Does The Storm Last Forever

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The storm is temporary

Pain is something

I don’t plan to make hereditary

I will be a legend

the day people visit my cemetery

I’m weak now

but the load is something

I force myself to carry

Was once freezing and pouring

Now it is just chilly and drizzling

One day it will be sunny

and God’s light will shine

on me but for now

I have to concentrate on the demon

inside me

Listening to my life story

is a sad story

It’s like expressing your heartbreak story

but yet trying to remain strong

and pretending your mood is ordinary

but deep down

you are hoping your past love

call you and tell you that they still care.

The words we are hoping to hear

lead to disappointments

when the truth is what we see

and the truth is rarely what we hear

Accepting criticism is not easy to bare that’s why our

private life is something

we don’t like to share

Judgmental is what makes us scared

like Chuckie

when he sees the guy on the oatmeal box

The heart is a door

we might just for once leave unlock

for a robber to steal everything

we got

We learn the hard way, the heart hardens

Our personality received the life sentence

and the key is thrown away

The heart is forever locked

for us being afraid of opening up again

Being afraid is

wishing you can start over again

but refuse to

Regret being miserable and hating yourself because starting over

is what you refuse to do.

So when you die and loved ones

visit your cemetery

they will always remember that you could not handle the truth