Get Lost In My Poems Part 2

Just want to say thank you to my followers. I wrote Get Lost In My Poems part 1 in August. Click the link to see what that poem is about. Evey poem that I wrote since the end of August up until yesterday  all have a connection with each other  which makes one huge poem. […]

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I Just Have To Ask Why

I didn’t plan on blogging right now, but look at this blog as bonus blog. From time to to I may just surprise you with a bonus blog. I want my blog to be like a video game and just picture as the secret level or cheat code. A bonus blog is just extra content […]

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Who Cheats More Men Or Women?

    Women would say Men Men would say Women To be honest I don’t see a difference Cheating is wrong regardless. Why disrespect your boyfriend/girlfriend wife/husband? I can list a shitload of reasons why cheating is existing. It doesn’t matter because it’s never a valid reason. It don’t matter who cheat more because men […]

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That Ain’t Me

Keeping sercets from you cost me dearly. I never meant to hurt you, I offer you my apologies. All this time lying to you and stabbing you in the back What’s done is done and I wish I can take back, as I reminisce the sexy sound of your laugh. From laughing with me to […]

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I Owe You

I will never forget the day, the time and place where you jumped in front of my face We were at the park playing basketball and I’m not paying attention at all. My back was turned where the neighborhood Gang banger was behind the fence, aiming at my head from a distance. Now having my […]

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