I am starting a poetry blog so my poetry can be recognized by others.I started writing poetry for about 3 years and I wrote about 200 all together but I did loose a few of them.This blog is a way for me to keep track of my poems because my poems are special to me. I am not the best poet on the world but I do speak what’s on my mind and what’s on my heart. Poetry is my happiness  and I hope one day it would lead me to many doors. My poems can be the secret let to unlock the door with many opportunities. I am proud of the work I accomplished because to be honest I’m not really good at a lot of things in life and I am not easily motivated when it comes to my life so poetry is special. For my fellow bloggers I would appreciate it if you take the time to read my blogs on here and if you can relate or if you like my poems then you more than Welcome to follow me and I always follow back and give feedback on other people’s blog. If you read my poems and your confused or if you disagree  about anything that  I have written your more than welcome to question me and please read “Don’t Tell A Soul” part 1,2,and 3. Eventually I will post more chapters

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