have you lift weights and turn you into a body building machine. You gonna be looking like Stanley Tookie. Give you the type of treatment like you a rookie on the football team

STEPHANIE: Babe no, I don’t wanna look like a man. I’m a woman. I’m trying to loose weight so I can go back to my old shape. I want my curves to be exposed and I wanna lose my stomach fat. So I’m thinking about doing squats to workout my legs and ass. Lol I see you smiling when I mentioned ass. Damn you so bad.

DAVID: Lol oh nah, I was smiling becuase you sound so movatived. I respect your courage and motivation. Maybe I should have you work out in my basement.  Besides I already love the shape of your ass.  I’m always looking at it when you walk right pass.

(The waiter brought the tab)

Waiter: Would you like any desert?

DAVID: No sir, what about you Stephanie?

STEPHANIE: I’m good thank you honey!

Narrator: David started  blushing because he don’t liked to be called any type of pet name. To him it’s embrassing. So now David pays the tab then him and Stephanie leave the restaurant and they are headed to David’s house.

SETTING: David’s house

DAVID: Just make sure you lock the door behind you.
Take a seat on the couch I have to go to the bathroom real quick

STEPHANIE: Alright make sure you back in a minute Mr. I’m timing you since you said real quick.

NARRATOR: David went to the bathroom to shave real quick.
He took a razor to trim his pubic hair real quick. Then he sprayed some axe around his dick. He wanted to go over and beyond to impress his chick.

DAVID: Yeah I’m definitly feeling it

STEPHANIE: Don’t tell me you already feeling sleepy?

DAVID: Lol, well just a little.

NARRATOR : David went to sit next to Stephanie and she went under his armpits and began to tickle.

DAVID: Lol, ha ha hey what the hell why you ticking me you know I’m ticklish?

STEPHANIE: Oh really babe, I didn’t do anything, I didn’t know you was ticklish.

DAVID: Lol, cut the shit!

STEPHANIE: You have 10 seconds to make me!

NARRATOR: David starts to feel neverous. He’s always been generous but he is 90% confident
that Stephanie wanted to  have sex. He is scratching his head and thinking of a way to get  her to his bed. David just decided to go with the flow and let whatever happens, happen.
So he held Stephanie’ s face in his big hands and he kissed her. She kissed him back and the kissing was passionate. David felt so  fortunate and his erection was obvious poking through his sweat pants. Stephanie too was wet and David noticed as slowly moved his hands inside her leggings. The vagina was wet and he began caressing. Rubbing her clit and she is moaning. They are both extremely horny. Let’s see what  happens next

DAVID: Let’s go upstairs!

STEPHANIE: Yes let’s go already

(David picks her up and carries her upstairs.)

SETTING: David’s bedroom

NARRATOR: David places Stephanie on the edge off the bed. Stephanie reached for his zipper and pulled his dick out  and she can’t wait to put it in her mouth. She slowly jerks him off for a few seconds with her left hand to make him hard to the maximum capacity.  David has a smile on his face and he is happy. Stephanie began to suck aggressively.

DAVID : Oh shit, fuck suck this dick Stephanie!

STEPHANIE: You like that shit daddy?

DAVID: Oh yeah, u sucking the shit out of my dick

STEPHANIE: This is my dick daddy this belongs to me. Now I want you destroy this tight pussy

NARRATOR: David walks to the dresser and grabs the condom. He rolls it on his dick and then slowly insert his dick inside the vagina and begin to penerate.

DAVID: Oh shit, yeah uh uh uh oh shit yeah

STEPHANIE: Yeah papi take charge of this pussy daddy.

DAVID: Who pussy is this?

STEPHANIE: This your pussy Papi!

DAVID: Yeah that’s right, I own this pussy

STEPAHNIE: Yeeessssssss you doooooooo daddy yoouu own this shiiitttttt!


NARRATOR: Stephanie didn’t respond she pretend she didn’t hear him so David repeated  himself.



                      To be continued.

 If you was David, how would you redeem yourself? What would you say to set the mood right again or do you think David messed up too bad and Stephanie should cut his dumb ass off?


Night Before Wedding(In the home girl point of view)

This is part 2 to the story/poem Night Before My Wedding. Please read part 1, before reading part 2. Originally I didn’t plan on writing a series to this poem but one of my followers gave me the encouragement and motivation to write a part 2. I won’t mentioned her name, but if you are reading this, I just want to thank you for your comment on “Night Before My Wedding” blog because it gave me motivation to write a part 2.

Most likely I will write a part 3 and a part 4 but that will take some time because writing a story in poem format is time consuming and it’s a lot of thinking involved. If any of you are interested in reading drama stories, a while ago when I first started blogging,  I wrote 2 stories “Don’t Tell A Soul” and” Hit List”. If you want to read those stories as well, here are the links below

Don’t Tell A Soul(Chapter 1)      

Don’t Tell A Soul(Part 2)   

Don’t Tell A Soul Part 3

Hit List

Hit List (part 2)

I want to thank all my followers that been following me, it’s a blessing and I wish all of you the best and I hope each of you will accomplish your goals and I hope your blogging to will open doors for you. I hope everyone reading this will enjoy reading this poem.


I’m confused and lost in this world.
Always had dreams of being his girl.
But unfortunately he’s taken by another girl.
On the inside I am dying and I started crying.
Every night I been crying myself to sleep
for a year straight.
From the moment he told me he was engaged,
my heart was cut in half, like a knife to a steak.
I wanted to kill his girlfriend and take her place,
but I blame myself for feeling this way.
I remember when I first laid eyes on him, I was only 11.
I was in church and as usual dozing off during the service.
The evangelist asked “Are there any visitors?”
Then I saw him stand up with his mother
and he had a serious face expression just like his mother.
He looked just like mother.
I was curious wondering, where was his father?
So as service continued, I kept staring back at him.
I thought he had gorgeous eyes and cute dimples on his chin.
As I kept staring at him, my mother kept tapping me by the shoulder telling me to  pay attention.
Soon or later, the service finally ended.
So as usual my mother chats up a storm with all the members.
I watched some of the members welcomed him and his mother.
For some reason I just couldn’t stop staring at him.
I’m usually shy but I wanted to get to know him.
So I keep staring at him, then suddenly he looks up and stares back.
Then all of a sudden, I wake up realizing I am dreaming again,
thinking about the past again remembering
when I first laid eyes on him.
I was  born and raised as a Christian
and if I was his wife, I would be submissive
and let him be the head of the household.
I fear I will grow old and alone.
Lack of sex have me feel lonely and moody.
Upset that I don’t have a man pleasing me.
What makes it worst is my sister just texted me this nonsense


It’s the middle of the night and my period just came.
All of a sudden it begins to rain.
I’m so moody and horny and I wish he was on me, sexing me.
I can’t go back to sleep so I’m going to
watch this porno movie,
to imagine that it’s him and me fucking.
When I imaging sexing him,
I like to start from the beginning
like the porno movie.
I picture myself as a housewife
and he is the plumber.
He knocks at my door
and I’m wearing shorts
and light blue blouse.
He says “How you doing?”
I say “Come on in”
We are just staring at each other in silence.
I said fuck it and just paused the porno movie
because it’s too much talking going on.
So I just play music from phone “112 ft Lil
Zane – Anywhere” and imagine him doing me anywhere.
Doing me in car, shower, top of the stairs.
I’m fingering myself to death
when I imagine jerking him off with my left.
I’m fingering myself to death
when I imagine sucking him off until he nuts
and I swallow until there’s no ounce of sperm left.
I’m fingering myself to death
when I imagine myself riding him until he gives me a creampie and he’s has no ounce of sperm left.
I’m fingering myself to death
when I imagine myself telling him I’m Pregnant
and he beats up this pregnancy pussy until we both don’t have any energy left.
I really began to sweat and I feel like I am getting to climax.
I scream really loud like I found my wallet from the lost and found.
But I think to myself what once was lost, can still be found.
So I decided to text him now.
I texted him,
“Follow where your heart takes you and you will forever be happy.”
I just know for a fact he has feelings for me.
Just the way he looks at me and speaks to me,
especially lately.
For the past 2 weeks he been texting me, constantly telling me how he appreciates me.
Earlier at the wedding rehearsal, I said to him
“I never seen you so happy”
He looked at me with a serious blank face expression on his face.
He said” Thanks” with no enthusiasm.
Then surprisingly gave me a kiss on the cheek
and hugged me tightly.
He placed his hands on my lower back and he started to go lower close to my ass but he just stopped.
Can’t lie he go me wet, I wanted to take him to the parking lot.
I started to repeat to myself “What once was lost can be found”.
Should I follow my heart and see what I can find ?
Scratch that should I follow my heart and see what I will find? I think its time for me to get my man.



I Need An Opinion From My Follwers 

I don’t normally ask my followers to comment on my blogs when I post something but on this particular post I really want some opinions on this post because there is something I don’t understand. But then again maybe I’m just over-thinking 
Before you read I’m not talking about women by any means just trying to understand them

I was on Twitter and I saw this tweet

“If you agree to go to a guy’s house that barely know,  you have already said 95% yes to sex ”

The females called him trash, called him a rapist and destroyed him insulting him. Now to an extent I can see how some females might be offended but he was not disrespecting females. I think he worded his statement wrong but it was not inappropriate. He basically saying if you have no intention having sex  with a man you don’t barely know then don’t go to his house if he invited and I completely agree.

Now next day I read this tweet

“If I treat a bitch like shit then Imma treat her like shit but a nigga can’t treat my daughter like shit.  What’s so hard for ya to understand”

Now I swear he barley got any criticism. In fact alot of female replies were “lmao why”
“Lol you too much”. This guy say the word bitch on every other tweet. No criticism
Only one female critized this guy.
But the other guy I mentioned above he got a shitload of complaints and insults from women.
I don’t understand women becuase you attack the men that mean well but allow the men that don’t give a fuck  about you treat you like shit and ya accept it.
This is my opinion when your average guy, geek, nerd, or some nobody say something negative and the women on Twitter don’t agree with,  they  are so quick to critize and attack but just have a question for these women,
how come ya don’t critize the hood niggas  that refer to women as bitches or disrespect women in any kind of way?
Most women won’t admit but hood niggas are glorified. People tend to pick and choose who to argue with. Just my opinion.

Another thing I don’t understand with most of the females on Twitter is, they retweet what they wanna hear for example. Women would only favorite or tweet the tweets regarding men being trash, or men need to step, or there isn’t good men around.
But just like there isn’t alot of good men, there isn’t alot of good women neither.
Women do just as much dirt as men.

If the average guy on Twitter for example tweeted
” Good women are underappreciated”
Or  “no women attitude is too much to handle ya niggas  is bitches” most women gonna retweet that.
Now let if the average guy tweeted” Women do as much dirt as men” rarely get any retweets or favorites and a few women will disagree with him.
Now if the average men say
“Most women or all women are trash or females play too many games that’s why they stay getting hurt”
No female is going to retweet that.  At least 3 females on Twitter are going to critize him.

Popularity overrules talent, morals and self respect.
When a popular guy Or a hood nigga  calls a woman a bitch or disrespect no lie the average women would say “Don’t talk to me like I’m one of your hoes”

Now if the average guy or a nobody call a woman bitch that same woman would slap shit out of him, tell all her friend’s, and probably get her brother or one of her male friends to fuck him up.

I feel like alot of women on Twitter are immature to be honest. Just my opionion. It sounds like I’m judging people but I’m just being honest like I don’t understand alot of the females on Twitter.

I normally don’t ask this of my followers but if reading this(especially women), please comment on below and tell me do you understand where I’m coming from?
With the tweet
” If you agree to go to a guy’s house that barely know,  you have already said 95% yes to sex”  are you offended by that tweet?
and if this tweet
“If I treat a bitch like shit then Imma treat her like shit but a nigga can’t treat my daughter like shit.  What’s so hard for ya to understand”
offended you?

Appreciate if you comment on this even if you disagree with me because I don’t understand this.

Btw I know I mentioned “hood niggas” just to through it out there I have nothing against a guy that glorifies the hood life in fact some guys that are into that lifestyle do have alot of potential to be great. Just want to know why do people treat don’t everybody the same?

If you have an opinion comment below?

Get Lost In My Poems

Before you read this poem, read all of my other poems first so this poem will make sense for you. I wrote this for my followers and I appericate all of you for following me. For those of you reading this and not following me, if you choose to follow me I always follow back.  I am a big fan of my poems, but in all honesty I take more pleasure in reading other peoples blogs to learn from other people. My mind is like a time traveling machine and this poem is like a time traveling machine and I wrote poems on different subjects such  as, love, depression, ancient times, healing, sin, weakness, love, lust,sexual. I have yet to reach my potential and I am still learning. I even wrote a poem/story Don’t Tell A Soul(Chapter 1)Don’t Tell A Soul(Part 2)Don’t Tell A Soul Part 3 and a poetry battle

Me vs Her (This is a poetry battle) Me vs Her (Poem battle part 2) I try new ways to be creative. But as I said I love my poem, but I love reading other people’s blogs more to learn from other people. Life isn’t always about me so I take interest on what’s on other people mind and I love giving feedback on other people blogs. Anyway I dedicate this to my followers and God bless you all.


I would like to invite all of you
Come with me let’s cuddle
and curl under the covers
I don’t bite don’t be shy
Come closer and let’s read together.
Let’s travel at this time
through my peculiar mind.(Remedy For The Broken Heart)

When you see what’s inside
imagine yourself being heart broken
and view the remedy as a token
of me being nice .
Yes I am a nice guy( Tired of being the nice guy)

that tries
to please people, but sometimes
I do get exhausted at times.
Then sometimes
I think the world doesn’t care.(The World Doesn’t Care)

The world is not fair
So together let’s be prepared.

( I’m prepared) like we are playing truth or dare.
If you pick dare
you drinking alcohol, you will be  tipsy
Don’t make that face at me
I won’t turn you to a alcoholic.

( Am I a Alcoholic )because that comes with consequences
to the point you can’t control your mind
because of the demons
and angels on both sides.

(Tired Of Being Possessed)  Heaven and hell been here
before ancient times

(The War Veteran Of Ancient Times) with cemeteries of War Veterans
that became victim of deaths.
Deaths is sometimes the next step
from jealously.
And you must know  (Jealously is more common than loyalty)
Loyalty runs deep with me.
So  (I’m Down For You Regardless)  and thanks for being so modest
for understanding the poems of mine
and you are my ( Colors of light and dark) and lets stay together until our souls
grow old. (Before I Grow Old )I will love you and you will  love me(The Demonstration Of Your Love) and I will not sing Barney
but we can (Make Love On The Beach)

Both (Love and Lust,) I will always respect your trust
Forget your EX and forget in your past
He’s in your rear view.

(Don’t Foucs On The Rear View)  Look what’s in from of you
I am here for you.
Life is a choice (Pro-life vs Pro-choice)  and let God be your voice
because I wanna be in your life
and we would  have to
pray for our sins (We Need Sin To Exist) for being a step behind (Black People Are A Step Behind) Oh shit it’s been 5 minutes
sorry we are out of time
But thank you for stopping by.
Tell the person next in line
I will pick them next (Pick Me Next) to come into my mind

Am I a Alcoholic

I am in denial

My mood is foul

Haven’t been sober in a while

Again I passed out to the ground

Unfortunately friends have to carry me home

And I thank God my parents aren’t home.

So I can rest alone

Without the nagging from them

About who,what were, and when.


Next day on the block I see my friends

I said wassup and I received nothing

but silence.  After about 10 seconds

they respond saying

“We are sick and tired of the nonsense

drinking until you are knocked out unconscious

and we are tired of this to be honest”.

They walk away leaving me alone.

Drunk people



Alcohol brings many troubles you see

To the point where you are neglecting your responsibilities.

Withdrawal could be what your experiencing.

Being nauseous and anxious becomes apparent.

In denial always lying and hiding

about your drinking.

Behavior gradually become more reckless

From walking and passing out on random lawns,

to drinking and driving and it won’t be long,

before you commit homicide or suicide.

To all the alcoholics I’m not here to criticize

I’m here for you, seek me for advice.








We Foucs On The Rear View

Mirrors and glass windows

bright like crystals

or rough like a hammer and chisel.
We get old, bones become brittle.
When the mind is simple, life is more difficult.
Feels bad like  the smell of dog breath as we live in regret
Feeling like Peter during the situation of Uncle Bens death.
Something so small gets us upset
So we carry the rage until death.
Temper like the hulk and miserable like wolverine.
Peace and quiet on the outside, but deep inside happiness unremain to be seen.
Misery and a bad temper make great friends when we have the type of attitude like we don’t give a damn.

Losing family and friends.
Feels like we are unlucky,
even the ones that are beyond wealthy.
Wealthy means success  but success doesn’t make you happy.
Bright days and dark nights or bright nights and dark days.
Everyday isn’t the same.
Can’t control the characters of others
Life is not a video game
but we are sore losers when we get defeated by the boss.
Focus on the negative at all costs
so we give up but yet why do we think we are mature?
Wake up everyday after not thanking the Lord
but definitely complaining about problems for sure.
In life we are the driver behind the wheel headed for a car crash.
We are bewildered because we only went 30mph on the dash.
The car crash sometimes are in front of us sometimes behind us.
Sometimes we have no choice we have no luck.
Other ppl can’t drive and happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.
But why do you allow one accident stop you from driving and prevent you from shinning?
Problem  is we focus way too much on the rearview and not what’s in front of us that we we have some many accidents and on the inside we dying.

Don’t Tell A Soul Part 3

Please read part 2 before you read this part. Part 2 is on my blog page
So now I’m in total shock and I’m like what the fuck happened.

I stepped out the room for a brief moment, gathering my thoughts  realizing that everything that’s happening is so  drastic.

I sarcastically say to myself “This night is fantastic.”

Now I have to pretend in front of Michelle that nothing happened.

Michelle comes and approaches me and ask “How is Kile?”

I said “He’s fine but let’s not  stay long he’s tired and needs sleep.”

She stares at me coldly as if I just gave her the creeps.

“Geezz” she says “What’s your problem? That’s your older in there dying how could you be in a rush to go home?

I made some bullshit excuse about work  and tell her that Kile  only wanna see her alone and wants her  close to him.

I couldn’t keep a straight face so I had to turn to the side as I was making a grin.

I told her that she can spend the night if she want to and I would  pick her  up in the morning.

She say” No it’s okay I will take a cab in the morning.”

I hugged her and headed toward the elevator  not looking behind.

Now I head out the hospital doors, saunter to the parking lot, and I had alot on my mind.

I hopped in my car, but my car doesn’t start.

I accidentally left the headlights on and I said into myself “Damn why is everything going wrong?”

A blue Honda pulls up in front of my car and it looked familiar.

Then all of a sudden it hit me, realizing it was Brittany.

She roll the tinted windows down and ask me “Do you need a jump?” she says sarcastically

She stares at me for a brief moment. She winked at me and then  sped off the next second.

“What a scandalous bitch!” I said to myself  “She can go straight to hell.”

Now I go towards the trunk to look for my  jumper cables then I noticed, using my peripheral vision that I have a flat tire.

Now I’m hotter than an electric fire.

I want to strangle that bitch Brittany strangle  her neck  with cable wires.

I know she had something to do with this and right now I’m sure  she celebrating with laughter.

I know she stab my front right tire to remind me how I use to behind her over the passenger seat and dick her down.

I’m feeling like a clown but I got to get it together.

“Now what do I do, should I call my wife to give me a ride?”

“Think, think, think shit  fuck it” and I called her up on my sprint but it went straight to voicemail.

That’s odd becuase becuase her phone is always charged,

and when I left home  her phone was on the charger and it was 100% charged.

I’m even more annoyed and I look behind

me becuase I thought I heard a voice but I didn’t. I’m  beginning to become  paranoid.

 I remain calm and dialed my house phone and the strangest shit had happened.

A man picks up my phone and says “I’m fucking your wife in your own home!”