Get Lost In My Poems Part 2

Just want to say thank you to my followers. I wrote Get Lost In My Poems part 1 in August. Click the link to see what that poem is about. Evey poem that I wrote since the end of August up until yesterday  all have a connection with each other  which makes one huge poem. This giant poem contains different poems that I wrote since the end of August which are life lessons, comedy, child like, sexy, dark,suspense,relationships,stories ect. I am here to share with and to take you on a journey. Picture this as a poetry museum  and I  am your tour guide and I will let you hop in the time travel machine to switch back and fourth between my poetry(Warning do not eat before you hop in the time machine because you will vomit and I’m not giving your money back because I’m broke and I need it)


Pay The Fare Now Or Get Out!




Your Still Here Smart Move, Keep Hands In The Machine At All Times, Be Safe!


I’m genie and your Aladdin


and I will sure you a vision.
My poems are dream

and hop in this automatic time machine.

The Poetry Automatic time machine

But first allow me to introduce myself
and take you to show you

Who Am I?.


You’ll see I am.
My life is a Journal

Now let’s go back  into another time period in August where I wrote about my journal


and my journal is very personal.
It’s the book where I choose

Hop in the time machine to learn about the art of ghostwriting

to ghost write

from time to time.
Some people


Let’s travel to see life is like as a blind man


are blind

so I’m the guide
to lead them out of


Hop in to see what’s it like on a dark day

darkness and
help them

For every dark night there is always a brighter day


I do that, introducing

Hop in and let’s imagine what the world is like


the power of imagination.
The different thoughts
can be segregated
into sections


Hop in to see common mistakes men and women make

having you confused

When your trying to


Ever tried to pretend to be something that your not? No , well hop in


be heartless for being


But sometimes you have
to understand


Everything you do is a decision, hop in and make a choice

the choices

and decisions from others.
So in the meantime

Our future is not looking to good, hop and read all about it


pray for a better future

But watch out

Hypocrites are more common than you think, hop in

for the fake teachers

and pastors.

Pretend to worship


Don’t get fooled by the blue dress


Jesus but really the devil

in disguise.

Sometimes what you


You ever told a lie? You say no, well I will ask you that again after you read this , hop on in

believe is the truth

is really a lie

But sometimes it’s better to lie
and truth doesn’t always come to light
since we don’t what’s in
a person’s mind


Suicide thoughts are more common then you think. Most people will tell you don’t think about suicide but in order to relate and help those that are suicidal, you have to come down on their level and show them they are not alone, so hop in!


when they commit suicide

but I can brainstorm
and come up
with clues

You didn’t know, I can come up with riddles did you, come hop in and you can’t leave this poem until you solve the riddle and I left clues

like trying to solve a riddle

but sometimes
people are critical
around murder scenes
which is bloody


I was trying to scare the shit out of the bloggers for Halloween, hop in!


and scary like Halloween


Loyalty is a blessing but don’t let people take advantage, so read about it and hop in!


Being a slave to loyalty

will get you heartbroken
for real
where your missing meals

Look at cheating from a different angle, hop in

because your girl fucking

another guy

This poem will ruin your appetite, hop in!



ruined your appetite.
We need to heal

Prayer is need when your heartbroken, just hop in and pray!

and prayer is the secret

When we are defeated
like a poor kid
under a roof of
a single parent on


Christmas is overrated, hop in and see!


So sometimes we believe


Does money buy happiness, answer that and hop in!


money is


Welcome to the magic show, hop in!


and we keep

Always stay quiet because there are advantage to being under estimated, quiet like a mouse but if one’s in my house I’m am going to kill it, I despise rodents hop in!


and the paper

Look out for yourself, fuck everybody, hop in!

I don’t give

or receive


Never forget the oil, hop in!

the blessings

for being poetic.
In a dream I was told

Just ask  J Cole what a false prophet is, hop in!


I was a false prophet.
So maybe I play games
with the people
as I hide in my shadow
like the groundhog

Winter is coming really soon, read a winter story hop in!

in the winter

and I just confused the

Yup, more drama, hop in!


Both the

Men do dirt, read all about it hop in!



Women do dirt, hop in and learn!

and women

Interracial couples are lovely, come hop in and see!



I have to represent the black women they deserve it, hop in!


and black

argue about what they
lack in each other
Women blame Men
and men say

One of the most famous quotes when lying “That ain’t me” hop in!


That ain’t me
Passing a blame is a disease

Do you know God’s plan, well read this poem hop in!

since ancient times.

We all pay for our crimes.
I will end on this note

We need a change, hop in!


We can’t change the world unless

We change ourselves.

This world is ruled by the wealth
and I

You will learn all about fear when I am done with you, hop in!



Please make sure your are 100% sure if you are ready to jump the broom, don’t wait until the night before, hop in!


like a man before his wedding

who is not too affectionate


but still smiles at the woman of


his life

A woman has problems, read  part 2the story and hop in!


and her wedding dress


so tight

Perfect way to elope, take a look at this hop in!



Originally wanted to elope


but she said nope.

Read this and I hope you learn to stop judging people, hop in!


You may think he lame

Hop in if you want to play a game with me!

but he play no games


and he keep it real


and straightforward

I’m taking you back to this poem so you can see the table of contents of my poems for December, hop in!



unlike false prophets

Do ya remember the ending of the story lmao, hop in!



that make up stories


to receive the glory


by any means necessary

My mind be on some next shit, when it comes to this poetry stuff, hop in!



and sometimes it’s a mystery


to me


why people


believe and worship,

Popularity is overrated followed by dick riders, hop in!


power,fame and money

This is for the women to think about, hop in!


but question yourselves

Answers To The Riddle

Tomorrow at midnight I will be uploading a poem about how men brag about women. Make sure to check that out. On Friday I will upload part two my story about my 25th birthday. Read part one now I Will Never Forget My 25th Birthday (Part 1) before you read part two on Friday.

Last week, I posted a riddle in poetry in format below and if you click the link Who Can Solve This Riddle? you will see I left several hints  below.


I’m dressed in all black, black jeans, ski mask
and black hoodie when planning a robbery
with tactics that are intelligent.
I’m black and my intelligence is underrated
like 1) _____________.
I have to rob because money feeds the belly
and I’m hungry so on deck I always have a 2) _____________. and leave these victims afraid
like 3) ___________.
My guns are big and thick like uncle 4) ___________
and I love to kill leaving the scene bloody
and nasty like 5) ______________
I’ll do anything because the only thing that matters is the green paper and I’m a paper chaser
I’m cold hearted and mean like 6) ______________
and if you don’t understand my plan
than fuck ya.


Before I post the answers, I just want to give a shout out to     Roshonda N.Blackmon , ElisGarci, and QuirksandPearls.

QuirksandPearls was on the right track. She was half way there in solving this riddle because in this riddle the answers to the six blanks are Nickelodeon characters of a particular cartoon. The particular cartoon I’m referring to was “Rugrats”. Once you figure out I’m talking about Rugrats, the poem will go hand in hand.  QuirksandPearls was on the right track because she had a feeling I was talking about the Rugrats.  For those of you reading this, go to her blog page and read her blogs. She writes some very interesting topics and she is very friendly blogger. In fact go check out Roshonda N Blackmon blog and ElisGarci blog. Roshonda is a talented writer and I lover her posts on Gratitude and on her blogs she ask some really interesting questions.  Check out ElisGarci’s blog on “Our Love isn’t like a Paper Boat” it was a beautiful post and she has a lot of dedication. I recommend that you follow these people and you will learn a lot from each of these bloggers.

Now here are the answers to this poem(The answers to the riddle are highlighted in blue)

I’m dressed in all black, black jeans, ski mask
and black hoodie when planning a robbery
with tactics that are intelligent.
I’m black and my intelligence is underrated
like Suise.

I have to rob because money feeds the belly
and I’m hungry so on deck I always have a Tommy

and leave these victims afraid
like Chuckie

My guns are big and thick like uncle Phil

and I love to kill leaving the scene bloody
and nasty like Lil

I’ll do anything because the only thing that matters is the green paper and I’m a paper chaser
I’m cold hearted and mean like Angelica

and if you don’t understand my plan
than fuck ya.


So there you have it, my riddle. You see I left a hint saying that number 4 was the easiest to solve because the hint I left was ” number 4 and number 5 rhyme with each other. Number 4 is the easiest one. Number 4 is a character on a popular sitcom TV and number 4 is also a cartoon character on a nickelodeon show.” Number 4 was a double entendre. I’m talking about Uncle Phil from fresh prince and Phil from rugrats. Number 4 ryhmes with number 5 so process of elimination what other character rhyme with Phil? His twin sister Lil. For number 6, Angelica was a mean bossy kid so number 6 was Angelica. Then go to number 3 and think which character was always afraid? That was Chuckie. Number 1 and number 2 was meant to solve last because I believe they were the most difficult.  Now number 1 which character was black? That character was Susie. Susie was black, smart ,and underrated because for one you barley saw her on the episodes and she is rarely mentioned . Number 2 was the hardest and process of elimination who is left? Only character left is Tommy. Number 2 was a double entendre because not only am I talking about Tommy the bald headed baby but I am also talking about a Tommy Gun.

I will be uploading another riddle soon but it won’t have any fill in the blanks like this one. For my next riddle,  I will leave a multiple question and you have to pick the answer between four choices. Comment below if you felt the hints were a little vague.

Dear Journal

Ordinary like Doug
except I hate mayonnaise.
I don’t believe in love
when people player hate
I remain humble like skeeter
But because of my sister
I get moody like Judge Judy
having period symptoms
stomach hurts
Cereal was spoiled
like Beebie.
I wanted to stay home
but parents called my bluff
and thought I was bullshittin
But bricks is what I’m shittin
So now gotta remain tough
to stand up to a bully
like Roger Klotz.
I act like Doug
So sometimes I’m a klutz
with bad luck.
I can’t solve problems
So I daydream and
pretend I’m Smash Adams
hiding in vents of
a junior high school bathroom.
Scribbling in my journal
in the classroom
My poetry is like
Doug’s illustrations
Unpredictable and creative
but yet still basic.
Wish my poetry was powerful
like QuailMan.
I need to eat meat to
for the protein
to be strong like QuailMan.
Unlike milk ,Patties
is what my stomach
can stand
with pork chops on the side.
I give my dog the bones
and tomorrow I have a bone
to pick with my principal
for being so critical
for embarrassing me
for wearing Sandals.
But yet the bad kids
he can’t handle.
If my followers reading this
that’s means somebody
stole my journal
because the content on here
Is persona